Sitey provides a very easily usable, intuitive website builder platform for beginner webmasters. There is a free package providing 50 MB of storage, 1 GB of total bandwidth per month and 5 MB maximum file size per upload - this is a good option of previewing their offerings. But if you need anything more than a simple 1-2 page website, you will need to pay up for one of their packages - Starter for small sites, Pro for better support and Ecommerce for webshops are the options, where the latter lets webmasters build their own small web-shop. The editor provided by Sitey is a 100% visual one using drag-and-drop methods, hundreds of useable templates and good keyword support. All sites built on this platform adhere to Google's SEO requirements and adapt to various screen sizes. All packages include web hosting services, the possibility to use custom domain names, a huge library of freely available images and 24/7 technical support to assist with any issues.
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Impressive templates but no stat tracking
Rating: 4

I like that Sitey offers an impressive selection of templates. It’s not just a bunch of useless layouts, it’s a well-planned gallery with different designs which are specific for different industries. Some of them look elegant while others are kitschy. It’s a great variety really. What makes me sad on Sitey is that they don’t provide stat tracking tools that easily. You need to get an expensive subscription to get it otherwise you’re left without any details about your visitors. This is a must have for any site and I think that they could’ve provided a basic stat tracking tool for free.

2019.12.25 at 11:30 written by:
Rating: 5

My blog by Sitey is nothing less than perfect. It functions smoothly. There’re a lot of default fonts on Sitey so I can always make my articles readable. Wide variety of headings makes it easier to focus attention of my readers or attract them to a particular piece of information. Changing text style is no type of an obstacle on this website builder and it’s simply amazing. The right choice of images or colors for background is important for my blog and Sitey is helpful here. They make it possible to choose a certain image or color as a background and I do use this feature. I especially love their “Colors” section. I tend to change the whole mood or atmosphere of my site on Christmas and other occasions. So I can customize the whole color palette. The selection of the presets which Sitey offers for this purpose is really massive. Their color palettes look harmonically and match each other well. There’s something to choose from and I can update my site for holidays. This is a great opportunity which makes things much easier.

2019.12.03 at 13:19 written by:
Unlimited tools and opportunities
Rating: 5

Sitey is a real time saver as for me. It helps me to avoid repetitive actions and make the whole process of site building more or less automatic. Sitey has such a feature which is responsible for adding elements to multiple pages. I have “Buy It Now” button on my site and I want it to be displayed on every page. So it’s possible not to add it over and over again. I use Sitey’s Master Page which gives me an opportunity to add this button to every page at a few clicks only. I just drag it, place it and enjoy it on every page. This tool is extremely useful and I’m thankful to Sitey for such a feature. Sitey is also good because it’s packed with all types of elements which include shapes and buttons. Their collection of social media widgets is also wide enough and I love how easy it is to integrate them. Sitey offers beautiful menus which are simple to customize. They do help to make a site more functional. This website builder can boast about all types of text boxes, icons and flash instances. I really appreciate it because their tools and elements are good for making live and interesting sites.

2019.11.17 at 19:23 written by:
Nice place for a photographer
Rating: 4

Sitey deserves the highest rating because it offers a lot of opportunities for photographers. I have my portfolio on Sitey where I showcase my works. It is easy enough because Sitey lets me select between rows and columns to display my pictures. Grid options are also customizable so I can create attractive galleries which make my images look even better. It’s good to know that any gallery by Sitey can be placed anywhere on a page. I can move it up or down, in any direction I want to. It helps me to impart some of my personality and this is the juicy part on Sitey. Unfortunately my gallery loads slow when viewed from a mobile. I don’t think viewing a photographer portfolio from a mobile device is a good idea but still I’d like to have this problem sorted out somehow. I’ve browsed through their gallery of stock photos. It is impressive. There’re hundreds of images for all types of industries from travels to events.

2019.11.12 at 09:38 written by:
Convenient mobile editor
Rating: 4

Sitey provides a decent mobile editor which is a good decision. It allows to tune all the elements fine and to understand which components of my site need to be improved. It’s a nifty tool without any sophisticated settings but it works wonders. Its simplicity is its advantages because I can’t mess things up and my site looks great on mobile devices. Mobile View is present here and I can always understand what my users see (or what they don’t see). If something is wrong I have an opportunity to fix it immediately. Making adjustments is extremely easy. I wish Sitey could give me an opportunity to edit my site straight from my iPhone. It’s still impossible here. I like their SEO setting too. They allow to add and edit meta tags to the pages of my site. Choosing key words makes my site more visible for search engines and leads to more traffic as a result. I don’t think that Sitey website builder should be criticized. This platform is pretty nice.

