Virb is a simple web-based site builder with beautifully designed themes. With this web-based builder, you can conveniently create easy to navigate pages for your sites in a few minutes. Ease of use You need to sign up to utilize a wide range of already configured tools. Unlike other web-based site platforms, with Virb, you can use all the toolbars basically from anywhere. If you want to utilize the files, widgets, tabs or any other tool, you can conveniently do so with just a single click. Moreover, you can receive accurate real-time stats, analysis, and settings without any hassle. Whether you are a starter or professional designer, you can conveniently build intuitive site with this site builder. Integration, user-friendly, and responsiveness Virb gives you more bandwidth which enables you to create thousands of pages. The resultant site is also scalable as your company continues to expand. The builder also provides a variety of advanced site designs and supports the integration of social media platforms. For professional designers, there are also several HTML codes and CSS codes. The resultant site is also responsive when opened on mobile devices. Simple pricing Virb has good pricing. All you need to use this web-based editor is $10 per month. This is a great platform for anyone who is not experienced with the advanced technology as well as experienced web designers.
13 reviews | Overall rating: 2.77
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Nothing helpful at all
Rating: 3

Registered on some time ago. Disappointed. When signing up I provided such standard information as email, password and title. Then it came to assigning a category for my site. It was when problems arrived. I soon realized that no matter which category I chose my sites were the same. I’ve tested it twice choosing different categories. The result was never different. Big disadvantage. After signing up details got completed I was taken to the editor. On my first visit I was offered several guides. Useless. They just show basic principles of Virb. I still don’t really understand how to change the width of the content blocks. When signing up I noticed that such an option as registering a custom domain was missing. In fact there’s no option like this. Inconvenient. If you need a unique domain you’ll have to get it elsewhere. It makes the whole process unnecessarily complicated. Virb’s editor isn’t modern at all. It’s something like a word processor coming back from 2007 or so. There’re no drag and drop functions. Another disadvantage. Using is pointless. No proper functionality, no helpful features, no useful guides. All you get is a bunch of tools which won’t make your website attractive.

2019.12.24 at 12:25 written by:
No decent features at all
Rating: 2

Don’t think that Virb is the best candidate for a website platform. I’m quite experienced at this aspect because I have two websites by other builders. I had an intention to use Virb as well but I’ve lost it, here’s why. I thought that Virb gives an FTP access but that doesn't seem to be the case. It’s quite inconvenient because I have problems when uploading large files. I had one more website built on ModX and it had fast traffic. It came from search engines and other external links. To get visitors from the same links I needed to maintain a similar directory structure. Simply put my new links structure had to be identically the same as the previous one. Virb doesn’t allow you to have the same directory structure which is another inconvenience. Still URL mapping is possible. I could have a reason to like Virb if it had any eCommerce system but all you can do is to install BigCart or Etsy. When using Virb keep in mind that blogging here isn’t the best idea. I’ve tried this function and my posts appeared in full on the main blog page which doesn’t look nice. Plus long posts will take ages to load and you’ll soon get tired of tedious scrolling. I haven’t managed to try all of the designs but those 4 that I did try didn’t shorten the text in the list of posts. All of these prevents me from praising Virb. Sorry.

2019.12.22 at 10:46 written by:
Won’t get you a professional website
Rating: 3

Our clinic had a website. We built it using Virb and I’ve got something to share. This website builder is pretty clean and straightforward. Setting it up is quite simple to have a standard looking website. We wanted to build a website looking like the one advertised by Virb but we’ve failed. There just were not enough tools to make something professional and stylish. Adding content was also quite simple but we didn’t find any advanced options to add a blog to our website, for example. That’s a pity that Virb doesn’t offer diverse designs and all of their themes look the same. There’s no way to make the layout chosen unique. If I’m not missing anything Virb has no drag-and-drop features but it lets to register websites directly as subdomains under In general, Virb is a builder for very primitive websites. Our experience with it wasn’t frustrating in terms of ease of use but the final product turned out to be a disappointment. Virb is a good choice for a beginner only.

2019.12.21 at 12:48 written by:
Lacks flexibility
Rating: 3

Being a photographer I take care of how my website looks. I have a portfolio on It is a simple website with basic functions but I got doubts about it. On the whole Virb is a big fun when playing around with themes. Among 26 layouts offered. There’re good decisions as well as poor ones. They all are quite straightforward. Big thanks to Virb because I can freely switch themes without deleting my website! My content and images get moved to the new format without any headaches. CSS access is also provided and this is really helpful when you need to insert a PHP code or JavaScript. In my opinion Virb is too restricted when it comes to customization. For example, fonts are limited while margins and paddings can’t be modified. Guess Virb is still not bad for a simple portfolio website which doesn’t need much flexibility.

