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Great set of features!
Rating: 5

I can’t imagine a proper website without proper features. I don’t want my users to feel bored or uncomfortable so I use Webnode which is great at the aspects I’ve mentioned. Their form builder is incredible! It includes so many field options to choose from. I use many of them such as inputs, file uploads, radio buttons, checkboxes and others. I’m really thankful to Webnode because I can even modify success messages which look individual. There’s an opportunity to redirect my readers to a specific page after success which isn’t that widespread among website builders. They also offer an email sign up form which saves so many headaches. To some of you this platform may look too shallow because it’s not made for professionals but Webnode is irreplaceable for someone like me. It’s convenient for a modest site which needs interesting functions. I highly recommend it.

2019.12.14 at 20:08 written by:
Love it.
Rating: 4

I've got a travel agency. It's not that big but Webnode multilingual features are really useful for me. I use their slide shows and galleries to the fullest. They look attractive and I can easily customize them because they provide all the basic settings. I find most of Webnode’s templates quite boring. I can customize them through CSS editor which is convenient enough. Perhaps such approach isn’t very helpful for an average user who doesn’t know how to code. Webnode still works well for me. Love it.

2019.11.04 at 11:35 written by:
Convenient to blog
Rating: 5

Webnode is my favorite platform because I can blog without any serious restrictions here. To be honest my blog is modest enough so I’m not looking for sophisticated decisions. Webnode’s blogging tool looks nice and welcome. When I tried it for the first time I was amazed with its ease of use. Once I’ve chosen a layout I liked I could arrange my posts in a number of ways. Layouts themselves are beautiful and using them is a pleasure. I need an opportunity to schedule publishing date of my posts and there’s such an option on Webnode. I can even protect some of my posts with a password which is another advantage of this platform. SEO settings for individual posts are also at my disposal so I can only enjoy them. Webnode’s SEO in general is well-planned. Adding meta tags and meta keywords to pages is always possible. I can even edit the page title or URL if I want to. Individual HTML header or footer code is also available for insert. Having used Webnode for quite a long time I’m all glad about it. Kudos to this platform for their desire to provide qualified services.

2019.10.08 at 19:09 written by:
Recommend it!
Rating: 5

I was slightly surprised with Webnode because their approach to building sites is a bit different from what I’m used to. When I registered on their platform I discovered that the whole Webnode is divided into Sections. Each of them is responsible for a specific type of content which can be modified. I thought it was made just for fun but such approach has a functional meaning as well. It allows me to focus on combining text with photography. These are the key elements for my site about fashion because I want to attract attention of visitors using slogans and illustrations. I was impressed that all of 16 presets which Webnode offers for their Sections are unique and focus on different aspects of the site. I chose their Section for contact purposes and had a contact page done. Such a policy is really wise. It helps me to save time and create a really strong site since I can thoroughly work out every aspect of my page. I’ve noticed a few widgets offered in the Sections so this is also nice. I do like Webnode’s approach to making sites. It may look odd at first but it’s a really smart decision.

2019.09.15 at 09:57 written by:
Nice basic blogging tool
Rating: 4

I use Webnode for my blog. This website builder is quite convenient for me because it has all the basic functions. I can post whatever I want to with wide formatting options. I can add images and videos to my posts, it’s not a problem. Use of tags is unlimited as well. I find Webnode’s blog a bit restricted. I can’t figure out how to add contacts to it. I want to add my friends' blogs to my site so people could see them. There seems to be no feature like this. Receiving comments from my readers is possible through Disqus only which isn’t that bad though.

2019.09.02 at 12:23 written by:
Incredibly beautiful templates!
Rating: 5

I’m glad that I’ve found Webnode. I finally have a site I’m proud of. Their themes for the templates are perfect. They’re divided into categories so I can choose a design which will be specific for my needs. All of their templates are fresh looking, whenever I see them I want to try one. Their overall style can be described as contemporary and it’s wonderful. I’m so tired of those primitive and old fashioned variants which other website builders offer. So Webnode is a light at the end of the tunnel for me. I’ve tested some of their templates on my Android device and they look great. Blocks of content are arranged in a way convenient to browse through. As a result my whole website is responsive as well. It never lets me down because it functions properly on any type of device. I can add my own content and write headings which look attractive. My love to Webnode is forever!!!

