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Unreliable but good for SEO
Rating: 3

My website by Wordpress is two years old and I’m not happy with it. I use Wordpress for the following reasons: • SEO plug-ins. There’re many decisions which help me to handle on my search engine results. I can write Meta Title, Meta Description and H1 tags. • Optimized for all the devices. My site looks great on a tablet, Mac or PC. All of their themes are also mobile responsive so I don’t worry about disappointing my visitors. I wouldn’t recommend Wordpress for the following reasons: • Tricky customization. It’s not that easy to customize Wordpress layouts. The result is never predictable and if I change the width of an element I can end up in losing the whole page. • Upgrades too dynamic. Wordpress does provide a lot of new plug-ins. Some of them are made with a lot of bugs. It’s clear that they hurry to offer something new but it shouldn’t influence the quality of their products. Generally speaking Wordpress may be a good solution for someone but not for me. I need something more reliable and flexible.

2019.12.27 at 16:12 written by:
Not enough opportunities
Rating: 3

I’m not quite satisfied with WP platform because there’re some disadvantages which make WP far from being convenient. They could’ve introduced more tools to make site building easier. Formatting isn’t very reliable on WP. When I post a text with a lot of headings and lists WP tends to ignore any type of formatting. I have to re-open the editor and start it all over which is very irritating and time consuming as well. Managing pictures isn’t convenient enough. There’re all the basic fields such as image title, description and alt text. Renaming pictures is simple too but when you have more than a hundred of images it’s impossible to sort them out somehow. If I want to find a certain picture I have to scroll down which takes too much time. Some kind of search is extremely needed. I’m not really impressed with WP because they don’t offer enough opportunities to build a decent site.

2019.12.06 at 13:34 written by:
Difficult to format text and crop images
Rating: 2

I’m of the opinion that is good for a blog only. I have my own business and I’ve never been satisfied with my site on Even though they say that this service is made for business purposes as well I can’t use it any more. Simple formatting features such as you might find in Word are not that simple to use here. The result isn’t satisfying at all. Sometimes it’s extremely difficult to upload images. Typically I can upload a picture within seconds but it may take up to 30 minutes from time to time so I just close my browser losing the progress done and restart it again just to upload a picture. Cropping images is a headache too. I can’t choose the right size to display on my site. So I have to crop the images by trial and error only. Another thing which prevents me from having a professionally looking site on is their stamp which they add to the bottom of the page. I don’t think it’s possible to remove it. Having tried I think it’s not good for business at all. You may like it if you want a simple blog but be ready for certain problems.

2019.11.08 at 20:04 written by:
Inconvenient and inflexible platform
Rating: 3

Been working with Wordpress tools for years. Nothing special as for me. A typical responsive platform with a set of standard features. I don’t run into problems that often but they occur sometimes. Images don’t load, my website isn’t consistent on mobile devices, listing headings isn’t always convenient. The issues I’ve mentioned are not that common but they exist and make it difficult to edit my website at times. Wordpress isn’t quite intuitive and you need to read through a lot of tutorials in order to understand how to install widgets. I couldn’t really figure it out how to add Reviews plug-in. I’m not going to criticize Wordpress a lot but my opinion is that this is a run of the mill platform which has nothing special to offer. It has nice templates but it lacks such aspects as convenience and flexibility.

2019.10.27 at 19:15 written by:
Unreliable at fundamental aspects
Rating: 2

I've coding and programming all my life and I'm experienced at all types of site builders and content managements systems. I don't really like that well-known service Wordpress because it can't provide a high level of security to my clients. A decent CMS such as Drupal provides a granular control over people who can access your website and edit it. You must have an opportunity to assign users to the groups you create. It's logical and safe. Wordpress can't boast about such opportunities by default but you can use third party tools for this purpose. I don't think that it's a good idea because using a third-party plug-in for such basic aspects as security and all types of permissions is kind of hacky in my view. So you get under the risk of being hacked and you never know how reliable the developer of this tool is. Since I can't absolutely entrust my data with Wordpress I'm not going to use for my sites.

