Best Cheap Website Builders of 2017

Got a business or a passion? These days even entrepreneurs with $0 budgets can start a website. Even the best website builders are created with the freemium business model. With this model, businesses, photographers, craftsmen, and just about anyone with an idea or a dream, can get core website building features for absolutely nothing.

Budget solutions for people looking for best cheap website builders span the spectrum. Established businesses, however, may be better off buying advanced features for a polished and professional look, especially if there are many following and recurring customers.

Many website builder options are available for free, but not all are created equal. Whether you’re looking to get an idea off the ground or to build an online presence for an established business, the shared opinions, comments and feedback of others can guide you to make the right decision. The best cheap website builders are not always obvious, but with a little help from those who have shared their experiences, it may be the easiest business decision you’ll ever make!

My brother and I run a business together. It’s a small but popular shop. Some time ago we decided to go online to sell and advertise our products there, and simply couldn't find a better platform than uKit. One of the things these guys offer is a deep SEO customization with good results. Our website has good rankings on Google and we’ve managed to achieve it owing to uKit. This platform is also easy to use. We didn’t even need any tutorials to launch our website.
The platform is very intuitive and flexible. Customization is of ...

2016.11.17 at 13:25 written by: Jackie T
Reviews: 12
Overall rating: 4.58
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Those who say that Jimdo is no match for online shops must’ve never tried this platform themselves. I retail sneakers of all types and it feels like Jimdo is designed specifically for selling purposes. Jimdo’s features are really well thought-out. Consider their online store, for example. Installing it is absolutely hassle-free process. I’ve managed to do it in a few minutes without any tutorials. Now I sell worldwide. I’ve got orders from Italy and Belgium which means that Jimdo is really useful for online shops. The language isn’t a hindrance on my way to clients ...

2016.11.19 at 12:28 written by: Marcus
Reviews: 15
Overall rating: 4.53
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There’re many strong aspects on Sitey. This website builder is helpful to those who want to make business without spending too much time on it.
There’s integration with PayPal which will be useful to people involved in sales. It’s easy to integrate it into any store. Social media links are easily customizable and you will understand it how to set them up.
You can also add favicon to your site to make it more recognizable. Sitey also provides access to HTML code for header and footer which widens your opportunities significantly. They even make it possible to ...

2017.01.19 at 16:15 written by: Mike Dooley
Reviews: 11
Overall rating: 4.55
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Sitebuilder is full of advantages. This platform offers you infinite opportunities. I like how flexible and user-friendly this service is. So these are the most interesting aspects:
• Good integration with social media;
• Wide library of well-planned widgets;
• Convenient mobile customization;
• User-friendly editing;
• Practical templates;
• Deep SEO settings;
• Simple but functional tools;
• Stunning visual effects.
So for all these reasons I think that Sitebuilder is perfect for the following purposes:
• A portfolio;
• A resume;
• Music website;
• Small shop;
• Small online business;
• Blogging.
I’ve tried Sitebuilder myself and I’m all satisfied with the quality of the service they provide. They ...

2016.12.01 at 14:05 written by: RIFFM
Reviews: 20
Overall rating: 4.50
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Siteblog service is so impressive! I’ve never used any platform which has the same amount of features useful for a blog. I was interested in getting my blog up and running without any efforts. So I did it on Siteblog. I’ve found that their variety of templates is extremely wide. They cover so many topics from food to clothes that I can only praise them. There’re opportunities to customize my blog in a number of ways. Changing overall color or replacing each block on the page is always possible. Love them!

2016.12.18 at 15:18 written by: sweetdream
Reviews: 18
Overall rating: 4.50
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One of the best things about Cabanova is that they’re not a pure drag and drop tool. Yes, you can drop elements onto a page, it’s not a problem here but you can also edit HTML code. Cabanova offers simple but nice HTML editor. It looks like a typical Notepad++ and it’s convenient at use. I always have it opened it because I don’t want to use pre-made templates. When I edit Cabanova’s HTML editing the final result is always perfect so I don’t worry about my site behaving in an unexpected way. There ...

