Best Easy Website Builders of 2017

I don’t like service! It may be nice for someone enthusiastic about new technologies but for an experienced user like me this it’s just a useless attempt to offer unpractical tools in an innovative way. Here’s why I can’t stand this platform.
• Too few templates available.
There’re not many designs to choose from. What they offer looks generic and you can’t customize it in a proper way.
• Elements miscategorized.
If you want to find shapes it’s not that easy to do. All of their elements are categorized in a wrong way ...

2017.02.18 at 09:21 written by: Leah Feeback
Reviews: 4
Overall rating: 2.50
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Yola is a super platform. It’s very intuitive. For example, when I hover the mouse over any element it displays a box to make edits. The edits done are divided into categories and are unique for any type of an element. Great! Sometimes it’s a bit annoying that a box appears whenever I move my cursor so I have to close it even if I wasn’t going to do edits. It’s easy to work with headings on Yola as well. I can choose from pre-made heading types or chose from a list of fonts. I LOVE ...

2016.12.09 at 03:24 written by: Daisy Daisy
Reviews: 14
Overall rating: 2.50
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This service only allows you to design a website without coding. There are no extra plugins or any special features whatsoever. The user interface itself is also quite non-user-friendly as you can get lost very easily. It also doesn’t give you a modern look. The websites themselves look nice, but they could be of a much better quality. What I expected from the service was to host my website, but apparently, I would need to host it elsewhere (like Dropbox, Webdav, Github, or any other hosting provider using FTP), which requires additional work. Since I already am an owner ...

2017.03.08 at 09:35 written by: sunday
Reviews: 4
Overall rating: 2.50
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Someone may be interested in my opinion about editor… If you’re going to use it or if you’re in two minds my experience may help. I hope so at least… used to be the editor I chose for my notary's office in 2013. The site which I had was loading lightning fast. It was so much of a surprise for me because the site had quite a lot of pictures and text blocks combined together…
It had the same loading speed on mobile phones, when people needed to find us or get our ...

2017.03.04 at 09:20 written by: Pitsnstems
Reviews: 6
Overall rating: 2.50
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Our previous website (which we inherited from a partner) was out of fashion, dreary and inaccessible for mobile devices. Without any hesitations we jumped to Perhaps it was a snap decision. Yes, is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use builder. It is a fantastic starter website for a small business owners like us.
Promoting our products and services is all pleasure. With easy to follow steps we had our web pages up and running in no time. No problems about it.
The published version of our website however is quite different from what we saw in preview ...

2016.11.13 at 07:35 written by: Alexandra
Reviews: 4
Overall rating: 2.50
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My major problem with ANY store building platform is making first steps. Sometimes I find it impossible to figure out exactly where things are. CMS’s are different with unique layouts (think of the dashboard by WordPress). Volusion was NOT an exception to me. Fortunately Volusion does have a bias towards an intuitive navigation. After they have upgraded the backend I found it easier to use their options. Now I understand what EXACTLY they offer for mid size eCommercial operations and what they offer for larger needs.
As I remember this builder did not have every single tool for marketing ...

2017.03.21 at 06:07 written by: Heiko
Reviews: 7
Overall rating: 2.43
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OMG, Doodlekit was a nightmare! The poorest technology on Earth! I’m leaving you! Once and for all!

For others:
- It’s not Retina ready.
- Has poorly-planned newsletters.
- Lacks design from scratch option.
- Doesn’t support multi-lingual features.
- Restaurant menu is missing.
- No audio players.
- Doesn’t support podcasts.
- Awkward customization.
- No decent preview mode.
- Sidebars are non-customizable.
- Forms can’t be embedded into pages.
- No integration with popular commenting systems (Disqus or Facebook comments)
- Commenting moderation doesn’t seem to be working.

I’m so fed up with all of these! Can’t treat Doodlekit as a serious platform!

2017.02.07 at 08:28 written by: Elliot
Reviews: 5
Overall rating: 2.40
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Dunked is my big friend. I’m thankful for everything this team develops! I first made a test site to study the platform. Now I’ve published my official music site.
The first steps are absolutely easy to make. This is a good characteristic to me. From the very beginning I arrived at the screen offering to build my project. Their navigation menu (whcih can be found on the left) is so clearly divided! It gives access to content elements which are pages and projects.
Another part of the menu is responsible for design elements, these are themes and edits ...

2017.01.17 at 09:18 written by: Scorpion2
Reviews: 5
Overall rating: 2.40
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Kafafa isn’t the choice for a musician unfortunately. I compose my own music, interested in selling it and popularizing it. Using Kafafa I haven’t had anything helpful for my music.
Kafafa behaves strange when I upload audios, it doesn’t play them. Whether it’s WAVE or MP3 type Kafafa doesn’t recognize them, changing bit rate doesn’t make things much different.
Before I had discovered that I tried Kafafa’s contact form to help my customers with their inquires. I haven’t found what I expected. Yes, Kafafa has contact forms and adding them is a ...

2017.01.13 at 08:30 written by: MGraus
Reviews: 5
Overall rating: 2.40
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My website by Wordpress is two years old and I’m not happy with it. I use Wordpress for the following reasons:
• SEO plug-ins. There’re many decisions which help me to handle on my search engine results. I can write Meta Title, Meta Description and H1 tags.
• Optimized for all the devices. My site looks great on a tablet, Mac or PC. All of their themes are also mobile responsive so I don’t worry about disappointing my visitors.
I wouldn’t recommend Wordpress for the following reasons:
• Tricky customization. It’s not that easy to customize Wordpress layouts ...

2016.12.27 at 16:12 written by: Bev Hedman
Reviews: 10
Overall rating: 2.20
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My respects to the people responsible for bringing Google Site to the Internet, hat off. This is the easiest and the most exciting way to become the part of the technological reality. It definitely required some time for me to get acquainted with how Google Sites builder works and how to interact with it but it was absolutely worthwhile.
Multiple templates have proved that developers of Google Sites are not a lazy team and they do think about the final users who will feel comfortable when choosing the appearance of a website. My delight knows no limits now! Making templates ...

2017.03.04 at 11:36 written by: George
Reviews: 6
Overall rating: 2.17
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I registered on Simplesite two years ago and I’m a little bit torn between should I stay with them or change my website builder. Well, I’m generally satisfied with the quality of the services Simplesite offers but still there’re some of the drawbacks which do repel me. I’ve listed all of the advantages and disadvantages which I’ve faced during my everyday use of this platform.
- Easy to build up a website. As soon as you start using Simplesite they give you all the tools necessary to make a good-looking site.
- Easy to maintain a ...

2016.11.24 at 09:34 written by: Ruth S
Reviews: 15
Overall rating: 2.00
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webflow is terrible in every way! I wanted to place my portfolio on this platform but it was a bad decision. first of all i’ve failed to choose an appropriate template. their collection is primitive and too overused. when I started playing around with fonts I found that there’re not many to choose from as well. so I can’t create a website to stand out.
When it came to placing elements on the page it was a torture. any block of content got stuck to the lines on the screen. I don’t need any type of ...

2016.11.04 at 02:09 written by: CDR80
Reviews: 9
Overall rating: 1.44
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