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Rating: 1

I have never experienced such a horrible UI and designer. They take something universally simple like editing text or adding tables and make it miserable. Try to change a word's font color. Suddenly other words are being changed. Want to center your content? Good luck figuring that out...

I've had a website sitting for months because I can't figure a way around all of their basic coding issues. They'll make excuses and say it's for features, but honestly it's just poorly put together.

It's been an utter nightmare to use and I'm actively looking to move all of my content elsewhere.

2021.04.09 at 03:24 written by:
Webflow is just amazing!
Rating: 5

This is an amazing tool for designers or coders who want something more visual than a code editor. It is very well organized and made web development easier. It is a professional platform with a friendly interface, definetely not for begginers and that is awesome, cause you have other solutions such as wix if you don't code.

2020.05.12 at 14:55 written by:
terrible in every way!
Rating: 1

webflow is terrible in every way! I wanted to place my portfolio on this platform but it was a bad decision. first of all i’ve failed to choose an appropriate template. their collection is primitive and too overused. when I started playing around with fonts I found that there’re not many to choose from as well. so I can’t create a website to stand out. When it came to placing elements on the page it was a torture. any block of content got stuck to the lines on the screen. I don’t need any type of alignment! I want to place my content the way I want it, not the website builder. when I add a slideshow or a gallery I can’t really understand how to set them up. I don’t see how to add effects to the images. Anyway i’m seriously going to switch to another platform because webflow is one of the worst website builders on earth! I will never use it again because I don’t want to waste my time on average results.

2019.11.04 at 01:09 written by:
Thumb down!!!
Rating: 1

Webflow is the worst service I’ve ever been with! Using it is all suffering! Not worth it! I’m an architect and I wanted Webflow to take care of my portfolio. I wanted to add impressive effects with individual sliders and galleries. Webflow didn’t help!! As soon as I tried to use it I got stuck. It may sound funny but I got confused on the very first page I tried to create. Hardly did I understand how to modify blocks and add content at all! Generally the process of making a website on Webflow isn’t convenient. They offer you a grid which glues all the elements. It’s another obstacle on the way to happy site building. I can’t simply place an object onto a page without being glued to the grid. I’ve checked all the settings and still don’t know how to get rid of this function. It’s really frustrating! When I failed to create an individual design I relied on pre-made templates. Nevertheless my hopes were in vain. Webflow offers you very limited amount of designs. I haven’t found anything appropriate for an architect. In addition their designs are boring. They offer you standard templates which have already been used by so many people. I doubt that some of my visitors or even potential employers will like my portfolio on such a platform. I want to promote my name and make my portfolio searchable, so I need sophisticated SEO settings. Webflow is useless at this point. I don’t see how I can add meta tags and control URLs of my pages even though I’ve spent a few months on this website builder. Ultimately, Webflow is the worst service in my life. It’s no good for any type of occupation because it’s boring, overcomplicated and tiring. Thumb down!!!

2019.10.14 at 07:03 written by:
Uncompetitive service
Rating: 2

Before you get to the main idea of my review I’d like to begin with a quote by Steven Hawking. ‘Our AI systems must do what we want them to do,’ it refers to use of artificial intelligence but I think it’s appropriate in this case as well. I’m not that keen on Webflow services. As a front-end developer I can’t stand it when platforms like Webflow try to take my freedom of coding away. I’ve come up with three main reasons why I hate Webflow. 1. Webflow is run of the mill platform. It has nothing to boast about. There’re no convenient tools, no unique features, nothing to praise at all. This service is difficult to navigate through while collection of templates isn’t that rich. So, Webflow is just another platform with poor opportunities. 2. I don’t quite see the target audience of Webflow. If they want to attract people unfamiliar with coding and web design, their service is way too complicated. If they expect professionals to come there’re no reasons to use this mixture of functions from existing programs. 3. Weebly kills live coding! I do love writing raw code. It’s amazing to see how ideas from my head come to life. This is simply where I get my kick from. While Webflow feels too artificial. I find it unnatural to put whole blocks of content onto a page and stuff. Well, as far as Webflow makes it impossible to edit generated code unless you download it, this platform is too boring for me. It’s a pleasure to say ‘yeah, this whole code came from my brain!’ it’s awesome. I can’t say it using something like Webflow which simply kills my potential.

2019.09.13 at 08:12 written by:
stay away from Weebly
Rating: 1

My clients often ask me to improve their websites. So I’m familiar with such platforms as Wix, Weebly and others. I’ve even had Webflow in my practice. To be fair, Webflow is one of the website builders I recommend to stay away from. Here’s why. • It requires deep knowledge of html & css. There’re not many aspects you can change without knowing how to code. If you’re not a developer this platform is not for you. • Bad for eCommerce since there’re no proper built-in apps. • No decent mobile apps to manage blog posts, comments, traffic, and other aspects. You’re totally glued to your computer only. • Complicated process of connecting domain names. I haven’t found a way to connect one yet. • Social media integration is still up in the air. I don’t know if Webflow is going to introduce such an option. Perhaps there’s something of the kind on this platform but it’s nowhere to be found. • Limited amount of templates, switching between existing templates is a headache. • Poor choice of fonts to add to your website. • Difficulties at adding content onto your page. • True white-labeling is impossible. For all these reasons I simply can’t give Webflow a rating any higher than 1 point. Making a decent website by the means of this platform is impossible. You have a chance to create something good on Webflow if you’re experienced enough at coding. In my opinion, such website builders are aimed at average visitors. So I see no reasons to make Webflow so unfriendly at use.

