Photo was created to provide web design, business and marketing tools. It's exemplary features such as the payment processing, order management, newsletters and social media management make it an ideal website builder. The system also has a robust e-commerce tool and its handling of the shipping processes is unmatched. On top of all this can integrate with e-Bay and Amazon simplifying the use of both these platforms. Volusion users have the option of controlling the website through the Volusion app on their smartphones which is also easy to use due to its simple features. Despite its remarkable features, it bears with a number of shortcomings that have caused it to lose most of their clients with regards to their Eco-commerce needs. Generally, can be rated as a okay choice due to its limitations which undermine its effectiveness but it has worked for some of the merchants it might as well work for you.
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Feels complicated at first
Rating: 4

My major problem with ANY store building platform is making first steps. Sometimes I find it impossible to figure out exactly where things are. CMS’s are different with unique layouts (think of the dashboard by WordPress). Volusion was NOT an exception to me. Fortunately Volusion does have a bias towards an intuitive navigation. After they have upgraded the backend I found it easier to use their options. Now I understand what EXACTLY they offer for mid size eCommercial operations and what they offer for larger needs. As I remember this builder did not have every single tool for marketing that I dreamt of. Happily they have a lot of them (and their tools were integrated seamlessly). I am not going to dive deep on ALL the options offered but I would like to look closer at the SEO toolkit. Low SEO results are luckily not the case with this builder. They have a robust set of SEO features which are very solid out of the box. Surely they have made all the fields necessary for use of meta. I liked their XML sitemaps most of all.

2017.03.21 at 06:07 written by:
The worst nightmare ever
Rating: 1

I am an experienced web developer and I know a lot about eCommerce platforms because I have used almost all of them. As far as I can judge Volusion is the most terrible nightmare for an admin. There are too many restrictions. Bulk data migration is not supported because Volusion has not got tools for that. Yes, they promise easy migration by the means of CSV files but it's easier said than done. Product images from URLs cannot be read and I had to add them using FTP the other day. There are unnecessary rules to rename and resize images. If you have hundreds of images and you want to upload them all you should be ready for a lot of routine. Otherwise you will not be able to upload successfully. Assigning products by the means of spreadsheets is impossible. I tried to do it and all of my category numbers were consolidated in one column. The numbers themselves have a long integer and Excel distorts them. Assigning categories in bulk is not possible. God help you if your products have variations. Importing them is a troublesome procedure. I wasted a lot of time to have decided that creating it all manually is much simpler. Suggest you putting the idea of using CSV files aside. Never again will I recommend this platform to my clients.

2017.02.11 at 13:03 written by:
We’ve lost our money because of Volusion
Rating: 1

We started our own business recently. We cater to bicyclists. Wanted to have built something decent with Volusion but our experience was a real disaster. Our main complaint is about dealing with credit card purchases. We had a big problem with it. We’ve been shipping products all autumn but actually no credit card transactions went through for them. We couldn’t believe it when we realized it! We had our PayPal transactions going through fine and we did a lot to have understood why we had funds missing. When we have we couldn't do anything about it. Turned out, Volusion has a small “Apply” link which you need to click. It will complete the payment process and you will get your money. Volusion has an entire page to process orders. It makes it possible to complete them and print shipping labels but it doesn’t say a thing and doesn’t give any warnings that we won’t get paid until we click that stupid button. If this link is so important it’s logical to make it bigger or at least inform users about it. Not a clue. Seems kind of lax taking into account that our entire website and business revolves around that “apply” link. Being curious I’ve watched lots of videos by Volusion explaining how their platform functions but there’s nothing concerning the link mentioned. Now we can’t get paid because we only get a 7-day window of authorization to complete transactions. As a result our money is lost.

2016.12.16 at 08:45 written by:
Uncompetitive layouts and software
Rating: 2

My first impression of Volusion was like that “their designs are ANCIENT ACNIENT ANCIENT!!!” and boring I want to add now. It’s true, their layouts aren’t the most impressive though they certainly aren’t the ugliest because I’ve seen worse. What really gets to me is that their responsive designs are limited too much. You simply don’t want your website not to work on a mobile device, neither do I but Volusion has a different opinion. Other synonyms for Volusion is dated and behind the times. I’m talking about their software now. Many competitors have shopping carts packed with bells and whistles but not this one. Many of their features stop working on mobile which makes them worthless. I left!! Think this team is going downhill!!!

2016.11.25 at 11:34 written by:
Intuitive but limited
Rating: 3

I’ve spent a few months comparing Volusion and Shopify because I wanted to transfer my online store from Shopify to Volusion. Now I think Shopify is a bit worse, I find it less intuitive. Switching between the storefront and back end is made in an easy way. Love it. Adding categories is also simple enough when I use Volusion. Volusion isn't equipped with any blogging tools. That's too bad. I need them a lot for my store and it’s a serious disadvantage for me that I can find something like that here. Another key factor which makes me concerned is a strange situation with bandwidth. It’s too limited and there’s no explanation how much I will be charged for overusing it. This is why I still haven’t made my mind up about Volusion. I like it how this online store builder functions but it doesn’t meet my demands fully.

2016.10.05 at 16:15 written by:
A plenty of shortcomings
Rating: 2

Anyone who has doubts whether to use Volusion system must forget about them! This is the most disorganized system existing! You won’t regret if you say no to Volusion! Here’s an example of Volusion’s stupid policy. They’ve got the page called Config Variables. In fact this is nothing more than an endless list of ambiguous store settings! It’s impossible to read through them and no one will ever spend time on it. But there’re extremely important settings included such as Enable eCommerce to have a checkout friendly with mobile devices. I overlooked it and couldn’t find for a long time when started on Volusion! I even started to think that I was one of the stupidest users! When I decided to create a gift card I started cursing Volusion! It’s a patience requiring process. Here how it works. First, I set the weight of my product as 0. Found a box with an unexpected name “Allow Price Edit”. Gave it a special product code. Now you see how slow it was to create a gift card for me! There’re only 6 responsive themes! I felt pretty limited with the options! To touch the code is the only way to customize them. No other way! I couldn’t even set basic colors without it! The only adjustment I could make was to change my logo! These were the major shortcomings! There’s a plenty of others!

2016.09.11 at 06:06 written by:
Useful features but problems with mobile version
Rating: 4

I’m Volusion user. It’s a nice builder really. A flexible and customizable one. It definitely lacks several functions but which builder doesn’t? Volusion has a limited amount of mobile responsive designs only. If you want to go mobile you’re supposed to choose from a small selection or have your mobile website done by someone else which can be tiring and expensive. Good to know that Volusion has an App to manage the whole store from a smartphone. It allows to • Get data about sales • Have orders processed • Ship products So I can run my website when I have no computer. Volusion doesn’t take any transaction fees which is an advantage. Other strong points are: • Tax rates are automatic • Powerful eCommerce tools (including mobile ones) • A lot of products can be set up • Social media widgets • Integration with eBay or Amazon • Newsletters Aim to choose a better plan for me soon.

2016.08.27 at 17:43 written by:
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