Representation on World Wide Web is highly significant and life saving for any trade. With setting up a site is absolutely undemanding. No designer, no long processes, no high pricing, a well-grounded floor to set up your representation on cyberspace. With trust and belief, Shopify will take the pain and hand over absolute charge of the decoration and ambience in your hands. Decorate the page as you like and let Shopify take care of promotion, commerce, betterment, backing and boost of your distinctive trademark. With all things in one place, you have better control on the proceeding of your trade. It was never so undemanding to start and further your business on cyberspace before. With it is yielding. Setting up, flourishing and functioning smoothly is amazingly smooth and uncomplicated. Specific features, unlimited space, permission for third party shipping apps, trading on other sites and absolute round the clock support, Shopify is impeccable for beginners and experts.
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Fast speed but poor customization
Rating: 3

Shopify is a nice all in one tool which helps me selling goods. There’re all the functions to maintain a decent online store but there’re disadvantages as well. Pros: • Speed. The platform is integrated with payment providers so my clients can pay with as little load time as possible. • SEO. Shopify makes it possible to add title tags and meta descriptions which work well. Cons: • Customization. Shopify is built using something other than PHP. So customizing their templates can be difficult enough. • Blogging. Their platform for a blog is too basic with unchangeable layouts. • Moving away. Shifting from this platform to another builder isn’t as smooth as you may want it.

2019.12.20 at 16:19 written by:
Convenient to integrate with other services
Rating: 5

I’m interested in digital sales because I create e-templates. Shopify helps me to provide access to the templates after a purchaser pays for them. I can also update my templates simply by re-uploading them. It’s very convenient. Another thing which I like about Shopify is that I can edit HTML or CSS code of the templates they offer. Since I don’t want my site to look generic I try to spice it up a bit. Providing access to the initial code of the template is a very good idea. Shopify fits me well because I can use First Data with them. I trust this service a lot and I’m glad to have it at hand. It may be not that important for a beginner but Shopify allows using CSV files. I had my store on Yahoo! before they got overwhelmed by Aabaco so I wanted to transfer it to Shopify. Use of CSV file was extremely helpful to import my products data. As for me Shopify is the most flexible and simple way to sell and integrate with other services.

2019.11.17 at 13:16 written by:
Tends to be buggy, poor SEO
Rating: 4

I’m not sure that Shopify is good in terms of SEO. I launched my site with them six months ago and it still hasn’t come up anywhere on search engines. I get my customers through advertising campaigns and a word of mouth mainly. Some of the tools they offer stop working on a mobile. I’ve got a contact form on my site. When someone fills it in from a mobile “Send” button doesn’t function. A visitor taps it but nothing happens. These are my major complaints but I want to continue using Shopify because this is really helpful platform where I find a lot of apps and features. If they worked without bugs it would be so much better!

2019.11.06 at 15:53 written by:
Helps you to build a practical shop
Rating: 5

I launched my site as a young designer on Wix. I wanted to sell my designs but I didn’t have any ambitious plans. My brand gained some recognition still and I was in need to transfer my site to a full online store platform. Since I had a domain name from Wix I was worried about losing it. In fact my fears turned out to be unreasonable. I transferred my domain name to GoDaddy and easily connected it to Shopify. Now that my brand is well-known and I have a lot of orders I use Shopify to the fullest without being worried about losing my SEO ratings. I don’t regret about having left Wix because Shopify is a professional platform for a large online shop. There’s over a thousand of different apps. All of them are flexible and useful. For example, Shopify offers apps for accounting, customer services, marketing, reporting, and more. It’s so easy to plug any of them into my store. I think this is the biggest strength of Shopify. They don’t simply help you to create a shop with an attractive layout, they help you to make your shop functional. This is exactly why I stay with them. It was sensible of me to have chosen Shopify to sell my designs.

2019.10.24 at 18:33 written by:
Recommend it!!!
Rating: 5

Shopify works just fine for me. I had scrapbooks store on Etsy running a few ads on Facebook and Pinterest but promoting my products was never successful. Things have changed significantly now that I’m with Shopify. I’ve worked hard with SEO aspects and gained a lot of new customers. Thank you Shopify! I’m also inspired about forthcoming synchronization of Shopify and Amazon. This function is already partially available. There’re a few apps in Shopify store which can be tested. They’re pretty nice. I can’t wait to try their full versions. What I like most of all is Shopify themes which are designed bearing eCommerce specifics in mind. There’s around a hundred of them so I’ve found the best one for me. When my visitors see my website they understand that it’s a credible online store. My template also looks clean and people can always find what they need on my website. It’s great that I can dress my website up according to my needs because all of Shopify templates are categorized as jewelry, clothing, furniture, art, etc. I love Shopify. This tool is easy but powerful!  

