SiteKreator provides a simple, easy to use website builder toolkit. It is a paid service, but you can try it out without a credit card for 14 days. Its monthly prices range from $8.29 in the entry package "Standard", to $49.96 in the "Complete" package, with more features added in various tiers. All plans include the same award-winning interface editor and an enterprise-grade hosting solution, which makes SiteKreator an unbelievably good choice for prospective website owners, since they can have all of their website-related costs at one provider. SiteKreator offers the following features as additional upgrades over the green and environmentally friendly hosting which is provided in every tier: Dedicated, fixed IP address; SSL certificate; Additional e-mail addresses; Additional domain addresses. The highest, Complete package is even useful for webshop owners, as it includes support for daily deals, gift cards and a simple interface for creating a webshop with PayPal support, branded e-mail campaign and newsletter capabilities.
12 reviews | Overall rating: 4.25
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Doesn’t support sellers to the fullest
Rating: 3

Getting money with SK wasn’t the wisest move of mine! No, it wasn’t terrible BUT SK isn’t developed to help sellers! It’s just NOT SOPHISTICATED enough… If you got no experience you’re WELCOME! But if you know how things should work say GOODBYE SK! There’s something for eCommerce still, online shopping cart for example. To install some labor is required, you first add an HTML snippet, set it up to match your website, then get integrated with PayPal or Google Checkout… long winded. Unfortunately a complicated approach doesn’t make it better to sell. But SK isn’t an eCommerce platform, it’s made for everyday users, doesn’t focus on sales, can’t be too strict on it. As a seller I’m particularly interested in SEO. Good SEO makes GOOD MONEY! SK claim they’re SEO friendly but I doubt… From the very start I didn’t see anything special here to get SEO privileges. I want extra advantages and I STILL DON’T have anything to do that! When it comes to getting statistics SK is better. It got a relatively nice built-in tool which hasn’t let me down yet, users of Google Analytics can integrate it too. No bad impressions of SK’s analytics so far. To be fair and balanced I won’t say that SK is all terrible, it’s okay BUT not perfect. Perhaps I just need another service for my sphere.

2019.12.13 at 05:49 written by:
Safe to use
Rating: 4

I am a big fan of Sitekreator’s technologies! Very big one! I love this system. Ease of use and smart technologies give me all I need! I’ve tested many of their applications and made my online store more user-oriented. Versatile opportunities were far beyond my imagination, really! Normally Sitekreator is a smooth and robust decision but not always. Sometimes the editor freezes and unreasonable reboots of the whole platform happen so that I lose my progress. To be fair many of the errors got fixed and Sitekreator does a lot to stay bugs free. In my view this solution is a safe bet. Try it, you won’t regret!

2019.11.23 at 05:43 written by:
The approach far from being wise
Rating: 3

I will never say that there’s a perfect site builder, some of them a better than others, while others need improvements, SiteKreator is somewhere between them, it’s not good enough to be flawless but it’s not that bad to be a disappointment. Its downfalls include slow loading speed, freezing editor, buggy interface, primitive customization, mobile problems, partially out fashioned templates and more. Sitekreator has advantages which are friendly atmosphere, convenient tools, some interesting designs, marketing tools, integration with snippets, access to social networks. I’m familiar with SiteKreator personally and I’ve got the opinion that it’s a big combination of different web tools which are supposed to make the life of different users much better but it’s never to be achieved. The reason is the same: too many different aspects, features and tools are in one basket, they’re not made well enough to meet the demands of specific business but they tend to be too difficult for average people. It’s quite a complicated type of policy because it doesn’t take care of potential users and repels the existing ones, surely SiteKreator has certain subscribers and will have them but it needs too much work to be done in order to get more positive reviews.

