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Best blogging service
Rating: 5

Siteblog service is so impressive! I’ve never used any platform which has the same amount of features useful for a blog. I was interested in getting my blog up and running without any efforts. So I did it on Siteblog. I’ve found that their variety of templates is extremely wide. They cover so many topics from food to clothes that I can only praise them. There’re opportunities to customize my blog in a number of ways. Changing overall color or replacing each block on the page is always possible. Love them!

2019.12.18 at 15:18 written by:
A platform with specific blogging features
Rating: 5

At last there’s something dedicated to blogging! I hate those platforms which pretend to be a blog but practically are nothing more than a useless tool. I used to blog on Tumblr, it was terrible! I couldn’t change a thing but colors. Siteblog is all different. This service is made specifically for blogging needs. Their templates are designed for those who want to share information. When you start testing their templates you understand that content blocks are placed to focus attention of your visitors. There’re deep but simple menus offered and I can add a lot of categories without being afraid to tie my readers up into a knot. This service offers really useful templates which are not just beautiful but practical as well. My audience is people beyond 50 so I need large headings and simple navigation. Siteblog has such templates and I hope my visitors feel comfortable reading me. When I launched my blog I wanted to give my readers a feeling that they’re the centre of attention. I don’t want them to miss a line so I do need such things as featured posts, pinned posts and related posts, you know what I'm saying. I’ve found it all on Siteblog. These features are easy to implement. No help required. Since my audience continues to arrive and I’ve seen links to my blog on other resources I think that my blog works well. I’ve managed to do it by the means of Siteblog. So the only thing I can say is thanks a million! I hope this platform will get better as the time goes.

2019.11.15 at 12:15 written by:
Best bet for a simple website
Rating: 4

Siteblog lacks one thing which is critical in my view. It’s not made for spacious websites. If you’re a coder or if you plan to build a site to sell non-stop there’s nothing to hope for. No proper HTM or CSS access, no SLL, no javascript support, 500 MB storage only. BUT! A person without any complicated ideas will feel happy here. The platform is flexible, convenient and absolutely customizable. It’s perfect for a compact blog or for some kind of a presentation.

2019.11.08 at 10:22 written by:
A good place for online business
Rating: 5

When I registered on I was slightly worried. I know that website builders tend to be not that good for business. Since I sell souvenirs I wanted to have a proper site to advertise my shop and stay in touch with my custom clients. I was happy to have known that there was over 500MB space which was enough for my gallery of souvenirs. Adding a shopping cart to my site wasn’t a problem either. I’ve been using it for about 5 months and my clients praise how it functions a lot. I’ve got many visitors so it’s good that bandwidth on is unlimited. I use their Live Chat tool which pops up whenever someone visits my site so my clients are always well-informed. To put a long story short is a good place for online business! 

2019.10.23 at 17:02 written by:
Packed with features for successful blogging
Rating: 5

SiteBlog let me build my sport blog for free. I had many blogs in my life and I’ve never tried anything so simple and useful. Building my blog was a big fun. I just chose a domain name and started posting my articles. Everything was extremely intuitive so I didn’t need any help. I’ve got everything I need at hand on SiteBlog. When I want to focus on let’s say images SiteBlog’s gallery is helpful. When I’m interested in a readable article there’re a lot of fonts and heading styles to rely on. It makes blogging so enjoyable. Just like many of SiteBlog users I’m no type of coder and it’s never a hindrance on the way to success here. I’ve built my whole blog up purely by adding elements to a page and it looks wonderful. I’m so happy that such a platform as SiteBlog exists because it’s packed with tools which make blogging a piece of cake.

2019.10.12 at 15:24 written by:
Incredibly customizable
Rating: 5

I’ve never thought that a blog can be so flexible. I used to post content on Tumblr but Siteblog is much more powerful. My posts look attractive and stay informative because I can attach video, audio or other types of files. My blog is much different from other sites owing to Sitebuilder. They provide me with opportunities to modify elements, choose color of blocks as well as their width. I don’t need to use standard templates anymore. Here I modify borders and backgrounds in a simple way. Sitebuilder is one of the best platforms!

2019.10.01 at 19:20 written by:
Strong platform without parallax effects
Rating: 4

Siteblog is my favorite website builder. There’re tools which are useful for commerce and for an artistic sphere. You can interact with your visitors through convenient widgets and keep them entertained if necessary. My site isn’t boring at all owing to beautiful design and powerful widgets. Even though I can’t add parallax effects manually I still like how my blog functions. Their SEO is incredible. I just wrote keywords and my blog is easily searchable now.

2019.09.09 at 14:03 written by:
Rating: 4

There’s one terrible thing one Siteblog. They’re overprotective. They make me to change my password often enough. They make me to log in constantly without any serious reasons. They do require email confirmation more often than necessary. It’s a good test for my nerves and I don’t think I will pass it. Seriously, it’s my problem when to change password, not theirs. I don’t need an annoying aunt to tell me what to do! On the whole Siteblog is a well-balanced platform. I use it for my site about food and I can add items easily. Describing them is never a problem. I like my ranking on Google, I’ve never been any higher before. I’ve achieved it by the means of Siteblog only. Unfortunately their safety policy is so terribly annoying that I can’t stand it.

