Photo is a web builder with insanely beautiful themes for HTML 5, flash, mobile and face book fan page site builders. 1. SiteCube has a pool of site owners What does this mean? Where there are many people, there is an excellent service. SiteCube is ten times faster than the ordinary site builders. It comes with a free sub domain, and you can build a beautiful site on a shoe string budget. 2. User friendliness is both easy to use for web visitors and the site owner. For the website owner, there are easy to follow instructions on how to build the site. You just drag and drop stuff then publish. Even a nontech guy can build a site in minutes. For the user, the pages and images open fast even though you are not using a high-speed internet connection. 3. Tech support anytime Even if you decide to wake up at 2 am in the night and start building your site, someone will be there to help you with the support you need. SiteCube’s 24 hours chat support is reliable, and the staffs are quick to respond. 4. Responsive website SiteCube websites are highly responsive. If the aim of your site is to fetch traffic, then SiteCube is for you. SiteCube allows other site integrations so that you have “do follow” content which in turn gets high ranks in search engines. SiteCube is also perfect for mobile users. More than 1 billion people access the web using smart phones, and 1.3million web owners have already switched their sites to responsive ones. 5. Lots of space You have a lot of space to place as many images, huge ones, small ones and 3D as you want.
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Requires you to have professional skills to make a unique website
Rating: 3

I was planning to make a very basic site for pet-sitting business that allows clients to use a calendar and schedule appointments just like booking a hotel. I was also interested in posting pictures of clients’ pets and links to adoption pages on social media. I’ve achieved some of my goals but I have to warn you that is only good if: (1) You stick very closely to the templates without trying to do any deep customization (2) You have experience in design and you know what you're doing when modifying your website. If not, you’ll end up having a website which looks like it was built by your 10 year old nephew and that's what people will think of your business. I am talking strictly from my own experience because I'm a tech savvy person. In Sitecube defense I can praise its functionality and native design of their websites. These aspects are both excellent. I was very pleased with the way Sitebuilder tools worked for me. If you appreciate your time and want to launch your business fast without thinking about design Sitecube can be quite helpful.

2017.03.11 at 12:33 written by:
The strangest behavior ever
Rating: 2

I had a chance to have tried Sitecube sometimes in the past. Well, it wasn’t the most sensible decision in my life to be honest. :) The most of my disappointment is connected with how it functions. In fact it doesn’t function at any acceptable level and I will run through the main downsides. Sitecube is the unstable platform which never stays the same and this is no type of a compliment. Whenever I published my website it never looked the way I made it. The color of my links was originally blue. For an unknown reason they all became white as soon as I published the website. Background went the same route. I set it to be of pearl white shade. A few days later it became just dark grey. I didn’t touch any buttons, neither did I edit the initial code. It all happened by itself without my interference. I would think it was a spontaneous mistake or just a glitch but no. The borders of the images went “crazy” too. They took a width different from what I’ve set. It felt like some demon came and took the control over my website. :)

2017.02.13 at 04:52 written by:
Difficult to use, terrible SEO
Rating: 1

SiteCube website builder got me lots of negative emotions. I had a frustrating experience building my website. It’s so user unfriendly that I had to spend hours to achieve simple results. I write reviews about cars and I tried to build one-page parallax based website but I’ve found no tools to bring this idea to life. All I had at use was primitive tools. A unique and stand out website is something that I can only dream of. My website is based on one of the designs by SiteCube. The layout is made in a way too complicated. The navigation isn’t intuitive and I've gotten nothing but complaints from those who have visited my website. My reputation has been absolutely destroyed. SEO aspect is far from being well-planned. I can’t add any tags or titles to the images which I upload. My website is so low on Google rankings. I’m not even sure that Google knows about my existence. I am extremely unhappy with my decision to have used SiteCube to build my own website and I will never say that you should try it!

2017.02.12 at 09:51 written by:
Poor level of services to make websites
Rating: 3

Built my client’s website on SC. Quite unhappy with it. Going to stop using their services. SC doesn’t use HTTP Secure. In other words all communications aren’t encrypted. For an average user it means that it’s unsafe to do online shopping and all types of online transactions by the means of SC websites. SC has no adequate tools to build a proper webboard or forum with. If you plan to create a place for people to exchange opinions you won’t have a chance to do it. SC services aren’t ADA compliant. SC’s websites are ridiculously slow when opened on tablets. It takes about 20 seconds on average. They will never open on iMacs. Extremely poor SEO results which don’t depend on how hard you try to promote you SC website. Showcasing photography is complicated. You’ll have to spend a good deal of time in order to add an adequate carousel. Problems with Samsung devices, iPad and Kindle. Ultimately I'll be going to Wordpress.

