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Good to launch a site but no specific options
Rating: 3

I registered on Simplesite two years ago and I’m a little bit torn between should I stay with them or change my website builder. Well, I’m generally satisfied with the quality of the services Simplesite offers but still there’re some of the drawbacks which do repel me. I’ve listed all of the advantages and disadvantages which I’ve faced during my everyday use of this platform. Advantages: - Easy to build up a website. As soon as you start using Simplesite they give you all the tools necessary to make a good-looking site. - Easy to maintain a website. You don’t have any problems with updating your site after publishing it. Adding new content is a matter of few clicks. - Nice templates. They offer quite minimalistic type of design but it looks fine especially if you publish texts. Disadvantages: - Lack of customization features. Simplesite offers you to modify standard options only such as color or font. - Problems with mobile versions of the templates. Some of their templates look good on a mobile device while others tend to lose blocks of content. - Complicated interaction with social media. They offer you to add Facebook buttons and more but don’t explain how. I have no idea where to find this function. Yes, Simplesite suits me pretty well but there’re some features missing. Perhaps I’m in minority because I’m an editor and I need a wide choice of fonts on my website. Simplesite doesn’t have them. This is the main reason why I’m thinking about moving to another platform. Their website builder also lacks some aspects which aren’t crucial to me but still I’d like to use them. I think I’ll try another website builder which has wider opportunities for my editor’s activity.

2019.11.24 at 09:34 written by:
Poor customization, no widgets
Rating: 1

I’m a teacher and I’m not experienced in making websites but I certainly don’t like Simplesite. There’re three main disadvantages which I can outline. 1. No proper customization I use my website to share articles and I want to use a lot of illustrations. For example, when I write an article about nature I need to add pictures of animals and plants. As I’ve found out there’s no opportunity to insert more than one picture into a text on a single page. I wanted to insert much more than one picture but I haven’t found how to do it. A very strange decision of them. 2. Poor mobile editor Whenever I publish an article I share a link on Facebook. So, many of my students use it to view my site from their smartphones. They often complain that the mobile version is a kind of unstable. Sometimes there’re paragraphs missing. Some parts of the text tend to change its position which makes reading absolutely irritating. I tried to figure it all out but such problems still exist. I don’t know how to fix it. 3. No widget I need I wanted to add a simple contact form to my website so that my students could use it and stay in touch with me. All I wanted was to provide them with opportunity to leave a name and email. I haven’t found anything appropriate for them. It would be a god idea to add one though. Ultimately, I don’t like Simplesite because I can’t make use of it for my occupation. There’re key factors missing and I can’t accept it. It’s much easier for me to choose a different platform where I can add a lot of images and control the mobile version of my website.

2019.10.18 at 15:46 written by:
Inappropriate for international sales
Rating: 2

I chose Simplesite because their platform looked like as a more or less easy solution. I was wrong. Even though building up a website isn’t a big deal it’s difficult to maintain your site. Editing pages and deleting pictures is tiring. Adding links isn’t always possible. Some of them don’t work right and I have to start over. Simplesite is bad at providing statistics. I can’t really understand how many visitors I got per day and all that stuff. Monitoring is also painful because I don’t see where my visitors come from and how they’ve found my website. This platform is weak when it comes to mobile adaptation. I can’t easily rearrange the elements of my website in their mobile editor. It’s not well-planned I’d say. Since I work with deliveries I need reliable tools for online shopping. Simplesite can’t help me. Their app isn’t convenient when it comes to setting prices. I can’t add information about weight to my items. Since I deliver to different parts of the world this aspect is crucial for me and my customers. Feel disappointed. I can’t also accept orders from Switzerland because Simplesite doesn’t support their characters. Adding images of my items is a torture too. Simplesite crops them in a strange way and there’s nothing I can do about it. So this website builder is a total disaster at selling issues. I think that many of the problems could be resolved if there was an access to HTML code. Simplesite doesn’t support it though which is another disadvantage. I’ll try to remove my website from this platform but I don’t hope that it’s an easy task. Guess I’ll have to choose another service and launch all new website on it. Simplesite is a waste of time and efforts as for me.

