Photo invites you to compose and architect site on once structured, hosted and supportive floor. The site represents you and the views unconditionally. Drag and drop images, pictures, texts and videos on the site. You can retain or edit them on the site. Use any device connected to internet and get going. Construct the site with whole lot of things you possess. Model, modify or accelerate because site architecture are discretionary. is impressionable and permits the site on any gadget connected to internet and not only a PC. The site will be responsive by disposition. The support system is robust, prompt and at your disposal anytime. Any guidance to construct, to manage or for any ingenious endeavor, support is there. So, kickoff your imaginative trip of visionary representation. Everything is done here automatically and page has SEO support as well. So, immediately after the site is all set, you can kick off your biz.
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Not for eCommerce
Rating: 2

I’m all upset with the site I had on Voog builder some time ago. This platform is so poor that I couldn’t bare it anymore. Since I do a lot of sales I want to have a large website with a number of plug-ins. Voog has let me down. Some of the aspects which are terrible here: • No eCommerce features • No iOS/Android Apps • No newsletter tools • No membership system • No opportunity to create design from scratch I’ve failed to build something decent with Voog. I think they need to provide their users with more features to make practical websites.

2017.02.06 at 10:32 written by:
Problems with mobile version of my website
Rating: 1

Voog is the worst website builder ever created! This is platform is weak at so many aspects. There’re too little add-ons and integration features are extremely limited. So if you want to stay synchronized with social media you’ll be disappointed. The most important drawback for me is that Voog websites have problems when displayed on mobile devices. Some of the images don’t look sharp and crisp on mobile devices. I faced this problem with my own website and I’ve come to a conclusion that it happens with Retina screens only. MacBooks and iPhones use them so my website doesn’t look good on these devices. I’ve got a gallery on my website so if you view it from any Retina screen you’ll see that thumbnails are somewhat blurred. I’ve been having this problem for a long time and no one seems to be working on it! It’s terrible! I can’t but stop using Voog builder.

2016.12.28 at 19:16 written by:
Steven Goss
Rating: 3

Well, Voog is relatively easy to use and this is an advantage I guess. I have a website on this platform and it’s pretty nice but with a few oddities. One of them is that most of Voog’s functional elements are not inside of a typical menu. You can find them inside of small buttons which feels unusual. There’re different templates here. They’re elegant and I like them but they’re not very flexible. I chose a template for my site with a homepage which had two column layout. The problem was that I couldn’t add any text below them. I had one more problem with another page of my site. I wanted to organize all of the elements into two columns but I ended up having them all stacked on one another. Adding images is a tricky process which confused me a bit. I expected to have an image element at hand but on Voog you need to add a text element first. Then you can upload your picture and drag it into a text box. It’s needlessly confusing I think. Voog is a good looking platform with beautiful templates which tries to offer a new experience. The policy which they’ve chosen isn’t convenient and they do need to change it.

2016.11.02 at 18:17 written by:
Quite basic features
Rating: 4

I’ve published my blog on I’m satisfied with it. Can’t say that I’m a fan of this builder but I like it. They have a good looking editor for posts which is a pleasure at use. There’re a lot of various options available such as editing slugs and creating drafts. I can also schedule my posts. It’s a pretty basic set of functions but they function properly. Interaction with my readers is simple because my visitors have an opportunity to comment my posts. It still would be better if Voog added integration with Disqus or Facebook comments because it could make things a lot easier. Different types of forms are also important for me because it helps me to communicate with my readers. Voog offers a good selection of radio buttons, file uploads, jumpboxes and even more. Customization of forms isn’t a problem because I can modify the submit button text. All of their forms can be submitted to a custom URL. It’s a bit inconvenient that form submissions cannot be saved somehow and I need to be careful so as not to delete them. Anyway is a platform which is simple at use and provides qualified services. They still have a few disadvantages which are not that serious.

2016.10.29 at 15:34 written by:
Good at functionality, poor at uniqueness
Rating: 3

I made my website about historical figures and I can’t say that I like it a lot. It’s a standard website without any interesting widgets. That’s a pity that Voog provides 13 themes only to choose for your site. It’s not much and people use them quite often which makes it impossible to build something untypical. Each of their templates is fully responsive though. My website functions well on any device and I can’t complain about that. Each theme has two layouts only. You can choose between front page and common page. It’s made in a decent way but it’s still not enough. The bad news is that I can’t customize the style of my website without jumping into code. I’m not a programmer so it’s a problem for me. I don’t want to over-criticize Voog because my website by them works great but it looks dull.

2016.09.17 at 13:59 written by:
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