Silex is open-source, cloud-based, seamless and free webs app that's for building websites which can very well be used unswervingly in a browser with no need for any installation. The only experience or expertise that’s required in website design using Sliex is a basic drag-and-drop that’s WYSIWYG alternatively the incorporated CSS editor as well as JavaScript adds styles, as well as great elements. Benefits of Using Silex Live Web Design Whenever changes are done on Silex, whatever is changed is seen instantly on the web interface making web design not only seamless but easy. Fully Online You get to carry out the entire design process online on your browser, without the need for installation. Providing an enablement for easy and instant work from just any PC and with DropBox teamwork becomes easy. 100% Free Designed and ran by a charitable organization. Hence, Silex is totally free-to-use with no hidden charges and available as open-source. Web Hosting All that’s done on is saved up as HTML pages on PC enabling Silex to help you publish your website design as well as host it anytime and anywhere you prefer. Silex Features is based on the internet and can be installed on many varying options from portable apps, web server, and locally on PC. Easy drag-and-drop with WYSIWYG setting for stress-free website editing. Includes code editors such as JavaScript, HTML, as well as CSS all convenient for creating a landing page. Appropriate for prototyping comes with free web-templates, plugins, and immobile web environment.
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Outrageously bugged
Rating: 2

My manners do not let me to be barbaric commenting on Silex but my principles do not let me burry my head in the sand when writing about this website builder. It can be really hard to stay impersonal about Silex because of the big number of the mistakes the platform is packed with. I was involved in making websites on Silex and I will describe the most widespread bugs my clients had. Color palette is highly unstable because it changes without the commands of a website owner. It is a common case. I made a website of a bluish tone for a medical clinic but a few days later it turned reddish. I fixed this problem however red colors returned some time later. In addition to this Silex is not consistent in terms of images. One of my websites based on this platform did not want to display images properly. Some of them started to blink with the mouse over them. It was something I could not fix just because I did not see the root of the problem. It is definitely awkward. Not only colors and images are unpredictable on Silex but also fonts with their size changing all the time. Imagine that you choose 15pt for a simple text but it pops up as big as 32pt. This issue needs to be fixed regularly and this is absolutely tiring. I do not think that such amount of problems is acceptable for a decent website builder. For this reason I will not recommend Silex to my clients

2019.11.11 at 10:46 written by:
Silex is made with powerful features
Rating: 4

Can’t but admit: the best thing about Silex is its free services. J I love that it’s an open source application which “lives on the cloud”. It still provides down to Earth features. Really-really like it! By the way I didn’t even bother about any installations working with Silex. I just launched a website. Simply and easily, great! Silex isn’t innovative, neither it’s impressive but it has excellent features. This is a wonderful new way of taking up the basics of technical knowledge, SEO, CSS, Javascript, node.js, git, and more. What I like most: · Access to the Title tags · Access to meta descriptions · Access to Alt attribute · Presence of XML sitemap · Ability to add favicon · Integration with Google Analytics · Compliant with SSL Security

2019.09.30 at 10:52 written by:
Obsolete & non-user-friendly
Rating: 2

This service only allows you to design a website without coding. There are no extra plugins or any special features whatsoever. The user interface itself is also quite non-user-friendly as you can get lost very easily. It also doesn’t give you a modern look. The websites themselves look nice, but they could be of a much better quality. What I expected from the service was to host my website, but apparently, I would need to host it elsewhere (like Dropbox, Webdav, Github, or any other hosting provider using FTP), which requires additional work. Since I already am an owner of an FTP server, I wanted to try putting the thing on it but I felt a bit suspicious when it asked me to send my FTP login credentials. This made me feel uncomfortable with the service. is an old-looking and non-user-friendly website designer that doesn’t let you download your work but rather asks you for your login details from another services or FTP servers, which really only depends on your trust in their service. Good point for making it open-source so that other people can improve it if they are willing to do so.

2017.03.08 at 09:35 written by:
Isolates its users
Rating: 2

Silex, this is the place where dreams break! Was lured by their promises: to have a convenient CMS, lots of functions and blah-blah-blah… Once I got on Silex my hopes blew off like an air balloon. Silex itself is unpleasantly looking, from the very very start I understood it was outdated. There’s an abyss making it far away from a NORMAL builder. It got no blog and this is madness! Blogging is the key to success whether you sell boots or compose music… a strange decision. I haven’t found anything to stay connected with Facebook either. Integration with a Facebook page and drawing users from social networks is impossible as a result. This is frustrating, upsetting and so on… Having a proper business under such circumstances is IMPOSSIBLE! To make matters worse connecting any system to leave comments is only a name. Integration with Disqus is forbidden on Silex and they don’t compensate for it anyhow… With Silex I feel somewhat isolated, it’s not purposed for communication, this is absolutely awkward… Not sure that Silex will ever be awarded with the golden medal for its services.

2017.01.23 at 10:50 written by:
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