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Infinite opportunities
Rating: 5

Sitebuilder is full of advantages. This platform offers you infinite opportunities. I like how flexible and user-friendly this service is. So these are the most interesting aspects: • Good integration with social media; • Wide library of well-planned widgets; • Convenient mobile customization; • User-friendly editing; • Practical templates; • Deep SEO settings; • Simple but functional tools; • Stunning visual effects. So for all these reasons I think that Sitebuilder is perfect for the following purposes: • A portfolio; • A resume; • Music website; • Small shop; • Small online business; • Blogging. I’ve tried Sitebuilder myself and I’m all satisfied with the quality of the service they provide. They never ignore any complaints and try to fix current problems or introduce new decisions on demand. It characterizes their team as professionals who really want to help, not just to make money on useless tool. The whole strategy of Sitebuilder is very smart. They offer you a strong drag & drop tools with an access to basic HTML editing. Both of these make Sitebuilder a heavy-weight fighter on the arena of website builders. Their products are good at every aspect. If you want to find a unique template, you’ve got something to choose from. Even if you’ve got a rare profession Sitebuilder may have a decision for you. Customization is also at your disposal. You can modify your site manually editing each element or change themes only. The final result is never left unattended. Sitebuilder offers convenient preview modes and good SEO settings so you can be sure that your visitors will find your site and when they find it they’ll see exactly what you want them to see. I can’t rate Sitebuilder anything lower than five points because they’ve done one of the best products ever.

2019.12.01 at 14:05 written by:
Very helpful!
Rating: 4

I launched my website about music 10 months ago. It’s placed on and it’s fine. I write reviews about the latest albums or singles and Sitebuilder is functional enough for me. For example when I create a post I can pin it so that everyone will see the latest reviews by me. Sometimes I don’t have enough time and I would like to schedule my posts on Sitebuilder. I haven’t found such an option and it would be nice if they added it. There’s a wide choice of images to use for my posts and it’s a big advantage. I don’t always want to use Google and download pictures. It’s more convenient to choose something from Sitebuilder’s gallery and attach it to my post. Perhaps they could’ve had more images connected with music because their collection is rather limited at this point. I appreciate their approach to embedded codes and integration with musical platforms. It’s essential for my website to add songs or videos to the reviews which I post. Sitebuilder is helpful. Their integration with YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud is flawless! I use these platforms mostly and Sitebuilder never deletes or changes the code embedded. I don’t really like their original players. I find them too limited and I don’t understand how to enable or disable downloads from my website. So sometimes I have to provide links only and my readers can’t listen to certain songs right on my website. It’s not very convenient. I feel like Sitebuilder is underworked but this platform has enough advantages which I appreciate. Even though there’re problems which I can’t resolve I’m not going to move to another platform. Hope that Sitebuilder will get better as the time goes!

2019.11.24 at 12:21 written by:
Rich variety of galleries
Rating: 5

I work in music industry creating CD covers, posters, wallpapers and any type of graphics useful for singers. I’ve got three websites on Weebly, Wix and Sitebuilder. It’s not because I’m curious by nature and want to know everything about these platforms. I just find it better for promotional purposes because Weebly platform has strong features which Wix doesn’t but Wix is useful at the aspects where Weebly fails. However, I appreciate Sitebuilder above all. As a designer I highly praise their templates. There’s an impressive variety of designs. They’re made with taste and elegance. Browsing through them can be overwhelming. I remember myself in my younger days and I’ve picked up a few ideas from their templates. I think Sitebuilder makes rings round with their designs which is true. Since I showcase my art I need a variety of galleries. It’s convenient that I can place a gallery anywhere on my website and I’m not restricted at this point. Galleries are highly customizable. I can choose how to show my gallery modifying rows, columns, and grid options. This is Sitebuilder’s big strength. Modifying a gallery always helps me to spice up the overall appearance of my website and display my creator’s personality. I’ve also browsed through their collection of Stock photos which isn’t poor at all! There’re dozens of categories to choose from. All the photos are of HD quality and they’re really interesting. Roughly speaking Sitebuilder is a nice platform for a portfolio. There’re numerous opportunities to showcase my pictures in a beautiful and unhackneyed way.