2019.10.26 at 18:33 written by:
Takes care of rare industries and topics
Rating: 5

It’s kind of offensive when site builders ignore specific demographics. I’ve got a feeling that no one is that interested in my business when I’m on such platforms. Sitey is a good one because it takes care of a wide range of industries. Almost all of their templates relate to a specific topic (or industry). They all can be configured in any way you want to. I’ve got a blog about club life of my city and I was very surprised to have known that Sitey does provide templates for me. They have such a category as “Night Life”. I’ve found a template for me on Sitey and it’s amazing. Their whole list of categories is long enough so I’d like to share the most interesting categories which they offer. • Animals • Architecture • Blank Templates • Blog • Creative • Leisure • Lifestyle • Night Life • One Pagers • Online Store • Themes • Trade

2019.10.01 at 15:51 written by:
Amazing blogging platform without proper SEO results
Rating: 4

Sitey is a strong platform for blog owners. Since I’m one of them I could be happy about Sitey but it’s not that simple. Well, this website builder is really nice even for an intricate blog with a lot of functions. Their post manager is incredibly versatile and I’ve made a powerful blog with the tools offered. It’s possible to tag featured posts on Sitey. Sorting out details of the entries published can be also done. Pining posts and saving them as a draft is another feature to praise on this platform. I can even organize my posts in a certain order which helps to keep it all clear so that my readers are never lost in chaotic flow of information. Creating posts is a piece of cake and you can’t do something wrong. Honestly, I love Sitey’s blog and I wish I could continue using it but there’s a problem which is a huge deterrent. Even though I’ve described my site word-to-word and I’ve added titles and alt text to all of my images Google can’t find my blog. It can be found on Bing only but I do need Google to see me! This is my objective so to speak and I can’t achieve it on Sitey. I have no choice but to change the platform. So sad.

2019.08.15 at 11:12 written by:
This is what I need for my business!
Rating: 5

I guess Sitey has a significant advantage over existing competitors. They’re much better at aspects important for business purposes. In differ from other website builders Sitey offers domain names for free. It’s very useful because I can choose a unique name for my site without paying for it. I love that there’s an opportunity to add a business email by the means of Sitey. It makes my company more credible and our clients find us trustworthy. Sitey is really useful in terms of business. They offer SEO tools which are amazing and our site is searchable. eCommerce integration is another option which makes me happy. I’m not really keen on pre-made sites because they give the wrong feeling so Sitey has a plenty of blank templates. I’ve picked one of them up and I enjoy it. Thanks!!!

2019.07.24 at 19:45 written by:
Even an amateur will love it
Rating: 5

My website by Sitey is a matter of praise. I made it last year and I still have it. No bugs, no problems, no worries. It’s a lovely website which my visitors like. I’ve managed to have built it because Sitey provides such design tools which help to create a website in a professional way. I’ve spent around a week on it because I was very careful planning every aspect and element of my site. Sitey itself is quite straightforward so I didn’t feel lost when working with this platform. This is the decision to choose if you want to have a wide range of simple and powerful tools at hand. My final website is really effective because it helps me to get more visitors and popularize my books. I’ve found that Sitey offers around 10,000 templates which is an impressive collection. It goes without saying that I’ve found a perfect layout which suits all my needs. It’s a clean template with minimalistic design. I didn’t do a lot of customization so as not to ruin the whole layout and I still like how it looks. Sitey is nice, be sure to check it out.

2019.06.10 at 12:01 written by:
Reliable tool for business with basic features
Rating: 4

Sitey is a website builder service which is pretty nice if you want to establish your own online business. I use it to sell furniture and this platform is relatively good but with a few drawbacks. Adding pricing and descriptions to my items is easy and I can’t complain about it. Sadly payment methods are somewhat restricted on this platform. You have access to Ecwid or PayPal only. It is a serious hindrance on the way to successful online sales. It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of integration with social media when talking about business. Sitey doesn’t disappoint me at this aspect. The social widgets which Sitey offers look clean. Embedding them is also simple and you don’t need any special knowledge to do it on your own. Sitey still lacks third-party integrations. To sum up Sitey is a good and reliable tool with interesting but fairly basic decisions for online business.

2019.05.24 at 10:23 written by:
Full of features useful for business
Rating: 5

There’re many strong aspects on Sitey. This website builder is helpful to those who want to make business without spending too much time on it. There’s integration with PayPal which will be useful to people involved in sales. It’s easy to integrate it into any store. Social media links are easily customizable and you will understand it how to set them up. You can also add favicon to your site to make it more recognizable. Sitey also provides access to HTML code for header and footer which widens your opportunities significantly. They even make it possible to duplicate entire pages. These are the main features which I like about Sitey and this is why I advice using it.

2017.01.19 at 16:15 written by:
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