Catching site of a tried and true floor for site construction is daunting. Cyberspace is full of fake claims. is a genuine, tested and proved dais, developer receptive, contributing full control in owner's hands to allow best concepts come to existence. With 11 years of experience and understanding of challenges faced, presents innovative site construction platform for up to date and responsive sites without any hassles of programming. Explore and decide on your field of trade or earning, appraise the limitless layouts on uCoz and watch the trailer. Modern look, responsiveness, compatibility, statistics and clean code. Let the entire world know and respond to your concepts and views. Enhance clientele if you are a biz personal or get employed as per your talent. All these and more possible when proper cyberspace representation is proposed. Splendid combination of outstanding edge expansion with idealistic layouts for expert and more upscale look. Complete support while and after installation.
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Irreplaceable tool to display pictures
Rating: 5

uCoz photo albums are great! As a designer I do need a site with advanced settings to arrange and show my arts. On uCoz I can add images to the album and use a wide range of customization functions. I find it unique that I can create categories on this platform and organize them so my visitors will always see my pictures sorted out. My visitors can also sort out my pictures themselves according to the filters which are all under my control. There’s no other website builder which can give so many opportunities at this point. uCoz is amazing! Cropping and scaling images is another feature by uCoz to boast about. I can always choose the size of a previewed image and its full size as well. Cropping on Wix or Wordpress is less convenient and I always fell restricted with them. uCoz is different from its competitors giving me more opportunities. It’s not difficult to guess that working with galleries and sliders is a pleasure on uCoz. All of them are HIGHLY customizable and I can control the number of images shown and how they’re displayed. Wish you good luck uCoz!

2019.12.07 at 15:45 written by:
No PHP and RSS support but great forum
Rating: 4

I’ve been on uCoz for about 3 years and there’re a few aspects which could’ve been done better in my opinion. I’m still not sure whether they support use of third party PHP plug-ins or not. I tried installing one of them the other day but I failed. I wanted to add RSS feed to my site which wasn’t accessible so I still can’t use it. That’s a pity. What I like about uCoz is their Forum module. This one is great. You can build a separate forum or attach it to your site (my choice). The Forum is easy to activate. I’ve created one of their Sections for Photography and I like it. Their Forum supports icons upload which is a useful feature. Number of threads per page is also under my control as well as number of files uploaded simultaneously. I don’t want to stop using uCoz but I’d like them to be more accessible in terms of PHP and RSS.

2019.11.21 at 15:49 written by:
Most user-friendly website builder on Earth!!!
Rating: 5

uCoz is nothing less than a unique website builder! Our entire agency uses their services because uCoz makes it simple to build professional websites without too many efforts. We’ve got a team of designers, developers and coders who use uCoz to promote our services. I’m responsible for adding and publishing content and it’s extremely easy for me to manage the ready-made site. Selecting and adding modules isn’t a problem when I’m on uCoz. They all are listed on a page so I just tick what I need to add to our site. I can choose from such modules as Forum, Site news, Guestbook, Blog and more. If our agency doesn’t need some of the modules used we can simply uninstall it. It used to be a problem when I couldn’t delete a blog from my personal site on Wix but there’re no such difficulties on uCoz. When you try uCoz you’ll understand that it has much more things which are useful and practical. I appreciate it that their team makes tools which help to build sophisticated sites with simple management system.

2019.11.09 at 11:56 written by:
The strongest blog tool ever!
Rating: 5

uCoz has turned out to be a great place for my blog about healthy lifestyle. Adding and setting the blog up took me around three minutes only. The good thing is that I’m not persuaded to publish a post on uCoz right away, I can try and add a test entry to see how it all works and looks. uCoz blog tool is “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” which is a good characteristic for a blog. If something doesn’t look good I can always fix it through HTML editing which is available when I edit my blog. All types of post formatting are always at my hand. I can upload images, Flash files and videos. Love it! All of blog categories are always under my personal control so I can add or remove them at any time. Their order is never fixed and I can organize it as well. uCoz is good at advanced options too. It’s a revolutionary decision for a website builder that I can provide or close access to certain categories of my blog to groups of visitors. uCoz takes it further. I can even provide my readers with an opportunity to contribute their own blog posts! I’m absolutely impressed with what uCoz offers because they give me a full level of freedom.

