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Poor promotion but good designs
Rating: 3

When I launched my first website on Weebly back in 2012 I was rather enthusiastic about it. I could drop elements and blog about my music. The website looked attractive with different effects and numerous images. As years have passed I started to feel that my website is getting outdated. I wanted to upgrade but all the blocks were fixed and I couldn’t rearrange them. I decided to move to another platform but I couldn’t do it because I would lose a lot of data. Anyway, I decided to build another website on Weebly but I’ve failed to promote it. Even though I have filled all the seo fields my new website was invisible for search engines. I like that Weebly is easy to use but I would like it to be seo-friendly as well. Sometimes there’re strange bugs which make my website function is a strange way. I don’t know how to fix them. I’m rather discouraged to continue using Weebly.

2019.11.05 at 11:57 written by:
Terrible customization
Rating: 2

I heard of Weebly on TV some time ago. I thought that would be the way to go because I was embarking on my own mediation practice. My idea was to build a very intricate and complicated website. I’ve failed to do it by the means of Weebly:( Since I wanted to create web pages with unique design and layout, it involved a lot of editing. However, all I could change was font color. I’ve spent hours reading comments and reviews to learn that Weebly doesn't offer any other options such as adjusting content width or menu color design. CSS and html editing was a terrible experience as well. I’ve found this website builder too basic and absolutely poor for advanced customization. Most often nowadays if you come across a blog, you can see recent posts, related posts or at least some kind of news line of popular information. Weebly doesn’t incorporate these features unfortunately. I think a website builder with such a reputation could be more sophisticated. Somehow I managed to finish my website but I’ve realized that no matter how much work I’d pot in, the result is far from my initial idea :(

2019.10.18 at 06:50 written by:
Fine for a small store
Rating: 4

I’ve tried so many platforms to launch my online shop. To be fair I haven’t found the perfect solution. Some of the website builders are too basic while others offer boring designs. So I think that a tailor-made website is still the best idea to sell online. You must’ve read those angry reviews blaming Weebly in any way possible. I’d say Weebly doesn’t deserve so much criticism. It’s true that running an online shop on this platform isn’t a sophisticated attempt. There’re many annoying restrictions which will make the process of adding items tiring and frustrating. Some users claim that there’re no appropriate tools for online sales. In fact there’re some but their functionality is rather poor. You can add them to your website but it will cost you hours to set them up. Weebly also offers a kind of drag tools which are not bad. Using them is quite simple. When launching my shop on Weebly I needed a fairly primitive blogging tool. I obtained one from them, still no regrets. I have all the basic functions and can easily share my news. Since I’m from UK I was worried about currency of my online shop but Weebly turned out to be fine for UK eCommerce. Anyway Weebly doesn’t claim to be a sophisticated website builder which specializes on eCommerce. This is an easy solution which deserves a try. There are definitely stronger competitors but Weebly isn’t as black as it’s painted. I can’t recommend it for worldwide sales but it’s pretty fine for a small store with a limited amount of items.

2019.10.04 at 10:06 written by:
Good for a simple site, but not enough tools
Rating: 4

Weebly is great! I work as a coach and I don’t need sophisticated opportunities. All I care about is to launch a website quickly and to have it functioning. Weebly is perfect for my goals! When I registered on their platform I found it pretty simple. They’ve got modern templates which are straightforward and don’t require too much customization. I just add my contacts and images, ta da! My website is ready. Sometimes their templates are quite rigid as for me but I think it’s a matter of taste. I’ve been using their service for a couple of years and I’ve never had serious complaints. There’re no bugs which are critical or which can influence my website seriously. Yes, Weebly tends to freeze sometimes but any program does. I’ve tried a lot of software and I’ve never seen anything absolutely perfect without any flaws. I had my slideshow lost in the header the other day but I’ve managed to fix this problem within minutes. They’ve got a big gallery of sliders and stuff like that. When I have some spare time I like to play around with them choosing a good looking slider or testing their new features. They don’t update Weebly that often though. I’d like to get new tools and decisions again and again. Well, I guess I just need to be patient and take time. Weebly introduce really well-planned tools which are simple to use and offer multiple opportunities. Making them is a time consuming process. I do understand it. It’s similar to sport. You need to work hard and do your best to get even minimal result. I wish Weebly to stay as functional as they are and offer more tools. I’m sure they have a plenty of them in progress.