2019.11.15 at 12:54 written by:
Amazing website builder which tends to be slow
Rating: 4

Some time ago my husband and I have decided to make our family book... I know a bit about making websites. I used to watch one of those tutorials on YouTube which explained how to use CMS, how to match colors and all these things. When I created an account on Sitebuilder I was astonished! It felt like the whole platform was waiting for me to come! There’re many templates which are made for my idea. I couldn’t stay still and I dialed my husband to share my emotions. We’ve decided to pick a snow white template up as a symbol of our endless love. Oh, it was the first page of our family book and it’s so nice. I’ve got loads of pictures after our honeymoon and I was eager to add them straight away. I couldn’t do it because Sitebuilder was slow enough at uploading all of our images. So I divided them into groups and started uploading them again. It was still a bit slow but the result was beyond my expectations. Sitebuilder has incredible galleries. I can add so many effects to our images and I’m planning to divide them into sections like “Us”, “Our dogs”, “Our babies” and so on. Now that our family book is online it grows bigger because our history is full of memorable moments we want to share with our children. I’m so thankful to Sitebuilder because they have made my dream come true!!!

2019.11.02 at 09:21 written by:
My father is happy:)
Rating: 5

My father has his own medical practice. He sticks to traditional methods of advertising which are a bit out of fashion. So I help him to promote himself with more up to date tools. I’ve made him a site on Sitebuilder and his popularity has grown significantly. I had to do a lot of work but Sitebuilder deserves some credit as well. They’ve got a lot of useful features which are good for promotion and communication with visitors (or patients in our case). For example, Sitebuilder has a convenient shop interface. We use it to advertise our medical services so it helps us to add attractive images with a description. It’s a reliable tool with all the basic functions. We do need social media integration. Its importance is immense as for me. I doubt that you can attract many visitors if you don’t promote your campaign on Facebook for example. Embedding social media widgets on Sitebuilder isn’t a headache so I can only praise this aspect. Another must-have for any platform is stat tracking. I guess a website builder which hasn’t got such an option is useless. Sitebuilder has it and it functions without any flaws. We don’t use online payment methods because our patents pay in a traditional way mostly but Sitebuilder still offers a few options. I’ve seen Ecwid and PayPal integration somewhere on their platform. So you can install it if you have an online shop. My father has more patients now and I guess this is the indicator that Sitebuilder is the tool which works. This is the best recommendation as for me. Here’s another one. My father is happy:)

2019.10.25 at 19:05 written by:
Great designs, but no selling tools:(
Rating: 4

I’ve got my own bakery. We sell exclusive cakes and cookies for special occasions. So I need such a website which would help to expand our business and attract more visitors. I registered my bakery on and I can say that there’s something interesting on this platform. Among numerous templates I’ve found a delicious and sweet design which makes your mouth water if you look at our cookies. It’s a beautiful one and I still don’t regret about it. The problem is that Sitebuilder isn’t good enough for selling purposes. There’re certain drawbacks which prevent you from successful business. 1. Poor range of mobile decisions. For example, I want my customers who use a mobile device to tap on my telephone number on the site and call me straight away. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find anything similar but I’ve failed. It would be so much better if my site had such an option. 2. No mobile editor. Since I’m engaged into administrative aspects mostly I don’t always have time to edit my website from the laptop. I think Sitebuilder needs an app to do customizations from a smartphone. I would buy this tool if there was one because it could save me a lot of time. 3. Limited payment opportunities. Well, Sitebuilder actually supports Ecwid and PayPal but they lack other services. Since my site accepts online orders we do need wide payment tools which are secure and reliable. Sitebuilder can’t provide a lot of them. Even though some of our visitors use PayPal many of them don’t have it. Sitebuilder is looking good and provides interesting solutions but it’s a poor decision for online sales. Unfortunately we’ll have to move to another platform in order to attract more buyers :(

2019.10.12 at 18:04 written by:
Great service with minor problems
Rating: 4

I registered on SITEBUILDER last March. I wanted to launch my first website ever. I chose this platform because it was second on the list of top ten free website builders. All seemed fine and things haven’t changed a lot since then. The whole platform reminds me of that PAINT tool which I had years ago on my WINDOWS XP :) So editing on SITEBUILDER wasn’t a difficult task for me. I spend some time to catch on and understood that making a site wasn’t as difficult as I used to think. I was so naïve thinking that choosing a template would be easy. There’re lots of template combinations!!! Unfortunately, it’s not very convenient to browse through their templates. I’d like to mark those of them which I like somehow and make my final choice later. There’s no such an option so I have to choose from their huge gallery which is not very convenient. I usually copy a link to the template I like and paste it into a Notepad to compare the best templates later. Some kind of bookmarks would make the process of search less complicated. As for the rest, SITEBUILDER is a nice platform. It’s good for my small website about rescued cats and I like that I can easily edit it. Sometimes there’re delays when loading website editor but it doesn’t happen quite often so I can’t say it’s a problem on this platform. I’ve never had any bugs on and my website is always accessible for the visitors. There’re a lot of features which make my website unique and I like them!!!

