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Rating: 4

Yola is a super platform. It’s very intuitive. For example, when I hover the mouse over any element it displays a box to make edits. The edits done are divided into categories and are unique for any type of an element. Great! Sometimes it’s a bit annoying that a box appears whenever I move my cursor so I have to close it even if I wasn’t going to do edits. It’s easy to work with headings on Yola as well. I can choose from pre-made heading types or chose from a list of fonts. I LOVE Yola and I’m going to publish another site on this platform.

2019.12.09 at 03:24 written by:
PayPal button bug
Rating: 1

Yola is my worst choice. I had a problem with them. When I launched my site I equipped it with PayPal button. It got fixed to a certain position covering my contacts block. I tried to move it away and save it but the button didn’t change its position. So I deleted PayPal button and re-added it again. It didn’t help. PayPal button took the same place so I still can’t sort it out somehow. I only can find another place for my content block but I don’t want to do it because it will make my site less convenient for users.

2019.12.08 at 17:03 written by:
Outdated website builder
Rating: 2

I discovered a few years ago. I don’t want to be too harsh about it but this website builder seems to have died. They don’t even update their templates anymore. The last changes they made were a year ago and they included a few new designs without any wow-effect. So their templates don’t look modern today. Not only are their designs mediocre but built-in solutions too. has no proper blog features or online stores. They offer integration with third parties only. This was what they offered a few years ago and this is what they offer know. They could’ve made something decent to sell or blog because they’ve had much time. It doesn’t feel like is bothered about any modern trends which makes this website builder absolutely uncompetitive today.

2019.11.05 at 09:27 written by:
Functional but limited
Rating: 3

I’m Yola subscriber with an experience. It’s a controversial website builder as for me. They’ve got all types of rulers, grids and columns. It’s a good idea because it helps to keep your site organized. However you can’t drop elements anywhere. You’re restricted to a blue box which appears to indicate where to place an object. There’s HTML editor which isn’t very helpful in terms of placing objects so I’m totally dependable on that blue box. What I like about Yola is that there’re different types of content which I can publish. I can add file downloads, Flickr feeds, MP3 players, videos and even Flash SWF objects. It makes my site rather functional. I still can’t use Yola to the fullest because my template depends on their restrictions. Since I like freedom of making sites I’ll choose another builder.

2019.10.24 at 20:13 written by:
No blogs on Yola :(
Rating: 2

I’ve stopped using Yola because there’s no tool to share my news on this website builder. The decisions they offer are so poor that I can’t keep my visitors interested. There’s no way for me to impress people by the means of Yola because this service is too unfriendly :( If someone views my site they complain about complicated navigation. People find it difficult to browse through my site because of the chaos on each page. The way the blocks of content are placed is a mess! I don’t do any customization in fact. I don’t think that I’m skilled enough to change design of the template which I use so I add images and text only. My visitors still find it difficult to use my site because Yola’s templates are not user-friendly at all. I’d like to share my news with people through a blog so I need a full system which could enable me to use all the blog functions. Unfortunately blogging tools don’t exist on Yola. It’s unacceptable! I can’t even post anything on my site. They still offer Tumblr which is useless for me :( I don’t want to register myself on Tumblr getting on the hang of how it functions. I’ve already registered on Yola and I want it to help me saving my time instead of spending it on other platforms. I can’t stand the way Yola treats me. Their templates are never successful among my audience. This website builder doesn’t solve my web problems but multiplies them. I don’t think that Yola is the platform to stay on.

2019.10.13 at 16:24 written by:
Convenient customization which could be deeper
Rating: 4

When I registered on Yola platform I was happy about this site builder. It’s straightforward and very intuitive. The only thing which upsets me is that I can make only three-page site with bandwidth and storage space limited to 1GB only. I like that I can give my site a name right after picking a template. It makes things much easier. It’s interesting that there’re two options on Yola to make a site. They’re named as “Help Me With Setup” and “Start From Scratch”. Since my website isn’t very sophisticated I chose the former and I didn’t regret. Yola gave me a contact form to fill out and generated a nice website. I still can customize my pre-made template. There’re many options to choose from. I can customize colors, border styles, background and whole lot of other elements and effects. It may come as a disadvantage though that there’s no way to drag the top or bottom borders so I can’t make my elements deeper or shallower. It’s quite convenient to manage each of the pages of my site but there’s no opportunity to choose specific types such as About or Gallery. Still I can choose between layouts for my pages which is a good idea.