2019.09.29 at 17:22 written by:
Inappropriate for expansion
Rating: 3

I’m a developer but I certainly can’t say that I’m a professional web developer. Sometime I work with websites hosted by Weebly. This platform isn’t excellent but there’re a few nice decisions. In my opinion, adding technologies which support MySQL, PHP, FTP, etc. would be rather reasonable. They can make the process of building sites much easier for so many users. This platform is a good guide to the world of basic functions but if you want more options you’re bound to face serious restrictions. Those of you who plan on hosting a website that needs to be regularly updated shouldn’t consider Weebly as a candidate. I wouldn’t recommend it to people who own business either. If you launch your website on this platform you’ll stuck here. Migration of your website is going to be a time consuming process and you’re likely to lose tons of data. For example I was engaged into updating an animal rescue website hosted by Weebly. I had to rebuild it from ground up. Unfortunately I couldn’t re-use anything from their Weebly hosted pages. I think it’s very inconvenient. With all that said Weebly is good and simple because you can get a site up and running in a day. However if you plan to expand and transfer information, Weebly must be out of consideration.

2019.09.22 at 05:13 written by:
Impossible to manage content!!
Rating: 1

I’ve been working with Weebly for a long time but I’ve still switched to Wix. To be honest, I’m really happy about this decision cause Weebly is extremely inconvenient at managing content! Many edits are lost during site making process. I’m never sure that information I post is properly saved on Weebly. It’s irritating enough when your website builder doesn’t take care of your content. I can't describe Weebly as a service good at use. Editing panel is glitchy. The screen itself tends to freeze from time to time. So I have to log out and log in again. It’s almost impossible to focus on site building. I find it ridiculous but there is no undo button. Yes, this is true. If I change something and I don’t like it, I have to go back and start over. I see no logical reasons why not to add an undo button. I tried to develop my on-line shop on Weebly but this service is bad for any type of e-commerce. Search functions are undeveloped in fact. If you expect such possibilities as searching by size or by color, you need to change your website builder. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that Weebly treats embedded codes irresponsibly. When I try to embed something from social media certain functions of the code perform strange. In addition, I’ve come across code editing hindrance. This is a hindrance for sure because I have to click certain area of the box for a number of times to get access to the edit mode. It is very inconvenient!!!

2019.09.21 at 11:03 written by:
Strong platform with a shortage of storage place
Rating: 4

I’ve been with Weebly for 5 years and I’m not going to stop being friends with this service. I love their approach to making websites. It’s interesting how they implement new tools and technologies. As far as I know Weebly makes thorough researches on users’ needs and problems. It indicates that they aim at quality of the services provided. It’s true that new tools are rarely introduced but when they’re introduced there’s nothing to complain about. I think such strategy is much better than adding tons of useless widgets every day. However I’d be happy if Weebly would have a little bit more tools to work with. I’ve launched 6 websites with this great company and they all function well. It’s not true that sites by Weebly are invisible for search engines. All of my 6 websites rank on the first page of Google. Some of them are even listed on top of the page. It all depends on key words and meta tags which I set. Editing process is fairly convenient. Perhaps drag and drop features do need to be improved but there’s an opportunity to change HTML or CSS coding. If you need a different size of a block you can do it just through a code. I don’t see any reason to complain about this aspect. One of the limitations I’ve faced is that Weebly offers only 500MB storage. To be honest it is connected with my location because other regions don’t have such a restriction. Even though I can’t understand the root of this problem 500MB is pretty enough for me as I don’t need more storage place for my websites. Having used WordPress and other website builders before I find Weebly as the best one. I’m not going to change my platform in the near future.

2019.09.16 at 05:23 written by:
poor CMS functions and transfer difficulties
Rating: 2

Having spent around four years on Weebly I can’t praise this website builder that much. The good thing is that Weebly offers a kind of content management system. There’s an opportunity to sort, publish and edit content. The bad thing is that you’ll have hard times on this way. For example, undoing changes is a complicated process. In order not to ruin your whole work you need to create back up pages and hide them from being viewed. It’s a monotonous and irritating process in fact. As for web pages themselves, you can’t add custom content types. I wanted to create a large website with more than a hundred pages but Weebly required a personal system to keep data sorted and easily accessible. Even though there’s an opportunity to overcome this problem, I think Weebly could provide an easier way to manage content. On the one hand, Weebly allows editing HTML code. So, majority of marketing tools can be installed on a website. On the other hand, I’ve found it impossible to add an EV SSL or A/B testing software. The reason of this issue is that there’s no 100% control over your site and server. Moving to another platform is a tricky thing for Weebly. When I wanted to transfer my data and URLs to a website powered by WordPress I faced difficulties. Page content can be exported by the means of ZIP file. As for blog content, only manual approach is required. RSS migration is another way out.

