Photo is among the top rated web development platforms that help users to come up with professionally-looking websites. It boasts of robust tools that can allow both novice and experienced users to develop fully-functioning websites and/or blogs. Compared to many other web builders out there that have expensive pricing packages, Ucraft offers numerous advanced features at a mere $8/month. With its detailed free package, beginners can come up with a single website with the help of pre-defined templates. How It Works With Ucraft, developing a single or multiple web sites is way easier that anyone can imagine. All one needs to do is choose one among the carefully-designed templates. Upon doing that, he or she needs to organize the available block designs to come up with the desired combination. The process cannot be complete without adding relevant content, titles and images to the web page(s). All that can then be crowned with attractive colors, fonts and styles. Why Choose Ucraft? Although Ucraft is among the new entrants into the website creation and/or development market, it does offer robust web design features that can appeal to users of different abilities. Creating and configuring a website has just never been this easier. Other reasons why web creators should choose Ucraft include: Offers highly customizable templates; Allows users to enjoy free connection of their unique domains; Provides all users with reliable hosting; Comes with articles app ideal for blogging; Offers 24/7 user support; Offers reasonable pricing of $8/month $149/ lifetime.
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Needs more diversity but has a potential
Rating: 3

Using Ucraft! Love Ucraft! Wish it all the best! Have several recommendations. Ucraft think about adding new things more often. I like what you have today but working on fresh tools or themes is what you really really need! A limited amount of templates is a noticeable drawback, trust me Ucraft! You’re easy to customize and I can change any template of yours, good job! Anyway I’m of the opinion that this downside isn’t really substantial for the platform like you Ucraft. I recommend you implemented more tools to work with images, you’re limited yet! Now about my favorite things. Here they’re: * The highest quality of templates on the market; * Interesting features; * Layouts are easy to master; * Tools to make customization are strong; * Impressive results don’t require coding skills; * Nice SEO settings made for each page or for website in general; * The whole interface is convenient and user friendly; * All of the widgets offered can be customized; * The editor which makes it possible to edit logos. You have a lot in store Ucraft and I’m sure you’ll grow big one day! So far I’m giving you three points to stimulate you! I put my trust in you!

2019.10.16 at 03:46 written by:
Has a lot of useful options
Rating: 4

Would like to express my fullest satisfaction with Ucraft. This is a rare service which takes care of convenience and comfort of its users. Even the process of registration on Ucraft is very appealing to me. Using a social media account is enough to get started, attaching email address is also a way in to start using Ucraft. I think such kind of diversity is favorable among people who don’t want to fill in long forms. Ucraft is pretty standard with the modern scenario which directs you to choosing a theme after being registered. I didn’t find it difficult to get the hang of Ucraft and how it was made. Around 20 minutes or so was enough for me. It seems quite complicated at first to have all the features subdivided into categories. As the time goes you don’t see anything special about it. There’s so much that can be done on Ucraft. For example, all the pages can be added, removed or renamed. Uploading files doesn’t let you down and the media library is available 24/7. With Ucraft it’s simple to use an existing domain name or to obtain the new one from them. Website name can be customized, favicon can be changed, there’s a lot to do with a site by Ucraft. Even multi-lingual features are accessible. I don’t know if there’re many other services which can boast the same advantages as Ucraft.

2019.07.25 at 03:48 written by:
The product coming straight from hell
Rating: 2

I’ve happily escaped from Ucraft!!! It was a torture I couldn’t stand!!! Let me explain it: my small blog was for people who travel, they’re rarely at home browsing through the Internet on the go. Ucraft is unacceptably BAD FOR THEM!!! and for me as a result. Mobile rendering was a matter of LUCK but not a well programmed process!!! I selected one of the templates for my blog, published it and it looked okay, switched to another template and the paragraphs started to cover each other, I chose a different theme and it turned my blog into a total mess!!! I came back to the very first template, it started to lose icons. No, it’s not just for me, especially if I want to attract people who use smartphones, tablets and so on. By the way loading speed on such devices wasn’t a matter of Ucraft’s pride!! It wasn’t even average, it was far beyond slow!!! I’m not joking, in the evenings I couldn’t even load my blog on mobile fully! Doubt that anyone else could!!! Statistics was a source of pain as well! It didn’t show mobile views, they were extremely important for me!! I wanted to decide how sensible it was to focus on mobile audience. I couldn’t do it!!! Ucraft is a product of hell IMHO!!!

2017.04.04 at 03:42 written by:
The trendiest tool of today
Rating: 4

Ucraft makes it all enjoyable! This platform is the dream of mine! I’m not lying, I’m so happy with it that I can’t stop editing, adding new elements and studying all of Ucraft’s secrets! It has left me with an impression no one else can compare with! Ucraft is an excellent demonstration of how imagination and practical tools work when put together. This platform keeps up with all the modern trends! Since responsive designs are trendy today Ucraft helps to craft them. They’re made with that popular flat type of design which takes care of full screen blocks. It’s new to me! I got used to more traditional platforms which generate boring websites. I’m involved in creating landing pages and Ucraft is the best bet for me! With simple and welcoming interface this is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Requires some time to understand how it works still! My love!

2017.03.29 at 03:47 written by:
Too many oddities
Rating: 2

Even though I’m not furious about Ucraft (appreciate its flexibility) I unfortunately can’t praise it. This is one of those editors which are inconsistent. One of such problems is about paddings. The first time I tried to adjust this parameter for blocks I did it at ease. The other time when I wanted to do the same it was impossible. It all ended up in my header looking strange. From time to time I inevitably face unexplainable barriers when I try to expand columns… I had (and still have) a question about eCommerce on Ucraft. I don’t see any possible way to use such features but adding Shopify tools because Ucraft doesn’t have anything of the kind. It’s an odd decision… it would be much easier for users to launch a Shopify store. Hosting one with Ucraft is just not reasonable. :-/ Ucraft allows to switch between themes when building, it doesn’t make any sense though… Once I swapped themes nothing changed in fact, fonts, links and header didn’t look any different. Perhaps such a feature exists in name only. Making individual edits with elements is possible on Ucraft but (surprise) you have to pay for it. Yes, you heard right! Any editor gives it all for free but not Ucraft. The tool to make granular changes to headings, fonts and buttons is powerful but I’m not going to pay for it. No one will.

2017.01.11 at 03:44 written by:
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