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A lot of decisions simple to use
Rating: 5

You can’t say you’ve tried a decent website builder unless you visit I’ve been with this platform for years and I’m over the moon to have found it. Flexible, adaptive, user-friendly. These are the adjectives I can think of when commenting on Wix. I fell in love with this service as soon as I opened their homepage. My barber shop needed a simple but elegant website with little efforts to build up and maintain. I needed basical functions mainly such as posting information and promotional articles with images.What a pleasure it was to have worked with Wix. Their serious looking star has led me to the world of professional websites. They’re excellent at stunning designs with a variety of options. I remember myself browsing through their designs and when I found that stylish dark blue template with an attractive banner I couldn’t hold my joy back. “Guys look at this! It’s awesome”, I cried. When it came to adjusting their ready-made template it was as easy as can be. I couldn’t even imagine that the process of building a website is so involving. All of my barbers kept sitting in front of a laptop choosing fonts, colors and images. We were really engaged into making our site. This platform is what you need to let your imagination out. Somehow they manage to take care of a good looking result. I mean no matter how you match colors or fonts your website will still look professional. In fact Wix gives you tips on which type of heading to choose or which element to insert. This is great!! You don’t need to worry about something going wrong. Not only the process but also the final product is impressive. The number of our visitors has grown since we published our website. We do plan to stay with Wix because they give us multiple and simple opportunities!!

2019.11.14 at 14:09 written by:
Flexible and up to date!
Rating: 5

The reason why I like Wix is just because it’s PERFECT. It’s flawless. It’s irreplaceable. I can’t stay away from words of praise when it comes to Wix. How many other platforms offer you the same level of comfort along with numerous decisions? Well, first things first. I used to publish my websites on Weebly but I couldn’t get rid of the feeling of being caged. There’re so many unreasonable restrictions. For example, I can’t even find “undo” button. It’s not a big deal for Wix. I’ve tried undoing some of the changes on their platform and it works. Great! I also like that Wix constantly creates backups. So even if my screen freezes I feel secure. Whenever I close Wix editor it always asks me whether I’m sure or not. The fact is that I tend to be absent-minded spontaneously pressing close button and get into frustrating situations losing unsaved mails and stuff. Wix is always alert protecting me from my crack-brained decisions. It’s never boring on this platform. I’ve spent some time on Simplesite as well but they seem to ignore any changes in the world of web technologies. Wix isn’t like that. They do keep an eye on new tools, features and systems. So their opportunities are always up to date. When I see something cool on a website (let’s say a slider or sophisticated gallery) I can find a competitive decision on Wix. I need my website to be modern and they have all it takes. So if you want to know my opinion on Wix I can say this is the BEST WEBSITE BUILDER EVER!

2019.11.05 at 14:37 written by:
User-friendly platform
Rating: 5

I certainly don’t understand it how can one not love Wix website builder. This is a convenient platform which is packed with tools, aps and features. Many of them are free and absolutely easy to use. The whole platform is made to be user-friendly. You don’t need to code or pay big money to programmers. Just drop any element and customize it. If you’re not sure about your visual taste there’re a lot of templates to choose from. All of them are mobile adaptive and your visitors will always have an access to your products or services. I can’t understand complaints about SEO results either. Wix does offer SEO customization and it’s very competitive. SEO results are a complicated process in fact and you can’t blame your failures on your website builder. Managing content is convenient too. You can upload all the basic files such as images, PDF or Word documents to share them with the whole world. Wix also offers a lot of beautiful icons to guide your visitors through your website. Really smart service.

2019.11.03 at 10:56 written by:
10 SEO words only
Rating: 4

Our company uses Wix for multiple tasks and projects. We’ve never been upset with the quality of their services. The platform itself is very easy to use with a lot of capabilities. Our general user experience is fantastic. They offer a lot of features, tools and templates though some of them have insignificant bugs which are so minor that they’ve never given us any headaches. Our company isn’t good at design and since I’m responsible for maintaining our site on Wix I always learn something new from this platform. Their tutorials are well-structured and I quickly understand how to change fonts or how to pin elements displaying them on all of the pages. Their mobile editor is amazing. It gives us so many opportunities. When you first launch a mobile version of your website it’s junk because all the elements get mixed up which is no type of a problem at all. It’s logical that artificial intellect doesn’t understand how to place all of your elements on a mobile screen. So Wix offers you to fix it manually. It’s really convenient. You can move any object and modify it in any way. Once you’ve finished it Wix will never move any block away. They’re very reliable which is a HUGE advantage. We used to have our header lost as well as other elements on Jimdo years ago. There’s a limitation though which we can’t avoid. Wix allows you to add ten SEO words only. It’s not enough for our projects, we want more! I don’t think that ten words are the right number for proper SEO results but this website builder can’t offer wider opportunities. We still like Wix. So if you want to make a unique website with multiple features, Wix is a great choice! We do recommend trying it.