2019.09.15 at 07:57 written by:
Code dependable customization, primitive blogging tools
Rating: 2

I can’t say that I’m one of those fans who are excited about WEEBLY. There’re a lot of issues which make this service uncomfortable for me. I’ve been using a lot of templates offered by WEEBLY and all of them have limited customization options. In fact, all you can do is change font styles and color scheme of the template chosen. I wanted to go beyond and modify menu bar, change content background design and adjust width of content blocks but it was impossible. I’ve learnt from other sources that all the advanced modifications can be done through code editing only. However, other website builders such as Wix or Squarespace offer code-free customization. Since I’m engaged into a lot of blogging I need advanced features. For example, I’d like to have such opportunities as highlighting related posts, most popular posts or latest posts. Unfortunately, WEEBLY can’t provide me with such tools. There’re only primitive features such as social sharing buttons, abilities to drag and drop content into each post and ability to schedule post publishing. The last but not least line on the list of disadvantages is that WEEBLY stays rather lazy in introducing new functions. It happens once or twice a year only which is slower compared to other website builders. Nevertheless, when new functions got introduced they tend to be innovative, impressive and user-friendly.

2019.09.12 at 12:34 written by:
No seo fields :(
Rating: 1

i’ve read a lot of enthusiastic reviews saying that weebly is a flawless website builder. there’s no way i can agree with such comments!!! i find weebly as a quite poor service when it comes to customization. yes, there is an opportunity to change html/css code but it usually ends up in anomalies! i was editing simple css code which resulted in whole web page missing from editor. i still haven’t found a solution how to fix it. modifying templates is a problem too. there’re a lot of themes which are attractive but too generic as for me. however, the list of changes which can be done is rather short. all you can do is play around with fonts and colors. perhaps i could bear all these hindrances on the way to perfection but weebly is not seo friendly at all. the website editor simply hampers your seo and i can’t explain why. when you upload an image it automatically gets a strange name which consists of senseless characters. if you want to add title information, it’s not that simple. you need to hand code content to your page's image. there’s alt text field but there’s no field for image’s title. the structure of weebly’s url is poorly organized. it doesn’t follow the file path of your web page :-/ i tried to create a subpage which would have more subpages. as a result, url structure included only home page and the page i was on. i find it unacceptable for proper seo results.

2019.09.11 at 13:07 written by:
Stylish but not intuitive templates
Rating: 3

I’ve been running online service on Weebly since last February. I can’t say that their website builder is all junk. They do offer a simple navigation with stylish designs. I can’t complain about SEO results either. I’ve managed to build up a website which is functional and beneficial. However, I’ve got little comfort with programming. I don’t really understand how to change CSS code on Weebly which is vital at times. Changing CSS code on their platform usually leads to unpredictable results so I don’t take risk of touching initial code of their templates for no serious reason. Sometimes I need to read through their tutorials to get the hang of some aspects. I think their service lacks intuitivity. Tutorials are excellent though! Hosting is amazing too. The thing which I dislike is that Weebly becomes terribly slow, unresponsive and even glitchy. It happens regularly during afternoons. In some cases the same things happen at early evenings. I’ve read through numerous reviews and have discovered that there’re many people who face the same problem. Weebly says it depends on how much you pay for the service. Psht! They must’ve forgotten that there’re other services which do not have such issues at all! Eventually, Weebly is a nice platform which you can use if you’re ready to spend some time on reading tutorials. If you want something more intuitive I recommend you trying Wix, for example.

