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Good choice for a quick launch
Rating: 4

Website is a relatively good platform. Perhaps it will suit those of you who want to make a portfolio or a simple website to advertise products. I’m not sure that you can easily build up an intricate website here due to a lack of specific features. I’ve found Website extremely useful when it comes to making galleries. I can choose hundreds of images from Website’s gallery or upload images from my computer. There’s not enough storage place for uploaded pictures so it makes you think twice before uploading an image. The choice of galleries is also various. All types of carousels, sliders and things like these are present. They all lack deep customization because I’ve found that I can change their themes only. There’re not so many modes to show pictures. Website claims that their templates are mobile adaptive. It’s partially true. Yes, all of their templates have mobile versions but if you change an initial template it may lead to unexpected results on a mobile screen. I’ve managed to fix all of the issues on one of my websites so its mobile version looks good while my second website is still ugly in a mobile view. This platform has a few disadvantages but it’s generally made well.

2019.12.03 at 19:02 written by:
Most irritating website builder ever!!!
Rating: 1

I really tried to give a chance but this platform is so terribly inconvenient that I’ve given up any attempts. It all starts from the very first steps. As soon as you register on the platform makes you give your site a name which will be used as a domain name. It’s bad because first of all I want to check their templates out and to get the whole idea of their service. I don’t want to bother about my name before I test what they offer. Their platform is too slow. Whenever I open their list of templates I see loading screen. It also occurs when I edit my site. Sometimes I have to wait for a few seconds for the tools to appear. It’s unacceptable for a modern platform which must load immediately. Using this service is extremely irritating because they’re overprotective so to speak. They don’t hesitate to redirect me to log in page whenever I close my browser or stay passive for longer than five minutes! It’s so stupid! I have to enter my username and password again and again. There’s no “Remember me” checkbox. What a shame! As soon as I log in asks me what kind of subscription I want to try instead directing me straight to the editor. Argh! It makes my blood boil! All these hindrance don’t let me enjoy their website editor to the fullest. I don’t regret about it because has nothing to offer!!!Dislike!!!

2019.11.29 at 11:17 written by:
Poorly organized platform with a few advantages
Rating: 3

To be honest I can’t describe as my favorite platform. I’m quite experienced in websites and I’ve got one on Weebly. I used Simplesite and Website before but there’re some drawbacks. Website doesn’t provide access to HTML and CSS code. It’s not that convenient to edit their templates because I totally depend on pre-made decisions. Even though I can edit HTML code of my header and footer as well it’s not enough. But still it helps. There’re problems with alignment. Some of the elements in the header tend to stick to the right side of my screen. It took me a few days to find the root of the problem. It was connected with default settings. I think Website could be more straightforward at this aspect. I’m not that keen on their approach to design. There’re tons of templates but only a few of them are made professional. In most cases it’s boring templates which are quite the same. You still can find something decent but you need to customize it a lot to make a unique site. has a few interesting decisions and it’s a reliable platform but there’re obvious disadvantages so I prefer better organized website builders.

2019.11.15 at 16:44 written by:
They don’t take care of potential users
Rating: 2

I’m no type of a novice at web design and I find Website templates absolutely inappropriate for a decent site. Their navigation isn’t made for convenience of use. I’d say their menus and elements are placed in a way too standard without thinking of your potential visitors. When I make a website I take care of people who are going to visit it. Website doesn’t bother about it. No matter which template you choose you’ll have that type of navigation which may repel your visitors. Their templates never offer decisions for a particular type of business. If you do sales and you choose a template for an online shop you expect to find such tools as a decent contact form, a kind of booking apps as well as something to send newsletters. You won’t find it on Website. All they offer is standard templates which don’t care about particular needs of particular users. Set of colors they offer is rather random and doesn’t relate to any specific sphere. It’s reasonable to hope for elegant and strict shades when you make a site about business and expect more playful colors when you deal with art. Not on Website. Their templates aren’t the product which thinks about potential users.

2019.11.06 at 13:54 written by:
No tools specific for commerce
Rating: 1

I wanted to build a convenient site for my retail shop. It turned out to be a painful experience on Website. I was in major need for an app which would have a calendar to post available classes. I wanted an opportunity for my visitors to sign up and pay. I’ve sifted through the gallery of widgets on Website and all I found was a useless calendar without any customization available. I can only change its themes. But I need more customization! I haven’t found any decent tool for bookings either. All they offer is some trash which functions with mistakes and I can’t trust it. Happily I haven’t created anything serious on this platform so moving away won’t be a problem. I don’t recommend Website for any type of commerce. Do not hesitate to choose another builder, you won’t regret.

