A website is a must have tool in the 21st century as you are preparing your business plan. However, hiring a professional website to make your website will cost you upwards of up to $5000 or more. Sounds like a lot? It’s expensive. So what if you could do all the work by yourself for way much less. Web Eden is here to the rescue. At web Eden, you will have your site up and running within a few minutes even if you do not have any coding or programming skills. All you need is know how to drag and drop and thus pretty much all.
Web Eden sites have the following features that set us apart from the rest:
  • Fully SEO optimized;
  • Fully responsive. This means the site can be viewed on different screen sizes from desktop/tablet to mobile;
  • Go live in a few minutes;
  • It to use and customize. Our customization is limitless. You can make your site howsoever you want it to be;
  • Create a brand/identity on the online community with no time;
  • Effective and efficient customer support.
The most impressive thing is that you can try us for free and later upgrade to a package of choice once you have enjoyed the amazing features we have to offer. Our prices are fair and there are no hidden charges. Try us today and get to enjoy a whole new experience in the world of web development.
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Good for designers, bad for sales
Rating: 3

I graduated from university some time ago as a designer. Today I use different platforms to build landing pages showing my clients what to expect. I’ve tried having shown around 15 sites by this company.
The first thing which I found lacking was the mobile optimization because it’s just not good enough for Apple devices. Many of my clients who are interested in business have preferred to choose another website builder for this particular reason.
It’s already two years of me using and I think they lose the completion in terms of SEO. This company provides promising features and a lot of fields to improve SEO but it’s not very good for getting a website noticed by Google or other search engines. For me as a designer is still fine because it produces great looking websites and is easy at use.
Some clients of mine complain that their websites based on have no forum and are limited to having 1 blog only. This is an issue I suppose. Nevertheless this company is my choice because I only use it to show designs by me, if I was interested in sales I would never tried it.
I don’t want to remain anonymous. Martin from U.S.

2017.04.18 at 03:50 written by:
Almost perfect!
Rating: 4

My congratulations to WebEden! This is the most straightforward DIY site I know. When I used it to make myself a site it was a piece of cake! Now I’ve got a site where I show sport exercises, it looks clean and neat! I felt a bit anxious about registering domain and all these routine tasks, no problems at all! It was very simple and fast! I’ve even added my own email address and didn’t feel unskillful or something. Every process is also enjoyable on WebEden. I tried to upload a few images the other day to add to the new pages, did it immediately, nothing stopped me on WebEden! Of course I don’t have any illusions about my designer skills (they’re awful!) but my site looks professional enough. The only aspect I could slightly criticize is a limited amount of designs. There’s actually not much to choose from, blank templates are helpful though. I did spend some time learning how to work with WebEden but it was necessary for me because I’m not good at stuff like this. The only serious complaint I have is about inserting widgets. I was trying to add Twitter, Facebook and Gmail buttons of the same size, they didn’t look perfect. To sum up, really effective DIY website, highly recommended!

2017.03.24 at 03:55 written by:
Unbearable mobile adaptation but easy to use functions
Rating: 3

To make things clear I’m not that person who is skeptical about each new product but Webeden got me annoyed! Really, their Mobile Site Building option is garbage. I needed to be viewed from iPhones and stuff like that. Nope. I’m warning you: anyone wanting to build a mobile site with Webeden please be aware that you can’t do any edits! Forget about resizing or hiding objects/texts. You’ll be left with an awkward version of the site. Modifying it is a myth. You see that on Webeden you’re incredibly limited in what you have available at hand. I’d say you have nothing at all to make a great looking mobile site. This isn’t the only drawback. What you see on your desktop (font, images, etc.) doesn’t always look the same on your mobile site. I’d even say it’s absolutely unrecognizable. It drives me mad! Plus, the objects, fonts or widgets used on the desktop version may not exactly be workable with the mobile site. I’ll try to get a developer to mirror exactly what I’ve made. If it doesn’t help I’ll close my Webeden account. I wouldn’t like to do it because I like their templates and ease of use. If it wasn’t for their stupid Mobile Site Building feature I wouldn’t complain about Webeden at all.