2019.11.16 at 05:24 written by:
Variety of flexible options is incredible
Rating: 5

What a joy it is for me to write about SiteKreator because this platform has made me feel extremely positive. I started with a moderate website about flowers and have ended up with a full scale website having tried different plans by SiteKreator. Even the most standard plan of theirs includes more than a hundred of fully editable designs with 1,000 MB storage that is quite a lot! When I evolved into something bigger I needed another options and upgraded to have 4,000 MB storage with an opportunity to have a tailor made website which I rejected though. I was so pleased to know that with any plan I was not limited in terms of bandwidth with an opportunity to have a peak number of visitors from 2,000 to 100,000 per hour. In terms of interesting features I strongly recommend you trying an Image Gallery because it practically makes images very attractive showcasing them to the best advantage. With this Gallery my website did get a professional atmosphere which I tried to achieve by putting many efforts in. Feedback from a website can be achieved via online forms allowing visitors to sign up for a subscription as well as making it possible to designate members’ areas giving different levels of access to content. For all the reasons mentioned SiteKreator is the website builder which I am willing to describe as a good tool.

2019.11.16 at 05:14 written by:
Forget about your previous builder!
Rating: 5

Time is up guys! Get ready for some serious web editing experience! Yes, Sitekreator is in the game, it promises to change the rules! And it has as for me, if I ever wanted something decent to come I wanted Sitekreator. For sure, just have a look at what it got in store: * Intuitivity. Don’t mistake if for Intuition! Sitekreator does feel what you need, what you want and how you want it. No more routine and boring tutorials. Just launch Sitekreator and be ready to get a smooth experience. * Elegance. Yep, Sitekreator is familiar with such a notion as style. Had a look at their designs, they were outstanding. I really felt that I was dealing with professionals, it’s worth a lot! * Visualization. Wanted to go stunning and tried a few galleries by Sitekreator. Wow! It was like I got into a circus with all types of tricks! Parsing it. * Commerce. Making money on the web is also possible with Sitekreator, it includes stuff to chat with clients and to sell things. * Marketing. I don’t send emails but if I wanted to Sitekreator has such tools prepared. You won’t deny now that Sitekreator is a powerful fighter! I bet you’ll love it!

2019.10.12 at 05:08 written by:
Very simple to use powerful tools
Rating: 5

SK this is the great editor! It took me aback to have text and images at hand, no need to spend hours on searching. With that entire tables are here, it’s not widespread I think! SK equipped me with the same easy way of setting video players. No super knowledge is required for that! Even a quick date insertion button is on the menu. Well done guys! I’m a big lover of slideshows, need a lot of options, deep customization. SK is helpful, there’re slideshow already built in the templates for newbies and the ones with a lot of modifications. Having them at use made my website interesting, it was a pretty simple task as soon as I figured it out which option was responsible for which action. Just clicked the right button and on I went! Well, making changes to the slideshows is quite straightforward, no areas to get stuck on. This should give you the overall idea of how easy to modify SK is, adding or modifying content isn’t an obstacle! The features don't stop there… I’ve found here a native blogging system, an entire forum and an opportunity to add RSS feeds. It all helps to stay online successfully! For marketing purposes you can collect email addresses and use them to send out targeted messages. Things are as simple as that!

2019.09.10 at 05:32 written by:
Brings up a simple but useful concept
Rating: 5

Finally my conscience is unclouded, I’ve found such an editor which confidently deserves 5 stars, points or whatever. There’s no question (nor a reason) that this is the website builder which has impressively wide functionality. I’ve found an array of things irreplaceably useful for me all the way through making a website. It’s not just applications which are always at hand (which is undeniably important), it’s how productive they are. I’ve tried a very big amount of them to confidently conclude that they were made to have become incredibly intuitive. The concept of SiteKreator can be described as “keep it simple”, obviously these developers follow such rules and they’re one of the best who can provide something simple as well as useful. The whole flow of work on SiteKreator is connected with wrench icons. Whenever I’m going to edit a block of content I use this icon and have a lot of editable settings accessible. It makes my opportunities surprisingly wide, let’s assume I wanted to slightly improve the navigation, clicking the wrench brings me up the window necessary. Need I change some text or image the magical wrench is at help presenting me with a slick WYSIWYG editor. I’m glad to have such a website editor as SiteKreator in my life.

