A self-employed skilled individual feels urgency of a page on World Wide Web just like a business personal. Not all possess time and money to do so. conveys smooth, swift and uncomplicated way of setting up one. Advertise, trade and propagate reaching out to global audience. Setting up a page was never uncomplicated and undemanding previously. With state-of-the-art technology and expertise, fabricates setting up a page smooth and fun. With ukit setting up a modern and proficient space on the World Wide Web is undemanding now. The experience and expertise needed to compose and run a page along with promotion without programming or coding is at ukit. With abundance of models for everyone, matching with themes, styles and industry specific texts, discover something for your progress. Dashing page all set in a flash with impressive features exhibiting your talents. Customize or select from versatile models and styles giving a finishing touch for perfection.
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Tools great for business
Rating: 5

My brother and I run a business together. It’s a small but popular shop. Some time ago we decided to go online to sell and advertise our products there, and simply couldn't find a better platform than uKit. One of the things these guys offer is a deep SEO customization with good results. Our website has good rankings on Google and we’ve managed to achieve it owing to uKit. This platform is also easy to use. We didn’t even need any tutorials to launch our website. The platform is very intuitive and flexible. Customization is of no comparison. As far as I know Wix offers you drag & drop tools mainly while Weebly is better if you want to code. uKit combines both of these features. You can simply drop content blocks onto your page and edit HTML code as well. It’s another level of freedom which is useful because sometimes HTML editing is vital. Online shop is nothing without widgets which make your website more dynamic. uKit offers a lot of interesting decisions and we use them for our shop. We do offer sales and discounts so uKit’s Timer tool is extremely helpful. It counts days right on our website. Great! Our business would’ve lost so many customers if it wasn’t for uKit’s LiveChat. We can always keep in touch with our visitors and answer them online. It saves so much time. We also find uKit’s Callback widget invaluable. We receive a lot of callback requests and contact them at scheduled time. A well-planned tool to be honest. Thanks God uKit is always in the process of development and they add many tools. We enjoy them so much! All in all, uKit is great for eCommerce because it’s packed with features which help to interact with the clients.

2019.11.17 at 13:25 written by:
Innovative approach to SEO
Rating: 5

I fell in love with uKit and their designs from the very beginning. I found an astonishing template which was right up my street. I don’t care much about customization. I just choose a ready-made design and add the content. I don’t customize blocks, don’t move them, I just use the pre-existing template. uKit is great with their designs and I do like using them. What I really care about is SEO optimization. I’m not quite satisfied with current products such as Weebly or Wix because their SEO opportunities are rather primitive and I don’t think they work well. uKit is nothing less than a breakthrough among website builders in the aspect of SEO. They provide the best solution I’ve ever tried. The very code which uKit generates is already optimized for SEO and it complies with all the current standards. It’s nice but let’s talk about things which are unique. Many website builders leave you one-on-one with SEO. Speaking metaphorically they give you details but don’t explain how the whole machine works. uKit changes such approach. uKit does help to optimize your website for search engines. They offer you so-called Promotion tool. Its function is to analyze your whole website and bring in a verdict whether your website is ready for promotion or not. The tool analyzes 4 main criteria which are Text, Images, Widgets and Domain. In case SEO aspect needs to be improved you’ll get a detailed report on what to change. This is a unique tool as for me. Frankly, there’re no other website builders which can take so much care of your SEO results. It indicates that uKit thinks about how functional your site is. A big advantage and I love it.

2019.11.17 at 13:23 written by:
no image editor
Rating: 4

I’m a non-professional photographer. I do share my pictures and I’ve even got a website on uKit.I chose this platform years ago because they’re never the same. They never know rest when it comes to all types of updates and upgrades. Whenever I browse through their tools, apps and widgets there’s always something new. Some of the decisions are a pleasure to use while some of them still need to be improved. uKit is a live platform which does LIVE and improves itself. I use uKit to show my pictures. It’s no type of a portfolio. Just a place where people can see something beautiful by me. I spend a lot of time on improving my website. I do a lot of customization and I appreciate that uKit is perfect at creating backups. I don’t need to think about saving my progress and can concentrate on the process of polishing my site up. Compared to Weebly uKit takes care of the users and it’s always safe to work with them while Weebly tends to lose your data which is a huge disadvantage. The only thing which I’d like to be improved on uKit is their editor of images. Basically it’s good for cropping purposes but I’m always out of luck when I want to use Instagram-like filters. Enhancing colors or adding classical stickers would be a good idea. I don’t understand why not to add some of the things I’ve mentioned. Well I got no reasons to criticize uKit because it’s a reliable and stable platform which provides breathtaking templates and multiple opportunities.