2019.10.13 at 16:25 written by:
Good for specific business issues
Rating: 5

My business has benefited a lot from Shopify. This product has all I can think of when it comes to eCommerce issues. I’ve been using Etsy for a long time so when I registered on Shopify I had the general idea of how it all worked. I was particularly interested in having the opportunity to print and ship straight from my printer. Fortunately Shopify has such a feature. It’s accessible for people based in U.S. or Canada so I can use it. Their Shipping feature makes it possible for me to print shipping labels (they’re integrated with USPS and Canada Post). Shopify has another variant for my purpose. They offer a few Apps which are also useful to manage it all. I simply typed “shipping label” in search box and all the options got listed down for me. So Shopify is incredibly helpful in my case because it’s a deep tool which is good for specific business issues.

2019.10.03 at 20:21 written by:
Flexible platform which needs to be updated regularly
Rating: 4

Shopify is a flexible online store builder with multiple opportunities. The best thing about them is that they helped me to grow my business. I started with a few features and a small range of items to sell. I added more tools to my site when I felt that my business started to grow. Now I’ve got a large store with a lot of products. Shopify has been helpful at every stage of my development providing me with simple solutions and deep analytics. It’s a pity that they don’t update their platform that often. I’d like to have more tools and more templates.

2019.09.19 at 15:04 written by:
Extremely useful Apps
Rating: 5

I guess that decent appearance and functional widgets are the key aspects to earn your customers’ trust. Shopify offers templates which will attract your clients because they’re made at a professional level which can be seen with the naked eye. I think that beautiful templates are a must for any platform. What really matters is how convenient and practical the tools offered are. Well, Shopify provides strong tools which help to save time and headaches. They offer more than just sales and marketing tools. I’ve found some Apps useful for shipping, customer services, bookkeeping and others. It indicates that Shopify is a reliable platform. To be honest Shopify does offer a lot of basic functions which are already integrated into their templates. For people like me who always want more they have the Apps I’ve mentioned. To help my customers with their pre-sale questions I’ve added live chat functions to my site which never let me down. Another useful feature of theirs is that I can add customer reviews right to my store! It’s incredible because people can see the true comments about my products and I don’t depend on misleading reviews any more. If I don’t like an App I can easily remove it from my site. I’ve got the full control over that. I’m enthusiastic about Shopify because they save my time and headaches with their highly professional Apps, tools and widgets.

2019.08.25 at 13:47 written by:
Adaptive and flexible platform
Rating: 4

I’ve been with Shopify since 2013. Overall I feel that this is the strongest builder for online shops. I’m specifically impressed with their tracking tool which helps me to track sales, visitors and money spent. It gives me the full analysis of my store so I can vary my policy. Their tool to remind clients about products left in the shopping cart is absolutely amazing. I could’ve lost so many buyers if it wasn’t for this feature. I’m also impressed with the opportunity to add all types of live chats and tools to help customers. It all is so wonderful. It’s good to know that their features work automatically and I don’t need to do much to set them up. The platform is all mobile adaptive giving me a lot of opportunities to use my iPhone. There’re not many disadvantages on Shopify. One of them is that this service tends to be slow. I meant their editor itself and published sites. Some of the widgets are not easy to add. This is all I can say about Shopify cons. I’m generally happy with this builder and I still think that there’re not many competitors to beat Shopify.

2019.08.13 at 20:55 written by:
Love it.
Rating: 5

Shopify is perfect for me because I don’t really want to mess around with the tech backend of my store. They take care of the technology side of things allowing me to focus directly on building and promoting my business. Shopify is also incomparable when it comes to offering variations of my products. I sell fabric and my buyers can choose between its colors and types which is really helpful. I can even add variations of fabric length such as 0.1, 0.2 meter etc. It’s extremely important for my business and Shopify gives me such an opportunity. Love it.

2019.07.10 at 14:34 written by:
Helped me to work my way up
Rating: 5

There’s a number of eCommerce online shop builders so choosing the right one was a bit tough for me. A lot of platforms which are reputable give so many tools but I still stay with Shopify. This is one of the best platforms on the market. I import leather goods and I had just a few products in the beginning. Shopify made it all extremely convenient for me to get off the ground owing to their numerous integrated apps and tools. When my business started to ramp up I evaluated the whole pleasure of using Shopify because I could add a lot of products without feeling tired. Describing them all and setting prices is never a problem on Shopify. They help me to avoid routine in adding items. Since I’m planning to develop my business even more I’ll continue using this shop builder.