2019.09.09 at 10:44 written by:
No tools for eCommerce
Rating: 1

From the perspective of a regular small business owner wanting to build a website without the help of a professional, Webflow isn’t the way to go. This platform is extremely poor when it comes to adding apps or interacting with your clients. I can’t find any tool to send newsletters. To make matters worse there’re no options to sell on Webflow at all! Yes, you can definitely purchase eCommerce from other platforms such as Shopify. However, this route is rather expensive and I’m not sure that small business owners like me can afford it. You can also try adding PayPal button but PayPal doesn’t have true eCommerce functionality. I’ve tried WordPress which is much stronger at this point. In addition, I can’t say that Webflow is a true website builder. It reminds me of Photoshop a lot. This platform is geared for professional designers and I don’t see any way for a business owner to sell successfully here. Perhaps Webflow isn’t that bad if you take a course on HTML and CSS. However, I don’t want to spend my time on it while there’re such drag and drop website builders as Wix for example. Eventually, if you want to be able to have a shop on Webflow either now or in the future you’re going to be DISAPPOINTED.

2019.09.02 at 06:35 written by:
Overestimated opportunities
Rating: 2

There’s too much hype around Webflow service these days. I really don’t understand why. They position themselves as a solution for web design. I don’t think this is a true tool which can help. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not downing this platform. I just want to say that you can find the same functions in WordPress, for example. The only difference is that you’ll spend much less time on WP because Webflow is poorly organized for an average user. When I started on Webflow there was no content management system. It’s exactly why I decided to switch to another platform. In addition there’re no parallax animations which are vital for me. Webflow also boasts about code-free web dev+design. This isn’t anything new in my opinion. When I tried Webflow I wanted this platform to guide me through the process of making a website. Nothing of the kind. Every time I looked at Webflow I felt like I did the first time I had Dreamweaver put in front of me. I couldn’t figure out how to do anything. Even though this platform is created for professional use I’ve heard a lot of negative comments from experienced designers and programmers. I can’t say that Webflow is intuitive because I had to watch some videos on YouTube and ask other users to understand how to add widgets, edit templates, etc. I don’t want to offend developers of this service but it’s nothing special on today’s market. There’re so many aspects which have already being introduced in a better and easier way. I don’t see any reason to reinvent the wheel.

2019.08.25 at 07:03 written by:
terrible platform
Rating: 2

I’m a developer and I’m not one of those Webflow fans. I’m not going to complain a lot. Facts only. I don’t think that this platform is the one that can replace Squarespace or Weebly. Webflow doesn’t make the process of coding easier. They give a pack of tools to build a website without explaining how to use it. For example, when I started coding by the means of Dreamweaver this program was really useful because I could learn a lot about coding. Dreamweaver may not be the best decision for coding but it auto-completed things for me, closed my tags, showed me more options in my css and so on. I could really improve my coding skills with it. Webflow is different. It’s a useless tool. This platform lacks so many basic functions. For example, there’re no decent SEO fields. Compared to Wix where I can always edit URLs paying for Webflow is just a waste of money and time as well. Even though there’re some widgets offered customizing them is frustrating. I can say that this service may be a helpful tool for designers mainly. With all these things mentioned I find Webflow extremely inconvenient. There’re no convenient editors, customization is complicated, size of images added is often restricted. This is a terrible platform which isn’t competitive on today’s market.

2019.08.16 at 03:07 written by:
Terribly complicated platform
Rating: 1

I’ve tried a dozen of services to build websites. I’ve never used anything worse than Webflow! To make things clear I’m a photographer but I used to code in my early days. I’m not a professional programmer but I’ve got some basic skills. When I first visited I couldn’t really understand what type of service it is. It looks like Photoshop clone with features of a CMS. I don’t quite understand how it functions. I needed to look through their presentation just to understand the character of this platform. I guess they could’ve created something more straightforward. Navigation through Webflow is terrible! It’s too complicated. I had to put all of my Photoshop skills into a test to interact with this system. It’s some kind of a hybrid between a graphics editor and HTML editor which is difficult at use. Even though I have coding and graphics skills I faced certain problems at placing blocks of content. It must be a real headache for a beginner to figure out how things work on Webflow. I’ve looked through all types of plugins and add-ons they offer. I’ve failed to find something that is built-in. Extremely inconvenient approach especially when compared to Wix or Weebly which offer a variety of built-in decisions. I don’t think this service is a good one for eCommerce either. Eventually, I find Webflow too messy. It simply falls behind its competitors in every aspect. What’s more, you need to be really good at Photoshop or InDesign to make use of this platform. Otherwise you’re going burn the midnight oil reading through all the support pages.

2019.08.05 at 04:29 written by:
Rating: 2

BEWARE OF WEBFLOW! This service is misleading! They promise you flexibility and freedom at site making. This is lies. I work as a teacher and I don’t understand a thing in coding or web design. I have a site on Weebly and I can easily manage it even though I have no special skills. I wanted to try another platform just for fun. This is how I came to Webflow. Having tested this service I don’t quite understand how to manage and edit content. They don’t give you proper SEO features either. Adding meta tags, description and titles to my pages is a mystery for me. They provide a domain name which looks like I don’t know if it’s good for search engines but it’s definitely not good for appearance of your website. Webflow is weak at attractive designs as well. They offer 20 templates only which look boring. There’re no proper tools and apps here. I was unable to install any plugins. I’ve read comments saying that Webflow doesn’t support plugins. How come! My friend advised me editing code manually to find a way out of this situation. Perhaps it could’ve worked but I don’t know how to code! In other words, Webflow is not that good unless you’re a coder. So I don’t understand why to use this website builder if you’re still going to end up having to hire a developer.

2019.07.23 at 02:20 written by:
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