Professionals need visibility, wish to set up impression and get recognized. Display is vital in the present day world. has entirety vital for actualizing your talents and get noticed. Set up a page in cyberspace that truly reflects your personality, work and expertise. No sticking to stereotyped themes. Set up an out of the way and noticeable site to attract clientele. Have all these and more in matter of seconds. With existing plans and models it becomes smooth to set up an exclusive one. No long waiting time, no coding, no technical expertise essential. Impress your clientele, demonstrate your potential and get identification you deserve. Include pictures in gallery, write and include blogs and pages to get acknowledged. Remember, impression is everything nowadays. Add URL in email signature and see the dramatic effect it has. Exhibit your skills and achievements in most imposing way. never restricts you in any activity. So sell art, craft or anything with confidence.
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Terribly stupid policy
Rating: 2

I did try to love Portfoliobox but it hasn’t happened. Having 3 years of experience on this platform I can’t find anything to praise or to recommend. It’s extremely poor in terms of SEO and it’s not flexible enough in terms of mobile adaptation. There’re no proper widgets and installing new Apps is usually a big headache. Worst of all is that Portfoliobox isn’t good for any type of integration with social media. As you know it’s never a problem to connect your Facebook page to your website on Wix, Weebly or uCoz. It’s a matter of few clicks. Not on Portfoliobox! I tried to do it but I’ve failed. Later on I found out that this option is included in their expensive subscription. It’s really stupid! The same goes to use of analytics. If you want to know how many views you have you can’t do it that easily. You need to pay money. How come! There’re so many integral decisions to track down your visitors. They offer basic functions for free. So it’s easier for me to register on Wix and install an integral analytics tool. Checking your demographics and activity of users isn’t possible on Portfoliobox either. I think that this platform is extremely inconvenient at use and it’s not practical at all. Having a beautiful site is the top of the iceberg only, I need it to bring me use. Portfoliobox can’t do it.

2017.02.09 at 12:48 written by:
Platform full of problems
Rating: 1

Inconsistency is the best to word to describe Portfoliobox site builder. I had a site by them and it has never been reliable. It all started with the editing. Their feature to do live edits is fun but it’s bad for a low productive hardware. I had an old laptop those days and it used to freeze when I tried to modify my site on Portfoliobox. So making it was a torture. When I still published it I had to do some of the changes over and over again because they were not displayed on my published site, I could see them in my draft version only. From time to time my site didn’t function and I used to lose my clients as a result. Mobile version of my site wasn’t that good. There was no footer for some reason and my menu was a mess. I still have no idea why. All in all Portfoliobox is the center of problems and troubles. Just use something else not to waste your time.

2017.01.08 at 11:10 written by:
Too primitive.
Rating: 2

Whenever I think about a proper portfolio something glamorous and exclusive comes to my mind. It’s reasonable that if you want to show yourself you need to do it in an attractive way. Portfoliobox is useless at this point even though they specialize in this aspect. All they have is a bunch of standard looking designs which are overused I think. They won’t help you to stand out at all. At least they didn’t help me. Customization isn’t flexible either so you can’t expect everyone to break their necks looking at your portfolio. Too primitive.

2016.12.24 at 21:08 written by:
Mobile version isn’t good enough for professional use
Rating: 3

I’ve spent a lot of time on because I’ve got a site on this platform. I’m not really satisfied with the services offered. They can’t provide me with a decent mobile version of my site which is crucial for me. isn’t good for mobile devices for the following reasons: • My site loads slow when viewed from Android or iOS • Images are not properly optimized and some of them break the whole layout • JavaScript based decisions tend to work inconsistently • Caching is impossible • CSS is minified The only thing which I can praise is that the most important buttons look nice on mobile devices. They’re large enough so tapping them is not a problem. I’d recommend to stay away from if you want a sophisticated mobile website.

2016.11.29 at 10:47 written by:
Thank you Portfoliobox!
Rating: 4

Portfoliobox is an irreplaceable tool for a photographer. This platform is made for displaying photos in an attractive and convenient way. My clients love my site because they can see a lot of beautiful pictures by me. This is one of my most visited websites ever! My portfolio has lived for about 2 years and I’m absolutely happy with it. None of other portfolio site builders do their job properly. What I like most is that there’s an immense choice of templates. All of them are well-optimized for a mobile experience. I can’t say that their mobile templates are flawless but they’re fairly nice. As a photographer I find it important to have a lot of layouts for my gallery. There’s something to choose from on Portfoliobox. I use a gallery by them and it looks nice so you want to click it when you see it. I feel comfortable on this builder because it’s very intuitive and makes back-ups constantly. I’m not worried about losing my progress if I do something wrong or if my computer crashes. Whenever I want to add a big luxurious looking picture I can do it without any hesitations. Portfoliobox makes it possible for me. So if I’ve got a new photoshoot and I want to share some of the new shots I can do it in an astonishing way. Portfoliobox may be a disappointment still because it doesn’t support ALT attributes. If I were careful about my SEO results I wouldn’t like it. Since I’m not that interested in a lot of promotion I like what I have. Portfoliobox is a good choice to show what I can do with my camera!

2016.11.13 at 15:06 written by:
Best editing, no Blog
Rating: 4

I had a client last year and I used this platform to make him a portfolio website. I worked the latest version of Portfoliobox which was a sensible decision of mine. I was kind of slack at setting it all up at first so I needed some time to understand how this builder functions. My favorite thing about this service is that your site is always seen in the background. Whenever you modify something you can see all the changes live. You don’t need to click Save and Preview buttons to see what you have done. It’s a very wise idea in my view. When a menu is opened it doesn’t cover the site modified so you can easily add objects and elements. Everything is in front of you all the time and you don’t need to waste time going back and forth between screens trying to remember where you saw that setting. Amazing idea! In other words editing is an advantage of Portfoliobox. Their disadvantage is absence of a Blog. My client didn’t really need it but I guess this builder can lose a lot of users because of this restriction. Personally I prefer other platforms for this very reason. If you don’t want to blog a lot and you need to simply tell about yourself Portfoliobox is your best bet.

2016.09.22 at 13:36 written by:
Good for an average user
Rating: 3

Unfortunately this platform hasn’t lived up to all of my expectations. I was in need of Structured Data Markup features to generate Rich Snippets in Google results. It would help my clients to send structured data straight to search engines. As you can guess their placement on Google, Yahoo or Bing would be more beneficial. I haven’t found anything like this on Portfoliobox. So if your website covers such topics as reviews, products or events you’d better tried another platform. Otherwise you’ll end up somewhere on the end of Google results. The good news is that Portfoliobox sites load fast enough when viewed from computer or laptop. I’ve been testing them for a long period of time and my verdict is 0.85 second of load time which isn’t that bad. In conclusion Portfoliobox is no place for a professional user. Still it’s a nice decision for an average user.

2016.08.07 at 18:17 written by:
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