Webstarts is a do it yourself website builder designed to allow customization, making it easy to generate and maintain unique pages. It was conceived as an alternative to other builders which merely incorporate lines of text on the same template used by other people. WebStarts gives you the freedom to choose the appearance of the page by allowing you to change the elements of your page. It also allows you to upload pictures, audio, widgets and just about any other item. To create a website: Sign up and choose the desired design and edit the site. The drag and drop editor makes it easy to determine the display of items and text on the page. Once this is complete, you will be prompted to choose a domain name for your website, and the site becomes functional. Webstarts is search engine friendly meaning the websites we host are likely to appear at the top of search engine results. This feature is beneficial to you as it drives traffic to your website
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Nice website builder
Rating: 4

No, I’m not one of the Webstarts fans who are enthusiastic about it. Neither am I skeptical critic. My website by Webstarts functions for some time already and I have something to praise and to criticize as well. This builder has a feature which is in demand. This is membership feature. Very few website builders offer it and it’s nice to have it. I can approve new members manually or it can be done automatically. I can provide access to certain pages to groups of people but it’s a bit confusing though. To do it I have to drag and drop the membership app onto a page. This is the only way to make things work. It’s not inconvenient but rather strange. As long as it works it’s ok for me. The gallery of layouts is something that I like. There’s a plenty of them. They’re various and pretty looking. It’s not a good idea still that you can’t swap the chosen template for another one without starting it all over. This is a widespread inconvenience many website builders suffer from. Customization options are really solid. When I edit my website I put special emphasis on the colors used. There’s a color panel good for changing the whole color scheme. Like it. Sadly enough there’re not many fonts to choose from, their library is limited.

2019.12.19 at 12:25 written by:
Nice for average users
Rating: 4

Everything about Webstarts is top notch! The builder is accessible and intuitive! I chose it to use as a way to share my photography with people. Didn’t really regret! I got quite basic social media skills and it wasn’t complicated for me to adapt myself to this WYSIWYG interface. The services are beyond my review, I mostly focus on what I have at use, not on the support and stuff like that. Their design tools offer a certain degree of versatility and manageability. I always feel lack of attention to the quality of the layouts, in my view they’re structured illogically!

2019.11.14 at 06:10 written by:
Web builder which doesn’t disappoint
Rating: 5

Having used WEBSTARTS to make, manage and modify a website for my local pool league for 4+ years can’t but speak for itself. WEBSTARTS offers as many pages to create as needed. Big websites aren’t left unattended thus. Any time I ever came across a problem with something I asked them and POOF! Got it fixed. WEBSTARTS’ HTML codes are always accessible. It makes use for me because I can add any kind of embeddable plug-ins to my website. I just paste the code into the window, save it and enjoy how a plug-in functions. Pleasure at use and in practice. :) Designs are great! The library of theirs is wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiider than the number of “i” letters I used in the previous word. A good fact is that they don’t get similar providing interesting layouts and unexpected color decisions. From the start the themes by WEBSTARTS are responsive. I checked them spontaneously on different laptops, tablets and mobile screens and never saw them looking bad. Setting them up for everyday use is a pleasant process which will be especially interesting for creative people like me. :) I highly recommend WEBSTARTS! Check it out right now.

2019.11.10 at 06:07 written by:
Flexibility is all right!
Rating: 5

So I felt rather skeptical of Webstarts before I used it myself… I have read a number of not-so-great reviews and the same number of really awesome comments. Decided to try it myself to make things clear. Hands down, the best services I have been with. I know my way around computers… But I am no techie as much as I would like to be. Webstarts editor makes it stupid simple! With the templates designed professionally and plenty of tools Webstarts is exceptional. Honestly, what won me over was extreme flexibility! Any template can be designed individually, any widget can be set up for personal needs. Going deeper and deeper I was happy to have found eCommerce tools. It was kind of unexpected to me. I have also found an opportunity to accept credit card payments and PayPal transactions too! Webstarts also focuses on tangible and digital products. But the feature which added me to the army of Webstarts’ fans is Membership option! Some other features are: · Forms which can be deeply customized · An editor which helps in editing pics · Audio players · Guestbook and forums I had a kind of a hang-up where I couldn't figure out something about the menu bar. But a few tutorials helped!

