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Number one site builder
Rating: 5

Number one choice for me is RVSitebuilder. I’ve tried way too many platforms such as Plesk Sitebuilder, SiteSpinner, Blogger, and others but RVSitebuilder is my favorite builder. Its main advantage is ease of use. Many site builders require you to watch tons of tutorials or to be good at coding. Nothing of the kind on RVSitebuilder. I just registered myself on this platform and I could modify and add content right off the bat. I’ve read a few comments saying that this platform is difficult to use but I don’t think so. I clearly understand how to embed codes and set widgets up. Synchronization with social media is never a problem because I can do it within seconds. There’re still a few tutorials which are helpful in case you get stuck on some aspect. So if you’re looking for a simple website builder with powerful tools and wide opportunities try RVSitebuilder. This is one of the most well-planned platforms which I know.

2019.12.28 at 12:30 written by:
Use ANYTHING but RV SiteBuiler, please!
Rating: 1

I've used over have a dozen different sitebuilding programs over the last two decades, and RV Sitebuilder is by far the worst I have ever used. I only gave it one star because I can't give it zero stars or, preferably, negative stars. I only used it becuase it was the only one my hosting provider offered. This software is clumsy, unintuitive, SLOW, difficult to use, limited, and BUGGY, BUGGY, BUGGY! Every time I use this, it's a struggle to get to display the way I want it to (and it mostly just text, images, and links!). My website breaks frequently seemingly at random. Every time they update the software, my website is guaranteed to break. Tech support is slow, minimum 48 hours turnaround time. I so frustrated I'm now switching hosting providers just to get away from this awful software, and if I ever have to use RV Sitebuilder again, it'll be a million years too soon. DON'T USE IT! EVER!

2019.12.24 at 15:18 written by:
Sites easy to launch and manage
Rating: 4

I’m a photographer and I do need a reliable gallery on my site. I use the one which RVsitebuilder offers and I enjoy it a lot. I can arrange my photos in a right order and choose between different modes of how they’re displayed. The gallery I use is well optimized so my page doesn’t load for too long. Since my potential clients often ask me typical question about my prices and stuff I’ve added FAQs section to my site. This tool is also offered by RVsitebuilder and it’s pretty nice. I can add all of the questions asked and write answers so as to save my time and to give more information to my clients. My site is rather simple and consists of three pages only so launching it wasn’t a big deal. I set a few parameters and could publish it quite fast. Thanks to RVsitebuilder. I used to have a site on WordPress, its initial settings are rather complicated and I couldn’t really understand them. Things are different on RVsitebuilder and I really appreciate it. I think that RVsitebuilder is a friendly platform but it lacks flexibility. It’s not a problem for me because I like their ready-made decisions and they suit me perfectly.

2019.12.06 at 13:22 written by:
Great at responsiveness
Rating: 5

Responsiveness is the feature which I expect on any website builder. This is the reason why I love RVsitebuilder so much. I’ve built a website with them and it meets my criteria. All of the pages I’ve made are highly adjustable to any device used. When viewed from a laptop or a computer my website is impressive and full of interesting features. If someone uses a tablet my website adjusts its width in an adequate way. When displayed on a smartphone it looks nice without becoming all jumbled or breaking. To me this is a must. Since mobile devices are everywhere now it’s impossible to ignore them. What’s more search engines put a lot of value on this aspect when evaluating a website placement. RVsitebuilder takes care of it and I can only praise their service.

2019.11.20 at 19:27 written by:
Limited tools
Rating: 4

I’ve got a blog and I post a lot of videos. I need a feedback from my followers. So the main thing which I require from a site builder is powerful add-ons. Rvsitebuilder has something for me. Their blog is all I can dream about because it enables me with such functions as adding images, formatting text, embedding videos and adding all types of tags. I’ve created a really interesting and exciting resource owing to Rvsitebuilder. My followers like it and share some of my posts. The guestbook is also here. I can’t describe it as an amazing tool with a variety of functions but it’s pretty nice. It includes all the basic options so I can cooperate with my followers quite easily. Another function which may be not that helpful for a blog is a newsletter tool. I use it to keep my followers informed about what’s going on on my site and to bring them to my blog. It functions well. It allows me to format text of my letters and to change their design. My followers always know about my new posts, videos and articles. The only drawback is that the templates offered by Rvsitebuilder are not that various especially compared to WordPress which can boast hundreds of designs. The number of plug-ins could be a bit wider as well. Still it doesn’t make Rvsitebuilder any worse. What they offer looks and functions in a decent way.

2019.11.15 at 10:41 written by:
Helps to keep things organized
Rating: 5

I remember in those days when it was a primitive platform with boring opportunities. I wouldn’t rate it higher than 3 points back then. Fortunately their team has done a lot to bring this service to life. It has got much better over the years with more functionality. Now there’re decent features to add to any type of a site. Whether you’re a businessman or a young pop star you’ll find a tool to make your site convenient and interesting for users. As a teacher I appreciate that gives me an opportunity to create beautiful and informative presentations right on my site. Their templates have been improved dramatically. It’s not their design what I’m talking about, I mean their layout options are much better now. I’ve got a few pages on my site and I can choose a different layout for each of them. This option isn’t that easy to find on other site builders. Most of them offer you to build a site from scratch using blank templates in this case. This isn’t very convenient especially for a person unfamiliar with the process of making sites. Rvsitebuilder is better at this aspect and I like their platform a lot. They make it extremely simple to add content blocks and keep pages organized. Hope they won’t stop at what they’ve achieved and will continue improving their service. Good luck!