2019.08.22 at 05:05 written by:
Tasty and customizable themes
Rating: 5

Stopped bothering about the look and functions of my site a few years ago. It was when I found Sitekreator with its amazing templates, tools and features. I’m interested in pizzas, their recipes and new tastes. Sitekreator fits every aspect of mine. Selection of the themes includes food layouts which are made with the right mood. They look tasty, sweet and mouth watering. I don’t really intend to make people reading my info hungry but it’s nice to see that a site about delicious pizzas looks delicious as well. Like it that the themes are easy to access, they’re searchable via control panel. It may sound awkward but I had a few problems searching for themes gallery on other builders. To achieve the desirable result Sitekreator gives a variety of abilities. Set of colors chosen for a theme is all flexible. Whichever hue I need, I can use it on my site. Fonts are not determined by an unknown designer either, so if I have a different idea I easily change them. Special thanks for backgrounds! They are manageable as well. Despite standard editing backgrounds can have figures on top of the color for extra abilities. Plus everything can be done without coding. Sitekreator has taken my problems away.

2019.07.18 at 05:37 written by:
Good memories of
Rating: 4

Remember my first days on, it was fun. I was given a default website and I didn’t know what to do with it. I learnt a lot about it though through such approach… perhaps it wasn’t as easy as possible but it definitely was a good lesson. I can’t forget that tool bar at the top which became my personal centerpiece of all things. It was doomed to get such a status because there was access to such actions as adding all the content, creating new pages, checking options and so many more other options. Yes, was generous with types of content such as text, galleries, file areas, forms and much more… Some of the best addable items included: - Page rating - Voting poll - Media library - Snap shots - Google maps - Database grid - Facebook plug-ins - Twitter profile - Appointment scheduler Yes, those days were good… I don’t use websites any more for my projects but if I was about having one I’d choose once again.

2017.03.19 at 05:21 written by:
A lot of good points but bad ones do exist :(
Rating: 4

I don’t spend much time on SiteKreator platform. I created a website ages ago, visiting it from time to time. My brother is responsible for it but I’ve got a few ideas as well. My list if complaints is like that: · Absence of free personal domain · Poor customization options No doubts, a personal domain for free is way too much to ask for but I’d like to have less standard and more professional features. To bring the balance back some of the good points are: · Simple use · User-friendly · Google Analytics presence · PayPal integration · A lot of support documentation My final verdict is Sitekreator isn’t too much bang for your buck but it’s of a good quality. Whether you want more features is up to you. There’re some nice points but there’s something you won’t feel satisfied with.

2017.03.16 at 05:47 written by:
Only use it because it’s free
Rating: 3

I started using SiteKreator somewhat 5 or 7 years ago. I registered 2 websites: one website holds my writing portfolio, another was responsible for art related content (I’ve closed it down). Over the last few months I’ve faced numerous functional glitches. Small changes to a page can even cause the navigation get completely rearranged. Over the years I’ve found that upload speed is decreasing dramatically. Just yesterday it was simply low, today it got broken showing me “Oops, something didn’t work” window. Perhaps it’s not a big problem for some users but I find it disrespectful that SiteKreator is pushy with expensive services. The whole policy of theirs is based on advertising things instead of making well-functioning tools. I feel that I’m manipulated on SiteKreator and I don’t have a desire to upgrade myself with them. I still have one of my websites here because I don’t pay anything for it, don’t spend much time on managing content either, that’s all. It’s a simple portfolio which is easy to maintain and I use it. If SiteKreator asked for some money I would simply laugh and find something better.

2017.02.19 at 05:39 written by:
Proud of how my website by SK looks
Rating: 5

I’ve registered a site on SK to gain more recognition. Proud of it because my site looks attractive. The depth of customization on SK is impressive. Using a drop-down on the right I can change settings such as the structure, page elements, columns and color scheme. The appearance of my website is under my total control now. I wasn’t the fan of the default theme and SK was friendly enough to help me changing it. Since appearance matters in show business I’m happy to be with SK.

2017.02.05 at 05:11 written by:
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