2019.10.25 at 06:02 written by:
Helps to sell in a safe way
Rating: 5

Wow! I can’t stay calm when writing about This is something out of this world for sure. It saves time, it saves headaches and money. At least mine. I can advise it to anyone because there’re decisions for eCommerce, music, blogging and other industries. I work with pictures since I’m a designer. For this reason I do appreciate that the slideshows offered by are fantastic. My pictures look great when I add them. Social media integration is also available. Needless to say that I can spread news about me and share my pictures instantly. I’ve never had a reason to complain about this aspect. I’ve even added a feature which is responsible for integration with credits cards. They’re accepted instantly and if someone wants to buy let’s say a poster by me they can do it at any time without any assistance. I’ve already sold a few pictures by the means of this platform and I’m going to sell more. At least I hope to. I ’ve also optimized my website for mobile. This is pretty basic function but it works without any complaints.

2019.08.25 at 12:39 written by:
Not eligible for business
Rating: 4

I’ve made myself an online shop on Not bad but could be better I think. There’re eCommerce features to use. Too primitive as for me, but it's not bad. My biggest complaint is that the checkout isn’t hosted on my website. My buyers get redirected to instead. It’s like a red flag for visitors when things like this happen because they can’t fully trust me. As a result I lose my money and reputation. Not so good. Adding discounts or some type of a gift card isn’t welcome here. So I doubt that you can have a proper online shop on webstarts. Luckily things are not as bad as you might’ve thought here. There’re a lot of tools at hand and if I don’t like how my shop looks I can delete everything and re-design it from scratch. I’ve done it the other day and it really works. The opportunity to create custom navigation menus is an advantage. You can even style them or move them in any direction. Heading itself can be all stylized without serious restrictions. Global settings are also easy to set. As you see there’s some light at the end of the tunnel and it makes me believe that someday I’ll be able to change my mind about

2019.08.17 at 12:08 written by:
Needs to get rid of numerous bugs
Rating: 3

It’s not that I’m upset with Webstarts but I’m not happy either. Certainly this is the place for a nice launch. You can even use a number of skins for your audio player here. This is something that isn’t that easy to find today. If you have a playlist you can upload it and enjoy it. Editing is the problem I want to describe. To be precise mobile editing. I find it buggy enough and I can’t really bare it. When you use mobile editor you still can place objects wherever you want to, it’s nice but it never works right! Just yesterday I added an image with a text inside and it appeared on my desktop. When I used my iPhone the image was gone while the text stayed on the same place. It looks terrible! I feel reluctant to show this version of my website to anyone. There’s one more drawback. Not a problem, just a drawback. Webstarts have changed their interface recently. It’s good that they have. Unfortunately I got a feeling that they’re stuck between the old and the new interface now. Some of their functions duplicate each other without an obvious reason. I’ve counted up to three ways to add a text box. I’ve also found two ways to format a text. It’s not necessary because there’s a popping up editor to do it. My verdict is that Webstarts is a builder with oddities.

2019.06.13 at 12:03 written by:
still good for a store
Rating: 5

I it for my store. Many users claim that Webstarts isn’t good for a store but I’m ready to argue with them. There’re a lot of things here which help me to build up trustworthy relations with people interested in my goods. For instance, there’s a contact form. This element is incredible! It includes so many field options. Simple text lines, numbers, dropdown lists, email, numbers and other options are available and they’re really easy at use. Webstarts boasts about proper form submissions. I really want to praise them because they can be sent to multiple email addresses and the very success confirmation page is customizable. It’s good because I don’t depend on pre-made generic messages which people will see, I can write something interesting and untypical. Webstarts is equipped with another workable solution. I’ve found “Add to Mailing List” option in their contact form. It can be integrated with the marketing service offered by Webstarts. It’s a really useful decision. If you’re still not convinced that Webstarts is a good place for business there’s one more thing. Their team has recently changed their blog editor totally. It’s packed with such functions as publishing posts in future, wide formatting and draft posts. It all helps me to develop my store. I feel over the moon now that I can communicate with my clients in a very simple way.