2017.03.06 at 12:38 written by:
No mobile optimization
Rating: 1

I’ve never been so upset before! Having tried SimpleSite, Weebly and Webs I was annoyed and I thought that there was nothing worse. There is. I’m talking about that abhorrent Webeden. It’s my number one worst website builder! It all started long ago when I tried to publish my own site with this company. After numerous attempts to get a decent mobile site I came to a conclusion that Webeden sites were not supported by mobile devices which in modern world is a MASSIVE disadvantage. Majority of students (I write articles about arts for college students) access me on the break or on the go using their smartphones. It goes without saying that they can’t read anything by me because my articles take too much time to load. Even though Webeden company claims to be mobile in practice they’re not. Argh! So TERRIBLY annoying! I wish mobile conflict were the only thing irritating me on Webeden. The truth is that this company is inadequate in basic aspects too. Let’s talk about a simple thing like a 2nd drop down menu in the pages. It would be soooo welcomed. Webeden has a different opinion. They just ignore this feature and I don’t see why. My final word is NO. It’s a shame how Webeden functions.

2017.02.22 at 18:36 written by:
Web Eden turned out to be a Web Hell
Rating: 3

I used to do our own website for around a year but I still handed it over to a professional to have it all finished. We chose Webeden platform and as I felt in a result our project wasn’t up to date enough. That’s true :-/
Webeden has so little ways to help building a nice a website. You can’t find anything good to blog or chat with your visitors online. Neither can you use audio players or galleries because they all function with serious bugs. Galleries lose certain pictures while audio players don’t play certain audios. It all is so tiring.
Also, importantly, when I had my website made we spent a few months with a hired professional to promote it and to get decent SEO results. No way. The website by Webeden that gets found by search engines is a fairytale only.
The last straw which made me give up on Webeden was the navigation which they offer. It’s so ridiculously primitive that if I wanted to have a huge project with hundreds of pages I would be seriously disappointed. There’s not a slightest chance to build a wide tree of links which is essential for ambitious websites.
No, I won’t even think about using Webeden ever again because it’s no type of Eden on Web.

2017.02.03 at 12:28 written by:
Nice but inconsistent website builder
Rating: 4

Couldn’t but say WOW when I first saw Webeden. An astonishing looking product and so are the designs. Its advantages are multiple:
· Well-structured layouts
· Simple settings
· Low amount of bugs
· High level of security
· Useful tools
· Interesting widgets

I like Webeden but it lacks consistency. I mean that sometimes its widgets stop working or you need to click some links for a hundred of times to open them up. Still it all didn’t prevent me from building an average website. I’ve made it a few years ago for my Hair Salon and I don’t have any regrets.

2017.01.22 at 12:55 written by:
Appropriate for a modest project
Rating: 3

Have some experience with Webeden. My daughter uses it. She has developed her own website for a high school science class. For her class assignment. She has put many hours into it. This process wasn’t complicated.
My concern was that she would spend her time in vain. No. The website she made was pretty with the basic functions. It included a slider, a simple navigation and text boxes. Nice for a presentation.
I’ve noticed a disadvantage! It wasn’t important for my daughter’s website but it can be important for others. When uploading a paper or writing a post you can click on it. The item won’t open in a new tab. Not sure it can be fixed. This is a serious problem because you can lose people visiting you. They can get distracted and won’t return to your website.
Overall it isn’t bad for a teenager. Inconvenient for serious business though.

2017.01.21 at 12:51 written by:
Nice place… for a Slowpoke
Rating: 2

I wish I could forget about my experience with Webeden. Now there’s no more Webeden in my life and I am happy. Only a Slowpoke will feel comfortable with Webeden. This is the slowest tool I’ve had!!!
The editor itself freezes and takes minutes to load. When I switched between pages editing them I had to wait for a lot of time to do edits. Feels like Webeden takes a nap from time to time!
Webeden says they use Flash and HTML 5 technologies but I doubt. The tools by them are never fast. The website I had wasn’t an example of speed. It loaded slowly on desktop and laptop. I checked it on Windows and Mac OS, the result was always the same.
There was an issue: my website loaded partially. It had only question marks instead of images which broke the whole layout. I sincerely regret about my choice.
Speaking about snowlines I can’t but mention updates. Webeden has never heard of them! Their tools, widgets, layouts, policy and other aspects are always the same. I felt really bored and drowsy with them. As I’m afraid to become as slow as Webeden I’ll try to stay away from this platform. Looking for something fresher.