2019.10.07 at 10:34 written by:
Wish them all the best.
Rating: 2

I try to stay away from Simplesite. I launched a site on their platform a few years ago. It wasn’t terrible experience but rather useless to be honest. I don’t want to sound as a know-it-all critic but I don’t see any reasons to use Simplesite in today’s world. Their platform never changes. When I registered my website on Simplesite they offered poor templates with standard navigation. Their designs have never been updated since then. Even though a few years have passed they still haven’t changed a thing. It’s the same primitive and old-fashioned templates which are no competitors for such giants as Wix or TemplateMonster. Once again I’m not a designer of any kind but Simplesite seems to have frozen which is too obvious even with a naked eye. The same goes to their tools. They offer you basic functions only which will not help to stand out. Customization has never been worse either. You can’t change a lot on Simplesite. Choice of colors is limited. There’re not many fonts to choose from. Changing background is also problemsome and you definitely won’t like it. I’m not even going to comment on their apps which are too simplistic and primitive. There’s a feeling that Simplesite doesn’t take notice of any modern trends. They offer you standard websites with standard tools which won’t give any advantages over other platforms. Perhaps this service was nice sometime ago but now that there’re Weebly, Wix or Jimdo using Simplesite is unreasonable. I’ve been trying to promote my website on their platform but I haven’t found any useful decisions to have done it. This is why I’m not that generous with compliments when writing about Simplesite. Perhaps they’ll find their users one day. Wish them all the best.

2019.10.06 at 14:29 written by:
Convenient to use, problems with mobile version
Rating: 4

I do clothes deliveries and I try to use such platforms which help me to save time. Simplesite is good for me. I really like their designs and how they simplify the process of building sites. I don’t know much about coding, making layouts, optimization for SEO purposes, etc. I just want to show the clothes I got and share my contacts. I can do it all with Simplesite. I appreciate that this platform delivers my web message in a clear and simple way. I don’t use selling tools or something like that. Simplesite has recently added some of them though but I haven’t had a chance to try them. Uploading images is also well-organized. It doesn’t take much time and I’ve never had any problems with it while many website builders tend to freeze during loading process. It’s a common case on Wix. I wanted to upload an image once and it took me about 40 minutes! Crazy! I’m really glad that Simplesite is made much better. This is a user-friendly platform. There’re no hidden functions. Everything I need is always in front of me so I can add any element at any time. The only problem I’ve got is that my visitors can’t open a mobile version of my website. If they visit my site from a mobile device Simplesite doesn’t redirect them to the mobile adapted version. As a result my visitors have to wait for the page to load. It’s quite uncomfortable because my buyers often browse through items when they’re on the move. I’m pretty sure Simplesite will take care of this issue. Nevertheless, Simplesite is a good tool for those who have no skills at websites but want to enjoy comfortable and rewarding online presence. Their services are easily accessible and they’re focused on user-friendly templates which is all I need.

2019.09.30 at 19:24 written by:
Thumbs down
Rating: 2

My website is my main tool to generate more customers. We’ve got a family shop and we don’t want to spend sky-high money on advertising campaigns. So launching a website on a website builder is a good way out for us because we can save a lot on hosting, domain name as well as on design and programming. I had a website on Simplesite but I’ve decided to move to another platform because they’re not good for business at all. As I said I do care about analysis of my customers and their needs so I want to monitor my website thoroughly. I seek for opportunities to check which of the pages have been visited, how often they’re visited, when my customers are active, what products they click, etc. Simplesite is extremely useless at this aspect. I’ve never had a chance to take a deep insight into my website statistics. All I can check is the number of my visitors. Too primitive. So this service isn’t good enough for my purposes and I won’t use it further. Adding products is a frustrating process as well. It’s too monotonous and if I want to add more than ten products I get tired of the same repetitive actions which I have to do. Simplesite doesn’t offer any decent search either. My visitors can search by the name of the product only. I need more functions such as searching by size or price. My overall opinion is that Simplesite is absolutely underworked. All the offers they’ve got are primitive and too basic which isn’t enough for a proper website aimed at a lot of visitors. For these reasons I have to find another website builder even though their templates are pretty nice.

