Sitelio is a top notch site builder that has helped millions to build their websites. From its 10,000 themes, Sitelio allows your site visitors to access your site with any device be it a phone, laptop, desktop iPad or whatever it is they use. You can guarantee that the user friendliness and thought to provoking theme of your site guarantee you that your visitors shall return and even refer others in the future. Sitelio themes cover any profession even the most ignored professions by other site builders such as farming. Here are some of the other excellent features of Sitelio. Valid semantic coding & SEO-friendliness The templates are well structured and formatted to enable search engines to find your site quickly. The valid semantic coding allows Meta tags which direct search engines to understand what your content is about and to, therefore rank your site accordingly. Also, Sitelio posts can be pinned. Responsive design & customization process They have a gallery feature with selection preferences that allow a client to navigate through photos quickly. While a customer goes through your products, the customization process allows them not to get lost and confused in a variety of choices but helps them with endless pop-up options that are clearer to the customer so that they can spend less time making a purchase choice. Remember that no matter how good your products are, customers are not ready to fumble through several pages just to identify what they want. Free 24/7 lifetime tech support Sitelio gives timely free 24/7 lifetime tech support from its team of experts. This is vital because then you are guaranteed that your site is never down. Also, this helps to save lots of bucks on the web maintainace costs.
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We stopped using Sitelio because of a problem
Rating: 3 is the basis for different types of websites and doesn’t have any particular specification. For the first few months i’ve been using it with pleasure. My wife’s website had a professional and stylish appearance. It’s understandable that she mostly designed it herself but she still picked a few useful ideas from Sitelio. The core instrument of her website was a gallery showcasing her own works. We set it up together and everything was fine. After a few months of use my wife complained that her gallery didn’t load fully. Only two rows of pictures showed up but she had five of them on a page. Even though she deleted two of them the third row still didn’t load. My wife checked the images and optimized their size but it didn’t work. Today she uses links to social networks which lead visitors to the images but you must understand how winded it is and that many clients find it strange refusing to trust her website. In a word it’s a never-ending trouble. We can’t bare it and today we’re searching for another place to publish the portfolio

2019.12.07 at 05:16 written by:
Rating: 5

Guys I’m not going to write much, Sitelio is THE BEST OF THE BEST builders! Just believe me, try it and you’ll see. The sleek professionalism of Sitelio tools is inspiring, I’m not kidding you. I picked one of them and couldn’t stop using it, when I looked at my watch it was 3 hours that I’ve been designing a website for me! Time flies on Sitelio, tested it personally. Themes are well-designed from the very beginning, I was so impatient browsing through them, finally found one for me. You know, the editor is straightforward, I wouldn’t say it’s a drawback, things are laid out in a simple way. Great! This was what caught my attention firstly. A website builder is good as long as it thinks about ordinary people like me, Sitelio does, don’t feel neglected. The website I have is very effective, it informs people about new gadgets and many of them say that I’m helpful, achieved it owing to Sitelio only! With thousands of templates at hand it wasn’t difficult at all! I got started easily. If you want to build a shop there’s something for eCommerce, didn’t check it to be honest. But I’ve checked the mobile options, pretty impressed! Sitelio got domain and hosting services too. Still THE BEST builder for me!

2019.11.11 at 05:02 written by:
Takes care about details
Rating: 5

Sitelio is an absolutely smart decision to stick to when your portfolio needs a decent presentation on the Web. It was 2015 when I published some of my articles on and proceeded to settings up with real passion. Portfolio owners must know that for a person needing some self promotion being online is crucial. For this reason Sitelio is made with a simple access to social media, here I can customize all the outgoing links easily. Header and footer of Sitelio made me extremely happy because they’re opened for HTML inputs and I don’t remember any cases of me being angry with them for bugs or something. I’m of the opinion that small details matter and it was a pleasure to have found a customizable favicon on In my early days I was interested in sales and I’ve also found Sitelio useful because it can be connected to PayPal. When working with my website I’m always interested in seeing changes done right away and preview mode here is very well done. I can see my website as though it were already published but I’m not afraid to do something wrong. This is particularly helpful for making sure that I’ve made everything properly and that everything I’ve done looks good, things are in places, working right. Extremely happy with Sitelio.