2019.09.04 at 15:09 written by:
Boring but reliable
Rating: 3

I’d like to share my experience in working with Weebly platform. This service can’t boast about flexibility and varied features. Many templates are so to say static. I don’t think this is the biggest problem on Weebly. Worst of all is that there’re too many glitches here. Some of them are annoying while others are even irritating. For example, when I upload images it turns many of them sideways. It happens on purpose and I can never predict how Weebly will behave. In addition, there’s a problem with slideshows. You can’t simply change an image. I tried to enlarge one of the images but it was impossible. Thus, you’re limited to the size of the images which you upload. I don’t think it’s a good strategy. Another problem I’ve come across is connected with PNG images. When I upload them Weebly automatically adds a black background. I can’t say it’s a tendency but it happens from time to time. Despite the fact that Weebly doesn’t give you enough freedom at editing, their websites look good on every kind of device. If you choose a template, you can be sure that it will always look the way you see it. Weebly team has never positioned itself as the service of high flexibility though. However, in today’s world of dynamic and adaptive websites using Weebly is quite boring. I can’t complain too much about this service but a few radical changes would make Weebly more popular.

2019.09.01 at 11:15 written by:
Useless updates:(
Rating: 3

I used to get kicks from Weebly platform. In any discussion about website builders I was ready to fiercely protect them from any kind of criticism. Frankly speaking I’ve made amazing experience with this service. Editing is intuitive enough with features which are simple to understand. You can achieve great results without putting extra efforts. If you want to make an incredible website to stunt all of your visitors you need to spend a little bit more time. It all depends on your patience. Things started to change not that long ago. Weebly have introduced new updates which make their service much worse than it used to be. Every new update leads to Weebly losing its advantages. For example, they’ve introduced new templates. I really like them. This contemporary looking design is pretty nice and it’s a good decision for any kind of business. The problem is that they focus on good looks too much and lose their usability. New templates are difficult to customize as well. It feels like Weebly is trying to dictate you how a website should look like taking your artistic freedom away. So we don’t see eye to eye with Weebly anymore. I can’t modify any block or change its size so I’m restricted in a way. I hate it when someone tries to impose me their visions of a website or any other product! They’ve also made a step which is completely crappy. They’ve decided to get rid of the mobile version. I’m absolutely disappointed getting more and more irritated with Weebly’s new policy. I guess they’ve gone too far with it and I’m not going to tolerate such approach. It’s a shame to see how a really strong and smart platform is dying getting too primitive and inflexible:( I hope they’ll get back to their roots someday.

2019.08.25 at 14:23 written by:
Great for presentations, bad for professionals
Rating: 4

I work as a software developer. Sometimes I’m asked to improve websites launched on Weebly. I can’t criticize this service that much. Weebly is fine as a website builder. It definitely has a few drawbacks. Generally speaking this platform is perfect for a small website with little pages. If you expect big sales with a lot of traffic you need to think about a different platform. Here is the list of major problems I face when editing websites hosted by Weebly. 1. No freedom of choice. If you want to upload pictures, videos, or create webpages everything can be done through their website only. For example, I wanted to make a form to be filled out by a user. It would subsequently generate a new web page to be permanently stored on the server. I haven’t found a way to do that. 2. No opportunity to work with user databases. Weebly supports only JavaScript while other programming languages are missing. If you want to use PHP, Ruby, Python, etc. you’re going to be disappointed. 3. There’s no FTP or SSH access. 4. Frameworks by third parties are not supported either. WordPress or Joomla are not welcome on this platform. 5. There’s no way to transfer your existing website to Weebly. Migration from Weebly to another platform seems to be a problem as well. If you have a business and you plan to use Weebly to manage product inventory, it is impossible. Even though Weebly isn’t very good for a deep and professional use, it’s rather convenient for a beginner. If you want to publish you portfolio, Weebly is your best bet.

2019.08.20 at 09:38 written by:
Too many bugs, too slow, too basic
Rating: 1

I don’t share all this enthusiasm around Weebly website builder for a number of reasons. To begin with, this service is absolutely inappropriate for any type of E-commerce. There’re only two payment methods offered which is not enough for many businesses. Order managing functionality is lacking as well. Adding new items to your store is absolutely complicated as for me. Weebly services are often inaccessible. For example, there was a problem with their editor which has been out of order for almost two weeks. This means none of Weebly users could edit their websites during this period of time. I had a similar problem later. Weebly editor turned off and I couldn’t edit my page. So I had to restart my browser for a number of times. There was another thing of the kind when Weebly’s blog editor has had a major bug for 3.5 months! The last but not least, is the loading time. I’ve been testing my website by Weebly for some time. As a result, some days the average loading time was a few seconds and other days it was over 50 seconds. Yes, the AVERAGE loading time, based on hundreds or over thousand visitors per day (and there was no correlation to nr. of visitors). I guess such approach is simply unacceptable for a modern website builder!