2016.12.19 at 14:29 written by:
Stay calm and forget about WebEden
Rating: 2

I have been recommended to use WebEden to redesign my previous website. I have been sitting on the fence for a while. Finally I decided to give WebEden a go. I have spent six month with them and now I have several complaints.
First of I am unhappy with their tool to get emails from clients. Since I have a small shop I have added a contact us section to get any queries coming straight to my inbox. When I received my first email it looked like a message from aliens because it contained only strange characters instead of proper letters and symbols. It must be the problem with the Unicode or something. Since I am not a programmer I cannot open up HTML code and fix it. Things got worse later on because all of the emails coming from my WebEden website could be found in Spam section only.
So I could not reply to my clients because of WebEden.

Another big headache for a user without coding skills is that WebEden has no drag and drop editor. They do not offer anything instead and making a website with WebEden was a good test for my patience. Everything is so clumsy on this builder that the only useful lesson which you can get is how to stay calm. I will not get back to WebEden.

2016.12.10 at 12:10 written by:
Webeden has lost its best features
Rating: 2

Hi, been making websites with webeden for years, recently all gone frustrating.. there’s no consistency, lower functionality, no one takes care of updates.. some kind of stagnancy. Was trying to add DNS a record but webeden domain turned out to be registered via Introduction of HTML 5 has made things worse, the builder seems to have given up on the market. My opinion is they will eventually fade away. It’s a real shame to see how the product with a potential is dying. After 4 years with them I’ve had enough of failures with uploads.. no real resolution has ever been offered. Typically Flash was blamed to be the culprit of all the troubles, now that HTML 5 is in use things haven’t changed. Webeden has been asked for years to cater for mid and small businesses, it all seems to trickle down. Feels like they’re lazy to change something. Had already moved one of my websites, looks like I’ll have to do the same with the others too. I’m craving to have a 2nd drop down menu so much. Perhaps a max of 10 images instead of 5 too. Webeden left me with a feeling that it’s built for those who are far from making websites. They should get focused on professionals closely. Dear webeden what has happened to you. Get better. I will transfer my domain.

2016.11.20 at 03:53 written by:
Flexible and intuitive but not advanced
Rating: 3

Standard, typical, basic. Nothing spectacular to be found on Webeden. Nothing drastic either though. I had my site on their platform. My impression: they cater for newbies to the web world but should respect the wishes of those of us who have been there for 5 or 6 years or more. Modifying isn’t the best part of Webeden. Too shallow I’d say. The HTML etc would not take long to write. It’s good but leads to anomalies. I changed HTML code of my footer once and had my contacts lost. I had to start over. Webeden is helpful though in terms of being intuitive. Its navigation is the result of thoughtful decisions. It is extremely important for people unfamiliar with web. As for me it’s nice but I want more. Adding deeper tools with wider functions would prove that Webeden is made for wider range of users.

2016.11.16 at 17:04 written by:
Handy features, low SEO results
Rating: 3

Our small shop sells souvenirs. We use Webeden for our website. We are generally satisfied with the quality of the services.
We have a website which looks stylish. I think it sticks to the modern tendencies of web design. Our website is easy to maintain. We can add pictures of our souvenirs and publish them immediately. We have pretty simple navigation which includes Home page, Catalogue and Contacts so our buyers find it easy to use our website.
The most important thing is SEO. This is where Webeden lacks at. We registered our website on Webeden 6 months ago and it is still low on search engine results. We do quite a lot to come up but we have become two positions higher only. This is too long and quite bad for our business. I am afraid that if we invest in an expensive advertising campaign it will be money down the drain.
Webeden is good though and has many promising features but it is not great for getting a website noticed in the ranks.

2016.08.13 at 09:16 written by:
Nice builder with insignificant disadvantages
Rating: 4

I’ve read a lot of negative about Webeden. Contrary to widespread belief I’m not that strict on this builder. Yeah, it lacks proper mobile optimization and powerful SEO but it has something in store too. Its pros are like these:
• Drag-and-Drop features which are simple
• Wide selection of fresh looking designs
• Websites are easy to modify
• Integration with Facebook is always available
• Templates made for eCommerce purposes
• Websites are never offline

2016.07.08 at 12:49 written by:
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