2019.10.09 at 11:45 written by:
Incredibly intuitive and simple
Rating: 5

Sometimes it takes you years to find a service which suits you perfectly. This is the case with me. I’m extremely happy to have launched my blog on Sitebuilder and I don’t need any other platform. I had read numerous reviews before I tried this website builder. Many of them were aggressive and even angry but I still decided to give Sitebuilder a go. With bated breath I clicked “Register” button and this was where the fun started. Every step required was so easy to follow that I could do without any tutorials or guidance. Very positive experience. Then I started choosing a template for my blog. I couldn’t even hope to see so many of them! I’ve never been on a website builder which has hundreds of templates. I know that other platforms offer a limited amount of designs but not Sitebuilder! There’re HUNDREDS of variants to choose from. So I finally picked out a template. It was a simple one but I didn’t want something of a sophisticated design. Navigation through my website is what I appreciate most. I’ve never had any problems at this aspect on Sitebuilder. As for the editing, it’s a piece of cake. Very intuitive and extremely easy. Recommend it. I have the feeling of working in old good Paint software when I’m on Sitebuilder. We all have used it at school so it’s not a problem to make a site on this platform. Around 10 minutes was enough for me to have my blog finished. It was very pleasant experience and I don’t regret about having chosen this platform. They give me all the tools which I need to make my site attractive and easy to navigate through.

2019.09.27 at 12:22 written by:
Ready. Done. Finito!
Rating: 5

I have a website on Sitebuilder. What a pleasure it is to maintain it! The platform is so straightforward that I always know how to update news and how to edit something that I’ve already posted. My content is never lost or moved away which is another reason why I praise Sitebuilder. They make it simple to launch a website within minutes. You just register yourself on their platform and go ahead. Ready. Done. Finito! It saves me so much time. I used to have a tailor-made site without proper CMS so I had to edit HTML and CSS code any time I wanted to bring in changes. It’s very tiring and unreliable method because I had my elements lost all the time. Nothing of the kind on Sitebuilder. Their templates are wonderful. I like them so much! Haven’t found anything to criticize. I use their platform for my portfolio and it’s really convenient. They offer pretty nice images and animations. There’re a lot of interesting fonts and various color patterns which help me to find employers. I just share my link and anyone can visit my website. I don’t need to attach my CV and portfolio explaining every single thing when I send a letter to a potential boss. I just give a link to my website and they can see everything in details even with illustrations. Perfetto! My love to this website builder is infinite and I’m really happy about their services. Sitebuilder has already helped me to find a job a few years ago. So I can say that this platform is an irreplaceable tool for those who want an innovative and modern approach to job hunting.

2019.09.17 at 19:50 written by:
Easy to edit, not enough tools
Rating: 4

After I retired from my last job a few years ago I got interested in modern technologies. I’ve always wanted to know how to make a website so I’ve learnt a lot about website builders. I’ve been on such platforms as Weebly, Jimdo, Simplesite, Wix and Sitebuilder as well. Sitebuilder platform is interesting. Since I’m of an older generation it’s not always easy for me to get the feel of new technologies. I find it easy to edit templates and set things up on Sitebuilder. In most cases I understand how their tools work. I like how Sitebuilder templates are structured. There’re a lot of categories, some of them are rare enough and you won’t find anything similar on other website builders. The very structure of their layouts is clear and simple. I don’t like the choice of the tools offered. Even though there’re interesting decisions I can’t say that their variety is rich. You may feel in need for more tools especially if you create a large website. Sometimes it’s not easy to install a widget. I need to watch tutorials in certain cases. Absence of mobile editor is another disadvantage. For example, there’s an opportunity to edit your website from mobile device on other platforms. Sitebuilder can’t boast about it. Since they want users to have constant access to their service it would be reasonable to create some kind of an app. I don’t know if there’re proper tools for monitoring your website here. I tried to find something but there’s no opportunity to see the detailed statistics of your visitors. You never know who came to you, what device they used and where they come from. Even if there’s such an option it must be hidden so deep that I can’t see it.

