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Solid premise, poor execution
Rating: 1

Squarespace is nice, they have gorgeous templates and various widgets. NO! They lure people in promising ease of use and friendly templates. You’ll never see anything of these on Squarespace. Their service is intuitive for a lay-user only and you can’t customize a thing in fact. Using Squarespace I’ve noticed that it resembles me what Wix used to be a few years ago. Most of their templates are overused but never updated. The websites they offer are so ill-equipped that you won’t be able to build something functional. I remember Squarespace when it was taking off the ground. It looked like a promising platform, their premise was really solid. As for the execution, well it’s extremely poor because there’s really low functionality and their ready-made products don’t provide enough features for successful experience.

2019.11.25 at 12:57 written by:
Nothing to praise but designs
Rating: 3

I’ve been using a great number of different website builders. I’ve tried all the products from Simplesite to Wix. I’ve finally launched my site on uKit. I decided to try Squarespace when I was in need for a Parallax scrolling template. I wanted to have it all on one page. So my verdict concerning Squarespace is here. The good. • Exciting templates • Nice widgets • Not bad at use The bad. • No freedom. The product is said to offer wide customization but in fact you’re locked inside of a box. There’s no way to get out of this box if you don’t know CSS. There’re no simple tools to make a website but it’s reasonable because it helps to keep design elements neat. • There’re only three settings to change fonts and colors. • Navigation menu which you can choose for your website is too primitive. There’re no sophisticated features. • No button customization. • Paragraphs are not justified. • There’re not many manipulations you can do with images. No opportunities to save adjusted images so you have to start over again if you want to modify the same image. • Elements tend to disappear and re-appear later on. The whole list is rather frustrating but there’re a few interesting aspects on Squarespace. I’m still not going to use this website builder but it’s ok for an average user.

2019.11.24 at 14:15 written by:
Product full of bugs
Rating: 2

I chose Squarespace under the guise that their platform functioned properly and I expected to see beautiful and qualified designs. It was an illusion only. I’ve spent 3 months making my website to find out that their customization is a nightmare. I wanted my site to have a lot of icons and uncommon buttons. Nope. There’s no button customization on Squarespace and their choice of icons isn’t rich. Since I care about uniqueness in every aspect I wanted to add my own favicon. I’ve spent a few days but I have no idea where to find this feature. Whenever I add a video onto a page it doesn’t play. I got no clue why. I’ve tried to convert it from MOV to AVI, I’ve even compressed it but nothing works. Even if I add something from YouTube it never functions right on my site. Their bugs are terrible. The same happens to my audio files. Whenever I add a song there’s no volume bar and my visitors can’t choose the level of volume they want to. SoundCloud helps from time to time but in some cases Squarespace refuses to use their code. I advise you all to learn from my mistakes. Do not use, do not trust, do not give Squarespace even a slightest chance. Never! You’ll waste your time only.

2019.11.05 at 13:27 written by:
Attractive templates, inconvenient to use
Rating: 3

Oh my, I’m in two minds about Squarespace platform. There’re certain advantages which are undeniable. At the same time this website builder is so bugged that I have to spend hours on what should’ve taken minutes. Their editor is friendly enough. I can customize my site quite easily without any serious problems but it’s made in a clunky way. I don’t know how to code but I feel that Squarespace pushes me to open up their HTML editor. I feel like there’s a bigger potential on this platform when it comes to HTML editing but I can’t use it. It’s so frustrating. I had my website on another platform. When I registered on Squarespace I wanted to transfer my site but I couldn’t simply do it. So I had to transfer my domain name to Squarespace first and take my whole site after. This is so archaic! Squarespace still provides attractive templates. They’re rather compact, I can’t say that they’re overcomplicated which is a good thing. The whole approach to design here is so to speak minimalistic but it looks attractive and I like my site on Squarespace. The problem is that it’s extremely inconvenient to use it this is why I don’t know whether I should stay on this platform or leave it.

2019.10.16 at 10:21 written by:
Not user-friendly at all
Rating: 2

I was intrigued by Squarespace having seen their advertising campaign which promised ease of use at every aspect. Since I wanted to leave Weebly I decided to try Squarespace. What a mistake it was! Squarespace is full of bugs and glitches which makes this website builder a pain to use. Their campaign promised that I could change anything owing to deep access to the initial code. It’s all lies. As I’ve discovered from my own experience their code is nothing more than a set of CSS attributes which have been preselected. As you can guess there’s no ability to actually change how your website functions and looks. My website doesn’t load on my iPhone. It’s a simple website with just a few pages without too many pictures. It’s more than enough for me and I’m really fed up with Squarespace. I’m going to close all my accounts on this platform and stop using it. Bye-bye.

