Description text right here! It's not a review. The web development industry has continued to expand over years. Many companies have opted to jump unto the bandwagon. is one of the most popular names on the market. It is known to offer dozens of eye catching templates. The templates are not only customizable but also flexible. Inserting the templates is a breeze, thanks to their simplicity. Customers can select their own templates then populate them with their desired background, content and menu bar among other features. The builder also offers customers with readymade designs at affordable prices. Customers can comb through different designs before deciding on which one to work with in the long run. Clients can take advantage of the samples to determine whether they can hire their services or not. The designs from are truly outstanding. Customers who want to combine their ideas with those from the creators are also enough reasons to work with
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Not so good for people not engaged in Web Design
Rating: 3

To tell you all the truth I feel quite moderate about In my opinion this is one of those website builders which stunt at first sight but hidden disadvantages come step by step later. Certainly I have seen the good on and it mostly relates to how forward-looking it is made. To my disappointment many of the tools by Webydo still fall behind the standards of the quality. I have made a small list of the strengths and weak points of I hope it is quite balanced. The good about 1. Advanced tools for people involved in Web Design 2. Decent opportunities to boost SEO 3. Mobile responsiveness is of a high quality The bad about 4. Such an aspect as learning curve is shocking for someone far from Web Design 5. Not suitable for complex websites, better for static ones 6. User management and blogging are too simple

2019.10.24 at 04:05 written by:
Rating: 2

People don’t ever get under the spell of Webydo! They won’t get you ANYTHING to boast about your website! But they’ll give you ANYTHING to waste your time, just like mine! I’ve got a long list of problems with them. First of they sell essential widgets which MUST BE for free, like FAQ Accordion. There’re many others. I was appalled because sometimes working on Webydo was really SLOW! I’ve got really fast internet (around 55 MBPS) but it doesn’t matter at all! Downloading from Webydo is not for ordinary people! You’d have to go to a new tab and then use "save as" option if you’d like to download something. Direct downloads from Webydo don’t work! When I do absolutely ANY moving around the desktop everything starts to move on mobile too! I got the feeling like I have to do the same repetitive actions over and over again. It becomes especially "painful" when parallax is considered. Webydo is incredibly limited! It doesn’t have direct links to files like PDF AT ALL and a number of Rich text editor problems DO occur! Responsive websites were NOT quite at hand when I wanted to have one of them this winter. Webydo is withholding access to the websites created by me and doesn’t allow me to export them! Disgusting!

2019.10.13 at 03:59 written by:
Unreliable and misleading promises
Rating: 2

Even if I were a designer I’d never choose Webydo. The most unprofessional and poorly made platform, that’s what it is! I’m so confident about this because I trusted it but in vain. I took out one of the plans, it seemed to be a fine one, registered it for my small business and found that Webydo was impossible to learn and absolutely useless for a person like me who doesn’t know how to design elements. Unfortunately these aren’t the only things which don’t give me a chance to recommend Webydo. This is due to their unethical advertising!!! I joined them because they claimed to have wide, flexible and adaptive settings. IT’S LIES!!! They don’t have anything of the kind, all of the settings are made for the jet-set only. If you aren’t the lucky one who knows Photoshop and similar editors you’ll be left with a bunch of settings which cannot be understood!!! When I first joined them (mid 2016) I needed a long list of tips to understand what is what!!! Webydo doesn’t even bother to provide any explanations how to use their platform, I only could rely on other users whose tips were helpful. This platform has never made any attempts to become a better place. Unsubscribed!

2019.07.16 at 03:58 written by:
Exciting tools but needs to be faster
Rating: 4

Hi! I’d like to drop a few lines about Webydo. I’m not sure that I should estimate it as a website builder. It’s of a different breed so to speak. While other services market themselves as sites for hobbyists Webydo thinks about professionals. I design sites myself, it was a pleasure for me that Webydo provides something code-free and responsive. Many compare it to Adobe Photoshop or InDesign, that’s really so and this is convenient for me personally, I love both of the programs mentioned. Still I wouldn’t compare it to Wix or Squarespace. In addition Webydo bears CMS functions, it’s cloud-based and this is simply great. What’s good about Webydo: - It has a search box - It’s friendly with Ecwid store - It supports Disqus comments - It provides a live chat by Olark and Tidio - It includes Wufoo forms - It has animated presentations by Powtoon - It makes it possible to do bookings using SimplyBook - It provides CompareNinja сharts and graphs - It includes GetSiteControl tools to track visitors - It integrates with all the social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and even Vine - It allows to do live streaming via Meerkat - It provides Youtube/Vimeo galleries I love all of the things Webydo has but its editor needs to work faster.

2017.04.20 at 04:03 written by:
Includes interesting specifics but restricts mobile editing
Rating: 4

To each his own but I’m okay with Webydo. Webydo has something to be improved, everybody does, like any editor it lags, lacks flexibility and blah-blah-blah. I’m not going to waste your time with complaints, will better focus on the bright side. Webydo got something really out of this world, 3D Parallax feature! This element is immensely useful especially if you wake up someday to see that parallaxes of yours go through dimensional challenges. You know how it goes, yeah. 3D Parallax element is responsible for the creation of graphical elements, once you move a cursor around they start to move in relation to it. It’s cool, it’s free and it’s simple! I can’t ignore templates section. Webydo has 32 of them, they’re the nicest looking as for me. Well, not sure that templates are crucial on a website builder for designers but still. I was interested about mobile editor on such an untypical platform. Predictably it hasn’t got one. It’s made strictly for designers so mobile editing isn’t supposed to be on Webydo. Thankfully a bit of customization for mobile version of a website is possible. That’s great!

2017.02.12 at 04:07 written by:
Promising decisions but not thoroughly planned
Rating: 3

So… My humble opinion is that Webydo got a potential. Some of its tools do prove it. The bad news is that these tools can’t keep up at the level. One of such tools is a Microblog by Webydo. This is a blog, it has anything to make a fully functional post (with pictures, images or other files). The posted content looks sweet… well it even reminds me of Tumblr, very much. It’s all good unless we take a closer look. Then we’ll see that only 20 posts can be published. All of them will contain POWr logo. It kills all the joy. I regret that such a promising feature is necessarily connected with grief and sorrow. What I appreciate on Webydo is the history options, actually I appreciate it on any builder… undo/redo are great and work as supposed to. The buttons are equipped with a revision history option which easily returns me to any point in the history of edits. What Webydo offers is an unusual set of decisions which are fresh, interesting and necessary. I only want Webydo to plan their products more thoroughly because it would give much more benefits to average users and dedicated designers at the same time.

2017.01.21 at 04:01 written by:
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