2019.10.30 at 20:06 written by:
Love it!!!!
Rating: 5

Wix. I absolutely looooove it!!! It’s my favorite website builder since my college days. I don’t even understand why to use other platforms if there’s Wix. It’s excellent at every aspect! For example, their templates. They’re attractive and well-organized. I can find what I need within minutes. Customization is all freedom. I can upload different types of images, documents or audios. Managing them is also simple. I can always rename my documents or sort them out. Wix offers a strong editor for images. It’s possible to crop them and use various filters. This is so wonderful! Preview mode. Very useful thing. I can have a look at my website before I publish it. So I understand how my visitors will see it on a desktop or on a mobile device. Changing something is never a problem. Modifying and updating elements or content blocks is as easy as a pie. As I’ve said there’re no stupid restrictions. Thanks God Wix also takes care of SEO aspect. Every page you create has SEO fields. I can change URLs, titles, meta tags, descriptions and so on and so forth. I feel almighty when I’m on Wix. This platform provides templates which are absolutely mobile adaptive. In fact their mobile editor is packed with opportunities. Relocating blocks of content, changing their size and colors, it’s all possible here. Well, I can keep praising this platform on and on because their list of advantages is much wider than I’ve described. You need to try it to share my enthusiasm. Thanks a million for such a deeply planned and well-structured website builder. Wix you’re the best! Keep up!!!

2019.10.09 at 11:35 written by:
Very simple at use
Rating: 5

I had a website. It was designed so poorly that I’ve never been happy with its appearance and navigation. I wanted something unique but simple as well as mobile adaptive... Integration with all the major social media was the big thing for me as well. As you see, my Web mission was rather challenging, so I wanted to find a website builder which would provide me with all the opportunities mentioned. I came to Weebly first and tried adapting some of their templates but got really frustrated figuring it out how to edit them. My journey led me to Wix… First of all, their collection of designs is really impressive! They all are made in a professional and stylish way. Picking up the right templates is simple because they can be sorted by occupation. Freedom of choice is the key element on Wix. For example, if you’re a musician but you like a template from business category you still can choose it and modify it. You only need to remove some of the tools specific for business sphere such as booking apps and install the apps specific for your occupation. Secondly, very design of the templates is flexible. Any element can be edited. However there’re a lot of pre-existing decisions which will save your time. Wix also has a dedicated mobile editor with a lot of opportunities as well. I can hide any element and change any block of content. Wix is very simple in use! You don’t need to read through support pages or watch long video tutorials to understand how things work. All the edits are intuitive enough.

2019.10.02 at 09:05 written by:
Friendly for users but bad for data export :-/
Rating: 4

I don’t trust any type of reviews unless I test a product myself. This is the case with Wix as well. When they first came to the market there was a lot of criticism. I can’t really understand why! Wix is quite adaptive and user-friendly. I’ve never used anything as simple as this platform. Still there’re some weak ponits which are poorly organized in my opinion. So here’s my list of Wix pros and cons. Pros: • Design templates • Speed • Security • Customization • Specific tools Cons: • SEO • Data export • Blogging As you can see there’re more positive aspects than negative ones:-) Even though Wix is good for making a website, I think it’s not that good to maintain a website. Blogging tool is rather limited, so using it isn’t convenient enough. If you plan to move your website to another platform Wix won’t make this process any easier. With that I can’t describe Wix as a perfect website builder. It has cons just like any other product but its demand among users is an important indicator which means that Wix is something more than just well-advertised service!