2019.07.07 at 15:05 written by:
Great builder which requires some time to get used to
Rating: 4

I registered on Shopify a few years ago and I appreciate their tools to make online sales easy and beneficial. I sell my photography and Shopify is great for digital sales. I can track those of visitors who have paid for my shots and provide them with a download link. I’m sure that Shopify is perfect for physical products as well because I’ve seen that they have decisions for electronics, sport, toys, food and other businesses. Dealing with technology isn’t easy for a person unfamiliar with coding and design. Shopify takes care of technology side so I can focus on building up relationships with my customers. I just plan how to make my site more attractive for people and Shopify gives me the right tools. Amazing! I used to criticize Shopify for being useless for offline stores. Things have changed now that they have added Point of Sale System. It gives the following opportunities: • My customers can browse through my site using a mobile device. • Credit card transactions can be handled. • I can even use my iPad as a cash register. Now my business is fully functional whether I’m with a laptop or iPad. The only disadvantage of Shopify is that it’s not that simple in use. I needed some time to get the hang of how it all functions and how to set it all up. It’s manageable but requires a bit more time when compared to other website builders. Anyway I’m impressed with Shopify and I think the services they offer are worth of time spent on getting used to this builder.

2019.07.04 at 19:43 written by:
Quick and easy solution
Rating: 5

I sell wedding favours through my Shopify store. I live in UK and deal with low margin items so it’s reasonable for me to ship in UK only. Shopify works well for me and I have no complaints at all. There’re settings which allow me to configure taxes for each product I have. As I’ve found they’ve got over 50 payment processors. It wasn’t that difficult for me to have found the one which suited me. I still highlight it on my site that I sell in UK only. I’ve added this information to my footer and to FAQs section. It just helps me clarifying things a bit. When I bought a domain name from them I wanted to use an email address associated with it. There were no problems at all. I’ve managed to set up a custom email address which shares the same name as my domain. Shopify is a quick and easy solution which helps me to get recognition among customers.

2019.06.18 at 20:08 written by:
3 out of 5
Rating: 3

I’ve built a site for my friend using Shopify. It’s good that they include notch security so customers data is always secure. They use the same technologies which large banks have to provide safety of users. So the shop I’ve built meets level 1 PCI standards. Shopify also has SSL certificate which includes 128-bit encryption technologies for their shopping cart. It all means that there’s no need to worry about your data being stolen or used by someone else. They also manage the whole hosting process so a user doesn’t need to worry about this aspect either. Your data is being backed up automatically every day which is another advantage of Shopify. I can’t get it why but the site I’ve built has something wrong with bandwidth. Shopify says that they offer unlimited amount of bandwidth. So if you’ve got let’s say 5 million visitors per month you won’t face any problems. In practice we have around 2 thousand visitors per month and this is the limit for the site we’ve published. It’s disappointing enough. I only hope that it’s a bug which will be fixed soon.

2019.06.11 at 17:14 written by:
Convenient builder with a strange policy
Rating: 3

I was slightly disappointed when using Shopify. On the whole this builder is nice. It has various themes, powerful widgets and a lot of features which other platforms can’t provide. There’s one thing which may turn editing Shopify into a nightmare. All of their templates are customizable and I can change basic setting, it’s ok. If I want to have a bit more freedom I can open their HTML and CSS editor which gives an opportunity to make my site more unique. I’ve got basic knowledge of HTML and CSS so it’s not a big problem for me. The problem is that Shopify use their own type of code called Liquid. I’ve googled it and I haven’t found any book or guide to understand this language. I asked programmers about Liquid and they didn’t give me any practical advice. So if I want to completely change my design and make it all unique I have to hire someone from Shopify team which is more expensive than hiring a typical programmer. I don’t think that such a policy can be described as a user-friendly one. This is the only thing which is frustrating on Shopify. All other functions are made flawless.