2019.09.13 at 18:17 written by:
Outdated website builder
Rating: 2

I started working on Simplesite platform years ago. Years passed away but the platform hasn’t changed at all. It looks ancient while its features stay underdeveloped for a long time. This website builder is a bad decision for a unique product. Even though they offer to choose between such categories as Transport, Fashion, Advertising, and others, it makes no difference. This process doesn’t actually affect the layout of the website you’ll work with. You still can change style, color, fonts and other elements of your website but the underlying template remains the same. Too bad! Editing is something back from 90s. You click a button and a list of content blocks appears. They look fine but there’s nothing innovative about them. I saw the same functions when I was a child. Nothing has changed on Simplesite since then. Editing itself isn’t very deep. For example the header, menu bar, and background are all fixed in place and there’s no way you can move them. Terribly inconvenient! The choice of apps and tools isn’t a matter of praise either. I tried to find some of third-party integrations but there was nothing aside from PayPal and Google Maps. What a disappointment it was for me to discover that there’re no social media buttons or timelines or any social media integration at all! It’s very strange. SEO fields are missing too. Thus Simplesite is too simple for a modern user. I don’t like it because this platform is outdated.

2019.09.05 at 09:12 written by:
Policy misunderstood
Rating: 4

Simplesite is one of those things with a charisma. You whether love it or hate it. You can’t say that this platform is run of the mill. Some users find it exciting while others are in a rush to transfer their websites somewhere else. I’m pretty happy with my experience on Simplesite. Their friendly smiling bee has guided me through all the functions and I find them quite useful. Yes, their templates are really simple and you won’t be able to build up a large website with numerous pages and tons of images. Neither can you add head-spinning carousels with unbelievable effects. It’s not about Simplesite for sure. They stick to a moderate policy for people who want to make really simple websites. As for me I don’t see any problems with their designs, navigation and tools which are mostly criticized. All the features are at hand and you don’t need to bother about setting things up. Using this platform I’ve never had any problems with understanding how to add images or how to customize my pages. Customization options aren’t sophisticated but Simplesite doesn’t pursuit all the latest technologies. They provide basic stuff for basic needs. This is their policy and they’ve never kept it in secret. The only thing which does need to be improved is how they adapt their templates for mobile devices. Some of them are a total mess when displayed on a smartphone, for example. I don’t think it’s possible to fix by the means they offer today. Simplesite team doesn’t seem to be working on it either so this is the real disadvantage. For the rest of the criticism against Simplesite, I think people just don’t understand why they register on this platform. If you need cutting edge technologies and incredible opportunities try another website builder. Simplesite has different principles for users with different aims.

2019.08.24 at 16:25 written by:
All suffering
Rating: 1

Oh, if only I could turn back time and change my silly decisions. I’d never publish anything on Simplesite. I’ve made a lot of mistakes but this one was the silliest ever. I curse that very day when such an idea came to my head. Well, it’s terrible because I’m absolutely dependable on this useless website builder. I do massage and I appreciate my clients. So when I was at the beginning of my practice I made a website on Simplesite. It was really a simple one. I just registered my name and contacts with a few pictures. I did a big job to gain popularity and to attract visitors. Now my name is well-known but this silly website makes me feel embarrassed. It looks so terrible that I’m ashamed of it now. Even if I choose another template or modify it things stay the same. My website is still rubbish. Well, I get a lot of positive comments from my clients and I want to publish them on my website. I still do it manually but I don’t like it. I want to have live comments from live users so that everyone could see that I don’t fabricate anything. There’s no appropriate tool on Simplesite to do it. I can’t find any kind of forum or something like that. Worst of all is that I can’t even move to another platform. If I move I’ll lose my SEO ratings. I’ve done way too much to give them away that easily. I can’t stand this website either. The only thing I can do is to launch another website on a different platform and leave a link on my existing site. I don’t like this decision that much but what else can I do? So if you still haven’t made your mind up about which website builder to choose, don’t try Simplesite. You’ll regret about it later.