2017.01.14 at 12:23 written by:
Poor customization without proper tutorials
Rating: 2

Our family sells exclusive wines. What we appreciate is convenience of our clients. We have chosen Sitecube a few years ago for our website. We have been very unhappy with our Sitecube experience. No proper customization, no exclusive layouts, no practical widgets, there are many flaws to outline. We have looked over many other site builder tools, now we understand that it was a mistake to trust Sitecube. Our website had a slider on the main page. We could not set it up to show slides in the right order. The slider had a tendency to freeze. It left us extremely upset because we could not properly advertise new wines. In building the website we found no adequate instructions to follow, only general descriptions of basic functions. We would like our website to be exclusive looking to attract respectable clients. To achieve it we try different combinations of fonts, colors and images. The font choice is poor on Sitecube. There are not many colors to play with. We ended up having a plain website. Our discontent with Sitecube is extremely high. No doubts, we are going to migrate to a better place.

2017.01.13 at 10:14 written by:
Straightforward but slow loading websites
Rating: 4

I started my new biz a few years ago as a Life Coach. I have been looking at any options to promote myself so I started a blog on Sitecube. What I was looking for was an opportunity for people visiting my blog website to see such sections as “About me”, “Contact me”, “Payments”, and “News”. One thing I was not sure about was the possibility to make my website well-structured so as not to repel my potential clients. Luckily one of Sitecube’s templates was very simple and I still rely on it. It provides me convenient navigation with news easy to read. Honestly I expected my blog to be a medium traffic website but I have more people visiting me than I could’ve hoped for. It has led to my website loading slow at times. I enjoy my blog by Sitecube but I would be happier if it loaded faster.

2017.01.12 at 12:44 written by:
Bad for music
Rating: 2

My entertainment agency used Sitecube for a site to promote a music group. After a trial period I still decided to commit and buy Sitecube services. Terrible mistake! When I almost completed the site I tried to add a music file to sound as background music. When I installed it the file didn’t sound correctly. It was somewhat distorted. I looked up other sites by Sitecube but all of them had the same problem. Finally I couldn’t but refuse from using background music which was extremely undesirable. To be fair enough I changed the music file and tested it on other platforms. It sounded perfectly on each platform but Sitecube. I’m convinced that it was their mistake. I’ve spent a few months to complete the site but it was up only a couple of weeks. Today I’m fighting with Sitecube over transferring my domain name to uKit whose services we're absolutely happy with. My experience with Sitecube was very disappointing to say the least. To sum up I can say that Sitecube may be a good place for you if you don’t deal with music but if you’re focused on music and you need features to promote it (as it was in our case) I'd recommend steering clear of Sitecube and choosing something different.

2016.12.14 at 11:57 written by:
Easy at launch, unbearable at customizing
Rating: 3

I had to build a site for my gym myself and this wasn’t that easy. I fell back upon Sitecube services. It’s difficult for me to find the right words to describe my impression. As for me the most striking characteristic of Sitecube is its ease of use. I didn’t need to bother about getting started. Just chose a template, added content and on I went. It feels like this is a good quality but it’s misleading to think this way. Sitecube is great at ready-made templates but extremely poor at customization. As soon as you want to go out of the box and modify your website you get stuck. I can prove it. When I start modifying blocks of content I have no opportunities to change their background color. I mean individual background for particular blocks. It’s simply impossible! Same thing when it comes to changing borders. I see no way to set my own width for them. Sadly enough but it’s nowhere to be found. Readability of their templates is unstable if I can put it this way. When I add big paragraphs of text Sitecube automatically makes them incredibly small. Obviously Sitecube tries to save the template design wholesome without moving other blocks of content away but it’s impossible to read our articles with such approach. Finally Sitecube can be a good decision for people interested in getting a website up and running within minutes. Unfortunately it’s not made for users looking for well-thought features and flexible customization.