2019.09.19 at 20:55 written by:
Nice features but bad for mobile
Rating: 4

I’ve spent the last six months making my site on Squarespace. This is a friendly service in general. I’ve built a great looking site with one of their templates which was easy to use. My site is great when I view it on PC but it all fails on any type of Android device. I’ve checked my website on Apple, it’s fine but when I use my mobile or tablet things are much worse. So their responsive design isn’t that as responsive as Squarespace says. The rest of Squarespace is fine. I like their tools and widgets. Their SEO isn’t bad. I can’t say it’s the best SEO on Earth but it’s fine. There’re all the basic functions and I can promote my site. So I don’t share criticism against Squarespace. Perhaps this platform isn’t that good at customization and has several mistakes but I still can figure it out to work well.

2019.09.03 at 17:04 written by:
Nice templates but extremely poor for SEO purposes
Rating: 3

I’m not that dissatisfied with Squarespace but this website builder does lack so many good things. They offer beautiful templates which are made with a professional approach as for me. There’re customization options but you need to be an adept at HTML knowledge if you want to do deep and intricate customization. It’s a serious issue that all of their templates have built in domains which can trip Google and other search engines up. I’m pretty sure it can hurt your SEO dramatically. But still you can fix it if you add the built in domain to your Google webmaster account. Verify it along with your custom domain. Then hide your built in domain. It’s still complicated though. I guess Squarespace could be more friendly at SEO aspects.

2019.08.15 at 18:09 written by:
too complicated
Rating: 4

I use to publish my portfolio. It was relatively simple to have launched my site from scratch and set it up so that my visitors could share my photos. I like how my pictures are displayed, they look great. I ran into a kind of a problem though. I wanted to line up my photos in columns. I didn’t know how to do it so I needed some assistance. After I had done it the photos started to resize looking weird. They took way too much space than needed. I tried to remove them all and add them back to my site. So they started to behave better. Such problems occur sometimes on Squarespace but I still love this website builder. I just wish this platform to be more user-friendly and a bit more straightforward.

2019.07.30 at 20:02 written by:
Rating: 1

This is the worst website builder ever! After a few months of hair pulling and frustration I’ve come to a conclusion that Squarespace is a nightmare especially in terms of usability. I wanted to use this platform to promote my photography. I can’t get my head around the workings of this website builder. I tried to link my portfolio to the store because I wanted to sell the prints. Nothing works as it should. Whenever I create a new page I have to re-upload my images instead of using a proper pool of pictures. I guess I'll be looking for a different platform.

2019.07.05 at 10:21 written by:
Run of the mill website builder
Rating: 3

Squarespace isn’t as black as it is painted but you still need to try other website builders as well. I guess you can’t develop any worthwhile skills with this platform. Squarespace is unreliable when it comes to mobile adaptation. Your website will never be consistent changing its styles and colors. Still there’re some nice tools which can help you to make a decent portfolio. They offer quite useful sliders which are made professionally. Still there’re better products on the market. This one deserves no more than 3 stars rating!

2019.06.23 at 15:12 written by:
Very unreliable service
Rating: 1

Squarespace limitations and restrictions are absurd. Having wasted hours on them I’ve come to a frustration only. I’ve got 8 websites on different platforms. Squarespace is the most limited website builder which has actually hurt my business. Getting my site up and running turned out to be a problem because they have discontinued the template I chose. So after two months of using a website based on one of their designs I have to put up with the fact that it doesn't exist anymore! All I could do was to start from scratch and choose another template which wasn't that good. Squarespace is absolutely limited. For example I can add 10 pages only even though I've paid for my subscription. It sounds strange but I can’t even copy and paste elements on this platform. The whole service is of a low quality. When I add an element its alignment changes randomly and there’s no way how I can control it. I can’t even control the font of my website. When I view it in a preview mode I see a certain type of font but when I open the editor the font changes. I don’t even want to test their mobile editor, I’m afraid I’ll have my whole website ruined to the ground. I don’t understand why to use Squarespace because this platform is never helpful no matter what type of site you launch. Whether it’s of a business type or a simple portfolio Squarespace won’t help you to achieve your goals. Even though they boast about winning some mystical awards I don’t think it’s true, this service is unreliable. I won’t use it ever again!

2019.06.16 at 18:59 written by:
Great for those who know how to code
Rating: 4

I’m really enthusiastic about As a formerly user of Weebly I have no reasons to complain. This product is easy to use, full of interesting decisions and offers some templates which look good. I can’t praise all of them but there’re certain designs which are awesome. Unfortunately you can’t achieve a lot here without knowing how to code. If you’ve got basic skills of HTML or CSS you’ll be able to make a great site on However I think that a good website builder should provide equal opportunities to users of different levels and skills.

2019.05.19 at 16:37 written by:
No place for uniqueness!!!
Rating: 2

Squarespace is the most unintuitive platform I’ve ever been on. I’ve tested many of them and I don’t think that a website builder should be that complicated. Worst of all is that there's no way to customize your website! As soon as you pick some of their designs you won't be able to modify it. This is exactly what your site will look like. You can't make it unique because you totally depend on the template's layout. I tried to add a catchy title to a banner of full width. I’ve failed to accomplish this task. You can only get what you see. Perhaps it's good in some cases but not on a website builder. Avoid Squarespace if you want to save your uniqueness!!!

2019.05.03 at 12:26 written by:
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