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10 reviews | Overall rating: 4.10
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Comes with a lot of decisions
Rating: 5

I’ve had many many many clients in my practice. Some of them want standard simple websites while others need plenty of pages with gigabytes of content. It is what it is but Startlogic always supports me whether I’m having a simple order or a large project.
The main advantage of Startlogic is its flexibility. On the one hand there’re decisions which make routine tasks simpler. Yes, there’re features which help to automate similar tasks. On the other hand there’re very detailed tools useful for specific objectives.
Just a few weeks ago I had a very captious client who wanted to take everything under his own control. Okay, with Startlogic I clearly explained him how things work, how to manage his website and how to work with a domain name (how to connect it and so on). It was simple because Startlogic is logically structured and understanding its logics is quite easy. My client is happy now.
Responsibility is on the list of good things too. As far as I know Startlogic relies on technologies which provide a decent level of security. Frankly I don’t remember any cases of my clients being hacked. I still think this is the merit of Startlogic because they don’t let any intruders destroy our work.

2019.12.12 at 07:59 written by:
Getting worse and worse
Rating: 3

I’ve been loyally using Startlogic during 3 years. Had a lot of nice words to say about it. It was good back in the beginning and I would give it a good review. To my disappointment the last few years have changed my mind. I’m not that impressed with Startlogic anymore.
I feel that the approach to the services has changed and its developers are somewhat irresponsible now. Three weeks ago my website began to go very slow. It was at best case, at worst it didn’t work at all, no ping, no traceroute. Sometimes things get better and I see that my website works well. Sadly it happens so rarely that it’s rather an exception than a rule.
Startlogic was nice when I had a plain website without anything special features on it. Today I’m getting a more interesting eCommerce website. I've been through a lot of troubles with it. They’re also connected with loading. On some pages certain object load, other pages don’t load at all showing error screen.
In May Startlogic renewed my domain. In February my website was locked up for continuously excessive bandwidth I had no control over. In February they were notified that my domain didn't need to be renewed though since I removed all information from the website. Very sad situation. There are much better choices out there.

2019.12.08 at 07:58 written by:
The most incredible platform for individuals
Rating: 5

Startlogic is ideal for me! The most incredible platform you can find! So many advantages, pros and positives about it, I can’t really stay away from recommending Startlogic.
This intuitive service will suit anyone but it is especially useful for individuals. I’m a photographer, I have programming skills and can make a pretty simple one pager or a portfolio for myself. I’ve published one on Startlogic, think that this is the way to go if you have a non-profit project, own a small business or work as a freelancer. This is for sure!
Such a wonderful hosting service as Startlogic made me happy. It was when I read that there was unlimited amount of bandwidth! Not that I’ve got hundreds of visits per day but I hope to. It’s rather encouraging. What does matter for me is the disk space. I’m a photographer, of course it does! Startlogic doesn’t impose any restrictions on storage, I save as many photos as I want to! Amazingly useful idea!
As I said I know coding and from time to time launch other websites. I just connect them to my Startlogic account, I don’t need to open up another one. This is another case of convenience. Woow! Startlogic is incredible for so many reasons! Enjoying it!

2019.11.11 at 07:58 written by:
Works well but takes too much time
Rating: 3

I am not that positive about StartLogic domain hosting service. I suppose it lags far behind the competition for a number of reasons.
I found it very difficult to simply create an account on StartLogic. It was an issue because the company required the copy of my license just to sign me up. I think this is a silly annoyance taking into account that I only pay a few dollars per month for the services provided. Despite this I sent the copy of my license and got my account opened. The problems were not over though. Once I opened an account I had to wait extra time to own the domain. It took quite a lot of time to be honest and I do not think that there is a proper explanation for this delay.
In terms of use StartLogic is so-so because many of the standard features require a lot of time as well to be studied properly. The reward is a proper and reliable functionality. I was ready to have spent a few days understanding them and it was worthwhile experience.
If I were looking for a place with a robust functionality I would definitely stick to StartLogic but if I wanted something less complicated I would rely on a different product.

2019.10.23 at 07:57 written by:
The list of reasons to love Startlogic
Rating: 5

Today I’ve come up with a long list for Startlogic. It’s one of those tools which I have SO MUCH LOVE FOR. Startlogic is smart, well-planned thinking about users. From something in mind to something in kind, here’s why to love Startlogic:
· It supports PHP language
· MySQL can be integrated
· UNLIMITED hosting space and monthly traffic are provided
· Free domain name and free setup are here
· Beginners can make use of guides and tutorials
· AWStats accessible
· CGI is provided
· Custom error pages can be added
· Email forwarding is possible
· There’s a professional file manager
· FrontPage extensions are added
· Access to Hotlink protection is always here
· Password protection is supported
· Support of POP3 can be found here
· A filter to avoid spam
· Audio or video streaming is possible
· vDeck makes it easy to use this system