2019.10.12 at 05:18 written by:
A lot of decisions which are poorly organized
Rating: 3

I’m one of Sitelio users and you know what, to be there is not as bad as you may think. Yeah, things run smoothly, scripts function, it’s all good but! there’s one thing which cuts it all off. A terrible fact is that I absolutely can’t stand the style of the templates. Yes, they look so incredibly poor that I always hurry to a blank template section to start from scratch and forget about this nightmare. I don’t like the very colors of the templates, they don’t match each other well enough. It’s a matter of taste, I know. The presence of blank templates helps though. They’re structured logically and I don’t complain about the navigation really. As for me searching for templates isn’t really nice. They cannot be properly categorized and sometimes it takes hours to browse through them. Sitelio has too many of them, hundreds I think, so I found myself being too deeply involved into a searching process. It can be interesting when you see them for the first time but when you already have a site and just want to find a particular template it gets tiring. Sitelio is much better when it comes to getting mobile, it has a mobile view option and I can tune everything much better. Incomparable for detailed adjustments. Sitelio has a variety of choices but they need to organize them better. That’s what I think.

2019.07.13 at 05:04 written by:
Enough tools for creativity
Rating: 5

It’s amazing how technologies develop traditional professions! I’m a farmer which isn’t a rare activity but still… At times it’s difficult enough to find ready-made websites for farmers, I can’t afford a tailor made decision yet. In differ from other website builders Sitelio works hard to meet specific demands of people of specific professions and I have no doubts about this because I’ve seen a comprehensive set of categories which they offer. Portfolios, weddings, blogs, one pagers, they’ve gone to great lengths! The configurations on Sitelio are like this: any pre-made website can be rebuilt according to the business necessary. That’s what I did! I just slightly modified one of the themes offered. I did it because as a farmer I’m mostly involved into more down to Earth tasks and don’t feel confident on this field. If I had more talents I’d definitely choose a blank page to show my creativity. It’s a modern trend to have a one pager website, many people follow it. Sitelio is generous with one pagers. There’re all types of them! When acquiring Sitelio for my personal use I didn’t find its learning curve as a high one. It was enough for me to put my basic computer skills into work. It’s easy to use and fun to boot!

2019.04.20 at 05:09 written by:
Pretty standard blog platform
Rating: 4

Did not expect much from Sitelio because I am a blogger with an experience. Really, there are Tumblr, Tweeter and different types of blogging platforms today. Difficult to compete with them. I cannot say that Sitelio impressed me or that I am its fan, it is a workable decision with appropriate functions for a blogger. Generally Sitelio is a good blogging platform. Tagging featured posts is so important for me, it is the heart and the soul of any good blog and Sitelio does have it for me. Organizing the entries which are already published is another big advantage of Sitelio. These two criteria are a good proof to me of Sitelio being a reliable blogging platform. Editing posts is sometimes impossible because the loading screen freezes, it depends on the amount of visitors working on Sitelio simultaneously. Hope they will sort it out somehow. On the good side is that Sitelio’s posts can be pinned, it is rather simple but some of its competitors lack such features. :) What some bloggers ignore is SEO, I do not, I am smart. Not the most powerful technology by Sitelio but still… There is an access to meta tags which helps improve the traffic, not dramatically however. I still have a blog on Sitelio, hope my review was helpful.

2019.01.09 at 05:06 written by:
Simple for sales, even too simple perhaps
Rating: 4

When I opened my gallery I thought that it needed a site. Chose Sitelio, started playing around with settings, checking things and somehow completed my site. The fact is that I’m so noobish in technologies but I did it. Well, my galley sells pictures, I’ve added them to the site I’ve made, have added descriptions to them, set the price and I do sell some of them! I used to sell on Bigcommerce platform, to some extent it was more intricate than Sitelio but Bigcommerce looked more complicated to me. Sadly, aside from integration with Ecwid payments can be processed through PayPal, it’s a bad characteristic for me but I’m fine so far. Recently I sold one of the pictures via Sitelio, my buyer wrote that she found it easy to buy from me. All in all, Sitelio is like any other website builder which has pros and cons, it’s good for me and I recommend it!

2017.03.24 at 05:13 written by:
Sitelio is so flexible
Rating: 5

Oh God Sitelio is so powerful! For so many times I had a reason to praise it. Due to high flexibility and thoroughly-thought functions this is my choice! The main tools of Sitelio are like these: • Blogging features • Widgets for Facebook and other social networks • Shapes and buttons • Menus • Text boxes • Documents • Images • Store tools • Icons • Flash technologies Plus Sitelio is generous with supportive tools which may seem insignificant at first but they become extremely important when blogging or selling. All of them are accessible in quite a classical way, I use Add panel which is compact and doesn’t take much space on the screen. Anyway the entire Sitelio is well-designed and very convenient! Equipped with a Master Page feature it’s almost unstoppable. Options to bring design changes are interesting and involving (if you’re of a creative kind like me). Default fonts can be adjusted and I like the styles of the fonts offered by Sitelio. When I found the default background of the website too boring I easily changed it. This is great! The color schemes are not that static either so to speak... I can change the entire palettes whenever I want to! I choose between given presets mostly but there’re options to go creative too. Love Sitelio!

2017.03.10 at 05:11 written by:
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