2019.11.15 at 09:08 written by:
Too lazy to provide qualified services
Rating: 3

Giving Virb 3 stars for the approach to the services only! This team doesn’t take much care of the users, makes it inconvenient to work with them. No problems with the functions, it was a delight to use their widgets, designs and especially SEO settings. So, what made me to lower the rating. The hosting services, that’s what I didn’t like most of all! When I wanted to get published on Virb the team left me no choice but to use their platform as a hosting. I didn’t trust Virb, neither did I know anything about the quality of their hosting. I already had a hosting platform, wanted to connect to Virb, didn’t have such an opportunity. It made me really sad, so incontinent and even restricting. Don’t like it when platforms limit my freedom of choice. One more restriction was a contact form. NO NATIVE CONTACT FORM ON VIRB! Seriously, this team trust third party solutions BUT I DON’T! I’m not sure that the data used by contact forms is well secured. Analytics didn’t make me any happier. Needless to say that Virb has no in built tool for that, they connect Google’s Analytics. In my case I had to re-launch for three times. it wouldn’t work otherwise! Virb looks like a lazy team that doesn’t care about proper services at all!

2019.09.19 at 06:04 written by:
Equipped with good features but seems to be dying
Rating: 4

Virb website builder itself fits me fine. As a product it is nice, not many complaints about it. It would be better having more in-home widgets and more professional designs but this is not the point. Virb appears to be dead in the water. I feel like no one is improving this platform and it is slowly dying. I’m not sure that this tendency will continue but if so Virb will be out of fashion. Still it’s backed by GoDaddy providing excellent hosting and security services which go along with GoDaddy account. Some of the advantages: • Built-in mobile version of the themes • Total access to HTML/CSS code • Bandwidth is unlimited • SEO features • Access to Google Analytics • Integration with social media • Free storage of files

2019.09.18 at 19:06 written by:
Good for mobile but takes a few weeks to get used to
Rating: 4

Signed up real quick on Virb. It was great, no licenses required! A good beginning. Without any delays got to browsing through themes. Nice! There weren’t many of them, around 20 I’d say or so. I chose the most beautiful one! A good basis for my website. Liked the opportunity to choose the type of a page being created. A blog or eCommerce, they come with pre-set decisions! Lovely. The templates are mobile friendly. Good! They don’t load slowly on mobile or tablets, look adequate as well. They’re made automatically, that’s the problem! I can’t move objects around if they float way, can’t change the length or width of paragraphs if necessary. That’s a pity! The whole Virb is slightly complicated. I needed a few weeks to get the hang of it. Still manageable. Working with this platform today, don’t complain!

2019.08.27 at 06:02 written by:
My site has never been published
Rating: 2

Time flies with super speed but some things stay super unchanged. One of them is, the website builder that is of no interest to me anymore. I had some but not today. My interaction with was the result of me searching for a platform to launch a site on to sell Nintendo games. According to my plan a primitive forum with the most basic features was the basis of my site. I haven’t implemented it since doesn’t provide such services. It was frustrating but somehow understandable, building a forum is a labor taking task. I greeted my teeth and substituted a forum with a blog. It seemed to be fine. To sell games I was going to add commercial tools with many widgets. What had was ridiculously simple, to understand how simple these features were you should know that I couldn’t write a description for the games on sale. This was the second reason for which I refused from the services of The biggest problem was still ahead. Having come through all the obstacles on the way to having a site about games I tried to publish it. I couldn’t. Technically I clicked the necessary button and I’ve never seen my site live. I’ve done so much work and refused from so many ideas just to have a blank space online. What a never rewarding torture!

2017.03.20 at 06:00 written by:
Fools users around with useless options
Rating: 3

Don’t be foolish and don’t launch websites on Virb! You’ll have nothing but headaches, promise you. You get either all or nothing when on Virb. There’s one paid plan only. It means that you can buy all the options or you stay helpless. The trial period is exceptionally short. There’s no way to fully estimate Virb unless you pay. If you want to check statistics it’s non-existent on Virb. You can only add the tool by Google. It’s a shame that even such rudimentary functions as page views or referral sites rely on Google as well. It’s clear that in-house solutions are not the case with Virb. Perhaps third party integrations are not that bad but most of them aren’t trustworthy. Building a proper store on Virb is impossible as a result. There’re no tools to make it convenient for users. The best thing you can do is to get connected to Etsy or Big Cartel. If you aren’t connected to them yet you’ll have to spend time to register and get the hang of using them. It adds a few more steps to the whole process. This is terribly inconvenient and absolutely time-consuming. SEO data is another big problem. It’s scattered all over the place and there’s no way you can find it. Virb is nothing good. It’s too basic and tries to sell options which are already free on other platforms. Too bad.

