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Nice online store which needs improvements
Rating: 4

My site on Websitebuilder is really helpful to boost my sales. There’re two ways to add a store. I prefer to drag it to an existing page (or you can create a new one if necessary). Adding products and setting payment options up isn’t complicated. It all can be done in a few clicks. Even though things look simple Websitebuilder’s store is highly capable. In differ from its competitors this platform lets me add such attributes as brand and UPC number. My store is also equipped with options like color or size and even more. The only thing which I do need is wider promotion opportunities. There’re none of them on Websitebuilder. I want to sell digital downloads which is impossible here. Neither can I run promotions or offer coupons. There’s also no opportunity to recapture uncompleted purchases. It would be nice to have some of these options.

2019.12.05 at 14:55 written by:
Functional and customizable tools
Rating: 5

I’m really happy to have found This is a platform to go if you want to make an attractive site without too many efforts. They’ve got multiple features which are very modern. I’ve installed one of their blogs to my site and I enjoy it a lot. This is the full system with all the options necessary. I can choose from a variety of blog templates or customize it in any way I want to. I don’t do too much blogging but I find it useful that Websitebuilder offers such features as setting tags and editing permalinks. I can also pin posts or feature them. It gives me the feeling of total control and it’s an advantage of this platform. I want my clients to keep in touch with me so I need a lot of features here. Websitebuilder gives me all I’m looking for. I can choose from a selection of templates to make my contact form unique and I can customize it as well. Luckily customization is far from being primitive. I can write success messages or any errors. I can even redirect my clients to certain URLs in case of successful submits. These are the main reasons why I choose Websitebuilder. Their platform enables me with opportunities specific for my business. Their functionality can never be overestimated.

2019.12.01 at 17:45 written by:
Good blogging but poor selling tools
Rating: 4

I use my site to sale more. I’ve got several sites on different platforms. Websitebuilder isn’t my favorite service. I appreciate that they provide a deep history to restore changes and I can always protect my site from reckless decisions. I also like their blogging tool which helps me to advertise my new products and arrange news. In my view Websitebuilder lacks tools for business. Their contact form isn’t really good because there’s no opportunity to add check boxes or an Upload button. Mobile version of my sites tends to lose blocks of content. There’re no interesting mobile widgets to spice my mobile site up. It doesn’t add hamburger type of menu automatically. So I had to tinker with it a bit to figure it out how to change my menu. Websitebuilder is a so-so platform which is quite poor for online sales.

2019.11.29 at 13:02 written by:
Blog tool to be improved
Rating: 4

I’m an experienced blogger and I’m interested in all types of software. I’ve been using for a year and a few months. The website builder itself isn’t anything unique. This is the same platform which most of you have used. They’ve got decent tools which are nothing new. Since I’m a blogger I find it important that Websitebuilder offers 15 blog templates. Some of them are pleasantly designed while others are rubbish. Anyway you can find something basing on your own preferences. If you don’t like a template chosen you can always change it. Posts are not that free-form on WebsiteBuilder. I’d like to add images inline as well as post text while WebsiteBuilder restricts me to one post image only. All the standard text-formatting are still here which is nice. I can also save drafts of my posts. It’s convenient. At the same time I can’t schedule date or time of my posts. Such options as adding tags, pinning and featuring are all available though. There’s no opportunity for my visitors to comment straight on my website. They can do it through Facebook. I have also enabled an RSS feed for my blog post. I don’t advise it because viewers have to find this in their browser tools which doesn’t make things easier.

2019.11.16 at 20:26 written by:
Secure and convenient service
Rating: 5

Websitebuilder is a platform to rely on. I’m never worried about losing my data because they have very deep Save History. You won’t believe how many undos you’ve got on Websitebuilder! No matter how many pages I’ve made I can always roll back to any point. I’ve never seen anything similar on other platforms. Even Photoshop is a kind of restricted at the aspect of History. It’s great! You can get back even to those changes which are older than two days. I don’t know any other service which can boast about the same. The level of freedom is really wide here. I can customize any object without particular professional skills. All of their tools are provided with multiple options so you can build a unique and functional website. I like it that Websitebuilder takes so much care of my convenience and security.