2019.09.27 at 20:25 written by:
Rating: 5

I’ve always been a Wix fan!!! Dynamic services with modern technologies are my passion. Those static website builders with ancient tools make me bored. It’s great that Wix is a true live platform. They always keep up with design trends offering lots of apps. Wix is the leader in terms of flexibility! I was taken aback with their brand new ADI technology. ADI stands for Artificial Design Intelligence and it works wonders. When you choose it, Wix asks you a few questions about your goals, occupation and stuff. The service also needs details about your visual preferences. If you provide Wix access to your social media it will use them as a source of information too. This is when ADI comes into play. It starts creating a website for you. Having analyzed all the data the system offers a decision. I had a tailor-made website made in a minute or two! I’m really excited how simple the whole process is!! I was worried about design features a bit. Even though I told ADI that I like dynamic style with flashy effects it’s not smart enough to get into my mind and understand what I want to see. So if I don’t like a template generated it’s enough to press a button and ADI will build another template. In case there’re some specific design problems I can always customize a template manually. Such a technology is something out of future. I feel really enthusiastic because ADI-like technologies are a new stage in the evolution of website builders. Wix is a really well-planed service!!! They understand that sooner or later they’ll run out of pre-existing templates and won’t be able to satisfy the worldwide market. So, such an innovative approach is something that can take website builders to a new level.

2019.09.23 at 04:12 written by:
Great for business
Rating: 5

Wix offers so many opportunities which are really unique for today’s market. There’re not many platforms which make it possible to register and start selling straight from your website. Wix does it. I can find all I need for successful eCommerce here. All the apps and templates are easily customizable. I just add them to my website and start modifying them as I wish. As a young entrepreneur I can say that Wix does help me to develop my business. Choosing Wix is safe and economical as well because most of the tools are absolutely free. For example, I needed to add a simple inquiry form to my website on Wix. The inquiry form didn’t have to be very advanced. All I needed was just name, contact details and a box with the nature of the inquiry. I was impressed how many different themes and styles of the inquiry form Wix had. There was an opportunity to edit its color, font style and “send” button design manually. To be honest, I couldn’t even hope to see so much customization. Functionality of Wix tools is never a matter of complaint. They all work promptly. The good thing is that if you want to bring big changes in it’s not a big deal. Wix is a pure drag and drop website builder. So you can literally customize your design layout to your heart’s content. No coding, no tiring undos, no complicated editing. You simply add elements onto your page and start working. I wouldn’t choose any other platform to make my dreams come true.

2019.09.19 at 04:22 written by:
SEO friendly service
Rating: 5

I have to admit that I felt really anxious when started using Wix. I’ve read a ton of negative reviews claiming that search engines simply don’t understand websites by this builder. To my relief I was seriously misinformed by unfair authors. So, in my review I’d like to dispel a myth that is not SEO friendly. First of all, when reading “Help Google Understand Your Pages” in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines you can see that Google does acknowledge Wix as a website builder. If that was a mouthful, Gary Illyes an analyst of Google, also confirms that Google equally treats websites built by HTML or AJAX technologies. As far as I know Wix uses HTML5 and AJAX principles. In other words, Wix can be called a fully legitimate website builder. What’s more, Wix has a whole section where you can manage SEO information about your web pages. One of the features that Wix competitors don’t have is an opportunity to customize address of your web pages. It is useful because you can draw attention of search engine to the words you need. For example, if you create a page about latest video games, you can use the following address “”. It will be easier for your visitors to remember your web page address as well. What’s more, Wix gives you an opportunity to optimize all the standard SEO functions. You can choose unique title, description and key words for each web page you create. Hardly can it be called as a unique feature but it certainly makes Wix useful for SEO purposes.

2019.09.17 at 05:32 written by:
Totally great!
Rating: 5

I tried Weebly and Squarespace services before but neither of them can be compared to WIX! From the very start WIX offers a mobile version of the template chosen. So, I don’t need to do much to have my website optimized for a mobile device. The best thing about WIX mobile editor is that I can fully customize mobile version of my website. For example, I can change colors, backgrounds and even more. It’s good because many website builders just compress your site and there’s no way you can customize pages. What I also like about mobile editor by WIX is that there’s an opportunity to hide certain content. In other words, I have total control over what to show to my visitors. I can even rearrange blocks of content! WIX lets me feel free at customizing mobile version of my website. In fact, I can bring changes to mobile version only without affecting my main website. I also like that WIX thinks about my target audience. When visiting mobile website, we don’t want to waste time on looking for information. All we need is key aspects. WIX is helpful at this task. For example, I can insert my phone number and you can simply tap it to call me. Other website builders can’t boast about such features. WIX mobile editor is really smart. Whenever a visitor comes to my website, it automatically detects which device is used. Thus, Wix sends my visitors to full desktop version or to mobile version of my website.