2017.01.08 at 13:34 written by: Jacob Telschow
Reviews: 12
Overall rating: 4.50
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Our company has a website by uCoz. We made it from scratch because uCoz provides such features. As a boss I mostly think about overall policy of our site so I need detailed statistics. uCoz is quite helpful at this aspect. I can get data about incomplete orders and about order submission time. It’s convenient because I can understand what people buy from us and how it depends on discounts which we provide. I’d like their statistics to be a bit deeper so that I could understand the age of our customers and their origins. I’d like ...

2017.01.06 at 21:01 written by: Bill Stensrude
Reviews: 15
Overall rating: 4.47
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I’m a big fan of Site123 because it offers a lot of options to build an adequate and attractive website. I write about political news and there’re a lot of tools to make my site live and informative. I can add new pages and edit them without any hindrances on my way. I can also choose how each of my pages is displayed. It can be displayed as a blog, an online shop, a promo site or About page. It saves so much time because I don’t need to set it all up manually. I just choose ...

2017.01.19 at 10:18 written by: KPutnam
Reviews: 9
Overall rating: 4.44
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I don’t think that is a good choice for business. I had a site on this platform but I’ve decided to leave it. Here’s why.
• Too many bugs
• Not enough plug-ins
• No business oriented templates
• Restricted customization
• Too basic features
On the whole is a decent platform for a simple site with two or three pages. If you want to build a proper online shop with a lot of items and deep analytical tools you’ll be disappointed.

2017.01.13 at 16:18 written by: John Berglund
Reviews: 12
Overall rating: 4.42
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As a simple teacher of languages hardly can I write anything balanced on computer software… Well, I’ll try to describe my problems with IM Creator at least.

Singing up was simple enough and I could start working with the objects after a few typical steps. A very good decision of IM Creator is to protect users from annoying hoops to jump through before getting started with the editing routine. I focused on a template and started my way towards virtual happiness. It was that simple! What caused my slight frustration was an undo button. It was nowhere to be ...

2017.04.05 at 05:02 written by: Nellik
Reviews: 14
Overall rating: 4.36
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Strikingly is one of my favorites! In truth I’m a big enthusiast of what this team does… but I will be quite fair with what I think about them.
- Multi-pages websites. Such an option does exist on Strikingly and works well enough. This tool is really handy allowing to add up to 20 pages.
- Blog. Has everything for convenient work including drafts, comments and Disqus integration. Feels untraditional at use.
- Image editor. Quite a lot of changes can be done with Strikingly editor. It can’t compete with Photoshop of course but basic functions are offered.
- eCommerce. I like ...

2017.03.19 at 05:53 written by: bornikkk
Reviews: 12
Overall rating: 4.33
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Been a dedicated customer of WS from winter to autumn 2012. Since those days their platform has helped me on my way to being an entrepreneur at web business. When using WS I didn't see eye to eye on some things which they used to add. Well, it’s because I’m somewhat conservative, anyways, back to the review. During the long period of using this builder I had a very wonderful experience. Building websites was a pleasure and still is to this day. Thing is though, with this company I was kind of annoyed by the spam emails ...

2017.04.05 at 06:18 written by: tsmith
Reviews: 17
Overall rating: 4.18
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I've used a Simbla best account for over a year and a half at a church where I'm employed as a communications coordinator. Earlier this month I purchased another account for my personal website and switched my hosting service to Simbla from a different provider. Everything went smoothly.
Simbla has tools which helped me getting my website up and running fast, easy and intuitively. It may sound unrealistic to you but this is true. Simbla gives everything it boasts about when advertised.
For users who are technically literal here’s a set of templates. Finding the right one ...

2017.03.12 at 11:01 written by: Tton
Reviews: 11
Overall rating: 4.18
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I'm here ready to tell what is good about Jigsy from commercial point of view and what is not. I have a lot of experience in selling on Wix, WordPress and other site builders so I can give a balanced opinion on Jigsy.

As for the good things, Jigsy has a lot of friends to be integrated which are Ecwid, PayPal and eBay. These services are irreplaceable for successful online business. The variety of social media buttons and plugins made me happy when I started selling on Jigsy. It gave me an opportunity to use such services as Reddit ...