2019.11.13 at 19:48 written by:
Well-organized service
Rating: 5

I’m 19 and I use Websitebuilder for my college projects. This platform is a wonder. This is one of those tools which I call a blank canvas. I mean that you can drag any element and drop it anywhere onto a page. Absolutely any element without restrictions! In differ from other platforms Websitebuilder doesn’t get messy fast and stays great in practice. I used to like Wix but it lacks consistency of the elements which tend to move away. It’s not the case with Websitebuilder. Fortunately there’re all types of rulers and snap-to-grids which are helpful to keep any messy element at bay. So my projects are always well-organized on I appreciate their approach to making sites. It’s very intuitive and extremely simple. All the tools are always at hand and I’m always informed about their functions. It makes the whole process so much easier. Anyway Websitebuilder is really helpful for my studies.

2019.11.05 at 13:26 written by:
Good platform
Rating: 4

I launched my site on Websitebuilder to share my reviews on video games. It suits me pretty well. I’ve got a wide range of elements which I can interact with. These are: • Galleries • Buttons • Navigation elements • Videos • Images • Text boxes All of them are really functional and can be customized. When I choose a template it determines the font I use. Don’t think it’s a good idea. I’d like to have more options at this aspect. They don’t want to harm site consistency, it’s crystal clear but they could’ve done it in a better way. I still like that I can choose any background for my site. However there’s no opportunity to get video background-image capability. That’s a pity. Websitebuilder is still a good platform but it certainly needs a few more unique decisions.

2019.10.27 at 11:55 written by:
Rating: 5

Been working with for years. I’m impressed. This is a handy drag and drop tool so I can customize each element of my site as needed. Their features are definitely well done. I’ve got my office in the middle of nowhere so I need a strong Map tool. I’ve found the Google Map element on which provides tons of options. There’re so many markers as well as zoom settings that my visitors can easily find me. I can also choose any type of a map to match my site. No other website builder offers so many options in terms of map tools. Very impressive!!!

2019.10.18 at 19:59 written by:
Creative platform for creative ideas
Rating: 5

Websitebuilder is nothing less than an incredible service. I registered on this platform 8 months ago and I’m very enthusiastic with what they offer. It’s really simple to build a site here owing to their method of stacking Sections. Such an approach works wonders especially if you’re aimed at a spacious website which is packed with photography. Such products are very popular today. I love the variety of Section Templates on Websitebuilder. I’ve counted up to 23 section templates of contact forms! It’s amazing! Websitebuilder makes designing simple and quick without feeling cookie cutter. This platform is the way to go!

2019.10.06 at 16:08 written by:
Decent service which needs more features
Rating: 4

My experience with is definitely positive. I’ve come up with three main aspects this platform is perfect at. • Simple and clear site-building tools • Flexible design with multiple options • Convenient storage of photos There’s something else to praise. Websitebuilder never breaks down. They seem to be doing a lot of work to keep their platform consistent and available 24/7. There’re no critical bugs. This is really important especially if you deal with spacious sites. Another advantage of Websitebuilder is that this platform offers you varied widgets. Their choice is wide and they’re simple to install. I guess anyone can find a widget for a particular type of a website. I still can’t praise Websitebuilder team at some aspects. • No proper statistics to monitor your website visitors • Searching for templates isn’t convenient enough • eCommerce features are underworked These are the poorly-organized aspects. Even though you can install Google Analytics on this platform it can be complicated enough. So you’ll need to watch a tutorial or two. Websitebuilder has tons of templates but you can’t sort them out by color or mood which isn’t convenient as well. Some of eCommerce features are too basic and I’d like them to be more sophisticated. All things considered, I think that Websitebuilder has everything to make both desktop and mobile websites but it needs to widen its functionality.