2019.08.15 at 13:59 written by:
Boring platform without integration with social media
Rating: 1

Been on Simplesite. Wasted my time only. This service is completely uncompetitive. There’re no typical functions which you’d expect from a modern website builder. It’s no match for Weebly or Wix. Don’t you ever trust Simplesite! They’re not simple, they’re primitive which is far from being an advantage. Hurting developers of this platform doesn’t bring me any satisfaction but their service is really boring. It feels like they have missed a technological progress and still stay in ancient era of websites. Functionality of sites on Simplesite isn’t a matter of pride. I’ve failed to attract any visitors while my website on Weebly is popular enough. They’ve got a limited amount of items you can add to your online shop. I do sell on other platforms and they offer much more opportunities. As soon as I started editing my website on their platform I got frustrated. There’re no modern tools or apps. I don’t even know if there’re any apps at all! I haven’t found them to be honest. They don’t even take care of how aesthetic their templates are. They look terrible and even old fashioned! There’s no social media integration either. So if you want to attach your Facebook profile or YouTube channel to your website on their platform there’s no such opportunity. Using Simplesite is all suffering without a reason. If you hope that their primitive approach to making websites is somehow justified, it’s a mistake. Don’t expect this service to surprise you with strong aspects, they’ve got none. You can get much higher level of services which are more convenient and simple to use on other platforms. Being with Simplesite has brought me so many frustrating moments that I don’t understand why to use it.

2019.08.09 at 20:01 written by:
No control over your website
Rating: 2

If you think that your website builder is poor it means you’ve never tried Simplesite. There’re many aspects to be improved but my main criticism is that Simplesite doesn’t give you enough control. You can’t be in charge of your site because they always restrict your freedom one way or another. Here’s an example. Whenever publishing a text I want it to be as readable as possible so I appreciate text formatting opportunities a lot. I count each pixel when it comes to letter spacing and text size. On Simplesite I’ve been having continuous problems with text formatting. Line spacing and other options are unavailable. When I write something on Simplesite the text seems to change independently. There’s no way to correct it. I’ve already tried deleting it and re-writing but it doesn’t help. I don’t want to depend on my website builder when writing a text! Another significant restriction is that there’s no opportunity to edit template code. I had a problem with a gallery which used to change its placement and I wanted to fix it through CSS code. I haven’t found any tool to change it. As a result I had to delete the gallery and use a slider which didn’t suit me. I had a problem with some people trying to ruin my website by writing a lot of negatives comments. I wanted to delete the comments or to block those users somehow but it’s impossible on Simplesite. I don’t understand why I should bare with it all. If I can’t control my website I don’t need it at all! So I’ve made a decision not to use Simplesite which is all disappointment. I’ve deleted my website. At least they’ve given me such a chance. I promise to never come back on this terrible and useless platform.

2019.07.25 at 19:05 written by:
bad for images
Rating: 2

Simplesite is so inconvenient! I work as a photographer and I need a reliable platform to show and sometimes edit my pictures. Simplesite is extremely poor at this aspect. Well, there’re no templates for photographers in fact. Yes, they do ask you about your occupation when you register on their service and offer you categories of templates to choose from. It doesn’t influence a thing! No matter what category you chose it won’t give you any specific tools or designs. For example, wix is a thousand times stronger at this aspect. Storage space on simplesite is somewhat limited. I can’t even upload all the pictures I want to. There’re not so many of them to be fair. As soon as I upload enough pictures to make a gallery simplesite asks me to delete some of them. I’ve never had similar problems on wix. So I guess they do need to provide more storage place to be competitive with other website builders. They also kind of disrespect my work! When I upload my pictures simplesite crops them and I lose important details as a result! They don’t give me any decent editor to crop images the way I want it. Very poor service! Simplesite is bad at non-professional aspects as well. I’d like to use an HTML editor but they don’t have it which makes you dependable on pre-existing templates. Templates themselves are dull and unattractive. Their choice is limited and you can edit basic aspects only such as colors and fonts. If you want to make more modifications you can’t do it. There used to be an opportunity to save changes and get back to editing process. Now it’s gone. Perhaps they’ve somehow hidden it but I can’t find it. All in all, simplesite isn’t good enough for me. I’ll never use this platform again.