2019.09.17 at 14:13 written by:
Too difficult to set up a website
Rating: 3

I wasn’t all newbie when I came to WordPress because I had a website on Wix before. I couldn’t really understand how to use WordPress and it took me around two months to get used to this service. Way too long as for me. To be honest I’ve found their terminology as off-putting which makes it difficult to understand their tutorials. Their tech jargon is not that easy to understand. Perhaps WordPress could be more focused on people who are far from making sites. It would remove a lot of barriers. Navigation through their editor is poorly organized as well. It takes too much time to find certain functions and use them. When I made an attempt to make my new site on WordPress I chose one of their themes. I changed it several times and a realization came to me: it doesn’t matter which layout I choose because I can change it at any time. This is a good characteristic because it gives you more freedom of choice. WordPress seems to have some potential but I prefer more simple platforms.

2019.08.22 at 20:28 written by:
Crashes when traffic is high
Rating: 1

I chose WordPress platform because it looked like a simple and useful decision. In fact WordPress hides so many things behind its simplicity. You need to spend some time on this platform to understand it. I’m not sure that my site can survive during occasional spikes in traffic. Yes, such major companies as CNN and National Geographic do use WordPress but they’ve got the whole team of professionals who know how to manage thousands of users. Their sites are well-optimized for this. I’ve got a simple site without any sophisticated plug-ins or other systems which can protect my site if a lot of visitors come. So I’m not sure that WordPress can help me. I recently posted a link to one of my pages on Instagram and around 2 thousand subscribers of mine came. My site started to load in a slow manner and no one could actually see it. That’s so frustrating. I don’t think that my site will survive on WordPress so I can only change the platform I use for another one.

2019.07.25 at 13:47 written by:
Flexible templates, not good for an average
Rating: 3

Having my own blog by Wordpress for years I can say that I enjoy their flexibility in terms of apps but I hate their themes with poor layouts. Fortunately, I’ve managed to lead a lot of readers to my blog but rich content seems to be either censored or discouraged on Wordpress. So I can only add ugly looking text links. When I moved to Wordpress it was shockingly unexpected for me that this platform doesn’t support “pages”. I’m absolutely disappointed with the result by Wordpress in certain aspects because even the multimedia library cannot be imported properly. I expected much more from them! Wordpress constantly adds all types of ads to my blog and there’s no way I can control. I need to have a good reputation but I can’t achieve it when some silly ad covers my whole site. At the same time I find Wordpress as a dynamic platform which is upgraded on a regular basis. I stick to the opinion that Wordpress needs to reconsider its policy and become more user-friendly. If they cared more about their users I would give them a higher rating.

2019.07.17 at 09:45 written by:
Inappropriate for a large site
Rating: 1

I used to have a website on Wordpress but this platform has changed for the worse. It has never looked appealing but now it has lost some of the vital functions. For example, I can’t find how to change text color any more. I can’t underline a text either. I’m pretty sure that these options are hidden somewhere but I’d like them to be more obvious. Undoing isn’t well-planned. There’s no Undo button in fact so I can use ctrl+z only. When I use it I can’t understand which step I am at. It’s easier for me to redo mistakes manually. Scrolling doesn’t always function so I have to scroll again and again to move down the page. Managing pictures isn’t convenient enough because they tend to disappear from the gallery. I’ve decided to leave Wordpress because they’re absolutely inappropriate to maintain a website with comfort. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

2019.05.16 at 10:55 written by:
Rating: 1

Despite that Wordpress is one of the most popular website builders which I know I've never shared all this fussing around it. I had a site on Wordpress and I guess that people overestimate its advantages. I don't think Wordpress is convenient for a user because their editor freezes more often than any other builder I know (I've used Wix, uKit and Weebly as well). I had a serious problem with embedding from YouTube. When I inserted YouTube link into my post the video didn't show. All my visitors could see was a link like but I needed to have a fully functional player with all the YouTube features. I tried pasting YouTube embed code into HTML editor but it just disappeared! I couldn't believe it. Imagine, I insert the code, press Save and the code is gone. How come! I had no choice but to contact a professional coder who solved this problem. This is simply unacceptable as for me. I don't want to call a coder any time my site crashes down, I want to have a simple and straightforward tool. Too bad!

2019.04.14 at 11:45 written by:
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