Photo is a simple-to-use platform that allows users to build a perfectly-working website without any hassle. The easiness of navigating through its features is one of the top advantages of choosing SiteZulu to put together pretty much any website design even if you're not an IT guru who knows how to write complex lines of code. With this platform, users can simply drag and drop any content, from text to photos and video, and you can edit text as you would with an advanced editor. Users can also choose from various stunning layouts in order to create the ideal design for your eye-candy website. Should we work more on convincing you? Then you should know that your new professional website will also adapt automatically for mobile and desktop. And this means that it will create responsive pages guaranteed to keep users on your site. And, of course, since this is also a Google-friendly tactic, it will help improve search engine rankings. Do you want to know the best part? You get all this with a free account!
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Tries to sell unnecessary services
Rating: 3

I don’t really know how to call it but I actually feel like SiteZulu hoaxes users. Yesss, there’re functions described as something big and unique but IN FACT they’re not worth a tuppence. Look, they will promise you intricate eCommerce functions if you upgrade to their Professional plan, it’s ridiculous. When I upgraded I only had an access to PayPal button. You serious guys? I can embed the same absolutely free just using PayPal’s embed code. What a silly trickery. Plus PayPal isn’t fairly one of eCommerce features, it’s just a button to pay. It doesn’t give vital eCommerce opportunities such as checkout via a website, variations of products, email receipts which are customizable, etc. The same masquerade starts when it comes to donations. Technically there’s a donation button provided by PayPal. but once again it’s not a full donation system. It doesn’t provide any checkout features, nor receipts customization. Others sides of SiteZulu aren’t much better. Yes, they’ve got themes which are “claimed” to be responsive. Nothing of the kind! They all are bugged and my header was a mess with links missing, logo made disproportional and so on. The images on SiteZulu always look unnatural on iPhones… It’s unbelievable that such naïve builders as SiteZulu still exist. Doubt that someone will praise them.

2019.10.15 at 03:21 written by:
The biggest disappointment in my whole life!!!
Rating: 2

Sooooo terribly low qualified service!!! Never thought that I would get so stuck on a site builder. Nothing works the right way. The body of my website is out of proportions: a looooooong header with tiny links and very narrow footer. No one is even going to see such a piece of crap!!! I did all I could to change the situation but finally I gave up that idea, it was pointless. No doubts I didn’t even think about staying with Sitezulu, left them showing a clean pair of heels! The overall impression is negatiiiiive! Plug-ins are slooow, when I added one my website started to load for minutes! Hardly is it acceptable!!! Warning you, don’t rely on Sitezulu, it won’t do you any good!

2019.08.12 at 03:25 written by:
Flexibility at the level
Rating: 4

Simple, smooth, nice and pretty site builder. Drag and drop functions are useable, practical and nice working. I found all of the elements necessary for me in the side bar, they’re easily accessible and simple to implement. When I drop them into footer or let’s say onto a body of the page find them easy to edit. This site builder is friendly with alignment. It uses grids to help with aligning things. Column elements are here too, they make it possible to structure elements as well. Everything is simple to understand. I’ve checked Sitezulu’s form builder, it’s a great one, I enjoyed it a lot. Actually it’s a full form builder with various fields. They include such types as: - Date - Multiple choice - Email - Password - Paragraphs - Checkbox - Text inputs Unfortunately there’s nowhere to store email submissions. Not that it’s a problem but it requires a lot of attention if I don’t want to lose important data. The text inside of the submit button is editable, like it. Sadly success messages and error messages are not to be modified. That’s a pity. No audio player here but SoundCloud access is available which is nice. 35 themes at my disposal were extremely helpful, all of them look pretty nice without feeling outdated. Perhaps they could’ve been still more contemporary if compared to Wix. There’s a lot of customization to do such as setting global styles, that’s great!

2017.04.04 at 03:24 written by:
Needs more time to become a professional builder
Rating: 3

If only I could enjoy Sitezulu to the fullest. :-( I’ve been on this platform for several months and I can’t say anything bad about it but not much good either. The editor itself, I found it to be somewhat confusing. For example, simple hovering any element on the page ends up in a really big puzzle because it leads to a bunch of elements popping up. It only made me confused because I couldn’t understand a thing. Which element was responsible for which action or what I will have by clicking one of them, it was far beyond my understanding and still is in fact. I still realized that all of the icons popping up were responsible for editing but it feels pointless to have dozens of icons to edit things, one editing section would be enough. Very confusing editor as for me! Unpolished tool, that’s what Sitezulu is. Here’s another example, it’s the text boxes. It’s impossible to move one unless I click its icon. Don’t understand such a decision frankly speaking. Also the builder can be very very slow sometimes. I remember that I used undo button recently and it took me 5 seconds to process. Sometimes the “Undo” doesn’t do anything at all. Overall, this is a nice website editor, a simple one but it’s absolutely unpolished. :-(

2017.03.13 at 03:22 written by:
I will never come back to Sitezulu
Rating: 2

I was misled! When someone told me that Sitezulu was great they shamelessly lied to me! There’s no way to praise Sitezulu! It never made me smile! Sitezulu has nothing to offer from the things I’m listing down! · No tools to blog about news · No applications developed particularly for iOS/Android devices · No opportunity to send newsletters · No way to build up a simple membership system · No features to create designs using a blank page · No access to multi-lingual tools · No restaurant menu for cafes That’s way too much! I’ll never rate Sitezulu positively! Sadly I’m going to have to hang my Sitezulu boots up and start using uKit!

2017.01.24 at 03:18 written by:
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