Want to have your own site on World Wide Web? Well! It's not difficult today with In less than 2 minutes the site will be all set and at fingertips. Get wired harnessing your artistry and utilizing the paraphernalia at hand there. No coding, no programming know-how necessary. Nothing but selection of the apt doodle and it is executed. The site is free and you get 1 GB of free space as well. If you run out of space, upgrade to premium pack and get going. After owning a site, you don't need to worry about Google optimization. When you use, it is done for you. The integrated features deliver perfect search engine ranking without any further strain. Illustrations and depictions are competently configured. Select a competent or kittenish one you prefer. Your page will be exclusive. Congenial with web 2.0 you connect with all social networks instantaneously. Display is clear on every device connected to internet.
5 reviews | Overall rating: 2.80
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Hell on Web
Rating: 2

Yeah, I was using Ownfreewebsite. I wish I wasn’t! This is the hell where live the worst nightmares of users. I’m not going to change my mind ever! The whole style of OFW is a total failure! It’s something between an old-school cartoon and deformed imagination of an odd designer. There’s too much of blank space on OFW. Feels like the platform is underworked, like a bare house waiting for furniture. This software is so poorly made that you never know what to click to have something added. No explanations, no imaginative icons, I felt bound to have a terrible result (and I had!). Thinking that OFW is intuitive was a mistake. Whenever I opened it up I felt lost in an abstract space. Another sore point is themes. No, I’m not talking about their quality right now, I’m talking about choosing them. OFW offers a complicated way of choosing themes again. It used to direct me to a page which has a lot of settings which didn’t lead to a success. Anyway I’m praying God to destroy OFW one day!

2019.11.19 at 10:26 written by:
Warning – don't go there
Rating: 2

I had a free website with OwnFreeWebsite for nearly 5 months… It was my livelihood selling the items I had invented. One day out of the blue with no warning whatsoever my website was became non-functional. It was still online but I couldn’t edit it anymore. It all started when I was going to add a new page. Having clicked the right button I realized that nothing happened… I clicked it again, same result. I tried other buttons but none of them worked… Then I rebooted my computer and it didn’t help. A few weeks later I’m still back at the bottom of the ladder. At least they haven’t closed my website and I have time to launch a new one on a different platform. This is the cruelest attitude in my experience. OwnFreeWebsite isn’t perfect at all! The editor they’ve made is more like a Paint program with a text field. Definitely it’s miles away from anything like a decent website builder. Inconvenience and labyrinths on the way to launching a website is the best characteristic in this case and being free is not an excuse. I’ve run into a kind of an obstacle when registering. When I entered the name for my website I thought that the platform would tell me whether it was free or not… it didn’t and I had to re-enter new variants over and over. My advice is DO NOT USE OwnFreeWebsite.

2019.09.16 at 10:23 written by:
Good for SEO and pictures, needs more dynamics
Rating: 4

Ownfreewebsite is ideal for those who need first positions on the first pages of the search engines and a lot of images. I can prove it. 1. 1 gigabyte space is offered here. It is more than enough to store all of the pictures which can be added absolutely easily. 2. Right from the start Ownfreewebsite optimizes all of the pages for Google. My website is still easy to find (I launched it a few months ago). I am not pleased with this program to the fullest though. Too static and dynamic at all, this is my impression.

2019.08.18 at 10:33 written by:
A Wasted Potential
Rating: 3

Another interesting (and free!) service. I was pleasantly surprised by the way you can create a nice-looking website in only a few minutes. The registration was really quick - it only took me a few seconds to register and I immediately had a green light on configuring my website. Though one of the things that disappointed me was that the number of the available templates was limited to 12, and nearly all of them were outdated, non-responsive designs. The customization is also wide, but the user interface itself wasn’t very user-friendly. I’ve spent quite a lot of time finding my way around the control panel. Everything else is pretty much satisfactory - there are many modules and there is no specific limitation on how many pages I could create. However, the system itself is obsolete and I was unable to attach a custom domain. Another thing that made me have a bad opinion on the website builder was that it’s not ad-free - you need to pay 29.30 Euros in the first year to remove the ads from the website, which I think is quite a lot, considering that the only bonus I’d get was the ad removal. Conclusion: Own-Free-Website isn’t the best solution for website creation as it’s quite outdated and doesn’t let you attach a custom domain (which is a must nowadays). It also contains ads, but you can get rid of them by subscribing to the premium package. Yet, if you need to establish an online presence asap, you can give it a try - it’s a good solution for this kind of websites, but I don’t recommend it wholeheartedly.

2017.02.12 at 09:31 written by:
Not mobile but nice at use
Rating: 3

My website on Own-Free-Website service wasn’t successful. I blame it on the platform basically. I’m a tutor and I used my website as an informative one. Using it I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that I was stuck in the past. The problem with the templates is relevant on Own-Free-Website. It uses predictable layouts without anything spicy on them. Things are laid out in a way absolutely impossible to focus visitors’ attention on the content important for me. Don’t like being dependable on ready-made solutions. Going mobile is limited too. I’ve used their mobile editor and ended up having a bunch of elements shattering over the screen. It looks absolutely unacceptable especially today when there’re even special services to optimize websites for tablets and things like that. Despite this Own-Free-Website isn’t as black as I might’ve painted it. It doesn’t make you hire coders or read HTML books. I mean that coding isn’t the skill you need to possess to get a website. I can’t ignore that this isn’t a rare characteristics and majority of builders have it. I’m not generally surprised with what Own-Free-Website shares with people, I have doubts that I will love this platform.

2017.01.20 at 10:29 written by:
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