2019.10.17 at 07:57 written by:
Based on simple technologies
Rating: 4

I spent a whole Saturday afternoon working with my new commercial website. I was mainly getting the hang of Startlogic, how it works and so forth. Once I set up my domain name I was greeted with nice functions. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Startlogic was made for all types of operating systems. This is because Startlogic is based on vDeck 3.0. If you don’t know it’s a type of control panel. It’s a flexible and adaptive one so I really like it. By the way it’s the same control panel offered by iPower. It doesn’t change the functions, features or appearance whatever OS is used. Choosing Windows or Linux you won’t see any difference. I like it because I’ve got a Windows based PC at work and iMac at home. Thus I don’t feel confused. At first it feels a bit scary because a demo of vDeck isn’t provided. I felt like I was offered a pig in a poke. It’s not like that really because this system appeared to be fairly plain. Especially when compared more common control panel applications out there vDeck is much better. When it comes to VPS the platform is equipped with OpenVZ which is used as a container. Once again according to customer preferences it can be integrated with any kinds of Linux. Unfortunately it’s not really clear what flavors of Linux they still offer. Finally I wouldn’t say that Startlogic is not a good choice.

2017.04.11 at 07:55 written by:
Not that easy to get used to this hosting
Rating: 4

This is a recherché hosting for sure! Its advantages are numerous. They’re mostly predictable, any other hostings have them.
The main dissatisfaction is the speed. Some pages load very very slow and I don’t like it. I used this hosting for 4 years and I needed time to get used to its specifics.
And more info: imagine I want to download zip file by the means of ftp. 500 Mb I was downloading for about 5 hours. I have nothing else to complain though.
This hosting is for me but other people may find it … strange.

2017.03.20 at 07:56 written by:
Follows the best traditions of shared hosting services
Rating: 5

Our homeowner's association launched a site in September 2008. Clearly we needed a decent hosting. As a person experienced in kind of things like that I advised Startlogic, everyone agreed and we don’t regret about it. Don’t think we ever will.
Back in those days when I was younger and didn’t know much about this sphere of life I found Startlogic’s online authoring tools very helpful in getting started. It was how I fell in love with this company which has taught me a lot. Having gained enough experience I created a more elaborate site (much close to the one our homeowner's association has now). It was how I started using commercial authoring programs. I’m still using it to maintain our site on my home PC. With Startlogic it’s not a hindrance at all and I’m glad to report that.
When I started my first website on Startlogic having FTP didn’t surprise me that much. Today I especially appreciate it because I’ve already tried other services which have no FTP, I know now that uploading can be a real pain but not on Startlogic. Things work extremely well for me and I can praise that they offer 99.9% uptime guarantee. Startlogic meets the industry standard set for such shared hosting services. Nevertheless rarely have I seen hosts actually delivering the same.
I recommend Startlogic especially for beginning website authors. It will teach them a lot of useful things.

2017.03.17 at 08:00 written by:
Doesn’t protect websites as necessary
Rating: 3

Erm, don’t really know how treat Startlogic company. I had a serious security issue with them. Before I launched my store I took a deep study of Startlogic, I didn’t want to trust to an unreliable company. As I found out Startlogic took security very seriously. It’s a common case that after publishing a website and starting to get the traffic projects become wide open to hacks. I knew that before and was relieved to have known that Startlogic was the partner with SiteLock company. It was convincing for me as SiteLock monitors websites for such hacks. In theory if a website gets under the danger of being hacked they just get rid of the malware and restore it all back for safe use. I couldn’t even think that it would go wrong... but it did. As soon as I had my store up and running I faced a number of attacks which made it impossible to work for me! Startlogic was useless and didn’t help me. I didn’t even understand why. It’s needless to explain that I had no choice but close my store on Startlogic down.I didn’t want it because I had already spent a lot of weeks on getting online. Startlogic got very poor in practice... Not going to use it for the problem with security only!

2017.03.15 at 08:00 written by:
Pros and cons compared
Rating: 4

It was fun mostly for me and my friend to have tested Startlogic. We didn’t see it as promising software, somehow we found it and put it into a test. Ah, we were wrong about SL, it turned out to be a nice hosting service. Good to know that! We started testing with Express plan, it was a large one with 5 GB of disk space. The number of email accounts was up to five while the monthly bandwidth included 600 GB. Nice results for a start, we thought. Logically other hosting plans offer more space and bandwidth which is great. As for the most basic shared hosting plan SL is helpful with some pre-configured scripts. They include the following options:
· Gbook
· phpBB
· Joomla
· WordPress
· Image galleries
Plus there’s a fairly wide choice of website builder tools and layouts. However the exact provision hasn’t been specified. Can’t comment on them. :( The area where SL obviously failed to impress us was user-friendliness. So many of the service’s usability issues stem from the control panel. They use an uncommon control panel which isn’t very popular out there. It’s notably more complex than other applications as for us. Usability issues keep Start Logic from ranking higher on our review. Taking it all into account SL isn’t the strongest service but it will do. We advise it. ;)

2017.02.23 at 07:59 written by:
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