2019.09.06 at 16:13 written by:
Highly qualified service for people who don’t know how to code
Rating: 5

When I started my small company I needed a site to generate clients. My wife had a blog about fashion on and she advised me trying it. It’s a year now that I’m using Siteblog and I’m very excited about this product. Their SEO is flawless. Yes, there’re all the basic SEO features such as meta tags, titles and staff. I guess any website builder has them. What makes Siteblog special is that they let me analyze my site so I can see most frequently used words and change them if necessary. I doubt that other platforms can boast the same. My site is on the first page of Bing and on the second page of Google. I suppose that I’ll improve my rankings even more soon. Thankfully Siteblog is designed for such aims. Modern users don’t spend a lot of time in front of computers. Most of them use all types of gadgets so mobile version of my site is extremely important for me. All of Siteblog templates are mobile adaptive. My site looks pretty and never freezes on a smartphone. It’s always accessible whether you use a tablet or a laptop. The information is well-structured and blocks of content stay in place on any device. I’ve checked it from HTC and iPhone, everything functions adequately. My site doesn’t depend on any browser either. I opened it with Chrome, Mozilla and Opera and my layout stayed unchanged without any bugs. In general my site is very reliable. It never freezes, it always functions and it’s not complicated at all. These factors are much more important than design or things like that. This is exactly why I like Siteblog. What they offer is a high quality of services accessible to people far from making sites.

2019.08.16 at 14:48 written by:
Wonderful! Excellent! Amazing!
Rating: 4

I can’t stay away from superlative adjectives when I think of Siteblog. My business wasn’t successful when I had a site on Simplesite. Now that I’m with Siteblog I can boast about a modern template which follows all the design trends. It looks like I hired a professional designer. There’re a lot of tools useful for eCommerce. I like how their shopping cart functions. It’s equipped with all the features which a shopping cart must have. I don’t even need Ecwid anymore. It’s not that I don’t like Ecwid but I don’t like third parties widgets to be honest. I’ve chosen a certain amount of keywords and added them to my pages. Unfortunately I don’t know how to monitor my visitors on Siteblog. I need it to understand which things to sell and how to arrange them. Hope they’ll introduce something like this one day.

2019.08.11 at 19:54 written by:
wide SEO functions
Rating: 5

Siteblog team has done a great job as for me. They take care of how my blog looks and how it functions. It’s a good thing that they also help me to promote my blog. Their SEO tools are thoroughly planned. As a part of SEO analysis I can check keywords density so I understand which common words are used on my site. It’s extremely helpful for me because I want to increase my ranking on Google and Yahoo. I can always check it how often some of the words are used on my site which is a big factor for search engines.

2019.07.15 at 14:04 written by:
Stunning effects, complicated tools
Rating: 4

I’m involved into music making. So I’m interested in having a flashy website to attract buyers. The technical aspect is also important for me because I use a lot of players and need opportunities to control volume and download audios. Sitebuilder is my choice and I’m almost happy with this platform. Well, first things first. As for the effects, there’s a plenty of them. I can choose any style for my headings and new offers. I can add shadows, borders, glowing and customize it all. The same goes to pictures. I make them pop out or change from BW to colorful style. So when I post something new I can always attract my buyers. If I have a discount or special hot offers it’s not a problem to make them noticeable. It all can be done within a few clicks. As for the technical aspect now. I can’t really praise Siteblog’s players. They’re kind of complicated for me. There’re all the basic function such as volume bar, play/stop button and others but I don’t understand how to customize them. When I add an audio player it doesn’t look as a part of my site. I don’t know how to make some of my audios downloadable either. So I have to make use of SoundCloud. It helps me a lot but there’s a limited number of audios to upload. I think I’ll end up in having numerous SoundCloud accounts which isn’t very convenient. All in all, Siteblog is fine but it needs to focus on tool for musicians more seriously.

2019.07.02 at 18:41 written by:
Convenient platform with a shortage of space
Rating: 4

I’m an actress and I’m familiar with all these platforms which offer services to make a portfolio. Siteblog is cute. In fact their templates are so lovely. I didn’t have any problems and found a page for my portfolio in a few minutes. It’s a nice looking warm site where my fans feel cozy. The template is also made well for my potential employers. It’s very convenient to publish information about the projects I’ve been involved in. When I add my photos I can sort them out like “Fashion”, “Cinema”, “Commercials” and so on. They’re displayed in a beautiful manner. So nice. It’s a pleasure to customize my Biography page because I can provide it with pictures and choose between numerous fonts. Siteblog is perfect for an EPK as well. I just post all the information about me with photos and some of my songs so media can always use it. Extremely convenient and time saving. Adding videos isn’t difficult and they are displayed properly. The problem is that I can upload just a few videos from my computer. There’s only 500MB of storage space while my average video is about 200MB so I can’t upload that much. I still use YouTube platform. I just add their links to my site. It works and it’s also convenient enough. I can’t imagine myself being a technical pro but I’d like to be undependable on my website so that I could add whatever I want whenever I want it. Siteblog fits me perfectly and I like this website builder a lot.