2019.09.24 at 20:02 written by:
A mediocre website builder with standard tools
Rating: 4

I’m not satisfied with Websitebuilder that much. It’s a pretty platform which offers standard decisions. Editing and customization are quite simple here. I can add text boxes, videos and images. It’s not a problem. Think it’s a standard set of functions for any decent website builder. I don’t like their approach to business issues. I’ve spent a long time in search of PayPal button and I still can’t find it. My logo tends to stick to the left side of my header. So I have to keep an eye on it all the time and fix it whenever it moves away. I can’t categorize templates by color. A mediocre platform as for me.

2019.09.15 at 13:27 written by:
Beautiful and customizable templates
Rating: 5

If you think that your site builder is perfect try This service is so multifunctional that I can’t even stop using it. I’ve tested all of their tools and I’ve tried all of their features. These are the best things in web history! 600 of their templates are bound to touch your feelings. You’ll fall in love them for sure. You can search templates by industry category which makes things simple. You don’t need to do a lot of work to sift through them, just choose a category and on you go. I love their templates because they feel up to date. I’ve got so many options on this platform. I can style any element individually or set custom global styles. So I just choose the style of let’s say Heading 1 and all the headings on my site are getting updated. This is incredibly simple. I still like to customize all of the elements manually. I’ve got a lot of icons on my site and I can change their color or border. I often change the background color or add hover animations. I’ve never had so many options when I used Simplesite. The variety of icons to choose from is immense. Customizing my website is a pleasure. I can drag my logo anywhere in the header section and it won’t change its position. I can’t but praise that all of their templates are mobile responsive and my mobile site works really great. I recommend you all using Websitebuilder because this is the platform where you can try all of your ideas and find useful decisions to make your website as beautiful as mine.

2019.09.03 at 12:18 written by:
Nice platform which lacks functionality
Rating: 4

When I registered on Websitebuilder I wondered if it was a decent platform or just an over-advertised service. As for me this is a solid website builder with tools which are commendable enough. I’ve attached a free domain name as well as an email for my business. Like it. Site-creation process is also simple. Its functionality is quite poor though. I can’t add multiple websites. I’ve got no access to a mobile editor either. I know that there’s HTML editing available on Websitebuilder but I can’t find this option. I’d like to have more features at my disposal.

2019.09.02 at 17:31 written by:
Slow but nice looking platform
Rating: 4

I’m looking for a reliable platform. My family has been doing business for generations and we feel in need of modern technologies. I’ve been busy testing different website builders recently. One of the latest platforms I’ve been on is I mainly estimate it in terms of being good or bad for business and I omit design and interface aspects. To be honest I wasn’t really impressed with their functionality. It’s rather standard as for me and there’re no innovative decisions. The builder itself is clear enough with nice templates which look good on desktop and mobile. I like that I can save my site before I publish it. It’s something what Squarespace lacks. It’s sad to know that there’s no built-in monitoring on Websitebuilder. You can add Google Analytics but you’re left alone with it and there’s no one to help. I still installed it and stats took a day or more to show up. I opened my site through Opera and Firefox but the traffic didn't show up until the next day. I read that there’re PayPal, Stripe and other payment methods here but I can’t add them. In fact I wasn’t able to install a store even though I’ve paid for it. All in all I don’t think that Websitebuilder has decisions good for business. Most of its tools are slow in comparison to other platforms which provide the same services much faster. I won’t use Websitebuilder for my business because I can’t entrust my financial issues with them. Perhaps this platform isn’t bad for a simple website, there’re typical tools and opportunities which work well.

2019.08.26 at 18:42 written by:
Very reliable platform
Rating: 5

There’re so many website builders today that making the right choice is always a tricky task. You’re under risk that after a period of time the platform you’ve chosen will get worse. I was very careful in my search for a proper website builder. My final verdict is as the best product on today’s market. I’m not one of those light-minded users who praise any software they use. I’ve been on Websitebuilder for half a year and there’re no weak aspects on this platform. For example their templates. This is the biggest collection I’ve ever seen. Other website builders offer you a few basic designs which are already overused and won’t make you happy. This platform is head and shoulders above its competitors. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that there’re thousands of designs. All of them are of highly professional level and every template is unique. Websitebuilder offers you convenient options to categorize all of their templates so you won’t lose yourself in such a big amount of designs. The choice of tools to edit your site is really wide here. You can bring any idea to life owing to their drag and drop tools. This modern trend is very convenient and popular today. It’s good to know that Websitebuilder follows this tendency as well. The service also takes care of those who need a lot of images. There’s a gallery with hundreds of pictures for any user. I’m so happy that such platforms as exist. This is a tool to rely on because it’s packed with opportunities which are great as time goes by.