2019.10.01 at 10:58 written by:
Unfriendly for a mobile
Rating: 1

If you want go mobile try another website builder. Yola is a nightmare for those who need full mobile adaptation with deep customization. The editor they have is so primitive that none of your visitors will ever praise. When I got registered on Yola and completed my site I couldn’t find their mobile editor. It was hidden somewhere so I had to watch a tutorial on getting mobile with Yola. As a result I found My Yola dashboard which was where they had placed the editor. I doubt that it’s a good decision. Yola doesn’t adapt your site for mobile devices automatically. You have to enable mobile mode first. I didn’t know about it and I was convinced that my users could easily use my site on mobile devices until I received a negative comment. Even with mobile mode enabled I don’t have many opportunities to modify my site. My choices are limited. I can only add call and map buttons. That’s all! There’re no advanced settings so my site looks too flat when it’s viewed from a smartphone. I have a slideshow on my home page but images look too small in a mobile mode. So my site loses its main feature which is a well-planned sequence of pictures. It’s so irresponsible of Yola to provide such a poor mobile editor!

2019.09.09 at 15:19 written by:
one of the worst!!!
Rating: 1

Yola is one of the worst website builders in my life. This is the most unintuitive website builder I’ve ever used. Their customization is limited, I can’t place elements without being glued to a grid, their HTML editor is never helpful. This platform is all disappointment! I’d like to sell my photography through Yola but I can’t really do it. There’re no decent online stores on this builder. I’ve spent hours to have discovered that they offer Ecwid only. No way! I’ve had Ecwid before and I’ve never liked it that much. I need something more specific for photography. So there’s no store with proper customization on Yola which is a big disadvantage. I don’t even know if they offer PayPal Donate button. I really need it on my site but I can’t find it on Yola. Upset. I can’t find PayPal button while Google can’t find me. As you understand I’m not going to praise Yola’s SEO. Even though I can modify titles, meta tags and URL text I can never save it. I press Save button but Yola simply ignores all the words I write. I’ve tried changing them through Opera and Google Chrome but result is always the same. Yola erases my meta tags and leaves blank text box only. I tried doing all the SEO edits from my friend’s laptop. It has worked but I still can’t do edits from my PC! I hate when something strange like this happens. Simply can’t trust Yola!!

2019.08.11 at 20:01 written by:
Easy to customize, not enough designs
Rating: 3

I’ve been Yola user for 2 years. This site builder is fairly easy at use but there’re some elements which lead you to being frustrated. What concerns me most of all is that no matter how hard I try I can’t get Google to see my pages. I’m really good at SEO field so I think this is Yola’s fault, not mine. I’ve done everything right but I have no placement on Google at all. I asked my friends to google my website and they haven’t found it. I’ve submitted my website via Google Webmaster Tools and I’ve checked if there was "no index" in the source code. Still no success. I like their templates which are really beautiful and stylish. My visitors praise my site look a lot but there’s a limited number of categories to choose from. They suit only following fields: • Consulting • Contractors • Non-profit • Photography • Restaurants • Travel My site doesn’t relate to any of the fields mentioned so I have to do a lot of customization and search widgets manually. To be fair it’s not that difficult to do but it’s time consuming. Yola could’ve had more ready-made decisions for people who want to have their site up and running within minutes. So I find Yola as an inconvenient platform at this point. I guess Yola is easy at use but their editor looks out-of-place. It’s much like Windows 98 and doesn’t fit 2016 tendencies. However it’s a good drag and drop tool which helps me to snap my blocks of content to the grid so I’m never worried about proper alignment. I think Yola still needs time to become a competitive website builder.

2019.08.03 at 14:06 written by:
A bit buggy but generally good
Rating: 4

Yola website builder is great for my flower shop. Their templates are amazing. I’ve seen many designs and I’m sure that Yola is a leading platform at this point. Their templates are a piece of art with all types of colors and various customization features. Perhaps their gallery isn’t as wide as it could be but well-planned modification features are helpful to build a site to stand out. As for me Yola is a bit “flat”. By this I mean that I can’t create complicated menus on my site. E.g. I can’t have a structure such as: Flowers >> Flower A >> Flower X instead I can do: Flowers >> Flowers X. It’s really annoying sometimes because my shop specializes on various types of flowers and I need my clients to easily browse through them. I still like it that they offer a lot of widgets which are simple to work with. I’ve managed to install all the basic widgets for my site in about half an hour. Yola still tends to freeze up from time to time. This is not that critical but this website builder is a little bit buggy. As long as I don’t lose any data it doesn’t trouble me that much. Now that I’ve been with Yola for 5 years I’m generally happy about it. My shop is successful enough and is on the first pages of many search engines. Even though there’re some issues with Yola, well, nobody is perfect and any tool can face problems with functioning. I can’t criticize Yola too much because it is a helpful decision for people who don’t want to hire someone to have their site made.

