Composition of a site in graceful and smooth manner is what most entrepreneurs dream of nowadays. Life is agile today and so is the whole lot. Worldwide connection is a necessity these days. is a New Zealand based company intended to bring elegant site into existence in a smooth and dashing manner. A great looking site, capable of being updated with fresh content and save thousands for setting it up. What else would you wish for? Coupled with site creation, has essential gears to establish ecommerce trade on internet and skillfully tie up with flowing prospects. Their main intention is to cut down expenses to least possible. Upkeep and upgrade is smooth and uncomplicated. Tailor your site by altering the composition as per your preferences. Enjoy the result and update your site from your end competently and smoothly. Free ebook on valuable points for ecommerce success will be of tremendously fruitful and pragmatic.
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No mobile editing
Rating: 2

I had a bad day, think someone cursed me, it was the day when I turned my attention to that Rocketspark builder. I was an idiot, there’s no other explanation why I picked this stupid, slow and bugged program for my lovely site! I won’t describe my entire experience (which is far from being sunny and bright)… Suffice it to say that Rocketspark isn’t mobile at all!! This is unbearable. You got no app at hand to edit on the go. Gosh! In despair I tried to edit something from my iPhone… I wish I didn’t!!! My screen got white and I had to cruelly restart my device! Argh! The mobile editor is terrible, no match for Wix or others. There are website builders which allow to, say, decide will a particular bit of content be shown up when viewed on a mobile screen or not. Others give a custom splash page to bring changes. NOT ROCKETSPARK! They’re certainly not alone in this but still… My worst time in life was on Rocketspark. Hope it won’t happen again!!!

2019.12.23 at 10:40 written by:
Does not take care of desirable results
Rating: 2

New Zealand has given the world so much having lent its natural beauty to the Lord of the Rings movies. It is full of many other great things, I’m sure. Obviously New Zealand cannot hold the competition in the area of builders for websites which is proved by its RocketSpark editor. I have sifted through this product and I have highlighted nothing but the negative aspects. RocketSpark is mainly focused on business sphere but it cannot support entrepreneurs with an adequate contact form. On this builder it is a fixed element which does not meet customization standards of today. Surely contact forms are an inalienable component of businesses or any other organization needing a web presence and it is very unpleasant that having additional fields is not considered as possible on RocketSpark. Low level of customization is the sore point of other elements too, they are not terribly customizable once you add them to the page. One more prominent disappointment RocketSpark suffers from is the fact that this editor does not have any buttons for undoing or redoing, nor does it have any history which would let reverting a website to a previous state. On RocketSpark the absence of these buttons is seriously felt. Many of us make wrong decisions on the way to perfection and any form of safety netting would be much appreciated.

2019.10.12 at 10:37 written by:
Beautiful Websites, But WAY TOO Expensive
Rating: 2

I was surprised when I noticed what this website builder can give me. The New Zealand company provides a really good website builder interface with numerous templates and features. It has a very user-friendly interface and many great options. It is also a solid option for people who look for a way to sell their goods online as RocketSpark provides a bunch of e-commerce options. What put me off though is that the services are overpriced. Paying a monthly fee of $39 NZD (about $27 USD) is a bit too much even for a business website. It also has an e-commerce plan which seems to be quite expensive as well (from $39 NZD to $89 NZD, depending on how many products you want to sell). In addition to that, the templates might look modern, but they are not responsive. There is, indeed, a mobile version, but both me and the search engines prefer fully-responsive websites. The technical support also seems to be a turn-off, mainly because of the limited support time (which is a trouble due to the time differences between New Zealand and where I live). RocketSpark is a nice business website builder… but I wouldn’t really like to spend a lot of money on a website. It’s all-inclusive service with great featured both for simple businesses and e-commerce, but in my opinion, they need a better international marketing and, of course, lower prices.

2019.10.11 at 09:33 written by:
Truth about RocketSpark
Rating: 4

Wake up people! Open up your eyes and stop listening to the unrealistic reviews about RocketSpark. Listen to what I got to say. I’ve been there and I know how it feels to be a RocketSpark user. First launching RocketSpark I noticed it was radically different from what I knew. It breaks the rules of what has become a standard website building platform. Bringing up a list of elements with Drag&Drop stuff isn’t about RocketSpark. Instead editing here is of “days gone by” format but it’s implemented well in this case. I didn’t drag anything, I found “stacks” of content. They were vertically arranged. “Add Stack” button was responsible for adding new content. I’ve found two-column and three-column stacks. This is the truth about RocketSpark! My editing experience was pretty nice.

2017.02.12 at 10:43 written by:
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Ecommerce 10 Products $39 $399 $468
Ecommerce 400 Products $49 $499 $588
Ecommerce 800 Products $59 $599 $708
Ecommerce 800+ Products $89 $899 $1068
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