2019.10.28 at 14:03 written by:
flexible and smart platform
Rating: 4

ucoz has many significant advantages which make this platform much greater than any other website builder. I’ve got an online shop which I want to promote so presence of ssl certificates plays a critical part for me. It makes my website more secure and trustworthy as well so I can attract more buyers. I’m glad that I can install SSL certificate to my online shop because it’s really handy. Another thing which I like on ucoz is their seo. They’ve planned it well so my shop is searchable. There’re all the functions necessary to promote a website. Among them are opportunities to set custom urls and specify custom meta tags as well. It’s nice that they make it possible to add all of the tags specifically to each post. ucoz looked a bit complicated at first glance so I needed some time to understand its logic. Now I find ucoz as a flexible and smart platform to rely one. I’m really happy to have found something as convenient as ucoz. Recommend it.

2019.10.15 at 19:32 written by:
Boosted my sales
Rating: 5

Flexibility is the word which comes to my mind when I think of uCoz. I’m an entrepreneur and I understand that being online with my business is vital for higher income. I enjoy uCoz online store tool a lot. It provides all I need to sell products. At some point I started to feel that my shop lacked a number of useful functions. I needed a proper forum and poll features. I didn’t want to create a new website for a forum, I wanted to integrate it straight into my shop. In other words I needed a shop with an opportunity for customers to estimate my products. There was nothing to stop me from this idea. uCoz made it all simple for me to build a complicated online shop with multiple functions. So I’m really thankful to them for this because my sales have grown up.

2019.09.18 at 12:20 written by:
Nice GuestBook without spam protection
Rating: 4

My favorite feature on uCoz is their GuestBook. It’s easy at use and it’s always on top of my website pushing older posts down the page. I can control how many posts are visible and their position as well. The problem is that I can use only default layout for the GuestBook. To modify it completely HTML & CSS knowledge is required but I’m not familiar with coding so I’m dependable on pre-existing types. I don’t know how to secure myself from spam which I receive. It would be nice to fix it somehow.

2019.08.19 at 14:44 written by:
Various design options
Rating: 5

I’ve never thought that designing a website can be that simple! As a coach I’m far from any type of web knowledge and I do need a platform which can create an attractive design for me. It’s a pleasure on uCoz because they offer three options to design a site. These are: • Creating your own design • Using pre-made templates • Purchasing premium template As you understand I use one of the ready-made templates since I have no skills to create my own design. The template I’ve got is all I need because it looks elegant and well-organized. I didn’t customize it so my visitors can always find what they need. I’ve also checked my uCoz website on my mobile phone and I’ve found that it’s absolutely mobile friendly and fully responsive. A good quality. Sometimes I feel that I want a different design style and I know that uCoz are working on new templates. I’m eager to try them. Great job!

2019.07.26 at 18:21 written by:
Poor designs
Rating: 3

The best thing on uCoz is that they allow to add internal site search. This is a strong tool which can be added in a few seconds. It goes further than providing basic functions. I can also set the number of search results and number of characters in results description. It’s an advantage. To be honest I’m not that happy about uCoz designs. They’re too standard as for me. They promised to add new templates so I’m waiting for them but it seems like their team has forgotten about this promise. Waiting for more beautiful templates!

2019.07.12 at 20:08 written by:
Good for a tech-savvy as well as for a beginner
Rating: 5

As a programmer I used to criticize website builders a lot because they offered mediocre features which limited me when creating a site. What a surprise it was for me to have discovered that things got changed dramatically! It all started with uCoz for me. When I found their platform through one of the ads I couldn’t believe that a typical website builder can provide so many opportunities for a tech-savvy person. I have an access to the initial code and feel absolute freedom with uCoz. Owing to their tool I can design whatever I want and the final product doesn’t look generic. Another reason why I didn’t really like website builders was because none of them treated online business seriously. uCoz has changed this custom as well. When you open their home page you can see an opportunity to make a site specifically for business purposes. Such an approach is great for people who want to sell online. My overall opinion is that uCoz offers the best services on the market because they think about HTML illiterate users and about those who have professional skills as well. I think this is the only platform which can compete with such monsters as Wordpress or Wix.  