2019.07.21 at 12:21 written by:
No tools for international sales
Rating: 2

Our company sells shoes. We’re not that big but we cooperate with different countries. We’ve had a rather negative experience on This website builder hasn’t lived up to our expectations because it has no tools for successful international sales. We’re unlikely to use Yola’s services in the future. To tell you the truth is available in several languages. These are: • English • French • Spanish • German • Portuguese • Italian Unfortunately it doesn’t influence our website. Our site stays in English even if I choose Spanish language in the settings. So there’s no proper tool to translate our website or make it more or less understandable for those visitors who don’t know English. We cooperate with Asian countries a lot and there’re no signs of Asian oriented tools which could help buyers from these countries make their purchases without any language barriers. There’re no decent widgets on! It’s so terrible when you can’t equip your site with modern technologies and this is the case with Yola. Our company needs untypical contact form and highly customizable decisions to send newsletters. We do need mobile widgets to interact with our buyers through “tapping method’. There’s nothing to meet our demands on Yola platform. They still offer widgets by third parties but we don’t really like them. Integration with social media isn’t perfect. From time to time Facebook like buttons disappear from our site and re-appear later. In some cases people can’t share our items on Facebook. It’s a type of a chaotic approach. Since can’t meet all our criteria we don’t really need it. This website builder isn’t a good choice for international sales.

2019.07.08 at 18:06 written by:
Underworked website builder with a potential
Rating: 3

Having considered many website builders I don't think that Yola is the best solution. I find uKit and Weebly to offer better services. Yola is a nice value if you manage multiple sites without having any professional skills. Yola SEO tools are somewhat underworked so I have to use external resources in most cases. Too bad. Some of their templates are not jQuery friendly. They still include older versions of jQuery but if you plan to add it manually you’ll have your website ruined. From my personal experience I can say that I’ve never had any success with Yola jQuery libraries. Perhaps my other js plugins are too modern. Yola is compatible with one of my favorite stores which is Ecwid. It provides a lot of customization options to products but this store doesn’t load fast on Yola. I tried it on other platforms and it worked perfect. Whenever I add Ecwid to my site by Yola I have to wait ages for Ecwid to load and so do my visitors. Too bad once again. Yola has also removed their own blogging system which is a disastrous decision. What they offer now is integration with Tumblr only. I think this isn’t a good approach and they need to come to their senses at last. I’m pretty sure that Yola will get better. Their tool is simple and has some functions but their policy is reckless at times.

2019.06.29 at 13:07 written by:
Great for big companies!
Rating: 4

I really like Yola. Even though I’m a programmer and we tend to be skeptic about modern website builders this one is nice. I’ve been using it for over a year and I’ve highlighted some of the disadvantages. Most of the back-end javascripts stay on your website so that you can’t remove them manually. I had one of those tracking features added and I simply couldn’t disable it from loading on one of my pages. The same happens when I use Google + and Facebook recourses. There’s no way I can remove them. I’ve tried adding Pinterest. Still the same. To be honest I added all these buttons to my website from the very beginning so it’s worth trying not to add them in the first place. Use of all these features adds extra 200kb to my page with their numerous connections. So I can’t get my site under 2 seconds load time. If I make all of my images smaller it helps though. Our company is quite big. We have around 50 small sites and Yola keeps them all in one place. We love it. As for me this is much easier than creating add-on names and building each site manually. It takes us around one day only to make a site on Yola. So this service is perfect for big organizations which are interested in pumping out pages.

2019.06.17 at 11:54 written by:
Extremely weak at key aspects
Rating: 1

I will never get back to Yola even if it was the last website builder on Earth. I published my site on this platform a few years ago and I’ve never been happy with it. What they offer is a limited set of tools which are not helpful at all. I’m really frustrated. The gallery of templates is extremely poor. You won’t find hundreds of designs with well-planned navigation and adjustable menus on Yola. They’ve got a few templates which don’t look unprofessional but it feels like they’re too generic. There’re not many categories to choose from. I’m a dentist and I haven’t found a template for my clinic. I had to choose Start From Scratch option and make my site almost manually. I’ve got a problem with menu. I don’t know how to add a deep menu with a lot of drop-down lists. There’s an opportunity to add primitive menus only with a basic set of links which isn’t enough for me. The mobile version of my website is a disaster. I have to keep my fingers crossed when someone views my site from a mobile device. The problem is that my mobile site misses whole blocks of vital information. I’ve placed my telephone number inside of footer but the footer is gone on a mobile screen. My potential clients can’t simply call me! It's an outrage! The whole template looks ridiculous on Android and Apple devices so I feel embarrassed when someone criticizes my mobile site even though it’s not my fault. Eventually Yola is no type of a website builder for me. They’re extremely weak at the basic aspects which are supposed to be flawless. No proper gallery of templates and inconvenient navigation along with disappointing mobile adaptation are way too much for me to bear with.

2019.05.23 at 19:15 written by:
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