2019.06.01 at 12:24 written by:
Full of astonishing effects
Rating: 5

Wow, Siteblog is essential happiness! I feel like this platform was designed specially for me. It’s intuitive, flexible and functional. I can only love it. I make a living on art as a photographer and I need something decent to post my pictures on. It’s always enjoyable to add images on Siteblog. Their manager of images lets me rename and store my photos without any limitations. It’s never slow or buggy. If I upload a picture it takes just a few seconds. When I upload a batch of images I have to wait a bit but not too long. Working with photos on Siteblog is a pleasure. There’re astonishing galleries. They make my site exclusive. None of my colleagues has anything similar. So browsing through my photos is always simple and enjoyable. I don’t use sliders to be honest. I’ve got a wide gallery so I don’t want my site to load for hours but still I’ve tested Sitebuilder decisions. Their sliders offer a lot of modes to show pictures so I could possibly choose some of them. I can also choose the number of slides shown and their effects. It’s a professional approach I think. The whole style and navigation of my site are excellent. I used one of existing templates by Siteblog and customized it. The result is exciting!

2019.05.24 at 20:19 written by:
simple to use
Rating: 4

I found Siteblog through one of Facebook ads. It’s a decent service with a plenty of opportunities. It’s a drag and drop tool which gives me a lot of freedom at customization and posting. They offer a variety of elements to add onto a page. You can choose between all types of shapes, links, menus, etc. Their gallery of images is also wide. I can always pick something useful up. I’m quite upset that I can’t access their CSS editor. It would be more convenient if I had the whole site under my full control. Perhaps there’s something to edit CSS but I have no clue how to find it. My general opinion is that Siteblog is a serious platform which is great for all types of websites. I’d advise it to people without any programming skills. An experienced coder will feel bored here.

2019.05.03 at 20:05 written by:
Good for any type of user
Rating: 5

Lost for words! Useful compact site builder with sooooo many templates. Here’s what I like most about this builder. • Intuitive customization • Wide gallery of templates • eCommerce features • Mobile adaptive designs • Audio/Video Yes, this builder is strong at every aspect which I’ve mentioned. I like that searching the right template is made simple due to various filters. So I don’t need to spend hours on scrolling down and picking designs. The set of features to make a functional site is also impressive. There’re decisions to play audio or video, there’re a lot of attractive galleries and different types of shopping carts. It all makes this platform a good choice for any purpose. All of the tools are customizable and it will be easy to understand how to use them. This builder is perfect. THNX!!!

2019.04.30 at 18:31 written by:
Simple at use, not enough widgets
Rating: 4

I practice yoga and I want to share some of my tutorials with people. Siteblog is extremely helpful at this point. There’re a lot of meditative and relaxing templates which perfectly create the right atmosphere. People can easily find right tutorials on my site because it’s simple to categorize them thanks to Siteblog. Maintaining my blog is not complicated at all. I just drag and drop blocks of content and modify them. I don’t even need to touch HTML code which is always a tricky experience for a person like me. Whenever I add a new yoga lesson people can see it on top of the home page. It appears automatically which saves so much time. YouTube integration is welcome here. I’ve got my channel on YouTube and I’ve synchronized my blog with it. It so good that I upload a video to my channel and it appears on my blog. I appreciate things like that. There’s a sort of a problem I can’t fix. I haven’t found any widget to keep my visitors informed about new tutorials. Some kind of a tool to send newsletters would be really helpful. I’ve done my best to have found it but I think there’s nothing like this. Still I’m rather satisfied with Siteblog. What they offer looks good and functions well. If they had more widgets I’d like them even more.

2019.04.17 at 17:08 written by:
Great at basic aspects but makes you log in all the time
Rating: 4

Using Siteblog for quite a long time I’ve found this website builder as a flexible and powerful platform. There’re just a few things which I’d like to be improved. Generally speaking this is what I liked about Siteblog: • Stable mobile adaptation. I tried to test the website I made on mobile devices and I have no complaints. All the functions behave adequately. Some of the blocks are removed on a mobile screen but the whole layout looks nice. I’ve been checking my site for three month on different devices. No remarks. • Intuitive website editor. I didn’t read any tutorials or watched any videos. I’ve managed to figure out all the functionalities during the process of making my site. Customization is not complicated either. • The quality of templates. There’s more than a thousand of templates. I don’t think that quantity is more important the quality but Siteblog provides a lot of templates of professional level. The set of colors offered is always eye-catching. Their templates are not too minimalistic, nor are they extravagant. All of the designs look stylish. • SEO. This aspect is on the list of advantages because it provides you deep insight into your site SEO. Many other website builders offer you to fill SEO fields in but you can’t analyze this aspect. Sitebuilder doesn’t have such limitations so I always know which keywords I use and why. What I didn’t like about Siteblog. • You need to continuously log in. This is a HUGE disadvantage which makes me crazy. I’m always made to log in whenever I re-open my browser or Siteblog page. If I don’t show any activity for a long period of time I have to log in again. • Text boxes become unresponsive. It happens from time to time but I can’t describe it as a major bug.

2019.04.05 at 09:13 written by:
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