Internet sites connect you to distinct places globally. Enterprises wishing to take competitive advantage prefer multi-lingual sites to expand their clientele and secure great volumes of sale. is intended to internationalize your trade and procreate it to function on all devices. With unlimited designs and 45 world languages, no big time expenditure and no special know-how, you have your site on air in almost no time. The sites nurtured here are functional and ready for added edge. progresses sites to function on all platforms. Setting up site here is exceptionally cost efficient. The site not even demands a support. It is an old site maker advisable for small and medium sized organizations and big companies as well. In three steps - selection of design, usage and publish, your site is all set and aired. Fresh set of clienteles approached in native language automatically would convert into loyal prospects. Shift to yield trust and cultural connections.
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Irresponsible and unreliable service
Rating: 2 is the worst website builder ever! This is the most complicated platform I’ve been on. I’ve never tried anything less user-friendly. It’s not organized at all. Searching for templates isn’t convenient either. When I chose one of their templates I couldn’t really understand how to customize it because Sitepro just offered me a number of tools but didn’t explain how to apply them. Their templates are terrible! They look shabby and I doubt that their design can attract anyone. I was browsing through their layouts the other day and I came across a template with a text half covered by an image. It’s an indicator for me that their team is irresponsible. I can’t trust my site to someone who doesn’t care about the quality of the services provided. I’ll never use it again.

2017.02.23 at 19:45 written by:
No way to build a proper website
Rating: 1

This platform is somewhat strange. For example there’s no proper mobile preview. When you browse through their templates you can preview full version of a site only. You need to start editing their templates to see how they look on a mobile device. When you choose this feature there’s a window popping up which shows you how your mobile layout looks but the full version of the site still stays in the background so you can’t concentrate which is a big problem as for me. It’s impossible to close this window so I have to refresh the whole page which is very inconvenient. Too bad Sitepro, too bad. Text formatting is impossible. When I try changing the color of my text I can’t do it. I select a text and choose the color needed but Sitepro discards the changes done. So irritating! It’s easy to mess thing up here because there’s no grid and elements can’t be fixed so you can break the whole lay out. I can’t simply build a nice looking website here. Alignment is also impossible. I can’t center my elements so place them by eye which is extremely unprofessional.

2017.01.11 at 20:58 written by:
Flexible builder for a simple website
Rating: 4

The best thing about SitePro is flexibility. Everything is laid out in a way which makes it possible to build a really unique website. I don’t rate SitePro as the best builder ever made but there’re various options when adding text or images which are useful to make a nice website. If you have no experience at creating websites it may be a bit difficult for you to understand how to add elements and how to customize them but as soon as you get the hang of it all you’ll be surprised with how many opportunities you have at your disposal. The gallery of buttons is wide enough and you can find something interesting to spice your website up. Most of their buttons are rather the same but if you spend some time there’re a few decisions to make you happy, just stay persistent and creative. I don’t really like how SitePro looks. It just doesn’t feel professional enough. Still it’s a nice product which may find a lot of users. Wish them all the best!

2016.10.08 at 16:31 written by:
No place for a musician
Rating: 3

As a musician I can’t make any use of I had a site made by them and I regret about having wasted my time. This platform is extremely poor for a person involved into making music. Their functionality is limited and there’s no way to widen it somehow. There’s a key feature missing. They don’t support any type of players so I can’t upload my music. I tried adding links to external websites such as SoundCloud but I’ve refused from this approach because SoundCloud players don’t match my website design. doesn’t allow you to add social media buttons which is a significant disadvantage for our band. We can’t share news properly because there’s no opportunity to synchronize our website with our Facebook and Google+ accounts. Twitter isn’t supported either. is a bad idea if you like Flash based technologies. They are unwelcome here. offers over 160 templates which is a big number. Their templates aren’t that bad either and it’s possible to customize them to some extent. My opinion is that could be nice for a blogger or writer but not for someone who needs various technologies and players.

2016.09.04 at 19:06 written by:
Platform to be improved
Rating: 4

There’s nothing to be impressed with on Sitepro. It’s a good website builder without anything special. You can find it useful for a portfolio or landing page. Unfortunately it doesn’t look attractive enough so I don’t have a desire to use this platform. It still has integration with PayPal which will be good for a small shop. The platform does support data backups so you don’t need to worry about your safety. SEO is pretty nice allowing you to add meta data to each page. Presence of galleries and slides gives you an opportunity to display images in an attractive way. Not bad but could be better.

2016.07.23 at 11:18 written by:
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