2017.01.14 at 08:16 written by: Dennis
Reviews: 5
Overall rating: 3.00
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I graduated from university some time ago as a designer. Today I use different platforms to build landing pages showing my clients what to expect. I’ve tried having shown around 15 sites by this company.
The first thing which I found lacking was the mobile optimization because it’s just not good enough for Apple devices. Many of my clients who are interested in business have preferred to choose another website builder for this particular reason.
It’s already two years of me using and I think they lose the completion in terms of SEO ...

2017.04.18 at 03:50 written by: kasheshe
Reviews: 13
Overall rating: 2.85
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Simple, smooth, nice and pretty site builder. Drag and drop functions are useable, practical and nice working. I found all of the elements necessary for me in the side bar, they’re easily accessible and simple to implement. When I drop them into footer or let’s say onto a body of the page find them easy to edit. This site builder is friendly with alignment. It uses grids to help with aligning things. Column elements are here too, they make it possible to structure elements as well. Everything is simple to understand. I’ve checked Sitezulu’s form builder ...

2017.04.04 at 03:24 written by: Adam
Reviews: 5
Overall rating: 2.80
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I did try to love Portfoliobox but it hasn’t happened. Having 3 years of experience on this platform I can’t find anything to praise or to recommend. It’s extremely poor in terms of SEO and it’s not flexible enough in terms of mobile adaptation. There’re no proper widgets and installing new Apps is usually a big headache. Worst of all is that Portfoliobox isn’t good for any type of integration with social media. As you know it’s never a problem to connect your Facebook page to your website on Wix, Weebly or uCoz ...

2017.02.09 at 12:48 written by: Jennifer Speer
Reviews: 7
Overall rating: 2.71
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Moonfruit isn’t my favorite tool but it has something to boast. They made me a website which was not bad. The platform brings a lot of wonderful features to the table. However the customization aspect could be better in my opinion. From time to time though the tools offered can seem a bit complicated. Moonfruit is certainly not the program you can get the hang of in 15 minutes. There’s a definite learning curve which requires a good deal of time investment from you. With that said I should mention that many of their features are quite intuitively ...

2017.03.01 at 20:36 written by: Martin Walker
Reviews: 6
Overall rating: 2.67
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Yola is a super platform. It’s very intuitive. For example, when I hover the mouse over any element it displays a box to make edits. The edits done are divided into categories and are unique for any type of an element. Great! Sometimes it’s a bit annoying that a box appears whenever I move my cursor so I have to close it even if I wasn’t going to do edits. It’s easy to work with headings on Yola as well. I can choose from pre-made heading types or chose from a list of fonts. I LOVE ...

2016.12.09 at 03:24 written by: Daisy Daisy
Reviews: 14
Overall rating: 2.50
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This service only allows you to design a website without coding. There are no extra plugins or any special features whatsoever. The user interface itself is also quite non-user-friendly as you can get lost very easily. It also doesn’t give you a modern look. The websites themselves look nice, but they could be of a much better quality. What I expected from the service was to host my website, but apparently, I would need to host it elsewhere (like Dropbox, Webdav, Github, or any other hosting provider using FTP), which requires additional work. Since I already am an owner ...

2017.03.08 at 09:35 written by: sunday
Reviews: 4
Overall rating: 2.50
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My website by Wordpress is two years old and I’m not happy with it. I use Wordpress for the following reasons:
• SEO plug-ins. There’re many decisions which help me to handle on my search engine results. I can write Meta Title, Meta Description and H1 tags.
• Optimized for all the devices. My site looks great on a tablet, Mac or PC. All of their themes are also mobile responsive so I don’t worry about disappointing my visitors.
I wouldn’t recommend Wordpress for the following reasons:
• Tricky customization. It’s not that easy to customize Wordpress layouts ...

2016.12.27 at 16:12 written by: Bev Hedman
Reviews: 10
Overall rating: 2.20
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I registered on Simplesite two years ago and I’m a little bit torn between should I stay with them or change my website builder. Well, I’m generally satisfied with the quality of the services Simplesite offers but still there’re some of the drawbacks which do repel me. I’ve listed all of the advantages and disadvantages which I’ve faced during my everyday use of this platform.
- Easy to build up a website. As soon as you start using Simplesite they give you all the tools necessary to make a good-looking site.
- Easy to maintain a ...

2016.11.24 at 09:34 written by: Ruth S
Reviews: 15
Overall rating: 2.00
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