2019.06.03 at 13:34 written by:
Boosts my sales and I don’t have to lift my finger
Rating: 5

Shopify is dope! I’ve made a fantastic online store with them. There’re many things to praise but I’d like to focus on something that you can’t easily find on other platforms. This is Shopify’s feature known as an abandoned checkout cart recovery service. Those of you who sell a lot must know that even if your potential customers add a product to their shopping cart they may forget to buy it. They get distracted by emails or social media. It’s extremely important to remind them about their product in the cart and not to lose your money. I can do it with Shopify. They’ve got a tool which makes it possible to know who of my customers “forgot” to buy a product so I can notify them about it. This tool is so advanced that it can track such visitors automatically. The tool uses an email which was inserted during the checkout process. If my customers add a product to a shopping cart and don’t buy it after a few hours the tool emails them. The email contains links which are unique for a product chosen so a visitor stays informed. Since the whole process is automatic I don’t even need to read all the statistics provided. Shopify helps me to boost my sales without having to lift my finger. I always know that I won’t lose my potential customers and their money as well.

2019.05.09 at 19:18 written by:
Convenient mobile version
Rating: 4

I don’t think that you can make use of an online store which has no mobile version. I’ve chosen Shopify as a platform for my small shop and it provides me with ultimate mobile features. I was surprised to know that my site still has a functioning shopping cart even when viewed from a mobile. It brings me more buyers because my visitors are not glued to a computer anymore. They can simply purchase something from me when on the bus or walking in a park. I’m glad that I don’t lose a huge amount of potential buyers who use mobile devices. I’ve tested my mobile shop on an Android device and it looked nice. Shopify doesn’t disappoint on iPhones either. Another bright idea of Shopify is that I can manage my whole store on a mobile phone. I manage my orders, check sales and other statistics when I’m on the go. Sometimes mobile version of my site tends to load slow. I don’t lose any sales because of this but it still worries me a bit.

2019.05.01 at 21:07 written by:
Just great!
Rating: 5

I came to Shopify with a clear understanding of what I was looking for. I had certain criteria when I created an account on Shopify. This store builder meets them all. Here’s what I was interested in. • I have a lot of customers from China where some websites are slower than normal or even blocked. I needed Shopify to function well in Chinese area. • I needed PayPal payment options. • I needed to keep my products organized in two categories. • I needed an intuitive and simple platform because I’m not tech savvy. As a result my experience was fantastic! Some of the sites by Wix are blocked in China. It’s not the case with Shopify. The platform fully functions in Chinese cities without any restrictions. They do offer PayPal payment. I had to upgrade to a higher plan because it helped me to lower transaction fees. The variety of tools specific for eCommerce is impressive on Shopify and all of them are made practical. It helps me to boost my sales a lot. Whenever I try to organize my products or add any items it’s always simple. I don’t need to spend hours on it or ask my friends to help. All in all, Shopify meets all of my criteria and it has justified the confidence reposed. Great platform for an online shop!

2019.04.28 at 19:32 written by:
Wide opportunities difficult to understand
Rating: 3

Shopify isn’t bad. I enjoy this product but it’s a torture at use. I’ve spent around a week to learn the basics. It wasn’t boring though. There’re useful tutorials and videos but the platform does lack intuitivity. I couldn’t really understand how to manage the inventory. I know how to do it now but it certainly wasn’t a walk in the park to get the overall idea. Now I’m good at Shopify aspects and I can use the platform to the fullest. Even though it wasn’t easy to launch my store on this platform I’ve got certain advantages. Here they’re. • I can insert product detail (images, descriptions, prices, taxes, etc.) • I can organize my items into categories so it’s more convenient for my visitors to browse through them • I can create certain pages as well as entire blogs • I can track all the details about orders • I can gather information about my clients (such as their address, credit card information, etc.) • I can analyze my clients (their location, money spent, etc.) So it’s crystal clear that Shopify does help to analyze and improve sales because I can see what my clients buy and when they buy it. This is the strong point of Shopify. I only wish they were less complicated because it can be difficult for users to understand how to work with this platform.

2019.04.17 at 17:08 written by:
Professional templates but complicated Apps
Rating: 4

Shopify’s Theme Store is something out of this world! They offer so many options when choosing templates. Free or paid layouts are always here whether I want just to test one or to buy it. I’ve seen so many industries which Shopify templates cover. Among them are furniture, clothing, jewelry and much more. As far as I know Shopify always checks the quality of their templates. Perhaps this is why their designs work well and don’t have any bugs. In my view they’ve got the broadest range of layouts which are good for any type of business. Using Shopify feels kind of complicated at times because I have to add too many options. I wanted to define shipping options so I installed one of their Apps which required another option to be implemented. So I ended up adding options and options. I finally figured it all out but Shopify does act like a labyrinth when it comes to setting things up. I still like this platform!

2019.04.07 at 10:14 written by:
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