2019.06.10 at 12:47 written by:
Great choice for a beginner!!!
Rating: 5

If you ever wanted to find a simple, practical and flexible platform for your website Webstarts is the way to go. I chose it a few months ago and here’s what I think. There’s a wide range of features, widgets and different decisions which are wrapped in sets of tools. Any user can get the hang of them and apply them within minutes. With a good share of self-irony I can say that I’m the most average computer user but I still manage my website somehow. I’ve designed my website and it has a professional appearance. Many thanks to Webstarts !

2019.05.22 at 12:34 written by:
Got me at a loss for words
Rating: 3

Have mixed feelings about Webstarts. :-/ I made a site thru them and they rocket it! Literally, it started form the “web outskirts” and came up to the top! From rags to riches story. :) Cause I'm a computer dummy I found A LOT OF useful tips and didn’t call any coders… So far I was ready to give 5 points. The worst thing about Webstarts wasn’t long in coming. :( When changing font style, size or color the editor always undoes changes. I had to try an average of 5 times to successfully change the color of my font! I’m not exaggerating at all. The second worst thing: if you complete your website, save it and publish it, it’s okay. If you see that something goes wrong on the back end you HAVE NO WAY TO UNDO EDITS!!! They have undo button which only works for certain details. :( From this perspective Webstarts was an awful experience! Think 3 points is a fair rating.

2019.03.13 at 06:15 written by:
Everything was alright until a terrible mistake occurred
Rating: 3

Been a dedicated customer of WS from winter to autumn 2012. Since those days their platform has helped me on my way to being an entrepreneur at web business. When using WS I didn't see eye to eye on some things which they used to add. Well, it’s because I’m somewhat conservative, anyways, back to the review. During the long period of using this builder I had a very wonderful experience. Building websites was a pleasure and still is to this day. Thing is though, with this company I was kind of annoyed by the spam emails reminding me that if I didn't upgrade something TERRIBLE would happen. Well, business is business, I understand. My problem started a few months after I had launched my website. I’ve received tons of appalled messages from the visitors who wrote that my website froze when they viewed it. Alright, I thought it was because of too many carousels and players I had. Having deleted most of them and optimized my website to load easily on different devices I proudly re-launched it. A few weeks later the story repeated itself. Now I’ve moved to a lighter platform and use it successfully. Because WS is still a powerful marketing and building tool I give it three stars.

2017.04.05 at 06:18 written by:
True “plug and play” environment
Rating: 5

That’s the platform which was my personal “go to” from the first time I saw it. There were many different aspects for that including my professional AND personal life. This is the system without any difficulties while using. Literally any subscriber can start an active site up in just 40 minutes. A person literate at coding and understanding widgets will see that the sky is the only limit with Webstarts. It’s an environment which truly offers “plug and play” scenario allowing to be as creative or static as necessary. Customization is made ridiculously simple and you’re going to laugh at the problems you might’ve had on other platforms. The canvas offered is all opened for dropping any object at any place. No matter what you want to do you can simply do it. Arranging content blocks, improving pictures or working with the blog is simple BUT not primitive. It’s important as for me. Those of you who had problems with adding CUSTOM domain names can relax on Webstarts. This is another simple aspect which you’ll inevitably run into here. For the ease of work and freebies which Webstarts offers this platform is definitely hard to beat! My thanks!