2016.12.10 at 13:18 written by:
The most boring place on the Web
Rating: 3

Sitecube is boooooring. It made me feel tired, exhausted, frustrated, anything but satisfied. It feels like Sitecube’s team has never heard about modern technologies. The features they offer are out of fashion and out of time while I’d like them to be out of this world. Just imagine a slider without such vital options as setting the order of slides, adding different effects to them or simply changing its overall style. If you can’t imagine it go ahead to Sitecube, you’ll see what I mean. Bugs are on the way. Whenever you visit my Sitecube’s website using a laptop you can find it with the footer missing. In fact you just need to scroll down way too loooow to see the footer. I did my best to sort it out somehow (I even called them) but things haven't got forward an inch. I doubt they ever will! My criticism would be incomplete if I didn’t mention that Sitecube seems to have forgotten about social media. Just the other day I installed one of Facebook widgets to share news but Sitecube ignores it. I’ve been embedding the initial code and re-embedding it for several times, I’ve read all the guides and tips possible. Nah, I’m still unreachable for FB users. Fortunately Sitecube hasn’t ruined my reputation but I’ve wasted my time. Can’t praise it at all.

2016.12.05 at 12:01 written by:
Not perfect but nice
Rating: 4

When I started working with Sitecube I was a bit intimidated after seeing some of the sites been built by them. Luckily my building experience turned out to be painless. I built my site in less than 2 hours. Now it’s online and it’s getting quite popular. Based on what my visitors say design and usability are the best part of the site. Many people complain though that they can’t find information easily. Think this is due to the absence of a search bar. I tried to add it but I haven’t found any appropriate tool. Security is strong. I don’t remember any attacks which could disturb me. Sitecube takes care of all these issues. I’m focused on social media. There’re options to stay in touch with Facebook users. Implementing them is easy. I don’t quite understand how to get optimized for mobile. Today my site has desktop version only and it’s a painful process to load it on mobile. I’m not sure whether Sitecube has any mobile editor. Hope I’ll find a solution. Needless to say this builder isn’t an exemplary but it has positive sides. Since the implementation of my site I have received multiple complements. If you want to build your own site then Sitecube is the way to go!

2016.11.05 at 08:19 written by:
Only good for tests
Rating: 3

Trust me, you don’t quit need to choose the same way that I chose. This tool is quite primitive and you won’t find anything special on it. Nice looks, this is all Sitecube is good at. Some of its templates have attractive themes and I used a few of them.. Still you can find much better designs on other platforms.. Some of these templates don’t look bad on mobile but some do! It depends on something that I can’t describe.. Perhaps on a programmer’s mood. The functions given are far from what I call necessary. They’re basic.. you won’t feel satisfied with the results provided. A kind of SEO is also here, doesn’t work right.. Checked a few websites, didn’t even find them on search engines. You should refuse from Sitecube if you don’t want to spend your time for nothing. If you want to test your skills or get more experience it can be a nice way to go.

2016.11.03 at 05:00 written by:
Another website builder with typical problems
Rating: 4

I haven’t got much to say about Sitecube. Just another standard website builder as for me. Its services work and this is all I can write. Nothing to emphasis in this case. Sitecube is very typical. It has typical problems such as slow load time, run of the mill layouts, lack of alignment. Its advantages are also the same as any other platform has. • Convenient integration with social media • HTML 5 based decisions • Editor quite simple to comprehend • Safe hosting

2016.10.23 at 16:03 written by:
Sitecube has made me furious!!!
Rating: 2

Enough!!! I’m done!!! Been through so many troubles on Sitecube, closing it down!!! Six months of suffering is way too much for me to bear with Sitecube!!! At first it ruined my whole progress!!! Yes, I’ve been making a website for about three hours but Sitecube froze!!! When I restarted my browser I saw a perfectly blank canvas instead of a half-made website!!! Sitecube didn’t even bother to make any backups to compensate for its terrible bug!!! I was really furious!!! I can’t work with the images here!!! They just don’t get uploaded!!! I add them to the manager, they seem to be okay. When I try to add them to a page they are gone!!! I upload them again and only some of them stay in the manger!!! It’s definitely not normal!!! I’m not going to spend my time on silly bugs!!! I’d better find another builder!!! I’ve got a feeling that Sitecube was made without any particular reasons!!! It’s just a piece of software which doesn’t bare any functionality, style or use!!! I had to start over and over for many times with it!!! I don’t think it’s acceptable!!! Goodbye Sitecube!!! Find yourself another user!!!

2016.10.17 at 04:55 written by:
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