2019.10.27 at 12:01 written by:
Attractive and functional designs with basic blog tool
Rating: 4

Our studio is responsible for cartoons. We’re a small team and can’t afford sites of a fabulous price. So we use services. It feels good to be with this platform because we can add some of our videos and teasers. We embed videos from our YouTube channel and it all functions properly. Since our audience is children from 5 to 10 years we’re interested in kind looking templates. There’re hundreds of colorful designs on which don’t require much customizing. We use one of ready-made blogs on but it looks quite generic. There’re all the basic functions included but its customization is somehow limited. The choice of templates for a blog is poor. We’re quite happy with the quality of services offered but presence of a more flexible blog tool would be nice.

2019.10.14 at 18:47 written by:
Inadequate customization, terrible SEO
Rating: 2

Do not use! This platform is a total waste of time. It’s poor at so many aspects that I can’t praise it at all. There’re still two main drawbacks which are crucial. • No adequate customization. Even though is a drag and drop tool it offers only certain types of editing. You can’t go beyond the template chosen. Yes, you can change the size and placement of the elements. What you can’t do is to pick any color you want because you’re restricted by the template’s palette. Access to html code is also limited. You can edit your header and footer only, global changes are forbidden. • Terrible SEO. On there’s SEO in name only. It seems that you can optimize your site owing to their numerous fields for tags and areas for descriptions but it’s a trick! In fact your site will never come up on Google. I’ve tried it myself. Even though I’m good at SEO stuff I’ve never seen my sites by on the first pages of Google.

2019.10.03 at 13:25 written by:
Great templates but poor analytics
Rating: 4 has surprised me with its uncomplicated drag-and-drop tool which is incredibly easy to use. This platform does have significant advantages. Among them are: • Thousands of attractive designs • A wide gallery of images • Mobile-friendly templates So is really strong at the aspects concerning design. You can choose from numerous themes and categories. So even if you have an untypical idea you’ll find a way to bring it to life. The platform has a few disadvantages as well. So I find weak at the following aspects: • No proper analytics for your website • Storage space is limited I don’t think that a lot of storage space is that important for a website builder because such tools are designed for compact sites mostly. As for analytics, they could’ve really improved it a bit but still is a fairly good tool.

2019.09.17 at 15:07 written by:
Tools too basic for business
Rating: 3

One of my friends advised me Website platform for my clinic. So I’ve launched a site with this service and it doesn’t meet all my criteria. I feel in need for stronger marketing tools. There’s an opportunity to add meta tags on Website. It’s fine but I don’t have access to the detailed stats which is frustrating. I think Website hasn’t got enough options for customization. Its drag and drop tool is fun but HTML editing is limited. I can only edit header and footer HTML code while the rest of the template can’t be modified this way. There’re a lot of social links which can be added including many popular social sites. Ecwid shopping carts and PayPal buttons are available. Unfortunately Google Maps tool isn’t incorporated into some of their templates. The template I’ve chose hasn’t got it and I don’t know how to install it.

2019.09.09 at 10:54 written by:
No decent mobile version
Rating: 1

I’m all upset with They’ve made a service which offers nice but ineffective templates. I provide tips for travelers who are always on the go so I need a highly functional mobile website. There’s no proper mobile adaptation at all! The tool they offer to make mobile versions of their templates is extremely poor in terms of customization. I can’t change the size of my blocks when I’m in a mobile mode, I can’t keep them fixed either. In most cases I depend on the style which is chosen automatically and there’s not much I can do about it. I haven’t found any widgets useful for mobile experience. In some cases I need popping up tips and advanced menus to keep my visitors well informed. There’s nothing of the kind on This tool has nothing to help me with so I can only refuse from using it. That’s a pity because I like their designs!

2019.09.03 at 20:17 written by:
Blogging is suffering here:(
Rating: 2

This website builder is all torture if you plan to blog. I’ve used many other platforms, all of them are a pleasure when compared to this service. I was searching for a compact but elegant template to start my blog with. It was a bad idea! All of their templates are either too extravagant or too primitive. There’s no happy medium for a simple but stylish blog. Their blogging tool itself is not customizable at all! I can’t choose border width or color to make my posts unique, neither can I schedule them. I’ve created a few posts to be published one by one in 40 minutes automatically but there was no way to set it all up. I want to create informative posts full of content and images but there’s no opportunity to attach more than one picture only to a post! Generally speaking their blog tool is absolutely useless:(

2019.08.20 at 12:22 written by:
Poor support of embedded codes
Rating: 3

As a journalist I need to be in the thick of it all. Website builder used to be one of the platforms I had plans for. They offer integration with Facebook and Twitter. They’re not bad at this aspect. Website also provides an opportunity to interact with YouTube and similar platforms but I don’t like how they show embedded codes. Some of the videos don’t have full size view or lose volume bar from time to time. When I upload images from Flickr some of them look disproportionate. So I can’t really praise Website platform.