2019.08.11 at 11:38 written by:
poor blog features
Rating: 4

I’ve been on Websitebuilder for some time using it as a platform for my blog. Well this service is alright. Their templates are beautiful. Perhaps they’re not that unique and look quite standard but it’s ok. I chose one of their designs which was quite stylish. I tried to customize it which was simple. There’re a lot of opportunities to change colors, blocks and insert images. I’ve been using their platform for about six months now and they’re really good at design and customization aspects. For example I can add custom logos which is convenient. Unfortunately Websitebuilder isn’t very good for a blog. When I completed customization I wanted to add some long blog entries to use them on a regular basis. It wasn’t a simple task so I got disappointed at first. I had to spend a lot of time and watch a lot of tutorials to figure it all out. I’ve managed to add them still and blog entries look well-organized. There’s a problem with the blog text box itself. Whenever I write something inside of it there’s no auto correction. It makes me re-read my post again and again or check it in a Word document. It’s time consuming so I’d like to have my text auto-corrected while I’m typing it. I guess Websitebuilder lacks many widgets. The collection they offer isn’t wide enough for me. Well Websitebuilder is fine with their designs and customization features but they’re poor when it comes to blogging. This aspect is somehow underworked here so I’ll try to find another platform. The only reason for this is because I need more blogging features.

2019.08.03 at 20:49 written by:
Not bad for online portfolio!
Rating: 4

I like Websitebuilder a lot! They’re a flexible and versatile platform. There’re tools good for simple one page brochure-like sites but I use them for my online portfolio mainly. There’s a good selection of widgets which extend functionality of my website significantly. As a photographer I need a lot of capabilities to publish my pictures. It’s convenient that when I upload my images the platform saves them to online storage. So I can add them later on. However I can’t use them across multiple sites and I have to re-upload all the pictures again. I think Wix is much stronger at this point because they haven’t got such a restriction. The good thing is that there’s an opportunity to upload my pictures in batches. Customization of photos is really deep. I can place my pictures anywhere changing size and rotating them. It all is very intuitive and I don’t need any special tools because a mouse touch is enough. I like that I can set transparency of my pictures and bring them to foreground or background. This is one of the advantages as for me but there’s no full-screen slideshow which is frustrating. So Websitebuilder is a nice platform for me because it gives enough opportunities to showcase my pictures. There’re a few points where Wix is stronger but it’s not that important I guess. I’ve got two sites. One on Wix and another one on Websitebuilder and it fits me perfectly.

2019.07.24 at 19:50 written by:
Helps to develop business
Rating: 5

Technologies and business always go hand-in-hand. Whenever technologies evolve business keeps up and vice versa. Take my word for it, I’m quite experienced in both aspects because I’ve been developing my shop selling video games since 2007. Things used to be much more difficult back in those days. Now that there’re Facebook, Instagram and Twitter making sales is easier. Website builders deliver certain benefits as well. I use the platform known as Websitebuilder and I enjoy it a lot. Since I sell video games I need a lot of features. This platform is strong at all the basic aspects. 1. Social Media Integration There’re a lot of powerful tools which provide simple and beneficial integration with all the popular social media. On Websitebuilder I’m always sure that Facebook users will share my products. 2. Widgets It’s difficult to maintain proper online business without modern widgets or apps. My website needs such features as FAQs and news flashes. It’s not a problem on Websitebuilder. They’ve got a function called List Widgets. It helps me to install any widget and edit it. 3. eCommerce I sell things on my website so I can’t do without proper eCommerce features. Websitebuilder does offer them as add-on options. I can find all the leading solutions here which is a significant advantage as for me. In my view the three aspects which I have mentioned are vital for any type of online business. Websitebuilder has all of them and I’ve never complained about the quality of their services. This is why their platform matches all of my criteria. It’s a modern tool which is made for people doing business. I can recommend it to anyone who wants simple and time saving decisions for eCommerce.