2019.09.13 at 08:56 written by:
Easy to use but helpless at data transfer
Rating: 3

I’ve been working with wix website builder for a period of time. They promise a wide choice of apps and it’s true. Variety of apps is really impressive. However, I’ve discovered that many of them are not apps at all. Wix gives you iframes with app functions. For example, when I add etsy app, it doesn’t function as real etsy. I only get an iframe added to my web page. So, my visitors can navigate my etsy store and stay on my website at the same time. Hardly can I say that it’s a problem but I think it’s not that honest. The real problem I’ve faced is data export. When my website on wix started to grow and expand, I needed another platform to transfer my content, design and data to. However, I was disappointed to know that wix is helpless at this point. Yes, I could manually copy/paste all the data to another website but it’s terribly inconvenient and time consuming. In fairness it must be said that wix is currently working on this issue but there’s no solution yet. Nevertheless, I can’t describe wix as a poor website builder :( There’re a lot of tools which make the process of creating a website simple and interesting. What’s more, you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to designers and programmers spending months to have your website done. You can start straight away just by dragging and dropping all the elements. Wix is undisputed leader in this area. All in all, I like wix and I would like it even more, if they had removed some of the issues...

2019.09.09 at 05:16 written by:
Amazing pictures for amazing blogging!
Rating: 5

When I was a graduate student I wanted to blog about fashion industry. The idea to write about things happening in global fashion (kind of like research/advising) simply overwhelmed me. Long story short, I needed high quality of services with a lot of templates to choose from. Visual aspect of my website played a key role. I set my eye on WIX because I’ve heard a lot of good things about this platform. Since I already had a domain name I only needed to connect it to my WIX website. A few clicks were enough. I’ve managed to set everything up without any problems! Years have passed and I still got nothing to complain about. Blogging on WIX is a wonder at your hands. There’re several themes to make my blog unique. All of them are customizable, so I can edit fonts, color, width and stuff. WIX really beats its competitor when it comes to editing. I can use different options to attract new readers and to keep my current followers interested. For example, I can display related posts and recent posts. It’s vital for my blog. I can even control tags! This task is not that simple on other website builders. Writing about fashion I need to post tons of pictures and set visual effects. WIX lends a hand again. Their galleries will make dizzy. Customizing them is also simple. There’re a lot of magnificent sliders which help to draw attention to a certain piece of information. WIX is perfect for those who search for flashy graphics. As for images, editing them is not a big deal. You can upload pictures from your computer or add them right from social media. What’s more, there’re free pics provided by WIX. Two thumbs up!!

2019.09.07 at 10:14 written by:
good designs but not enough freedom
Rating: 4

I generally like creating my websites on WIX. This website builder meets my basic demands. Designs are its strong point. Since I’m interested in music and photography I can’t but enjoy the templates offered. There’re tools useful for spheres I’m keen on. For example, if I choose music template, WIX is likely to provide me with a lot of players or SoundCloud synchronization. When I switch to my photography website, WIX surrounds me with amazing sliders and astonishing galleries for my pictures. Contrary to other website builders WIX makes it possible to animate text and other elements. The thing which has really surprised me is Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) by WIX. This technology can analyze my social media and generate the whole website basing on information gathered. However, you can use ADI for some projects only. For example, portfolios, CVs, etc. Nevertheless, there’re aspects I’d like to be improved on WIX... First of all, it is extremely uncomfortable to combine templates. As soon as you choose a template you get locked in it. If you want to transfer elements from other templates, you need to do a chain of tiring actions. Yes, you can change design inside of the template chosen but it’s impossible to pick an entirely new one. Even though it may be fine for an average user I find it inconvenient that WIX doesn’t let you edit HTML or CSS code of your website. It is really irritating for me because I can’t feel free when working with my websites. Some of WIX competitors do have such an opportunity though…

2019.09.06 at 07:35 written by:
easy to add and store pictures
Rating: 5

I like using Wix for a number of reasons. The first one is security. They do keep an eye on sites of their users. It’s good for me that I can rely on someone to take care of my website. Speed is another advantage. All the websites by Wix are hosted on Wix servers which makes them fast. Wix professionals are responsible for this aspect. I’m convinced (and there’s no way you can make me change my mind) that Wix has an advantage over its competitors in aspect of photos. There're online folders where I can save and reuse images. It’s convenient because other services make me reupload and replace my pictures. This is tiring enough. Wix is compatible with Flickr and Facebook, so I can add photos right from online services. Ditto and YouTube for videos are also at your disposal. I like that I can use videos as background. There’s no such a feature on other website builders. I can always edit and improve my photos online without using external services. As for videos, I find it easy to set them on auto-play when page loads. Since I mostly work with blogs I appreciate that Wix makes it easy to add one to my website. There’s a special Blog entry which is responsible for this action. I can choose between six layouts. Among them are Tumblr and Pinterest style. Getting subscriptions and leaving comments are optional functions. Tagging posts as well displaying tagging cloud are available as well.

