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Perfect for a novice
Rating: 4

There’s a number of aspects which are the strength of Site123. • Easy to manage • Supports multiple sites • Mobile adaptive • Simple to launch • Professional designs • Integration with social media • Very flexible • Good SEO • A lot widgets There’s still something to be improved. • No proper online store • Limited storage space and bandwidth My opinion is that Site123 is a competitive platform which is good for a novice or for a person without ambitious plans. If you’re a professional at making sites you’re unlikely to feel comfortable with Site123.

2019.12.28 at 14:43 written by:
Good for blog but not good for online shop
Rating: 4

I’m involved into a lot of sales and I’ve got a blog as well. Site123 is ideal for both of my sites. The blog which I’ve made on Site123 is incredible and I’m absolutely satisfied with how it functions. My small shop isn’t that bad but it could’ve been done better. There’re no vital features such as adding discounts. I do need them! I’ve done my best to have found any payment options but I doubt there’re some. Customizing delivery is impossible here so I’m not that glad about these aspects. Fortunately I don’t have many products because I have to add them manually. If my shop was larger hardly would I use Site123 but since it’s a small one I still manage it. It’s convenient for me that I can have my blog and shop using the same account. I don’t need to switch between different platforms or accounts. I just want Site123 to make something more decent for online sales.

2019.12.08 at 15:44 written by:
Freedom unlimited
Rating: 5

I’ve got an untypical website on Site123 so I needed a lot of customization to have achieved what I’ve got now. This platform has helped me a lot and I love it. When I started editing my site I wanted to add a custom made logo which was extremely simple. I just uploaded it and I enjoy it today. Changing my slogan on the main page was a matter of few clicks. I’ve added a few effects to it so it looks eye catching. Site123 let me do it without any problems. This is why I love this platform. They let me create whatever I want to. I don’t depend on their templates that much. I can even adjust the design of any page. Changing the format of the pages is also easy which is impossible on some website builders. I could never edit my header on Wix but now I can add buttons, links or images to my header which is a great opportunity. Any element can be modified or deleted if necessary so that I’m not restricted at all. It all can be done in less than 10 minutes and you don’t need to wreck your brain how to change the block size. Visit Site123 and enjoy all of its functions.

2019.11.17 at 09:43 written by:
No helpless or useless tools
Rating: 5

I registered on Site123 some time ago and I’m happy with my site on it. Its integration with social media is flawless. I used my Google+ account to register and provide information for my site. It saved me time because I didn’t need to fill in a lot of forms. There’s also Facebook access if you don’t have Google+ account. The process of making a site is rather intuitive. Editing and publishing my site was clear to me and I didn’t need any assistance. The good thing on Site123 is that all of their tools are useful. So what they offer is always helpful. There’re no features which are made without a reason. Their decisions helped me to have built a practical website of high quality.

2019.10.31 at 20:05 written by:
A lot of plugins, Online Store too basic
Rating: 3

I’ve made two nice online shops with Site123. In fact there’re enough widgets to maintain them and to make them interesting for my buyers. I prefer using such Live Support Chats as Zopim and Pure Chat. I’ve added them to my sites and enjoy them because they’re extremely helpful. Site123 also supports such Webmasters as Bing Webmaster Tools and Yandex Webmaster Tools. I’m not really familiar with the latter one so I use the tool which Bing offers. It’s convenient enough. I also like that Site123 makes it possible to install tools for analytical purposes. I use Google Analytics. This is an amazing tool! I’ve seen Facebook Pixel and Google AdWords which can be added as well. Unfortunately I have to leave Site123 because their Online Store is extremely poor. What they offer is a modest tool which can’t satisfy me and my clients. It’s way too basic and I can’t rely on it. It’s a pity that I have to refuse from using Site123. I like their designs and opportunities which they offer. It’s easy to work with them but absence of a decent Online Store is the key factor for me.

2019.09.05 at 16:20 written by:
Extremely easy to launch a website!
Rating: 5

I needed to have a website built quickly for my business. I chose Site123 for this task and I don’t regret about it. This platform seems to be made for a simple and fast launch. The good news is that it doesn’t influence the quality of my site. Even though I made it in a day it looks well-organized and has a lot of practical functions. The quality is never a matter of complaint here. Even if you’re a newbie you’ll easily understand how to set things up on Site123 and how to modify its templates. You don’t need to have any coding skills or web design experience. I wasn’t a professional at these aspects either but I’ve made a decent website which still functions. I can even use some of the databases. I’m really impressed!!!

2019.08.20 at 13:56 written by:
Wide functionality, ad banner can’t be removed
Rating: 4

Site123 is what I need. It has a wide functionality along with beautiful templates. There’re SEO settings which include adding tags and changing titles. I’ve been using Site123 for a long time and it’s easy to find my website on Google and Yahoo. Choice of languages and location is also available which is another benefit for SEO purposes. It’s interesting that Site123 makes it possible to choose which type of website you want to build. I selected an ordinary type of website but there’s an option to make one-page website. It gives you an opportunity to choose between ready-made decisions to achieve the best results. Their choice of plug-ins is rich enough as well. They all are made with a high quality and they do help to widen the functionality of my website. What I don’t like about Site123 is that they place their ad banner which can be seen in the footer. It’s rather distracting and doesn’t match with my site. I’d like to make it less visible. I can’t set up the 2nd level domain either. It’s a bit disappointing. Still there’re more advantages than disadvantages on Site123 so I’m going to stay with this builder for a long time.

2019.06.15 at 14:26 written by:
Good for multiple sites
Rating: 5

I’ve been using Site123 for several months and I’m all satisfied. I’ve got a promo site for my photo studio on this platform. My site is made in a professional way and I love it. It’s responsive which is a good feature because some of my potential clients use mobile devices to view my site. I appreciate it because they can always find my contacts and see my prices. No matter which device is at use my site works great. I’ve noticed that this website builder is a perfect place for small sites such as landing pages or blogs. There’s one more thing which I’d like to praise about Site123. I’m interested in different spheres among them are photography, music and arts so I need 4 websites. It’s very convenient that I can store all of them on Site123 using one account only. This platform allows to have an as many websites as aI want so I don’t need to create a lot of different accounts. It’s possible to copy sites and edit them which is a good idea. In addition I can check incoming messages, newsletters and more. Setting up domains is also possible. It all can be done with each site I’ve got. Great! I strongly recommend using Site123 to those people who want to save their time.

2019.05.07 at 15:53 written by:
Easy to build a unique website
Rating: 5

I’m a big fan of Site123 because it offers a lot of options to build an adequate and attractive website. I write about political news and there’re a lot of tools to make my site live and informative. I can add new pages and edit them without any hindrances on my way. I can also choose how each of my pages is displayed. It can be displayed as a blog, an online shop, a promo site or About page. It saves so much time because I don’t need to set it all up manually. I just choose an option and I have a basic page with basic functions. Very convenient. Each page is highly customizable and I can change its background adding a solid color or an image. SEO setting are also at hand so I can make my site searchable. All the basic parameters are included and it’s easy to tell Google about your site. So I just choose some of the pre-made decisions and customize them to the fullest. It’s an amazing experience because I can create a professional site with convenient navigation which won’t look generic.

2017.01.19 at 10:18 written by:
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