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Worth trying tough
Rating: 3

Curtis is here! Got news about Techsitebuilder. A lovely tool! Looks pretty and produces nice things. Not the game changer but will find its fans. I’m not one of them. As for me Techsitebuilder is a primitive platform. Don’t mean to offend it but it’s no place for a big site which sells or for a big company which needs different levels of access. It’s not about Techsitebuilder, if you want such options you won’t love it. Fortunately Devil is not so black as he is painted, just believe me. First of all, this builder is mobile responsive, yep, its themes look decent on smaller screens. They can’t be set up manually which is a drawback! Luckily in most cases it’s not necessary BUT SOMETIMES columns collapse with each other on mobile. Needs to be improved. As I’ve said Techsitebuilder is for novices so it has no coding opportunities. For people interested in “I came, I saw, I launched” approach it’s a paradise. For people wanting to branch off with something unique it’s a hell. Nothing of the things I’ve described matters really ‘cause Techsitebuilder looks relaxing. Whenever you work with it you see these pleasant colors around, those friendly tips and smooth stuff and you forget about all the complaints. Anyway give Techsitebuilder a try, perhaps you’ll find more good points than I have.

2017.02.11 at 03:37 written by:
Techsitebuilder has a lot of things to praise
Rating: 4

I have never had an idea to find a perfect site builder, Techsitebuilder is not perfect fairly, it is a cozy handy tool with hundreds of options, features and ideas. I used it in the past and came back to it this winter, so far I like it. Techsitebuilder could have less bugs or mistakes but this does not stop the whole process. What makes me use this site builder is a long list of pros, have a look: - Home page can be customized having various styles. - Testimonials page is very easy to add. - All the designs are fully responsive for different devices. - It is possible to use a blog. - Contact forms are offered. - It is easy to install Google Map widget. - The initial code is already made for SEO. - Instruction videos make it easier and faster to understand what is going on. - Domain mapping is available. - Integration with social media works flawlessly. - The number of additional pages is unlimited. - The page with services is very flexible and makes it simple to list services.

2017.01.24 at 03:40 written by:
Too many promises, too little tools
Rating: 2

Had a kind of relations with Techsitebuilder, I created a website 5 months ago and chose Techsitebuilder for this “mission”. Hoping to get a wide set of functions, creative themes and intuitive technologies I was severely disappointed. In reality Techsitebuilder turned out to be a miserable attempt to sell a poor product as serious software. It always matters to me how a product is made, I mean the overall design, spelling mistakes and so on. It made me suspicious when I saw a number of misprints on Techsitebuilder. This is a meaningful fact which says to me that the program is made by an irresponsible team which doesn’t bother to test what it releases properly. Some of the links just don’t work, clicking them I don’t get redirected anywhere. Design elements such as icons don’t always load fully. All of these indicate to me that Techsitebuilder is built by non-professionals which doesn’t make me want to use them. This editor is too pushy, it advertises too many services, promises too many advantages but doesn’t lead you straight to editing. Other programs don’t bother about painting an idealistic picture, they simply give you the tools. Techsitebuilder looks like a person who tries to convince you that a bad thing is a good one. It won’t do. This is an unreliable platform which doesn’t deserve your trust.

2016.12.12 at 03:34 written by:
A few interesting features but generally BAD
Rating: 3

I’ve been working as a tutor, a few years I think. Well, to advertise myself I used one of those systems to build websites, it was Techsitebuilder. The difficulties started to arrive as soon as I published a website. There was something wrong with that Contact Form feature. In theory it worked fine, looked nice, didn’t take much time to be installed. Once I launched a website the Contact Form lost its Send button, it wasn’t visible. In fact the button stayed where it had to stay but it was transparent. In practice no one could use it because people didn’t know about its existence! It’s needless to say that I’ve lost potential clients because of that. After three months, or three and a half I suppose, I wasn’t able to add pages. I found it out when I deleted one of the pages and decided to create another one. There was no obvious way for that. I clicked Add button but the page would never appear. This problem got resolved somehow in a few weeks. Of course I had a website with a page missing in those days! I don’t really need a website like that, I deleted it finally. Should mention that Techsitebuilder has something good though. All of the forms by them include built-in SPAM protection, I’ve also added CAPTCHA protection, not bad. Site search is another feature worth mentioning.

2016.08.03 at 03:36 written by:
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