2019.08.20 at 03:49 written by:
Many problems and poor design
Rating: 3

What a fool I was when I decided to pay for Weebly subscription! I’ve regretted about that in so many ways! Being stuck with Weebly I’ve tested their services which aren’t worth of money spent. First of all, their designs are boring, primitive and overused by so many people! New templates are never to come either. Compared to other website builders Weebly’s desings look less professional. Editing them is a big headache! It feels like Weebly team has never heard about uniqueness. Adapting their templates for mobile devices is a matter of persistence. I still don’t understand how to move blocks of content and change their size. The service itself is problemsome too! The screen often freezes and I lose the changes done. Weebly doesn’t bother about creating backups. I never feel secure when building my website on their platform. Absence of undo button makes the whole process overcomplicated. I have to think twice before editing an element which is unacceptable in modern world of fast decisions. Nevertheless, Weebly does upload images and other files which is relatively good. Managing them is convenient. You have an access to HTML and CSS codes which is an advantage to some extent. I’m pretty sure that this is the strongest point of Weebly. Embedding from social media is also available. I haven’t had any problems with this aspect yet. Even though Weebly isn’t the best service to try there’s something to praise. But still I prefer other website builders with wider opportunities. If you haven’t paid for your Weebly account yet I strongly recommend you to find a better alternative!!

2019.08.12 at 13:47 written by:
Dangerous for business
Rating: 1

I’m a Weebly user. I wanted to promote my business with their help. I’ve failed and I blame it on them. Seriously, Weebly has let me down in so many ways! I wish I’d never given them a chance to destroy my 8 year old company. Well, the SEO is absolutely terrible! They have totally destroyed rankings of my business. I’ve been trying to improve or somehow fix them. In vain. I’m still tooooooo low on Google pages even though I used to be much higher in the past. Do not rely on their eCommerce opportunities either! Some of the important tools don’t even exist as if Weebly has never heard about online shops. The features which are standard on Wix for example are unavailable here. Selling through Weebly you’re doomed to lose customers. I’ve faced a serious problem. I had a certain price on my products which was shown on my website. I lowered it during sale period but it didn’t work. My website ignored the changes! As a result my clients didn’t know anything about our sale prices. Too bad. Navigation through pages or products is never simple on Weebly. I can only criticize it. In my opinion, a website builder should help to promote business, not to destroy it. Having launched my site on this platform I’ve lost many clients as well as my Google rankings and there’s no way to fix this situation. I do advise you finding any other platform if you don’t want to get bogged down in Weebly’s navigation and lose your audience as well. I’m terribly upset with the quality of the services provided here. Wish I didn’t try it!

2019.08.08 at 18:59 written by:
Not bad for a beginner!
Rating: 4

Weebly is perfect for users who are not sophisticated at making websites! If your goal is to switch to a full CMS like WordPress you can expect a relatively simple migration. I’ve tried their SEO capabilities. Not bad. Weebly is useful for blogging but those who have higher ambitions definitely need another system. In fact, this service gives you an opportunity to focus mainly on publishing content while advanced settings are rather limited. So Weebly isn't good enough for a large business website. Nevertheless this platform is much more intuitive than other website builders. If you've already found a hosting company it’s much more sensible to connect WordPress to your account. Weebly is fine though because they can handle any spikes in traffic. Some of their competitors are absolutely useless at this point. The main criticism against Weebly is that you don’t have total control over custom options. Customization isn’t deep on this platform. I think Wix is much better. You can’t change elements of a chosen theme on Weebly. Moving parts of your site is impossible as well as modifying their size… Perhaps this is not that bad because it prevents you from turning an elegant template into a tasteless website with poor navigation. All in all I can’t say that Weebly is all disappointment. The service definitely lacks a number of useful features such as deep and simple customization. However, it’s a pretty nice choice for those who are not going to create hundreds of pages.