2019.06.20 at 10:13 written by:
Love it!
Rating: 5

I love uCoz so much. Launching a site on this platform is a piece of cake! It all starts with choosing a name of the future site. I find it a wise decision that they offer to choose a subdomain first. I can use a custom domain name after my whole site is made. Once I’ve finished it my site was available and I proceeded to inviting visitors. I guess this is the easiest way to start your online presence. At least it was easy for me. Setting my site wasn’t complicated either. Straight after registration process uCoz redirected me to their Wizard which was responsible for making sites. The wizard itself is very useful. I’ve chosen the language of my site with this tool. Design style could be chosen in their Wizard too. When this stage is complete your whole site is at your disposal so you can customize it in any way possible. I’ve done it and I do enjoy how my site looks and functions. Great!

2019.05.21 at 14:18 written by:
Convenient for social media
Rating: 4

I’m a singer and I go on tours often enough. I need to create a reputable name so I’m interested in sharing news and using social media to the fullest. Since I’m registered on all the modern social networks it’s tiring to post news on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and other sites at the same time. uCoz has solved my problem. My friend has built a site for me on their platform so I can share posts automatically. I use their publisher to send my posts to the social networks. It just happens and I don’t need to suffer any more posting and reposting being forced to log in all of my accounts. Choosing social networks to integrate is simple. There’s a list of them and I just add them with a mouse. My posts get published automatically every 20 minutes which is an amazing feature. Unfortunately I don’t know how to post something manually because sometimes I can’t wait to share my tour dates. Anyway uCoz is my favorite online friend and I will use them on and on.

2019.05.10 at 13:26 written by:
Needs more customization
Rating: 4

It’s not that easy to find a reliable and functional website builder for an online shop. Some of them are too primitive while others overcomplicated. I use uCoz which is a happy medium for me. Their online shop is packed with functions and looks great. When I added their shop to my site it automatically matched my layout. Wonders! I still wanted to customize it a bit but I only found HTML & CSS editing which isn’t my hobbyhorse. Their shop is extremely flexible though which is good news. For example, I’ve found that I can set up redirection rules or disable specific subpages which is a big relief for me. Managing the shop itself isn’t a headache at all. I can perform all types of group operations. I needed to find and replace text and there’s such a function. Adding options and values to items is one of uCoz big strengths. I want my customers to choose between size and color of my goods and uCoz makes it possible. I’m not planning to expand but I think it’s a good feature for large retailers that uCoz allows to import and export goods. They use XLS and YML import which will be of help for these purposes. All in all, I can say wow only about uCoz. Their online shop is incredible and I like it.

2019.04.05 at 18:13 written by:
HTML & CSS available to edit
Rating: 5

uCoz is amazing! They’ve always got something in store for those who want advanced customization. uCoz leaves its competitor behind because it opens up those technologies which are hidden on other platforms. Yes, I’m talking about uCoz providing total control over HTML and CSS code. I can change any aspect of my site so I don’t depend on predesigned templates. The editor itself is convenient enough. It counts the lines and highlights tags with green, blue or reddish color.This is a new level for website builders for sure. The good thing is that you’ll never mess your site up. Editing HTML or CSS isn’t obligatory. In case you want to use pre-existing decisions you’re welcome. I choose uCoz because they give me an opportunity to build the site I need.  

2019.02.22 at 13:19 written by:
A reliable platform
Rating: 4

Our company has a website by uCoz. We made it from scratch because uCoz provides such features. As a boss I mostly think about overall policy of our site so I need detailed statistics. uCoz is quite helpful at this aspect. I can get data about incomplete orders and about order submission time. It’s convenient because I can understand what people buy from us and how it depends on discounts which we provide. I’d like their statistics to be a bit deeper so that I could understand the age of our customers and their origins. I’d like to know which ads lead customers to our site as well. uCoz is good at eCommerce because there’s an opportunity to add all types of currencies and set exchange rates. Payment methods are wide too. I’ve learnt it from my employers that we can even specify descriptions and add additional options for each delivery method. It’s a very strong feature in my view. I’ve mentioned that we offer discounts which is simple with uCoz. They provide different modes to enable discounts. Cumulative discounts or user group discounts are here and they’re easy to implement. I’ve never thought that maintaining a website can be so simple. Even when I want to offer our buyers reusable promo codes it can be done on this platform. I can’t but advice uCoz to anyone engaged in eCommerce. They’re a reliable team.

2017.01.06 at 21:01 written by:
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