2019.09.04 at 06:14 written by:
Good for making a portfolio
Rating: 5

It’s never easy for a young singer to come up in show business. This is why I do appreciate any tool which helps me on my way. I think wix is a useful platform for someone involved in music sphere. For example, it’s very convenient to synchronize wix with my soundcloud profile. I simply embed the code and enjoy the result. It makes the process of managing my songs and sharing playlists much more convenient. Whenever I upload a song on soundcloud it appears on my wix website. It helps to save so much time because I can avoid a lot of routine. I mainly use my wix website as a portfolio. So I can tell about myself in a clear and attractive way. It’s like a living book which is always updated. I also love the touring tool which wix provides. It’s not difficult to publish my tour dates adding names of the clubs where I perform. In case there’re any changes bringing them in is a matter of few clicks. I guess wix is a really good decision for musicians, artists, designers and those who somehow relate to this sphere. I promise to make mention of wix in my biography when I achieve success in music industry :)

2019.09.02 at 18:12 written by:
Very useful tools
Rating: 5

To be honest, I’ve never seen better app market than the one offered by wix. There’s no other drag & drop website builder which has an app market with more than 260 offers. All of them can be easily integrated into any wix website. Using these apps gives me a variety of tools and services to extend functionality of my website. I can chat with my customers and advertise my services in more beneficial way. Installation of apps doesn’t require any coding skills which is good for those of you who are from world of programming. I don’t really need to do much to install any app. A click is enough. Majority of apps are developed by external providers of services. Even though there’re many functions to choose from I prefer using tools to work with newsletters and different email marketing features. Other tools include live chat, testimonials, contests, booking and scheduling opportunities. The whole list is rather long. In addition, wix expands its app Market. New apps arrive on a regular basis while existing ones are getting updated. wix certainly deserves 5 star rating!

2019.09.02 at 12:17 written by:
Rating: 5

i’ve spent a lot of time creating blogs on wix website builder. i find it perfect for users like me who need a beautiful site but don’t have advanced coding skills:) there’re a lot of templates you can choose from. all of them offer professional and stylish design. i’ve seen examples for small businesses, restaurants, photographers, musicians and more. it’s amazing how many niche markets wix covers. in addition, all design features are up-to-date. imagine that you can build one-pager parallax designs with background videos and different background sections. and working with wix i can do it without even touching a code:) in addition, i’ve discovered that wix doesn’t miss updates. if they don’t have a particular element, they’re most likely to add it in the future. in most cases their choice is based on requests of users. it’s good to know that all of the templates can be customized and combined in any way you want. fonts, colors and shapes can be easily customized too. well wix is amazing indeed!

2019.09.01 at 06:03 written by:
Good for simple websites
Rating: 4

Wix is a good decision for small websites. If you plan to add more than 30 pages this platform isn’t your choice. Since majority of Wix users don’t need tremendous online shops it’s not a serious disadvantage. This service is great for a beginner who doesn’t understand a thing in professional websites. As a coder I find Wix a bit too limited. For example, there’s no opportunity to change HTML or CSS code. Having worked in this sphere for years I can’t rely on pre-made templates, I want to change the code manually. There’s no access to advanced languages either. Wix offers a lot of animations to choose from. Adding them to any element of your website can be chucky. The problem is that if you do it your website won’t scroll that smoothly. Another disadvantage of animations is that they will affect loading time while bits of the page will show up as if you are on dial up. So your visitors will have to wait or even leave your website. Most of the comments on Wix praise their mobile editor. It’s not bad but there’s a significant issue. No matter whether you start from scratch or use a template it may end up in a nightmare if you decide to add changes after the whole design is completed. Adding a new element will lead to all the elements moving out of order on the mobile version of your site. One desktop change is enough. The whole mobile site must be realigned which is a painstaking task. All in all, I don’t think Wix is a poor platform, it certainly has its strong sides. However, there’re some aspects which still to be improved. I would recommend it to people who don’t know how to code while an experienced programmer definitely needs something more sophisticated.

