SnapPages is the perfect solution for individuals or businesses that need to make their professional website. Simply making it simple to make a website, SnapPages additionally makes it easy to update and manage your site. Building a website in is very simple. Once more, the simplified interface is exceptionally basic. However, the best thing about it is every one of the options you have. More to the point, there isn't some arcane process that is associated with moving things around or adjusting the sizes and shapes of your objects, and it's truly as straightforward as a couple of clicks. doesn't do much in the method for hosting. Like with a considerable measure of free builders, they allow you a specific number of pages and an allotment of storage space that can be easily published on a subdomain of their first site. SnapPages considers web based marketing when building the code for their websites, adjusting them for an ideal SEO and placement in search engines, and also making them simple to slither. If you ever require any assistance utilizing this software, you can send them an email, and they will respond you within 16 hours after sending the email. For you need to pay $12 monthly to utilize it and $20 monthly on the off chance that you need to use it with their pro features. This is whether you purchase their three months membership.
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Didn’t meet my criteria at all
Rating: 3

Oh God! Snappages doesn’t even know such a word as usefulness! Never have I seen anything that would be a number one hit here. Tons of useless tools are in abundance! Helpful features are ignored! This is not just my personal opinion, many of my friends say the same! I honestly tried to accept Snappages when making my own website. No, I haven’t succeeded in it, I’ve failed! Here’s what I thinks Snappages needs drastically! - Design from scratch. Any normal website builder knows that users may want to go out of the box… but not Snappages! It made me use one of the existing templates. I didn’t really like it! - Tool for multi lingual experience. I do want to attract as many visitors from all over the world as possible but I can’t! People who don’t speak English will never read me! - Sending newsletters. It’s so nice to inform your readers about news and I dreamt about it. Never could do it with SnapPages. - Audio player. It’s not that I NEEDED it but it would be useful for me to add some music to the articles. There was no such tool on Snappages! These were the main things I needed and this was why I left this website builder! Today I’m in a search for something more advanced and better organized!

2019.11.13 at 03:29 written by:
Too global, to general, to unthoughtful
Rating: 2

I sincerely wish I could write something pleasant concerning SnapPages, I wish I could but I cannot. This service is something a user typically does not ask for, at least I do not. Such a significant aspect as customization is ruthlessly restricted. Once I tried to customize the size of an individual font but I came across an unexpected twist – only global font size can be set. It made me feel at a loss since I do not see why to introduce such an inconvenient idea. This is a kind of injustice which happens all over SnapPages just like with color palettes. It does give a chance to choose which colors will be used but it does not give an opportunity to choose how the colors will be applied throughout the whole website. By writing this I mean that the buttons do inherit the colors of the palette but as you might have guessed you cannot choose individual colors for individual buttons. There is no obvious way to do it at least. In addition I do not have a clear understanding of why SnapPages use such unthoughtful plans which give no obvious advantages but cost a lot of money. I have no reasons to write anything good concerning SnapPages, I hope you now see why.

2019.09.10 at 03:27 written by:
Gives nice basics
Rating: 4

A comment by a translator. No particular skills, know just what an average user knows. Published my page with contacts, portfolio and prices. Like it. The builder is user-friendly, not because of ease of use but because new ideas appear continually. Plug-ins are always up to date. New releases are pushed made in a skilful way. The building process swirls around sections, they stack on top of one another. The blocks are contained inside of each section. Text, images, forms are all inside. Forms are amazing. The number of fields they are made with is limitless. Seen radio buttons and checkboxes. Areas for text, phone or email are given. Sure they have more options than I can think of. After the form submission is complete I receive results. An email is used for that. These emails are not stored though. Deleting them is a bad idea. ECommerce isn’t the case with this builder. Have seen no options for sales. Not really interested in them actually. Section templates are not various. There’re 13 only. Significantly less than other builders have. On the upside there’s more control over the sections. The builder works well, drag&drop is fast, editor for texts is sharp. Some aspects could be improved but this builder gives the basics.

2017.04.10 at 03:33 written by:
Has certain weak points. The blog tool is great!
Rating: 3

It’s good to see that the Web industry doesn’t stay still. Really, new editors mushroom up, one I’ve tried recently is named as It’s not the best decision so far but think it will take its own place in the sun, I’m pretty sure. The editor itself is still too simple but makes it possible to move or add different menu items. It’s all standard really. As for me the bad point is that styling options are never to be found at hand. They just don’t exist on Customization is one of the biggest weaknesses. As a result all the websites by this team are pretty cookie cutter. The interface itself is kept in separate parts of the program, it’s not good for the general usability. Think a unified editor is a better idea. Hope they’ll introduce it someday. One of such inconvenience is the blog. You can’t find it in page editor but it would be better if things were different. Today is a bit disorienting. Speaking of a blog, this tool is a powerful decision. It’s made with the full functionality which includes scheduling posts and creating categories. I’ve also tried adding tags and setting excerpts, it was possible. A rare feature for a blog based on platforms like this is to moderate comments, it’s accessible on

2017.01.24 at 03:31 written by:
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