2019.09.03 at 20:03 written by:
Flexible but with poor SEO
Rating: 4

I make custom toys. It’s more of a hobby than business but still people like them. I don’t even sell them, in most cases I just give my toys away. Sitebuilder is a great place to do it. I like their approach to placing items. It’s really simple to add an item to a page. I just choose a picture and add a description. So my visitors never miss new toys by me. There’re interesting themes for my website. Since I stick to mysterious conception I need something special. I’ve found a wonderful theme on Sitebuilder which is perfect for me. It’s convenient that I can change the mood of my website. Sitebuilder has an option which is responsible for changing color palette. So if you chose it the whole structure of your site stays untouched while its visual aspect is getting updated. This is an innovative feature as for me. There’s still something where Sitebuilder is weak. Their SEO results are not satisfying enough. There’re all the basic fields so I do add key words and phrases to my pages and images but my website is still not very popular. It’s a word of mouth mainly which brings me visitors but never SEO optimization. May be I’m just not experienced enough at this aspect. So I can’t really blame it on Sitebuilder. I appreciate that Sitebuilder is a flexible platform with multiple opportunities. Its features are good to showcase my toys so I can’t complain and I don’t want to. Sitebuilder is nice but if I had better promotion facilities I would like it even more.

2019.08.22 at 17:54 written by:
Too standard
Rating: 4

I heard of Sitebuilder when I decided to set on a journey around the world. Yes, it was my crazy dream to sail around the globe and to share my emotions through a website. Something like a personal blog, you know, posting videos, pics and comments. An adventurous idea. So I got registered on Sitebuilder. It was dope! A user friendly platform without any boring tools. I chose a template and got things off and rolling. I published my first post and it wasn’t as good as I expected. I haven’t found an interesting font. It may sound ridiculous to some of you but I’m a real perfectionist. I want things to be flawless. There were many fonts on Sitebuilder in fact but none of them was good for me. Things got better when I started posting videos. Yeah, that was where the game changed. I could embed YouTube code and share my videos. Simple and stylish. Really smart decision. Bravo Sitebuilder! As for the images, they’ve got eye-popping galleries and sliders. I’ve build up a wide gallery and everyone could share my pics on Facebook and other social media. There was a problem though! I didn’t know how to edit my images. I’d like to have some kind of an editor to improve sharpness and stuff. I don’t know how to find it… Now I’m back home now and I can’t estimate Sitebuilder really high. They’ve got something in store, that’s true but what they haven’t got is uniqueness. My website wasn’t very different from other blogs about travels. It makes me sad. I think I could’ve had more followers if my site had been better designed. I’m planning to set off to another journey and I’m not sure that I’ll get armed with Sitebuilder again.

2019.08.14 at 15:19 written by:
Saves your time
Rating: 5

Sitebuilder is impressive!!! They’ve done a great job to help people. My point is that website builders should be aimed at ordinary users who don’t have any particular skills at coding. So user-friendly tools are the future. Sitebuilder service understands it like no other platform. They’ve got so many features which make learning curve almost nil. You can build a website in an hour or so. For example, they try to avoid routine actions. It’s a common case when you need to add similar elements to different pages of your site which is tiring. It’s suffering no more on Sitebuilder because of their “Master Page” tool. You can simply add an element onto a page and it will appear on each page you have. It saves so much time that I think every website builder should have something similar. I’ve also found Sitebuilder highly customizable. You can add a variety of different menus, widgets, shapes, tools and more. The whole list is rather long. It all can be done through “Add” panel which is also easy and doesn’t take much place on your screen. Customization features are really wide on Sitebuilder. You can change fonts, colors, background images and so on. I also love their function which makes it possible to change the whole color palette of your site. It works wonders! A click of a mouse is enough to change the whole feeling of a website. It’s extremely useful for season changes. For example, when I want to change the feeling of my site on Christmas time without changing the whole structure of the site I use this function. Once again I do think that Sitebuilder is one of the most time saving tools. It makes complicated and routine tasks really simple. Great service!!!

