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Selling on Facebook, in store or snail mail? Isn’t it time to start an ecommerce website or grow your business beyond ‘word of mouth’? But what ecommerce website builders is best for your business? While the market for website builders has grown competitive, only a few website builders actually have the support of thousands of business owners.

Business owners who’ve tested many platforms, shared their thoughts and their experiences building a website from scratch. Many ecommerce website builders offer ease of use, no coding, drag-and-drop features – everything except the opinions, reviews and feedback of their customers.

Now you can review the feedback, comments, trials and tribulations of people selecting a website builder. People, just like you, who are looking to create a website that is as unique and successful as any storefront anywhere. Only the best ecommerce website builder can have a website up and running in 24 hours. Let millions of customers all over the world find your business with the best ecommerce website builder available.

I’ve chosen Webnode website builder. It meets my criteria and provides me with all the functions necessary. Here’s what Webnode is good at.
• External tools. Webnode lets me add other widgets and tools so I don’t depend on what they offer.
• Upload manager. In differ from other platforms there’s a manager to upload large files which saves time.
• Password protection. Certain areas can be shown to individual users only by the means of Webnode password protection.
• Presence of analytics. Their own Analytics tool is nice and convenient. They also make it possible to add Google Analytics ...

2017.01.08 at 14:41 written by: MaryEllen Kloiber
Reviews: 13
Overall rating: 4.54
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Those who say that Jimdo is no match for online shops must’ve never tried this platform themselves. I retail sneakers of all types and it feels like Jimdo is designed specifically for selling purposes. Jimdo’s features are really well thought-out. Consider their online store, for example. Installing it is absolutely hassle-free process. I’ve managed to do it in a few minutes without any tutorials. Now I sell worldwide. I’ve got orders from Italy and Belgium which means that Jimdo is really useful for online shops. The language isn’t a hindrance on my way to clients ...

2016.11.19 at 12:28 written by: Marcus
Reviews: 15
Overall rating: 4.53
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You can’t say you’ve tried a decent website builder unless you visit I’ve been with this platform for years and I’m over the moon to have found it. Flexible, adaptive, user-friendly. These are the adjectives I can think of when commenting on Wix. I fell in love with this service as soon as I opened their homepage. My barber shop needed a simple but elegant website with little efforts to build up and maintain. I needed basical functions mainly such as posting information and promotional articles with images.What a pleasure it was to ...

2016.11.14 at 14:09 written by: Lorrie
Reviews: 30
Overall rating: 4.63
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I’ve read a ton of positive comments about Webs. Some of my friends have websites by Webs too. So when I decided to launch my own website five years ago I knew which builder to choose. I’ve never had any reasons to think about moving away from Webs. Here’s why.
Webs is incredibly user-friendly. They’ve done a good job in my view because their tool is very intuitive. Their editor makes it possible to drag the whole modules and drop them anywhere onto a page. Any paragraph or a slideshow, it all can be dropped at ...

2016.12.25 at 15:11 written by: Jordan Mosley
Reviews: 19
Overall rating: 4.58
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My site on Websitebuilder is really helpful to boost my sales. There’re two ways to add a store. I prefer to drag it to an existing page (or you can create a new one if necessary). Adding products and setting payment options up isn’t complicated. It all can be done in a few clicks. Even though things look simple Websitebuilder’s store is highly capable. In differ from its competitors this platform lets me add such attributes as brand and UPC number. My store is also equipped with options like color or size and even more. The only ...

2016.12.05 at 14:55 written by: HJJ
Reviews: 21
Overall rating: 4.48
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Our company has a website by uCoz. We made it from scratch because uCoz provides such features. As a boss I mostly think about overall policy of our site so I need detailed statistics. uCoz is quite helpful at this aspect. I can get data about incomplete orders and about order submission time. It’s convenient because I can understand what people buy from us and how it depends on discounts which we provide. I’d like their statistics to be a bit deeper so that I could understand the age of our customers and their origins. I’d like ...

2017.01.06 at 21:01 written by: Bill Stensrude
Reviews: 15
Overall rating: 4.47
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It has never occurred to me that getting clients is so amazingly simple (and involving)! With Bigcommerce offers I’ve completely forgotten about boring marketing tricks which have gone out of date frankly… Bigcommerce is the game changer in the world of sales (at least for me)!
One of the features which comes out-of-the-box is a bulk import/export. It’s based on CSVs files which transfer the product information at ease. One of my friends used it, he says that there were no problems with it.
The feature which is the best one (in my view) helps to group ...

2017.03.10 at 03:43 written by: Stacey
Reviews: 16
Overall rating: 4.38
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As a simple teacher of languages hardly can I write anything balanced on computer software… Well, I’ll try to describe my problems with IM Creator at least.