2019.11.03 at 20:04 written by:
Blogging tool is amazing
Rating: 5

I discovered uKit long time ago. Those days I was a young designer and wanted to get some recognition in the sphere of arts. So I started my blog about design with a reference to my own works as well. I still blog on uKit because they’ve got a plenty of opportunities to make it all simple and rewarding. As soon as I add a blog to my website I’m armed with so many features. I don’t always want to show my name so uKit makes it possible to hide it (and to show it again when needed). The date of a post can also be hidden which is convenient. I like it when a website builder gives you a choice. I was taken aback when I learnt that I can control how many posts are displayed on a page. I’ve never seen anything similar on other platforms. I also appreciate that uKit helps me to make my posts more interesting by adding pictures or inserting videos from Vimeo. I don’t always have time to blog so I can schedule my posts automatically. I just choose time and date. Very useful feature which isn’t that common on other platforms. To be honest uKit is a strong tool for a blogger because they’ve got all it takes to successfully share information and attract more followers. I’ve managed to build up an interesting source which has a lot of readers and it helps me to promote my name. I guess this platform has even bigger potential and they’ll continue to develop their service further. So I’m going to stay with uKit for many years. I don’t see any other website builders which boast about the same level of convenience and flexibility. I’m happy to have found uKit. Excellent service!

2019.10.29 at 18:56 written by:
Good tool with some disadvantages
Rating: 5

I’ve been busy testing a few services recently and uKit is one of them. Not bad. There’re interesting decisions which are really useful but I’ve also found a few disadvantages. So I’ve tried to list it all down. Advantages: • The platform prevents you from making serious mistakes. If you do something wrong uKit will automatically fix it. • Useful SEO tool which analyzes your website. If it’s underworked you’ll get a piece of advice on what to improve. • Wide features to interact with social media and music/video platforms. So uKit is nice for musicians, designers or photographers. Disadvantages: • A bit complicated for a beginner. It can be difficult to understand how to use widgets without watching tutorials. • The choice of fonts could be wider. There’re enough of them but still a few more fonts would make it all better. • No opportunity to edit headers and footers. You depend on the chosen template. • Image editor is underworked. Fading options, rotation and brightness control would be of help. So I think that uKit is a nice product. It is not that bad for a beginner despite some difficulties which aren’t critical. I don’t recommend this platform for a sophisticated online shop but it’s a good choice for a portfolio. Even though uKit can’t provide you amazing SEO results it can help you on your way to the first pages a lot. Ultimately I don’t think that uKit is something out of this world. It is a pretty nice service with useful features which will help those of you who want a simple and beautiful website.

2019.10.11 at 16:21 written by:
Controversial policy of customization
Rating: 4

I always appreciate any tool or program created with well-planned approach. When I’m on uKit I feel that this platform is the result of well-balanced decisions and numerous attempts to create a useful and user-friendly product. They don’t try to diddle you out of your money. No, they offer decent services of high quality. The best thing on uKit is that you won’t make a terrible site here. Their pre-made templates are amazing and you can’t ruin them. Your website appearance totally depends on the template. There’re sets of fonts and colors you can choose from and they will match each other perfectly. Such a strategy is reasonable and it leads to good results but it totally restricts your freedom. For example when I want to choose other colors or go beyond the limits of my template I can’t do it. This policy is rather controversial as for me. Yes, you don’t need to worry about the result but I appreciate trial and error method. I don’t mean that it’s a disadvantage on uKit. I’d rather say it depends on your needs. If you want total freedom you won’t feel comfortable on uKit but if you want someone to take care of your website, you’re welcome. Those who stick to the latter variant will never regret. uKit matches all the blocks, images and features on a professional level. This is one of their biggest advantages. I can compare this platform with Jimdo to some extent but uKit is more flexible and stronger at the aspect of templates. Anyway, I’m quite positive about uKit and I respect their products because they’re of high quality. I wish you luck uKit!