2017.02.13 at 12:06 written by:
Absolutely useless at each aspect
Rating: 1

I’m a lawyer without any tech knowledge. All I wanted was to have a simple website where I could offer consultations to people about different issues and communicate with my clients. I found Virb which has let me down in a number of ways. I will never use it again and I won’t recommend it to other people. The reason of my dissatisfaction is that Virb is absolutely useless at every aspect. Since I don’t know how to layout websites I expected a plenty of design services to be available. To my big surprise they were not accessible directly from Virb which gave no choice but to hire a design pro to tackle it. It sounds wild to me because a website builder is supposed to give freedom of creation instead of urging customers to hire professionals. Being mobile is being up to date for me but not for Virb obviously. Fairly speaking there’s Mobile Site Building option which is automatic. It means that I can’t do any additional work to ensure that my website is viewed correctly on mobile devices. I have a clumsy version of the website which simply impossible to use. Depth of navigation is another appalling limitation. I need a lot of subpages but Virb doesn’t support what is called second layer of navigation. As a result my website is very primitive with basic information only. As you can imagine there’s no need to hope for any kind of forum or multi-lingual features. Virb is just a waste of time and it will never compete with the leaders of the market. This is all I got to say about it.

2017.02.03 at 15:14 written by:
My list of Virb’s pros and cons
Rating: 4

I’m a programmer from Alabama and I am familiar with different site builders. Virb is one of them. I think this one is nice for those who are involved in music, photography or restaurant business. Its advantages are like these: * CSS and HTML codes available for users who have appropriate skills * Your own domain name can be connected * There are SEO settings * Unlimited disk space/bandwidth * Social media widgets can be added * Custom types for pages are present (i.e. About, Contact, Gallery, Main and so on) * Cloud hosting is also here as well as CDN However Virb is weak when it comes to: * Design collection * Mobile adaptation * Blogging

2017.01.30 at 12:57 written by:
Absolutely boring!
Rating: 3

Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to choosing a website platform. Personally I’m with Wix team. What I know for sure is that no website platform should be like Virb. This is the place where Web nightmares live. Their websites are far from being consistent. I had my portfolio on Virb and I couldn’t show it to anyone because my website was offline without any obvious reason. This is one of the biggest reasons why I chose not to use Virb anymore. There’s a mobile view but I wouldn’t say it’s something to be happy about. It’s absolutely unresponsive to tablets and screen sizes. In fact I had no mobile version of my portfolio and I could show it on PC only. After being led to believe their websites were responsive I was suffering from this for a long time. DO NOT be misled just like me. Now I hate Virb and there’re more reasons for that. This website platform isn’t friendly with design while simple processes take hours. Worst of all is that some of the pages have a tendency to disappear and you never know about it unless someone visiting your website complains! I’ve been doing mock websites on other platforms and Virb is at the bottom of the list. It’s a really boring project and it’s kinda surprising to see it having users.

2017.01.15 at 12:35 written by:
Don’t let Virb deceive you
Rating: 1

Don’t trust Virb!!! Never!!! They promise ease of use and multiple functions… FALSE!!! Fury is blind and this is the case with me after being on Verb. You’ll never feel comfortable with it, there’s no drag and drop function! Forget about easy-made site and prepare for hours of tortures. The time spent on Virb is never worth of expectations. Virb doesn’t have a form editor! Let me explain why it is bad: you can bury your hopes for any decent “Contact Us” or other form. The list of broken dreams isn’t full yet. Virb isn’t supportive which is terrible! Since there’s no proper way to add pages more than one layer deep I asked them about any possible solution (because I want to have subpages!), they advised me to create an Index page to use it as a hub for other pages. I don’t even need to explain that it didn’t help. Things went wrong and I couldn’t fix it all anymore! I’m so full of anger now that I’ve literally wasted my time in vain. Don’t be stupid!!! Don’t trust Virb or you’ll regret!!!

2017.01.13 at 12:21 written by:
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