2019.08.05 at 07:02 written by:
easy to use but no undo button
Rating: 4

it’s about two years now that i’ve been using weebly. this is one of the most user-friendly platforms ever! it’s easy enough to launch a website on it. i can just choose a template and fill it with information. it’s great as for me! there’re apps and tools which are useful to send newsletter and attract clients. html and css code is always accessible. integration with social media as well as embedding codes from youtube works fine. weebly is amazing! i’m mainly satisfied with how my websites function on this platform. my major complaint is that weebly doesn’t give an opportunity to undo changes. what a shame! if i don’t like the result i need to start from scratch just to take a step back. very strange decision… i would enjoy this service even more if they have added an undo button! anyway i do love weebly and their services.

2019.07.12 at 11:28 written by:
Rating: 3

I’m generally not happy with WEEBLY. All I like is their templates and stylish designs. I can always choose something appropriate for my online business. Their templates are made with clear navigation and my visitors can easily browse through my website. The problem is that they can’t find my website! I chose WEEBLY because they claim to be SEO friendly. Ok, I gave them a try. They haven’t lived up to my expectations. I launched my website three months ago but I still haven’t come anywhere on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Naturally I haven’t received any orders from my website which is frustrating. I get 10x better SEO when I sell on eBay! Choosing WEEBLY was a waste of time and money! I have spoken to a number of SEO companies to understand the reason of the issue. All of them say that WEEBLY isn’t very good at SEO aspect. I want my business to be beneficial so I’ve set my eye on a different platform. What’s more, my online business simply doesn’t function right. Some of the products published tend to disappear and re-appear later on. Thus, my customers don’t see new products. In addition, there’re numerous problems with sharing from social media. I feel extremely unhappy with the quality of offered services and I do plan to migrate somewhere else. WEEBLY may be a good choice for people who are not engaged into online business but I need to SELL my products. This service is helpless here.

2019.07.07 at 06:10 written by:
chunky templates with upload failures
Rating: 2

Weebly is a big disappointment for me! I’ve spent about a year on their platform and I do regret about it. I’ve wasted my time and I see no reasons to return to this website builder. They advertise themselves as a flexible and simple decision which is nothing more than trickery! My list of problems with weebly is a long one. Here’s what drives me nuts most of all: • Templates are clunky. I can’t adjust any of them. When I choose a template there’s no way to modify it so I have to use basic settings mainly. • Frozen screen. It’s not uncommon on weebly that their platform freezes without backups saved. As a result any changes made are lost. • Uploads are failed. Sometimes weebly refuses to upload my images. In some cases I have to wait an hour or two for an upload to be complete. weebly suffers from other “diseases” as well. It tends to behave inadequately when embedding codes from YouTube. There’s no undo button which has already become a classical complaint. Problems with inconsistency are also on the list. Some users can modify certain templates while others haven’t got such opportunities. I’ve never had a chance to update my website without any bugs. At times I can’t even save my changes because weebly simply discards them. I don’t think someone feels comfortable on this platform. Weebly is built in a way so poor that it puts you off making websites. I’ll use this builder if only there’re no other offers left. Hiring a coder and a designer is much more enjoying and rewarding anyway!

2019.07.03 at 09:21 written by:
No eCommerce features
Rating: 2

Never ever launch your website on WEEBLY! You’ll regret a million times. If only I had known it a few months before! Well, I’ve got a small enterprise but Weebly hasn’t proved itself as a good tool for eCommerce. Their services are rally poor. When I made my first steps on this platform there was an unpleasant surprise waiting for me. Only vertical navigation is available. If I want my website to have horizontal type of navigation I have to close WEEBLY and find another website builder. At least it will save me time. If you dream of a website which is simple to update WEEBLY isn’t your aim. Sold items still remain visible. To delete them you need to search them in your store manually. Making this process automatic isn’t possible. It takes too much time. There’s no way to bulk edit inventory itself. Sorting it is a problem too. Sales reports do not have SKU. So you have to search your product listing which is tiring and even irritating when you’re out of time. Search options are still limited. Don’t expect WEEBLY to be helpful in sorting your products on your website because there’s no opportunity to search by color, by size or by price. You naturally expect it from an online store but WEEBLY has a different opinion on this topic. As you see WEEBLY is anything but helpful when it comes to business issues. I don’t understand what kind of store can achieve success on this platform. They haven’t got adequate tools, neither do they have typical functions which are logical for any online shop. I had spend long months getting this experience myself which far from being useful. I can’t say that I hate WEEBLY but this platform is absolutely uncompetitive and needs to be improved in a number of ways.

2019.06.17 at 13:45 written by:
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