Strikingly is made to make it as fun as possible to simply build your unique site. You do not need any creative abilities or programming skills before signing up, since you can just click and edit with simplicity. Because of this you can easily and in a simple way create a professional-looking website, that is compatible with both tablet and mobile viewing. Whether you want to have a cool blog or an online store. Three different payment plans will allow you to use different features, where one of them is completely free, one is limited and one is called “PRO”. If you choose to step up to “PRO” for 16 USD/month you have extra features, aside from the ones included in the other two payment plans. Some of them are: Have 3 pro sites. - Have unlimited bandwidth; Have up to 300 products per site for your store, and have multiple pages; Mobile app buttons; HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing. Strikingly has a quite low monthly fee even for the PRO pricing plan, so it is without doubt recommended to upgrade your account if you have a store online or a company that is more than a hobby. This web builder also supports PayPal and direct social media connection, so you can show your feed directly on your website. So, if you need an easy and simple way to create a great-looking website quickly without any previous experience, Strikingly will be the best way to go!
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Refreshingly original approach to making websites
Rating: 5

Strikingly feels refreshingly original and gives me a new experience which I’ve never had on other website builders. I love the website which I have on this platform. To be honest Strikingly feels a bit different from other similar services. When I started editing my website for the first time I couldn’t find any content blocks. In fact there're none. What Strikingly offers is sections. When you edit your website you can see them as individual pages. It’s quite untypical but it’s much more convenient because it helps to create a website in a much easier way. Such sections make it possible to build a unique website because all of the templates by Strikingly are packed with different sets of sections. It’s great! Adding items within the sections isn’t a problem. I can simply click Add Item and I’ll have a wide choice of elements to choose from. In most cases it’s a combination of images and text which helps to save a lot of time. So I really like Strikingly and its untypical approach to making website.

2019.11.27 at 18:05 written by:
Helps to launch a website quickly
Rating: 5

I’ve been testing for many years. I’ve got a website on this platform. I would recommend it because this builder is simple and convenient. I think this is the best tool for building one page websites which have become quite popular recently. Using you can launch a website which has a clear structure, well-organized information and huge photos. You don’t need any technical knowledge to do it. is very intuitive. Customization is simple enough here so you’ll get the hang of it all quickly.

2019.11.07 at 11:33 written by:
Great for freelancers
Rating: 5

I love my website by Strikingly so much! It’s so pretty that all of my friends praise it. I’ve made it owing to one of Strikingly’s pre-existing themes. There’re 28 of them. It’s not much really but all of them look contemporary, stylish and simply amazing. When I started using Strikingly long time ago there were around 13 themes only and now they have added more which means that their team takes care of what products their website builder offers. I like it that Strikingly creators are so responsible. I’m a freelancer and I do enjoy the quality of the templates on this builder. It used to be a headache for me when I tried to launch a one-page portfolio on Wix. I couldn’t properly set it up. It’s not that difficult on Strikingly. In fact it’s not difficult at all here. The strongest part of the templates by Strikingly is that all of them are mobile friendly. My portfolio is responsive on any type of mobile devices and it always looks great whenever my visitors use a smartphone or a tablet. I guess this website builder is the best bet if you’re a freelancer like me.

2019.10.14 at 11:17 written by:
Rating: 4

I use Strikingly website builder for my shop. I find it as a rather convenient platform but still there’re a few disadvantages. In general eCommerce features are easy to set up here which is a good thing. I can even set product variations which isn’t that spread on other builders. Setting shipping options is also possible here as well as creating coupon codes. The problem is that coupon editor is too basic as for me. It gives me an opportunity to set % discount only. As you can understand there’re no $10 off shipping coupons. I would like to set coupons for certain product type only but it’s impossible on Strikingly. Unfortunately Strikingly can’t boast about presence of a tax system. It’s not very good. The good news is that I can preview the email notifications which my customers receive. Overall, I like Strikingly because my online shop isn’t very big and I still manage to get benefit. If I wanted to build up a bigger store with a variety of functions, I wouldn’t recommend Strikingly builder.

2019.10.07 at 19:57 written by:
Nice platform which needs a few modifications
Rating: 4

I appreciate the services which Strikingly provides. I feel that they’re made with love and desire to help users. I don’t want to criticize this website builder because it has helped me to have made an amazing website. Nevertheless there’re some recommendations by me. I would like Strikingly to have the following features: • A membership system • An opportunity to design from scratch • Multilingual tools • A restaurant menu • An opportunity to donate • Some kind of an audio player • Podcasts

2019.09.01 at 17:30 written by:
Convenient blogging tool
Rating: 4

As an artist I want to have a decent blog to share my news and expand my audience. I’ve got a blog on Strikingly. I launched it long time ago and I like it. I’ve added it to the homepage of my website and I enjoy using it. I can list my posts adding links to individual pages. It all is simple and can be done within minutes. Adding comments to my blog is also possible so I always know what my visitors think about my works. There’s another way to get comments as well. You can add Disqus. I’ve done it and I don’t regret. My website has become more interesting owing to all of these features. Creating draft posts is also possible on Strikingly. It’s good because I don’t always have time to create posts adding pictures and images. So I can do it in advance. Love it. The only thing which I’d like to be improved is the style of individual pages. It’s not tied into the templates offered. The individual pages have their own style. It bothers me a bit but I can’t say that it’s a huge disadvantage. I still like what Strikingly offers.