2019.08.22 at 17:26 written by:
great results without technical skills
Rating: 5

I’ve been on different website builders and none of them are convenient enough for me. I have to admit that I am in the 99% who don’t know how to code :( When I tried Wix I found that I can create stunning sites without being a professional programmer. Their drag and drop options are definitely fantastic. Adding elements is as easy as creating a presentation in PowerPoint. I don’t need to do a lot to upgrade my website either. Their pretty templates are easily accessible so I can always update the look and feel of my website. I remember how I started working with Bluehost and WordPress when launching my first site. This experience was really frustrating because I’ve come up against serious difficulties… So when I switched to Wix I could only enjoy because this service is all user-friendly. There’re no difficulties at managing my content at all. Even though WordPress is rather flexible too but it requires good technical skills. You need to be good at coding to use it proficiently. I’m really happy that Wix saves me a lot of time and headaches. I heard that Wix uses flash based templates which is not very good for search engines. Wix really used them years ago, they have totally changed their policy since then. As far as I see they have moved to HTML5 technologies. It’s a pretty good decision which makes sites by Wix SEO friendly. I also find it important that Wix provides all the hosting services. They take care of how safe and accessible your website is. At least, I haven’t had any problems with access yet. My website properly functions 24/7 :)

2019.08.20 at 08:37 written by:
Well-planned service
Rating: 5

Starting my own tutoring company some time ago I was a little torn between Weebly and Wix. I’ve chosen the latter one and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s already five years that I’ve been using Wix. I decided to switch to this website builder because it has some unique features that don’t cost me an arm and a leg to add. For example, I want my visitors to buy tutoring packages online. Wix makes it simple. Another aspect which I’m interested in is to schedule tutorial appointments. Wix is helpful again. Their Bookings App absolutely suits me. I can even take payment for the appointments which saves me a lot of time. In fact, their Apps market is amazingly wide. Some of them are specific for certain types of business. There’re offers for music, restaurants, design and other spheres. I didn’t anticipate too much traffic but I was concerned about bandwidth when launching my website on Wix. There’re no problems at this point. At least I haven’t had any yet! Many users compare Weebly and Wix SEO opportunities. From the SEO and back end perspective, it seems to me that Wix is a bit better. Personal preference. Wix has unique mobile editor which makes it possible for me to place my content strategically whereas other platforms don’t give me luxury of modifying the placement of my content. All in all, I find that Wix websites are perfect for me in today’s Google-run world.

2019.08.18 at 05:09 written by:
great platform
Rating: 5

Working as a designer I try to protect myself from plagiarism. I use platforms like wix to show my portfolio to potential employers only. So privacy is really important for me because I don’t want someone to steal my ideas. Compared to other platforms wix can hide my website from search engines. I tried to do the same on weebly and squarespace but I haven’t found such an option. Things are different on wix. I can provide access to my website to certain visitors only. It’s very convenient that my works are unsearchable but visible. I can’t even dream of a better option. There’s another opportunity to hide your website from undesirable visitors. You can do it by the means of password protection. Thus, even if someone happens to have my website address they won’t be able to view it unless they have a password. I appreciate it when a service respects your privacy. Another thing which I like on wix is that I can even delete my whole website when I’m off job hunting. In addition, I can maintain several sites on wix using one account only. They make it possible to connect websites to any types of domain names and reconnect them if necessary. I love that wix offers a lot of flexibility without restricting my opportunities. Working on wix for a number of years I can say that this platform is well-planned. Recommend it to anyone who wants advanced functions at publishing and managing content.

2019.08.14 at 12:46 written by:
A little bit disappointed
Rating: 4

I love that traditional old WIX! Their editor is so convenient and intuitive! I don’t need to rack my brains understanding how things work and interact with each other. Whenever I want to change SEO information the fields I need are always at hand. Even if I search for sophisticated apps for mobile devices, I just go to the market and choose any app to my liking. Things have changed now that WIX has introduced this ADI technology. I wasn’t enthusiastic about it from the very start and my fears got confirmed. Yeah, Artificial Design Intelligence does generate a website for you which is based on your preferences and information from social media but you can completely forget about that flexible WIX we all love. I tried this feature myself. I can’t say that ADI made a unique template for me, it just shared my name from Facebook. That’s all. I wasn’t quite satisfied with the template generated. It was too primitive in comparison to the ready-made designs by WIX. I expected the same level of flexibility but it was a disappointment. I couldn’t even change a font not to mention blocks of content. ADI editor is way too slow! Don’t get me wrong, I do love conventional and classical WIX with pre-existing and customizable templates but I hate their new ADI policy. It’s not obligatory to use though since WIX retains their initial approach. I hope that they won’t focus on making ADI a primary tool. Otherwise I’ll have to refuse from using WIX which I really-really love!