2019.08.11 at 13:12 written by:
Good website builder with modest customization
Rating: 4

My overall opinion is that Webnode is a very solid product to try. It has great strengths at the areas which are crucial for any web site builder. This is top-class drop and drag tool which won’t let you down if you want to make a professional website. Not only does my site by Webnode look professional but it also functions professionally. So its functionality is never a matter of complaint which is extremely important for a platform like this. I have 5 GB of storage space which is impressive enough for me. One of Webnode’s upsides is their optimization. They truly optimize the pages of my website. I’ve checked my site on Google and I found it on the second page. It’s a good result because I haven’t launched any advertising campaign yet. The best thing about Webnode is that this is one the few site builders which creates backup copies of your site. So it’s safe to do edits. On the downside I’ve noticed that Webnode lacks freedom of customization. You can modify basic aspects mainly such as colors and styles but if you want more you’ll be disappointed. They obviously don’t want to get users under risk of messing up a site which is understandable. So in general I can only praise Webnode. It’s a good website builder.

2019.07.16 at 08:44 written by:
Widgets of high quality
Rating: 5

I’m absolutely satisfied with Webnode because this platform helps me to maintain a functional website full of special effects. I can achieve it all owing to their useful widgets. There’re not many of them but they all are made perfectly. I do use Webnode’s photo gallery which makes my site special and focuses attention of my visitors on the images I want to show. Their integration with YouTube is flawless. My videos can be played at any time with all the functions available. I also like that I can easily share my posts using Twitter and Facebook. In my view Webnode is a reputable platform which has earned its name. They offer qualified and adequate tools to make a convenient website.

2019.07.01 at 13:35 written by:
Too basic
Rating: 4

Webnode has disappointed me to some extent. On the one hand this platform is unique. They’re the only site builder which offers more than 20 language variants. I’m not talking about that their platform being available in more than 20 languages, they can make you a site translated into one of the languages on the list. They include German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and others. This is an amazing feature which works well. I’ve read reviews from my customers from Germany and they’re really satisfied with our website because they understand all the descriptions of our items. On the other hand Webnode is a joy killer. They offer so little widgets that our site is boring. There’s no newsletter tool and no proper forum. They still offer integration with systems like Mailchimp and similar ones but it’s not what I want. I still can’t say that I don’t like Webnode. I think they are too standard. They do have advantages but if this platform was deeper planned it would be better.

2019.06.09 at 19:27 written by:
Great for international companies
Rating: 5

It’s impossible to overestimate how helpful Webnode is for a company with international purposes. We cooperate with buyers from different parts of the world so we need to take care of them. We don’t want to lose income if our buyers don’t speak English. Webnode understands us providing an opportunity to create a multi-lingual site. We don’t bother about translating our website any more. We just choose Webnode’s option and it generates the version which supports the language we need.

2019.05.23 at 10:41 written by:
No product variants
Rating: 4

I created a website on Webnode some time ago. I sell gloves and Webnode isn’t that bad for my business. At first I couldn’t really understand how to set up shipping name. I’ve still figured it out and I’m glad that shipping name is simply anything I want to be. I can write any name and my customers will see it. I can also add VAT to my items so my buyers have more information about my products. Unfortunately there’s no opportunity to add different types of the same product. I don’t know how to add variants of color, size and material. I’d like my buyers to choose between all types of variants but it’s impossible. This is a serious reason for me to think about moving to another platform.

2019.04.12 at 18:08 written by:
Handy tools but no categories for templates
Rating: 4

Webnode is so good at a number of aspects! Using it is very simple. When I found this platform a few years ago I didn’t spend much time learning how to work with this site builder. Their drag and drop functions are not complicated at all. They’re designed to make a professional site within minutes. I love Webnode’s templates. They’re beautiful. They offer simple and intuitive navigation which doesn’t repel my visitors. Since all of their templates are made with the view of mobile devices my site loads on any type of smartphone or tablet. It’s fully responsive and makes me happy. There’s still something I’d like to improve on Webnode. Browsing through their templates isn’t very convenient. There’re no categories as such. So they just offer you a bunch of designs to choose from. They do relate to different occupations. Among them are restaurants, fashion, design, music and others but you have to pick them up manually. You can’t simply choose Music in a drop-down list and browse through templates for a singer. Happily this is the only drawback of Webnode and it’s not that important because it’s no type of impediment on the way to a good looking site.

2019.04.01 at 15:11 written by:
Like it!
Rating: 5

I’ve chosen Webnode website builder. It meets my criteria and provides me with all the functions necessary. Here’s what Webnode is good at. • External tools. Webnode lets me add other widgets and tools so I don’t depend on what they offer. • Upload manager. In differ from other platforms there’s a manager to upload large files which saves time. • Password protection. Certain areas can be shown to individual users only by the means of Webnode password protection. • Presence of analytics. Their own Analytics tool is nice and convenient. They also make it possible to add Google Analytics. • ALT tags. They’re here and they’re freely editable. Great! These are the main aspects which I want to have when I use a website builder. Webnode has them and they function without any flaws. I appreciate it and this is why I like Webnode.

2017.01.08 at 14:41 written by:
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