2019.08.11 at 18:44 written by:
Full of useful features
Rating: 5

I’m a photographer and I’ve built my website on Strikingly. It was an enjoyable process for me because I could concentrate on how my photos would look on my website. I didn’t need to bother about technical stuff. There’re a lot of details which aren’t on the surface but which make it interesting to build a website by the means of this platform. I appreciate it that Strikingly offers a decent Preview Mode. It includes all the typical functions and I can always see what I’m doing with my website. In addition I can check it out how my website looks on a desktop, mobile or tablet. This is extremely important for me and I’m thankful to Strikingly for this opportunity. I’m not afraid to lose my progress because there’s Undo/Redo button on this website builder. So Strikingly makes it possible to get back in case I don’t like the changes done. It may sound unexpected for you but some of website builders don’t have such a feature. This is why I do appreciate it. Since my website looks great and functions perfectly I can only praise Strikingly and advice it to all of you.

2019.07.05 at 20:28 written by:
Rich App Store
Rating: 5

I’m a big fan of Strikingly website builder. They have so many advantages which make my online presence simple and interesting. I used Weebly before but I wasn’t really satisfied with it. Now that I’m on Strikingly I’m all happy. Just like Weebly which has App Center Strikingly offers me App Store. So I can choose between different features. Among them are: • A reliable HTML editor • All types of PayPal buttons • Access to the Ecwid store • Customizable Google Maps • Baidu Maps • Presence of Google Calendar • Access to Wufoo forms • Support of newsletter tool by MailChimp • Opportunity to add Facebook comments • SoundCloud integration • Celery eCommerce • Access to Disqus comments • A tool to sell tickets known as Eventbrite • Presence of Google Form • SlidShare opportunities • Pinterest integration • Medium • Scribd • Access to Typeform surveys

2019.06.19 at 19:29 written by:
Great time-saver
Rating: 4

I’m not going to lie: I LOVE STRIKINGLY!!! This is indisputably the best builder existing! It has a funny technology. For instance, if a user is tired of all this fussing around programming, designing, dragging, dropping and so on, a click is enough to have it all created automatically. They have a “Personal” section in the gallery of templates. When browsing through them you can find it quite easily and choose “One Click Website” to create a new website. The magic starts then. Strikingly stars thoroughly analyzing your LinkedIn profile. The builder scans the info from the profile and comes up with an entire website! This option is so rare and it does save time! Goes without saying that such a website is opened for edits and modifications. Strikingly offers another section which I’m in love with. eCommerce. It’s a very solid tool which is very different from the primitive decisions which have flooded the Internet. There’re up to 300 products which can be sold!!! Plus 15 international currencies are recognized by Strikingly!!! Special options are in abundance: shipping options, order tracking, tax rates, Stripe or Paypal processing along with customizable email notifications for customers. I’m ADORE Strikingly, sure you’ll love it too!

2019.04.17 at 05:55 written by:
Not enough flexibility
Rating: 3

When I got registered on I made my website quickly and easily. I decided to change it later on and I chose another template which feels a bit cookie cutter. There’re sections which can’t provide me with enough features to make my website interesting for visitors. I’m quite disappointed. I tried to use their Make Your Own section to build something untypical. I wanted to add columns to my layout but it turned out to be impossible so I ended up having a generic layout. Still offers fully functional iPad and iPhone apps which make it possible to do edits on the go. Analytics can also be viewed using mobile devices. Not bad but I would like to have more freedom of customization.

2019.01.25 at 17:16 written by:
The widest set of features, tools and integrations
Rating: 4

Strikingly is one of my favorites! In truth I’m a big enthusiast of what this team does… but I will be quite fair with what I think about them. - Multi-pages websites. Such an option does exist on Strikingly and works well enough. This tool is really handy allowing to add up to 20 pages. - Blog. Has everything for convenient work including drafts, comments and Disqus integration. Feels untraditional at use. - Image editor. Quite a lot of changes can be done with Strikingly editor. It can’t compete with Photoshop of course but basic functions are offered. - eCommerce. I like this one. Its features are good for offering product variations and even creating coupon codes! - iOS and Android. Strikingly supports all of the existing devices and platforms. - Newsletters. In fact they work right, you can send them and edit but they are not to be integrated with services like Mailchimp. These are the main aspects of Strikingly which I think are particularly important. Now look at some of the features which Strikingly proudly boasts: - HTML editing - Integration with PayPal, Ecwid store - Integration with Google Maps, Baidu Maps, Google Calendar - Support of Wufoo forms, Facebook comments, SoundCloud, Disqus - Accessible Google Form, SlideShare - Access to Pinterest

2017.03.19 at 05:53 written by:
Good templates with poor customization
Rating: 4

Strikingly can’t boast about an immense variety of templates but what they offer are highly professional and practical layouts. I do like them and recommend using their designs. There’s still one odd thing which I’ve noticed on this platform. Since Strikingly offers sets of Sections to build a website I expected them to be always the same. However each of Strikingly templates has a unique set of Sections. They all are individual. So some of their templates are made with options to feature listing section but others don’t have them. Some of their templates have options for a project listings section while others don’t. It’s not fair I think. Worst of all is that you never know what set of options you’ll have when choosing a template. I have to guess whenever I want to choose a layout which is painful because switching between themes will end up in losing the whole site. I’m not happy about customization itself. There’s not much that you can change here. Yes, I can choose a custom color for my website but I can’t customize the color of my fonts or borders. Neither can I change font size or background image. Even though I like the templates offered by Strikingly I would like them to be more flexible for a user.

2017.02.17 at 12:25 written by:
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