2019.08.06 at 21:02 written by:
Lots of useful tools
Rating: 5

Wix is the best website builder ever! I had my site with a domain name from GoDaddy. When my small business started to grow I was desperately looking for an update to offer more services and items. So I was interested in a platform to provide more sales and to keep my clients well-informed about news, discounts, etc. I chose Wix and I don’t regret at all. There’s all I’ve ever wanted to stay in touch with my customers. I love Wix tools which help to send newsletters and promote services. Their Shoutout tool works wonders! I can easily inform my visitors about new offers. The best thing about Wix tools is that all of them are fully integrated into the system. It’s very convenient because you don’t need to worry about searching for external tools and testing them. As I’ve said my business was going through an expansion stage. Planning to sell worldwide I was worried about language barriers. Fortunately, Wix has dispelled all my fears. I’ve found another useful app by them which makes your site multi-lingual. Well, it’s always worrisome to transfer to another platform. I’ve been building up my Google ranking for many years. Of course I didn’t want to lose all the work done. So for the sake of safe SEO integration I didn’t change my domain name. I could easily build up URL structure of my web pages owing to Wix URL customization which is amazing. Can you imagine that adding all the meta tags, editing titles and doing all the job necessary to save my Google rankings was a piece of cake? It was. Thanks Wix, my site continues to grow even large!

2019.08.03 at 06:01 written by:
won’t stimulate your growth…
Rating: 4

WIX seems to be good with its freedom which is deceiving. The platform isn’t that bad for a beginner but if you want longer relationship with them it’s a crap. They do have huge shortcomings. As soon as you launch a website on WIX you get totally dependable on them. There’s no chance to move your content to another server which is terrible. This isn’t the whole story. Visually WIX is really good. Their templates are well-designed but their customization isn’t as wide as claimed. For example, I can’t remove my blog from a page. So I have to delete the entire page. There’s an opportunity to combine different templates. It’s fine. However combining elements isn’t that simple. You need to copy blocks and paste them manually opening a number of templates. It’s complicated and tiring. I’d like to avoid this routine somehow. Well I don’t want to be too harsh on WIX. I’ve been using their website builder and there’re a few advantages. SEO optimization is their strong point. I’ve tried Weebly and other platforms. They can’t boast about much convenience at this aspect. Adding all the SEO information is a joy on WIX. Everything is made pretty simple. The results are mediocre though. Wix won’t help you to rocket to the top on Google but it will keep you on good positions though. To sum up, I’m not that keen on this platform. I think it’s nice for a person not familiar with websites, web design and things like these. As for me, WIX won’t help you to grow up. Their tools and functions are too basic, so once again there’re no opportunities for sufficient growth IMHO.

2019.07.25 at 18:45 written by:
Great platform with poor music management!
Rating: 4

Wix is my best friend among website builders! It’s one step close to being perfect. I’ve never wanted to hire a team of designers and programmers to make me a site so Wix doesn’t let me down. As a DJ I don’t have much time to plot each element and set it all up. I need my website to be up and running in less than an hour. Not a problem for Wix. I’ve found a mind blowing template which was exactly right up my street. I’ve been using it for about six month by now. No regrets. Everything is stylish, glamorous and flashy. The template seems to be made specifically for my needs. There’re all types of players to add separate songs or whole albums. They even provide an opportunity to sell music choosing the price and stuff. To tell you the truth I don’t quite understand how to manage my music on Wix. When I upload an album I can’t sort the songs out. Loading music up isn’t that fast. The number of songs added to an album is restricted and that’s a pity. However, Wix wouldn’t be that good if they didn’t offer other solutions. They do support SoundCloud! It’s one of the best decisions ever! This strategy is really wise because Wix isn’t made for wide music opportunities while SoundCloud is a professional platform. When they “co-operate” the result is nothing less than incredible. It saves me so many headaches. Even though Wix isn’t all perfect it gives numerous solutions to possible difficulties. I don’t think I’ll ever delete my website from this platform.

2019.07.13 at 16:48 written by:
Rating: 5

I’m from Canada and I’ve been looking at the WIX platform for a long time. I was going to sell my craft products so I’ve tested WIX thoroughly. I’m all satisfied with their services. As soon as I started playing around with some of WIX pages I realized that this platform is quite convenient for me. I can easily add new items and edit elements. Ready-made templates look elegant and professional. Whenever I browse through them I feel like I want to try them all and it’s difficult for me to choose a particular template. I used to sell my products on Etsy which was basically robbing me blind. So I was wondering about selling on WIX. I wanted to know how safe and beneficial it is. Online sales are fine on WIX. My customers just need to sign in and they’re ready to buy my products. I find that WIX is really simple and stylish tool to make a website. Hope this service will not get worse as the time goes!