2019.07.10 at 17:08 written by:
Rating: 5

Websitebuilder is flawless!!! Their designs are amazing, their editor is straightforward, their navigation is simple!!! I launched my site on Websitebuilder long time ago and I’m really glad:) I do a lot of research and analytics to be on the first pages of google and Websitebuilder helps me as well. There’re all the basic features to add meta tags and titles to the page and it’s really useful. I also take care of how accessible my website is. I mean I want it to look decent on any device. So if my visitors view my pages from a smartphone I want them to have a good experience. Websitebuilder is helpful again. This platform seems to be built for a mobile adaptation. Every template is mobile adaptive and there’re no problems with content blocks moving away from the screen. So if my visitors want to view my site on the go they can do it. Statistics is another important aspect as for me. I need my site to grow so I want to know all the details about my audience. Websitebuilder hasn’t got any self-made tools for this purpose but they provide integration with Google Analytics. It can be installed within minutes and I can track my site stats at ease. So Websitebuilder is a great platform!!! They’ve got all the tools to make my site searchable and adaptive. Like it:)

2019.06.21 at 13:54 written by:
A strong platform with simple decisions
Rating: 5

I was so anxious when my employer asked me to make a simple site. I wasn’t really familiar with this sphere those days. I chose Websitebuilder as my assistant as this point because their service promised a 3-step system which makes the whole process simple. I trusted them and they didn’t let me down. It’s a few years now that I’m using Websitebuilder platform and my site looks as good as a professional one. There’re so many useful things on this platform. Here’re some of them: - Endless variety of designs to choose from - Extremely easy to use editor - Helpful and clear tutorials - All types of mobile adaptation for the templates - Incredibly functional widgets - Wide customization options In fact Websitebuilder has much more useful aspects. For example it’s a strong platform in terms of SEO. I’ve tried it and it works wonders. The number of our visitors has grown up. They’ve also got numerous add-ons which help to spice up even the dullest website. Websitebuilder is very consistent and I’ve never had problems with access to my website. Neither have I had any bugs. The screen never freezes. It’s a fantastic website builder! The platform is perfect for those who need to launch a website quickly and easily. They offer 3-step system of launch and it works wonders. You don’t have to sweat learning all the technical stuff. Things are much easier than you can imagine. Along with sleekly designed templates their platform is wonderful. I want to come back here again and again just to make my site even better.

2019.06.13 at 15:08 written by:
Useful tools which could be improved
Rating: 4

I’m 52. Even though I’m not new to building websites I don’t always feel comfortable on some of the platforms. I’ve checked several services which are most advertised today. Among them were Wix, Jimdo, Weebly and Websitebuilder. This experience was very useful because it helped me to realize what type of a website builder I need. I wanted a platform which 1. is user friendly and not very complicated, 2. gives wide preview opportunities of my website, 3. has interesting features such as galleries and sliders. I’m ready to say that Websitebuilder meets almost all of my demands. The key factor is preview options which give me confidence that my website looks decent and I won’t feel ashamed of it when the visitors come. This platform also offers enough opportunities to learn new things and to experiment. I needed around two weeks only to complete my website. Even though the whole process was rather enjoyable I wish they had more additional tools. For example alignment of objects on the page would be of help. I’ve seen this feature on Wix and it’s a strong tool. So I’d like to use something similar on Websitebuilder too. All of their tools are pretty simple but is takes some time to get used to them. Overall I’m really happy with This is the reason why I’ve decided to write a review about their company. They provide decent services which can be improved a little bit. Thank you Websitebuilder. God bless.

2019.06.01 at 16:02 written by:
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