Singing up was simple enough and I could start working with the objects after a few typical steps. A very good decision of IM Creator is to protect users from annoying hoops to jump through before getting started with the editing routine. I focused on a template and started my way towards virtual happiness. It was that simple! What caused my slight frustration was an undo button. It was nowhere to be ...

2017.04.05 at 05:02 written by: Nellik
Reviews: 14
Overall rating: 4.36
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Strikingly is one of my favorites! In truth I’m a big enthusiast of what this team does… but I will be quite fair with what I think about them.
- Multi-pages websites. Such an option does exist on Strikingly and works well enough. This tool is really handy allowing to add up to 20 pages.
- Blog. Has everything for convenient work including drafts, comments and Disqus integration. Feels untraditional at use.
- Image editor. Quite a lot of changes can be done with Strikingly editor. It can’t compete with Photoshop of course but basic functions are offered.
- eCommerce. I like ...

2017.03.19 at 05:53 written by: bornikkk
Reviews: 12
Overall rating: 4.33
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Shopify is a nice all in one tool which helps me selling goods. There’re all the functions to maintain a decent online store but there’re disadvantages as well.
• Speed. The platform is integrated with payment providers so my clients can pay with as little load time as possible.
• SEO. Shopify makes it possible to add title tags and meta descriptions which work well.
• Customization. Shopify is built using something other than PHP. So customizing their templates can be difficult enough.
• Blogging. Their platform for a blog is too basic with unchangeable layouts.
• Moving away. Shifting from ...

2016.12.20 at 16:19 written by: Aidan Ruiz
Reviews: 20
Overall rating: 4.30
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Hi dear critics of Basekit! I know you all got something to write about this builder but I have a story as well. My concern about any builder is the load speed. Since I make websites mainly for search engines I know that Google likes the websites which load fast. Basekit is a nice fellow in these terms. Their websites load up fast in differ from Wix whose products take minutes to appear on a screen. It would be strange if a person worried about SEO results didn’t comment something about it. I’d give Basekit A+ for SEO ...

2017.03.04 at 05:32 written by: George
Reviews: 10
Overall rating: 4.30
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DudaMobile is the tool which I use to make my websites mobile friendly. I have five websites for my creative projects. I’ve got positive impression about this tool mainly.
In my opinion DudaMobile is an exceptional balance between functionality and useful tools. It provides professional and adequate services which are quite rare on today’s market. For this reason I like it.
DudaMobile works slow in the evenings and it tends to be quite annoying. If I use it in the morning things are much better.

2017.02.15 at 16:01 written by: Alice Young
Reviews: 14
Overall rating: 4.29
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I like! To tell you the truth I’m not a pro at building sites. That’s why I was in search for a decision easy enough for my Shop. I went with this company because they looked like an easy tool for non graphic designers. I’m one of them if you haven’t understood yet. I love the templates they gave for my Shop! There were simple and helpful ideas which were useful. I’d better say if it wasn’t for them my Shop’s site wouldn’t just exist! In as little as 20 ...

2017.03.11 at 06:10 written by: Moiisam10
Reviews: 8
Overall rating: 4.25
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When I opened my gallery I thought that it needed a site. Chose Sitelio, started playing around with settings, checking things and somehow completed my site. The fact is that I’m so noobish in technologies but I did it. Well, my galley sells pictures, I’ve added them to the site I’ve made, have added descriptions to them, set the price and I do sell some of them! I used to sell on Bigcommerce platform, to some extent it was more intricate than Sitelio but Bigcommerce looked more complicated to me. Sadly, aside from integration with Ecwid payments ...

2017.03.24 at 05:13 written by: besscella
Reviews: 8
Overall rating: 4.25
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Frankly I don’t understand all this fussing around 3D. Yes, it’s a platform for business, it has pretty looking design, it gives plug-ins but nothing more. I used it before, not impressed.
Don’t think that a successful business needs all this fast launch stuff. 3D seriously lacks well-planned and specific tools, there’re too general decisions, they’re not bad for beginning but when planning to expand they’ll show themselves as weak and useless solutions.
Designs are okay, only some of them in fact. The majority of the templates are quite run of the mill looking ...

2017.03.20 at 03:32 written by: Hippogriff
Reviews: 16
Overall rating: 4.19
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My literature lecturer stressed me out last semester. He gave me a task and I was supposed to have a blog. An odd whim of a strange man… Alright, as for the blog. I made one on Orson.
That’s crazy! It was a solid blog, for sure! I posted text, pics and some videos, basic staff actually… but it cost me about 30 minutes only, not more. Some builders ignore videos in a blog.
It has everything the proper blog must have. Disqus is already there if you need comments. Apart from blogging has cool integrations.
· Google ...