2019.08.01 at 21:11 written by:
Designed for specific professions
Rating: 5

I’m a plumber and finding a website builder was a headache to me some time ago. Not that I’m one of those who nitpick only but I’ve faced the tendency that there’re no templates which could be good to advertise my services. It was a real wonder to have found one on Sitebuilder. Their collection of designs is really wide. There’re such categories as Trade, Construction and Professional Services so it wasn’t a problem for me to pick up a template to tell about my services. There’s also such a category as Blank Templates but I still hesitate to try it because I’m a know-nothing in the sphere of design so a ready-made decision is my choice. Neither am I good at programming and making sites. I was so delighted to see that I can add information and pictures to my site without any specific skills! This is an incredibly easy program. All of their tools are so simple that I’ve made my site in a day. I’ve never done anything similar before and now I’ve got the entire source of information with my name on it. Such things are amazing! Now that my site is up and running it’s much easier for me to find clients and advertise my services. Owing to Sitebuilder I feel that I’m needed. It’s really offensive to see that there’re no templates for me on other platforms. It feels like no one is interested in my skills which is frustrating. Sitebuilder seems to be made for specific professions and they’ve got a long list of categories for any type of industries. So I can simply choose a template and launch it. Amazing!

2019.07.21 at 10:37 written by:
Another website builder with good capabilities
Rating: 4

I’ve been making websites all my life. I’ve tried tons of software and so many platforms. I’m pretty sure you must’ve never known about some of them. I find such tools as Sitebuilder really amusing. They pretend to be useful but are never really helpful. Ok, I’ll try to do without too much irony and stay serious. As for me, Sitebuilder is a promising platform for someone who wants to save money on a programmer. There’re features necessary to launch a simple website. All of them are user-friendly and well-organized, so you won’t get lost in its structure. However, one of the most significant drawbacks is that all of the features are shallow so to speak. You can only get basic functions. For example, you can modify your template on Sitebuilder but you can’t change its initial code. The same goes to their widgets. You can install them but there’s no use of them. They won’t make the most of your site. If you’ve got some experience in making websites and you’re well-versed in this sphere Sitebuilder isn’t your potential platform. As I said you’ll find this service lacking key tools and important opportunities. The only reason why someone with professional skills can use this platform is building up landing pages. There’re enough galleries, fonts and tools to create something decent. I can’t also say that Sitebuilder is unique. This platform lacks in this are as well. Most of what they offer is absolutely standard without any innovative decisions. So I can’t describe Sitebuilder as a varied platform which can deliver more interesting services and capabilities than any other website builder. It’s a good and reliable tool just like any other tool which exists today.

2019.07.19 at 14:08 written by:
User friendly platform
Rating: 5

At last someone has made a decent platform to build websites. Sitebuilder takes away so many problems. You can forget about painstaking customization or clumsy designs. Sitebuilder is a powerful tool which has something to make its competitors envious. To be honest I don’t have a website as such. I have a blog on Sitebuilder with pure and minimalistic design. Something like my personal Twitter with my personal domain name and appearance. Blogging is exactly what Sitebuilder brings to the table. They’ve got such feature as tagging featured posts and pinning post. It’s extremely helpful to have information organized and sorted out. Editing drafts is also here. Creating a new post is as easy as 1, 2, 3. To make the long story short their blogging tool is incredibly versatile and I enjoy it a lot. They’ve got wide SEO opportunities as well. To make my blog popular I think through all the meta tags. So whenever I need to add key phrases Sitebuilder is helpful. Commenting on Sitebuilder I can’t stay away from praising their HTML editor. They do give access to HTML code so that you can always customize your header and footer manually. Even though such a function isn’t unique but it definitely makes the whole process much easier. So Sitebuilder does take care of how convenient a user feels on their platform. I guess this service is a strong competitor on today’s market. They offer powerful tools which are easy at use. I’ve tried many platforms already and I really have a high opinion of Sitebuilder because they help to solve many problems which an average user can face on the way to a website launch.

2019.07.08 at 16:08 written by:
Pros and cons of Sitebuilder
Rating: 4

I’ve still got a site on Sitebuilder. I don’t use it today because I’ve moved to a proper CMS and have a large website done by a team of professionals. So I don’t use website builder services anymore. I’ve spent around a year and a few months on Sitebuilder and there’re a lot of interesting decisions along with certain disadvantages. Since I don’t like pure criticism without any reasoning I’ll support my opinion. Positive aspects: - Variety of templates; - High level of design offered; - Convenient navigation; - Decent editor; - SEO settings; - Social media integration; - Good choice of widgets. Negative aspects: - Not enough eCommerce solutions; - Practically no external integrations; - No stat tracking; - No mobile app for editing. As you can see I’ve outlined more pros than cons on Sitebuilder which means that this service is a good choice. I also think that the disadvantages mentioned aren’t critical. This is the reason why I don’t deal with website builders anymore. I need a huge site for an online shop and I understand that I can’t achieve any results by the means of such platforms. I don’t criticize Sitebuilder either! This is a modest and compact product for those who appreciate convenience of use. The platform is really user-friendly and you’ll get the hang of how it all works immediately. I’d say Sitebuilder is not good enough for a professional but professionals don’t use such mainstream tools, my opinion. All in all I’m quite enthusiastic about Sitebuilder and I hope they’ll expand their audience significantly.