2019.08.11 at 16:30 written by:
Not for eCommerce purposes
Rating: 1

I wanted to build a large online shop with a lot of widgets. Website doesn’t seem to be designed for this purpose. None of their eCommerce tools is advanced enough so I can’t fully manage my store. There’re only general management functions on Website such as marking orders as paid. I’d like to have an ability to configure taxes or shipping costs. It’s really important for my business because I sell worldwide. Since I can’t provide my customers with enough information through my website I do need a website builder which is more detailed.

2019.07.28 at 18:54 written by:
All you need to launch a simple site
Rating: 4

I like Website platform because it helped me to launch a site from scratch without any headaches. I sell wedding dresses and there’re a lot of templates I rely on. I couldn’t clearly understand how to customize my slider on the homepage but I found an answer on one of the forums. Website store is rather classical. There’re such functions as listing products and cart features. It’s a standard tool which may be not very good for a sophisticated user but it has all I need to sell my dresses. A simple and tasteful decision.

2019.07.21 at 10:20 written by:
Awesome galleries but troublesome integration with social media
Rating: 3 got nothing to impress me with. I’m a real party animal and I upload tons of photos to my site after my night adventures. takes hours to upload them. There’re a few good-looking galleries which I use. They’re awesome. They’re the only reason why I stay on There’re some untypical sliders which are attractive. I have a problem with social media. Whenever I post something on my site my followers can’t comment on it. Don’t know why. It must be something wrong with social media integration. Searching for another platform.

2019.07.02 at 15:36 written by:
Thumb down.
Rating: 2 is unbearable! It freezes all the time without making backups. Unforgivable. This service isn’t designed for having multiple websites. As soon as I pick a template I can’t switch to another one without re-inserting all my content. This is really irritating! So once I change to another template I have to re-create all my pages. Using copy and paste method is also tiring. It’s very annoying because I have several websites with similar design features. lacks convenience of use in my opinion. Thumb down.

2019.06.14 at 20:01 written by:
Nice website builder:)
Rating: 4 is a pretty platform. I liked its design when I discovered this service. It was extremely easy to start building my website and there were hundreds of templates. I can’t describe their templates as something out of this world. They’re simple and elegant but if you want to go unique it’s not about Browsing though the templates isn’t always simple as for me. However adding content is not a matter of complaint. Drag and drop functionality is perfect on Each element can be easily customized. A nice website builder!

2019.05.17 at 14:25 written by:
No HTML & CSS editing!!!
Rating: 1

Website platform is anything but a website builder. It lacks so many features any other platform has! I have no proper access to editing HTML or CSS code. It’s extremely important because I do want to change every aspect of my website. Many of their elements tend to get out of control. Whole blocks of content change their size without a reason while my slider constantly gets glued to the left. If only I had access to the template code! I find this platform too independent which is a bad characteristic for a website builder!!

2019.05.01 at 11:24 written by:
Useful platform with useless SEO
Rating: 3

There’s no way for me to describe as a poor service with huge problems, no. It does have pretty-looking templates and its convenience of use is striking. It’s not bad for commercial purposes either because there’s support of Ecwid and you can choose PayPal buttons such as Donate and others, eBay widgets are also here. There’s still a major drawback I’m unhappy about. This is their SEO. Fairly speaking there’re all the fields and functions I expected to find. I can add meta tags, write titles and descriptions. It’s not a big deal. SEO opportunities are inbuilt and I didn’t have any problems with settings. I’ve even found website tracking tools. They provide me access to the analytics. It’s not an in-depths analysis but there’s some data to rely on. There’s enough information about visitors and traffic sources. The result is unsatisfying, however. When I registered my site on Website platform I couldn’t find it anywhere on Google or Yahoo. I took some time. After a month I saw my website on Bing somewhere on the 15th page or so. It was encouraging. I’ve spent a few more months working hard with my SEO but things haven’t changed. My site is still low on Bing and I can’t find it on Google. Even though Website provides tools for promotion they don’t seem to work well. I’m upset.

2019.04.25 at 20:38 written by:
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