2019.07.19 at 15:47 written by:
Limited designs, bad for eCommerce, no SEO optimization
Rating: 2

Simplesite hasn’t proved itself to be a powerful website builder for a number of reasons. Here’s why. 1. Limited choice of colors. 2. Primitive fonts. 3. No adequate search. 4. No decent SEO optimization. 5. Bad for eCommerce. 6. No advanced apps. 7. Retro designs only. 8. Poor navigation. I’ve had an opportunity to try Simplesite myself some time ago and I’ve come up with the cons mentioned. This platform is really kind of outdated. There’re no modern templates. All of them look as if they come from 90s. That’s true! The choice of colors and fonts is restricted. You can’t let your imagination out because you can choose between several options only while other website builders offer a rich variety of features to make your design unique. Navigation is poorly organized as well. I’d say it’s too primitive as for me. There’re no tools to promote your business on Simplesite. So this platform is absolutely inappropriate for business owners. I don’t sell anything but I know how important it is to find a reliable platform where you can start a dialogue with your clients. Simplesite won’t let you do it. Don’t even try. The only thing it’s good at is posting images. Perhaps you’ll make use of this website builder if you simply want to showcase your pictures or things like that. You shouldn’t expect stylish galleries or sliders from Simplesite. There’re basical opportunities again and again which won’t attract too many visitors. This platform is so underworked that it’s ridiculous how they find users! I think they’ve got a good potential though. They do try to keep up. So if Simplesite manages to introduce a number of innovations they may become a strong platform. So far they’re just a thing of the past.

2019.07.04 at 11:23 written by:
Bad for any type of a website!!!
Rating: 1

I’ve never tested anything worse than Simplesite!!! They’ve got so many disadvantages! Well, I’d like to support my opinion with the following aspects. • No access to HTML & CSS code; • No SSL certificate; • No image editor; • No updates; • No proper search; • No proper statistics; • No opportunities to transfer your site; • Poor SEO settings; • Limited amount of templates; • Inadequate mobile editor; • Customization too basic; • Primitive tools. I’ve spent around six months testing Simplesite and I was really careful about every aspect mentioned. If you try it yourself, you’ll see that Simplesite does lack a big deal of options and features which are vital for any website builder. It’s unforgivable today when there’re multiple opportunities to create beautiful designs with magical tools to make the whole process simple as 1, 2, 3. No doubt, Simplesite is an inconvenient platform for a shop with hundreds of pages but it’s not good for a compact site either. It’s just not technological enough. If you relate to photography or design there’re no interesting galleries to present your pictures. If you work with music they won’t give any decent player. Bloggers will feel a lack of blogging functions. I think integration with social media and embedding codes can be a nice solution but I don’t see any reasons why to do it. It’s not necessary to make basic things so overcomplicated. I’ve also read a few comments that embedding isn’t favorable on Simplesite which is another sore point. Judging from my experience I say no to Simplesite because it has nothing to offer. I’d rather use something more up to date to make my website unique and attractive instead of spending hours to make another boring copy!!!

2019.06.21 at 17:44 written by:
no audio player
Rating: 1

I compose music I make beats and I do want to sell them. I don’t need incredible designs or any type of blinding effects. No. I just want my website to sell my music and keep me in touch with the customers. I chose Simplesite for my goals because they don’t bother about visual aspects which made think that they focus on features and opportunities. It was dumb to think that. They don’t have modern templates, it’s ok, I don’t need them but how about any type of a music player??? I’ve sifted through their platform and I haven’t found anything appropriate at all. May be I’ve got humanitarian turn of mind and I’m bad at technical things but I still don’t see where to find some tool to let my music play on Simplesite. I tried to sort it all out through SoundCloud profile. I wanted to embed SoundCloud code the way I do it on Wix. Things got better for a few months. Then something went wrong again. At first Simplesite stopped synchronizing with my SoundCloud profile so I had to re-embed the code any time I added a new song. It drove me mad! I don’t want my website to bring me problems, I want it to make things easier. No way on Simplesite! Later on Simplesite started rearranging my playlists and I couldn’t publish them in a right order. Finally, I ran out of patience and sent my whole website to a trash bin. It was a painful decision but I had no choice. Now I publish my music on SoundCloud and SoundClick only which brings me much more benefits. I doubt that Simplesite is good at other aspects and I will never use it again. This platform is terrible in every simple way.

2019.06.01 at 18:01 written by:
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