2019.09.23 at 15:09 written by:
Flexible and convenient!
Rating: 5

uKit is awesome! It’s the best website builder ever! I used to have a site on Wix but Wix is a loser in comparison to uKit. Yes, uKit is flexible, easy to use and all this stuff which is standard today. uKit is one of those platforms which know how to surprise. They’ve got so many templates there that any other website builder can only dream of. It’s not an exaggeration. I’ve really lost count of how many designs they offer. All of them are out of this world for certain. I’m at a loss for words. There’re no silly flash technologies Wix used to have, uKit does without them and it’s great. You can drop whatever you like onto a page. Content blocks, sliders, pop-up windows, images and more. All of these can be added within a second. It’s so impressive. I had many problems on Wix. For example, when I wanted to create a few pages with the same layout I had to copy and paste background inserting headers as well, ugh! uKit makes things simple. I just choose Duplicate Page button to do it. What a relief! This website builder is so dynamic. Really, you can use all types of modern features such as blogging or interactive widgets as well as live chats. I do use some of them and I’ve never complained about them. My website looks dynamic, modern and stylish. Yes, uKit is up on Wix which used to be the leader as for me and they make the competition tough for such static platforms as Weebly or Jimdo where you’re all hog-tied. I’d say uKit is a breath of fresh air which I’ve been waiting for so long. They’ve made a really amazing and convenient tool which is so easy to use that I can say one word only. Perfect!

2019.09.07 at 10:23 written by:
Guides you through every step
Rating: 5

I’ve got a blog about the latest software and website services. I’ve already studied tons of platforms which offer you ease of use, functionality and all kinds of templates. So I’m pretty sure that uKit is a great platform to launch a site. This is extremely intuitive website builder which is aimed at those of you who lack technical skills. Having tested it for a long time I can describe it as a modern platform which is easy to navigate through. They’ve got pretty nice drag and drop editor which makes the process of customization simple even for a newbie. After you have chosen a template you can modify it and adjust it to your taste and needs. I don’t mean blocks of content only, no. Even if you want to add a widget or a blog it’s never a problem. The same goes to attaching a custom domain. I’ve already tried it and it was all pleasure. It’s interesting that if you bring any changes in there’s a preview option which makes it possible to see them all immediately. Classical Preview mode is also here so you can keep an eye on what result you’ll get. uKit gives you other preview options. For example you can look at your website on different devices. Among them are desktop, tablet, and mobile modes. I think it’s really important because it gives you a realistic impression of what your website will look like after you publish it. Much appreciated. Well, rounding up I’d like to say that I’m very enthusiastic about uKit. I like such platforms which are flexible and offer multiple opportunities without any unreasonable restrictions. uKit is definitely one of such services which will guide you through each step to build up a stunning website. I do recommend uKit to anyone who needs a simple approach which leads to a stunning result.

2019.08.15 at 16:37 written by:
I Like it!!
Rating: 4

The main reason why I set my eye on uKit is their templates! They do help me to stand out of the army of other musicians so I’m at an advantage. Their templates are easy to customize. I got a friend of mine who designed me a logo. I wanted to add it to my uKit website and I’ve done it. I couldn’t really understand how to add the logo to their template so I had to watch a video tutorial which helped me. Getting comments is important for me. Even though they hurt sometimes I do appreciate what people say about my music! I had to potter for a while to figure it out how to install Disqus tool but I’ve still installed it. Yeah, it works great and I get comments from people who visit my website. uKit also gives me an opportunity to use my SoundCloud profile right on my website which is great! uKit is a good tool to promote my music. It’s not that easy to install some tools and customize some of the features. It takes time to be fair but in a result I achieve my goals! This is why I like uKit so much!!!