2019.07.05 at 10:27 written by:
not good enough for video
Rating: 4

I’m an experienced gamer and I use my website on Wix to post reviews about video games. This platform gives me almost everything I need. When I launched my website about three years ago Wix designs didn’t include templates made specifically for gamers. So they still don’t but it doesn’t bother me that much. I just chose a template appropriate and customized it. Most people praise Wix drag and drop tools. It’s not an exaggeration. Making a website is tiring no more. Thanks a lot! I write tons of articles about the latest video games and add hundreds of screenshots as well. Wix helps me editing them. All I need is cropping my images and correcting overall color. Not a big deal for Wix owing to their simple but powerful editor. Love it!!! Videos are also a part of my reviews and I want my website to be attached to my YouTube channel. Synchronization aspect is extremely simple on Wix. Unfortunately there’s no proper video gallery. So I have to add video rows manually which tends to be monotonous. If there’re too many videos on my page it’s loading too slowly. I guess Wix could’ve made some galleries similar to the ones they use for images. Blogging tool is essential for my website and there’s something to choose from. There’re all the functions you’d expect from a blog. For example, I can add tags, related posts and latest post. It brings me more readers as a result. However I don’t quite understand how to delete a blog. If you drop it onto your page there’s no way you can remove it. The only solution is to delete the whole page. When I first got into such a trouble I had my whole page done and I didn’t want to delete it. Anyway, Wix team never ignores problems of their users and I hope to see this issue to be resolved someday!!!

2019.07.01 at 12:24 written by:
Rating: 4

I used Wix for my small cafe. It’s packed with great features to make a stunning and attractive website. A few clicks and you’re on your feet to sell or advertise. The platform is incredibly friendly with SEO engines. I’ve managed to promote my cafe so many people know my name in our local area. What I like most on Wix is that I can drag and drop without any problems. If I drop a block o f content it will stay exactly on its place without moving away or changing its size. It took me some time to learn how to use all of their functions but it’s worthwhile. It feels like I can bring all of my ideas to life which is excellent. Wix gives me a lot of freedom to create the website I need. This platform doesn’t restrict me at all. Even though I’m not good at technical issues their website builder does provide opportunities to promote my brand name in the world of web. I’d like to rate Wix with 5 points but there’s an issue. Their editor of images is painfully slow. I had to spend about a minute waiting for an uploaded picture to appear in the editing window. It brings me back memories of those dial-up days. I know that Wix do follow all the modern trends and it makes me wonder why they still haven’t figured it out yet. This issue isn’t that serious for me because I appreciate advantages of Wix above all and I’m definitely not going to move to another company. Just a piece of criticism to stimulate Wix a bit. This platform is safe so to speak. I’ve never happened to have any repetitive problems which could ruin my whole website. It’s a wonderful company and I’ve already advised Wix to all my friends and partners, so I’m going to use it again. Hope my cafe will earn more visitors with them.

2019.06.18 at 19:18 written by:
Functional and simple
Rating: 5

Today’s market is a tough competition for a young entrepreneur like me. My small online shop sells comic books and it’s not that easy to promote it. Things change a lot thanks to Wix and its eCommerce tools. I’ve been on different platforms testing their tools but none of them is stronger than Wix. This website builder has a rich market of apps with numerous decisions to choose from. I don’t need a big online shop so I find Wix absolutely perfect for me. It’s soo easy to send newsletters through their special tool. My buyers don’t miss new comics any more:) As for me, the main advantage of tools by Wix is that they all are easy to set up and customize. I don’t need to spend hours on watching tutorials. All the tools are made intuitive and understand how to work them in a few minutes. Their design is extremely adaptive. I used to have a problem with it on other platforms. Imagine that you’ve found all convenient contact form but it ruins the whole design of your website and there’s no way to change it. Not the case with Wix. You can always customize their tools and apps. As for design. Since I sell comic books my audience is mostly teenagers who want a lot of effects and colorful pictures. I’m far from any type of design and I don’t know how to work with all these sliders, carousels and galleries. It’s all simple on Wix. They offer a lot of decisions which make my website functional and beautiful without professional skills. Much appreciate it. If it wasn’t for Wix my business would’ve lost so many buyers.

2019.06.06 at 19:02 written by:
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