2017.02.17 at 09:52 written by: Damien
Reviews: 11
Overall rating: 4.18
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Hi! I’d like to drop a few lines about Webydo. I’m not sure that I should estimate it as a website builder. It’s of a different breed so to speak. While other services market themselves as sites for hobbyists Webydo thinks about professionals. I design sites myself, it was a pleasure for me that Webydo provides something code-free and responsive. Many compare it to Adobe Photoshop or InDesign, that’s really so and this is convenient for me personally, I love both of the programs mentioned. Still I wouldn’t compare it to Wix or Squarespace. In ...

2017.04.20 at 04:03 written by: MillionDollarBucks
Reviews: 6
Overall rating: 3.00
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I’ve happily escaped from Ucraft!!! It was a torture I couldn’t stand!!! Let me explain it: my small blog was for people who travel, they’re rarely at home browsing through the Internet on the go. Ucraft is unacceptably BAD FOR THEM!!! and for me as a result. Mobile rendering was a matter of LUCK but not a well programmed process!!! I selected one of the templates for my blog, published it and it looked okay, switched to another template and the paragraphs started to cover each other, I chose a different theme and it turned my blog ...

2017.04.04 at 03:42 written by: aqibarif74
Reviews: 5
Overall rating: 3.00
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My level of experience was equal to zero when I found Homestead. :) I didn’t even imagine how can a blank template turn into a piece of web art. I didn’t even know such a term as “blank templates”. It all became simple and clear when I watched Homestead’s tutorials. Surprisingly they boosted my skills a lot, they told me how to drag stuff, how to change themes and much more. I’m sincerely thankful to Homestead for that! :) Homestead introduced the world of coding to me and years later I took up a course on HTML and ...

2017.03.07 at 04:46 written by: Coins
Reviews: 8
Overall rating: 2.88
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I graduated from university some time ago as a designer. Today I use different platforms to build landing pages showing my clients what to expect. I’ve tried having shown around 15 sites by this company.
The first thing which I found lacking was the mobile optimization because it’s just not good enough for Apple devices. Many of my clients who are interested in business have preferred to choose another website builder for this particular reason.
It’s already two years of me using and I think they lose the completion in terms of SEO ...

2017.04.18 at 03:50 written by: kasheshe
Reviews: 13
Overall rating: 2.85
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I was planning to make a very basic site for pet-sitting business that allows clients to use a calendar and schedule appointments just like booking a hotel. I was also interested in posting pictures of clients’ pets and links to adoption pages on social media.
I’ve achieved some of my goals but I have to warn you that is only good if:
(1) You stick very closely to the templates without trying to do any deep customization
(2) You have experience in design and you know what you're doing when modifying your website. If not, you ...

2017.03.11 at 12:33 written by: Harry
Reviews: 13
Overall rating: 2.77
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My opinion: building a website should be as easy as boiling an egg. Good God today’s builders have succeeded in it. LightCMS is one of them. Getting yourself online isn’t an issue with it and I’m online too now. HOWEVER! it would be unfair of me to write that LightCMS is just another website builder without anything interesting. It’s not. Especially now that the functionality has been improved. They’ve made better:
· Blogging
· eCommerce
· Drag-and-Drop interface
With such upgrades LightCMS has grown up.
As an owner of a medium-sized business I appreciate it so much! If ...

2017.01.04 at 08:43 written by: Gary
Reviews: 4
Overall rating: 2.75
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When I launched my first website on Weebly back in 2012 I was rather enthusiastic about it. I could drop elements and blog about my music. The website looked attractive with different effects and numerous images. As years have passed I started to feel that my website is getting outdated. I wanted to upgrade but all the blocks were fixed and I couldn’t rearrange them. I decided to move to another platform but I couldn’t do it because I would lose a lot of data. Anyway, I decided to build another website on Weebly but I’ve failed ...

2016.11.05 at 12:57 written by: LARS303
Reviews: 22
Overall rating: 2.68
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Squarespace is nice, they have gorgeous templates and various widgets. NO! They lure people in promising ease of use and friendly templates. You’ll never see anything of these on Squarespace. Their service is intuitive for a lay-user only and you can’t customize a thing in fact.

Using Squarespace I’ve noticed that it resembles me what Wix used to be a few years ago. Most of their templates are overused but never updated. The websites they offer are so ill-equipped that you won’t be able to build something functional.

I remember Squarespace when it was taking off ...

2016.11.25 at 12:57 written by: fedpsd
Reviews: 13
Overall rating: 2.54
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Website is a relatively good platform. Perhaps it will suit those of you who want to make a portfolio or a simple website to advertise products. I’m not sure that you can easily build up an intricate website here due to a lack of specific features. I’ve found Website extremely useful when it comes to making galleries. I can choose hundreds of images from Website’s gallery or upload images from my computer. There’s not enough storage place for uploaded pictures so it makes you think twice before uploading an image.

The choice of galleries is also ...

2016.12.03 at 19:02 written by: SEALE05
Reviews: 19
Overall rating: 2.53
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