2019.07.19 at 13:22 written by:
Wonderful templates!!!
Rating: 5

Making a website on uKit is so incredibly simple. This site builder has changed my whole approach to building a site. A few years ago I wanted to hire some people to make me a website about animals but the price was so high that I couldn’t afford it. So I started looking for an alternative solution and I came across uKit platform. It was a dream coming true. The first thing which caught my eye was their design. I liked how structured the whole service was so that I could understand each function. Now that I’ve tried many other platforms I can say that uKit is the best when it comes to templates. Their collection of designs is rich and they regularly add new templates. All of them are highly professional and so good-looking that they make me dizzy whenever I browse through. It’s very convenient that they show both versions of the template. These are desktop version and mobile variant as well. So I don’t need to open a mobile editor or enter a special mode just to take a glance at the mobile version. I can see it straight away along with full desktop version. It makes the process of choosing a template much easier. Thanks a million!!! I like it how uKit templates are categorized. They offer typical categories such as business, arts and so on. Plus, you can categorize templates by color or by shade. So if you want a dark website you don’t waste hours searching for a template. You simply choose search settings and on you go. uKit has something else in store. They offer you such templates which are optimal for any task. This is so wonderful. uKit is my favorite website builder. Their templates are incomparable!!!

2019.07.01 at 19:07 written by:
Nice for beginners
Rating: 4

As a coder I don’t think that uKit is a solution for an advanced site. Perhaps any other website builder isn’t good for this task either. This is a widespread problem though. As for a beginner or a lazy user uKit is great. They’ve got many tools and using their platform isn’t very complicated. So I’d like to describe some of the things which I’d like to improve as a coder. • uKit doesn’t support SLL certificate. It’s not very convenient for me but I guess it’s not a big problem for an average user. I don’t think that someone makes huge websites on such platforms. It doesn’t influence SEO ratings either but I’d like to have such an opportunity anyway. • I haven’t found any tool to add comments. You can do it manually but if you want your visitors to comment on your website you’ll have to connect Disqus. A nice decision though. Many sites use Disqus today but a tool to leave comments would be a good idea as well. • You’re not all free when it comes to customization. Yes, there’re multiple opportunities to make your website unique but you can’t change the color of your header or footer which totally depend on the template chosen. Even though I have mentioned some of the disadvantages I don’t think they’re critical. Since I’m good as a coder I find that uKit lacks freedom. If I were a beginner I would definitely rate this platform much higher. It does have things to praise such as SEO customization and convenient tools. However, I have doubts that you can launch full-scale online shop with a hundred of pages on uKit. I’d say this website builder is good for a compact site or for a landing page.

2019.06.08 at 14:05 written by:
Incredibly simple
Rating: 4

My first experience on uKIT was quite ambiguous so to speak. I already had a website connected with metallurgy so I wanted to transfer it to uKIT platform. I didn’t want to lose my URL structure because it would ruin my SEO ratings. I didn’t find any decision on uKIT to do it so I was rather skeptic about them. Things have changed some time ago. I’ve still lost my website and I was free to choose any platform. I don’t know how but Google has led me to a marvelous gallery of templates. There were so many interesting variants which literally heated my imagination and gave me a push to generate so many ideas about my new website. I couldn’t even believe it was uKIT when I looked at the header. At first I was going to ask my daughter to help me launching a website but when I found myself adding sliders and modifying content blocks I realized that I didn’t need any assistance. It also came to me as a surprise that I finally clicked Publish button and my website set on its web journey. This is incredible. Without knowing any codes and being miles away from design I’ve managed to create the whole website with my own hands. Now I realize how wrong I was about uKIT. They’ve built a really decent platform which is full of opportunities. I even read it the other day that they consider decisions how to transfer websites to their platform “with minimal causalities”. Hope they’ll really come up with a proper solution. Still there’s no website builder which could help you to transfer a website without losing URL structure and SEO ratings so I think this is a global task which takes time.

2019.05.30 at 12:46 written by:
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