2019.10.29 at 18:03 written by:
Extremely intuitive
Rating: 5

This site builder is very intuitive which is a matter of praise. It’s one of the most flexible decisions which you can find to launch a website with. They’ve got a sophisticated wizard which helped me a lot when I couldn’t understand how to install plug-ins. I didn’t need to spend hours on forums to figure it all out. The existing step by step instructions made it all clear and easy to understand. I created my first site on in only minutes. Now I can update my site myself without any assistance. It’s not difficult at all because this platform is highly adaptive. There’s a number of distinctive features which are good for a blog or for an online shop. Since my site is mostly informative I like using their sliders to add diagrams and all types of graphs. You don’t need to have any HTML knowledge to use this platform but I know HTML and CSS which gives me certain advantages. I can create unique layouts and set plug-ins up. Rvsitebuilder takes care of its users and provides decent pre-existing decisions along with wide customization opportunities.

2019.10.04 at 15:57 written by:
Functional platform with content placement problems
Rating: 4

I remember myself being a vigorous critic of site builders which offer template based decisions. RVSitebuilder has changed my attitude to this point. Perhaps I’m getting old and lazy but the truth is that RVSitebuilder offers really professional templates. There’s something to choose from. The variety isn’t rich but nice. Their designs look contemporary and stylish enough. I love them. Using them is a pleasure because I can do edits and add content without any serious restrictions. The result is not disappointing because the final site looks and functions well. I can’t criticize it. I’ve chosen a template by RVSitebuilder which totally suits my needs and I’m happy to use it. There’re a few shortcomings though. A problem with content placement happens sometimes. Some of the blocks get moved away when I publish my site so online page and site preview are different. I have to open the editor again and start over. It helps but it wastes my time. All in all RVSitebuilder is a powerful tool with features which help to build a reliable and interesting website. Wish them to fix some of the issues to become a perfect platform.

2019.09.03 at 14:18 written by:
Not a true drag and drop tool
Rating: 4

I launched a site on to sell my music a few months ago. I can’t say that I’m all happy with it. The main downside which I’ve faced is absence of a proper shopping cart. There’s no such a tool. They still offer integration with an external shopping cart which isn’t convenient for me. This platform isn’t a true drag and drop website builder. There’re such features, they’re nice but they’re certainly not a deal breaker. It can’t compete with Wix or uKit. It’s clear that doesn’t want users to break their layouts with wreckless placement of objects so maybe it’s a right policy. My opinion is that is a platform which needs a specific user.

2019.08.18 at 11:44 written by:
Unlimited freedom at making websites
Rating: 5

Rvsitebuilder is the easiest way to build up a website as for me. I’ve been on different platforms and Rvsitebuilder can compete with the strongest builders. Since it’s a template-based service you can make a website in less than an hour. I’m not keen on such approach because I like to play around with design, elements and settings. Rvsitebuilder has something for me as well. For example, I can create my own layout and upload it to Rvsitebuilder. This is the approach I stick to and it works wonders. My site is fully functional without any bugs. There’s one more option which I chose for another site of mine. I downloaded Rvsitebuilder template, modified it manually (I’ve edited its HTML code a bit) and re-uploaded the template back. It also looks great and never lets me down. As you can see there’re a lot of opportunities on Rvsitebuilder to create a nice website depending on your personal preferences. As for the templates range, well the number of the templates you have access to depends on your web hosting company. In most cases there’re hundreds of them offered or even more. Rvsitebuilder is extremely flexible in terms of design and it is helpful for a beginner as well as for a professional at design.

2019.07.27 at 19:05 written by:
Good place for eCommerce
Rating: 5

RVsitebuilder is an amazing platform for me. I deal with sales and presence of decent eCommercial tools is a must for me. RVsitebuilder itself has a few decisions to help but it allows to use external tools which are unlimited. So I’ve added some of them and visitors of my site are happy now. Whenever I upload products it’s extremely easy to link them to my PayPal account so paying is always simple and trustworthy process for my clients. There’s an opportunity to sell services, music or photography. The platform also supports use of Zen Cart which is a useful feature.

2019.06.13 at 12:04 written by:
Convenient but buggy
Rating: 4

To be honest this is one of the site builders I have a love-hate relationship with. There’re so many good features but they all fade in comparison to the existing flaws. This site builder has done a lot to provide users with simple tools which are extremely easy at use. This is their big strength. The problem is that their platform tends to be kind of wacky. Think this is the best word to describe it because trying to control a text can be a frustrating experience here. I wanted to set font size to 10 the other day and when I started typing I ended up having 30 font size. It happens occasionally so I have to learn how to live with it. I’ve been using this platform since last September and this problem has never been fixed. The good thing is that sites by RVsitebuilder are so incredibly simple to integrate with a server. It takes just a few steps and saves me a lot of time. Their management system is not bad and I love how it functions. Generally speaking RVsitebuilder does save time and it’s a helpful platform at many aspects. The problem is that the platform isn’t very consistent and includes unexpected bugs which are irritating enough.

2019.05.05 at 13:51 written by:
Rating: 3

I don’t think that is a good choice for business. I had a site on this platform but I’ve decided to leave it. Here’s why. • Too many bugs • Not enough plug-ins • No business oriented templates • Restricted customization • Too basic features On the whole is a decent platform for a simple site with two or three pages. If you want to build a proper online shop with a lot of items and deep analytical tools you’ll be disappointed.

2017.01.13 at 16:18 written by:
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