2019.06.13 at 15:36 written by:
Good for basic tasks, not enough customization
Rating: 4

I’ve read hundreds of negative reviews about sitebuilder and there’s an army of critics waiting for a chance to write something nasty about this platform. I don’t share all this rage against sitebuilder. I think this platform does have certain advantages. For example it’s good in terms of design and it has some smart tools which offer nice functions. However I don’t quite understand why sitebuilder promises wide customization features. This platform is rather restricted in terms of editing. You can’t change templates radically. All you can do is to make some cosmetic changes but if you want a really unique website Sitebuilder won’t help. Editing itself is simple though. There’s nothing you can get stuck on. Even a beginner will do it at ease. They’ve got html editing but it’s also not good enough for a total control over your site. You can’t change that much. sitebuilder gives you access to header and footer html code only. Not bad for a person with basic knowledge of the code but it’s not enough for me. I think sitebuilder doesn’t deserve all the criticism. It’s fine for blogging or for a small website. Perhaps this platform needs to provide more professional tools and decisions. For example full access to html and css code would be a bright idea. They could give a wider choice of widgets... There’re some but they’re too primitive as for me. All in all I don’t agree that sitebuilder is a terrible service which wastes your time. It does provide functions to make a nice website but it lacks a lot. If sitebuilder were better planned, I would definitely use it on a regular basis. So far I prefer other platforms with deeper customization.

2019.06.07 at 13:04 written by:
Your key to success on Google
Rating: 5

When I was engaged into making my own site on Sitebuilder I bought myself one of those eBooks about SEO… I’ve read every page and I knew everything about all these meta tags and stuff like that. I was slightly worried that Sitebuilder could let me down in SEO aspects. Never! My website has reached that sacred first page on Google and still stays on it. It didn’t happen overnight but Sitebuilder has helped me a lot to put SEO theory into practice. Sitebuilder has all the basic features which you need for successful SEO optimization. For example, this platform allows me to add or edit meta tags. I like it that I can add them to each page I have which helps me to interact with search engines better. I’ve led a lot of visitors to my website and it’s great. I’m absolutely satisfied with how my site looks. It’s a pretty template by Sitebuilder. I’ve customized it a bit but not too much and I enjoy it. I also like how it feels to use my site. Its navigation is of no comparison. Sitebuilder provides really simple templates which won’t make your visitors grope in the dark of your site corridors. No, everything is clear and simple. I’m pretty sure that my site will grow larger because of the SEO ideas I’ve picked up as well. So I can only recommend this platform wholeheartedly to anyone reading my comment.

2019.05.29 at 15:01 written by:
Flexible editing
Rating: 5

I discovered Sitebuilder long time ago and I’ve never had any reasons to change my website builder. There’s all I need to maintain and develop my site. For example, there’s a range of customization features which are simple but not primitive. Their tools are also easy to install and don’t require any particular skills. There’re all the basic functions which make your online presence enjoyable and rewarding. Changing colors is never an obstacle on your way either. There’s a variety of fonts and themes which make things easier. You can even edit the mobile version of your website. To be fair Sitebuilder doesn’t have a mobile app to do changes straight from your mobile device but they offer a “Mobile View” function. It is made in a typical Sitebuilder’s manner. You can tune all the element of your website and place them so that your visitors could easily find what they need. As for the desktop editor, it’s amazing! Once again it’s easy at use but it’s packed with so many tools which are practical and perfectly organized. Even when you’re in the desktop editor mode you can customize any element. A click is enough to update even insignificant details which you might’ve overlooked when building a site. Finally, Sitebuilder is one of those well-balanced tools which combine simple functions with deep opportunities. They know how to offer you easily understandable tools without making them oversimplified. Flexibility of this platform is another advantage. I hope I’ll stay loyal to Sitebuilder if they keep up with the same policy.

2019.05.19 at 19:10 written by:
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