2017.03.25 at 05:57 written by:
Blank canvas website builder with helpful grids
Rating: 5

When I first came to Webstarts I was slightly worried. I knew that this service was one of those website builders which are called “a blank canvas editor”. No doubts it’s a good feature but I was anxious about my website looking kind of disproportional and tasteless. I wanted to have freedom but not too much. My worries were in vain. Webstarts really makes it possible to drop elements absolutely anywhere onto a page but in differ from other similar website builders (which have no inherent structure) this one allows to create a certain structure. What a relief it was for me to have known that! Webstarts does offer a number of features to help build a well-structured and clear website which won’t be a disaster. Luckily for me (and for other users like me) there is a snap-to-grid function. Whenever I add any type of item it can be aligned automatically and I don’t need to bother about counting every pixel to center an image. Recently I was trying to add some more content to an element which was placed above other content. There were no difficulties on my way. Webstarts just shifted down the bottom content. Once again it all was automatic and I didn’t need to touch any settings. Webstarts is a dreamland for people like me who want to be free at designing and making the whole website by themselves but still to have a kind of supervisor to control it all. This is exactly what Webstarts offers and this is the reason why I rate it with 5 stars.

2017.02.20 at 12:44 written by:
More pros than cons
Rating: 2

This builder has been convenient to work with from day one. Honestly. The editing stuff was comprehensive and included the whole arsenal to make a functional website. I enjoyed it. My website made a professional impression and I loved it. The format offered is way better than Wordpress which I used before. Anyone can point out a product by Wordpress. With Webstarts things are different because it offers the gallery of trendy designs. They can be changed or a ‘blank canvas’ basis can be used. Pros: extremely easy to set up, regular upgrades, high level of security, sophisticated menu builders, designs are absolutely customizable, fast and easy registration with a Facebook account, audio/video/galleries/slideshows can be added, SEO friendly, interesting widgets. Cons: no 100% responsivity, mobile editor is tricky sometimes, high server downtime, not so many pages can be added, the best services aren’t free. Webstarts definitely has a number of cons but they didn’t really make my work more difficult. I still had to leave Webstarts for personal reasons but it has no relation to the level of the services provided. I strongly recommend this builder. Absolutely! I’m experienced in many DYI website companies and I promise that Webstarts is the best program.

2017.02.16 at 06:13 written by:
Great design tools
Rating: 4

Try Webstarts if you want ease of use and variety of features. This builder has something in store. It’s a fact. I’ve examined every aspect of the platform and where Webstarts really shines is tools for design. They’re highly intuitive. I’ve never been stuck here and I began my website designing career owing to Webstarts. The thing which I would add is an ability to add multiple contributors for blogging. It would be possible for several authors to write articles, for example. I really like it!

2017.02.10 at 12:32 written by:
Deals with basic and advanced features
Rating: 5

I’ve never thought that I could find a perfect site builder. I’ve found it. I’m not trying to over-praise it but Webstarts is good at providing basic and advanced features. When it comes to basic features Webstarts is pretty typical. When I started working with Webstarts I just picked one of their pre-made templates, customized it and proceeded to using it. I’ve found a number of built in widgets. It all was simple and understandable. Webstarts deals with advanced features well too. I’ve found blogging system, eCommerce and even membership options. Everything is simple, accessible and customizable. I’ve made a list of other features which are useful. - PayPal integration - Opportunity to sell tangible goods - Custom forms - Free photo editor - Audio player - Forum - Guestbook - SEO features All Webstarts offer works well and doesn’t require advanced skills from their users. This platform is my favorite tool.

2017.01.17 at 12:51 written by:
old fashioned dashboard
Rating: 4

I’m a hairdresser by profession and I find this platform convenient. The best thing is that I use any of the features offered and I don’t need to hire a programmer or someone else to help me with it. If some of you are interested in tweaking your site’s code there’s ‘Edit HTML code’ button or use ‘Insert Code’ button. Guess it will give you even more opportunities. I have quite a lot of embedded widgets on my website to share posts and stuff. Adding any kind of embedded programs is simple. I enjoy them a lot. The widgets appear on my website whenever I add them and I don’t need to bother about functionality of my website. Perhaps Webstarts could’ve had a prettier dashboard or they could make it more modern.

2017.01.03 at 12:28 written by:
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