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Orson has a set of powerful features
Rating: 5

This builder is outstanding! Frankly it has A LOT to praise. But I’m going to focus on features. They’re LUXURIOS!!! They bring SO MUCH fun. I do enjoy them and here’s what I think. Orson serves up a few powerful functions I love the most. One of them is a countdown clock. Now I have it on my website, it counts the minutes, many visitors compliment me on it. So lovely! Like a reputable builder Orison is made bearing media links/feeds in mind. There’s nothing special about them, they function flawlessly. Image carousel is something that is essential for such a service. I have it on my website too. Added it easily and quickly. As for specific features I’ve found crowdfunding widget on Orson. It links websites directly to a Kickstarter or KissKissBankBank account and helps to make projects more popular. Yes, that is actually a thing! It’s impossible to have a website without a contact form. Orson is fantastic about contact forms! There’s something to choose from: a contact form and a newsletter signup. Renaming all the available fields is always possible. Appreciate it!

2019.12.22 at 09:49 written by:
Well-made but too typical
Rating: 4

Never having worked with a website builder from France before I was full of expectations hoping to try something different from the norm. Whether in terms of style or the very substance I thought I would inevitably see a new school era. Having played with Orson for a while (and having used it for a longer period of time later) I can describe it as a largely indistinguishable from the masses of arriving (and existing) stripped-down standard website builders of the current generation. By saying this in no way do I intend to offend Orson or to characterize it as a poor website builder. Quite the opposite this platform is full of ideas which are useful for portfolios and even for larger websites. The editor itself is a breeze to use while the entire package performs as promised in numerous advertisements. Honestly I enjoyed spending time on Orson. Still I cannot but admit the fact that none of its features really stand out. I don’t know why. May be its developers are not experienced enough or they don’t try to compete with existing leaders of the market. You just need to accept it if you plan to use Orson for your purposes. In my humble opinion it would make a good free website builder but free plans are not offered. Even though it’s not a poor editor I seriously doubt that it would encourage entrepreneurs or hobbyists to spend money on something offering simply a fraction of tools which can be found elsewhere for free. Four stars.

2019.12.13 at 10:16 written by:
No revising buttons, see before you publish policy
Rating: 3

Well, well, well… so much to express about my opinion: nicely built, not organized enough. I made an attempt to maintain a website on have given up this idea. it will be safe to say Orson is armed with a decent set of tools, neatly made templates and flexible elements. still not enough. Requires much more love to details. My biggest pain here. undoing edits for example is a privilege no one has on the truth is bitter: no undo/redo buttons exist here. It’s obvious then that reversing any recent edits isn’t possible. no need to explain how terrible it is. It’s like a slavery which is unlikely to come to an end. Instead archives different versions of the website in progress. I could achieve them at any moment as I remember. Bad thing is that there’s no control over when a website gets archived… another case of slavery by Archivation just seems to happen arbitrarily at random times. looks unfair. backing up is left in the senseless hands of an absurd universe. it makes me all sad. The good thing: previewing websites is possible in different modes (these are desktop, tablet and smartphone views). See before you publish policy. Praising it. this feature is expected of a website builder. Some of them haven’t got it. good to know that has.

2019.10.05 at 10:12 written by:
Incomparably user-friendly
Rating: 5

Sites have become a part of our reality with the course of time. Building your own site is not similar to launching a rocket into a space anymore. Many of you have already used different platforms to get a site for yourself and if you have not been in a different world you will know how to use this one. This platform has proved itself to be one of the simplest products that I've ever used. In my personal opinion its Drag&Drop editor could not be more self-explanatory. I find it interesting that Orson offers 2 options to have the content on a page. You can select blocks, they are sets of widgets purposed for certain pages such as Portfolio for instance. Alternatively each widget can be added manually if it is more convenient for you. Whichever option you choose you will find it very simple to drag anything to the desired area and dropping it down. Since is worried about the decent result it allows placing elements in the seams between the content you have only. Complete design freedom is sacrificed but instead you are guided towards having a clean and uncluttered website that scales seamlessly on any device. Rounding up I would like to say that I still think that ease of use of such platforms is best recognized by how simple it is to have an image gallery up and running. Well, by this measure is the very definition of user friendliness.

2019.10.04 at 09:46 written by:
Well-built but not safe enough
Rating: 4

I work for a small agency. Providing services for people far from Web industry we’re familiar with many platforms. We prefer mainstream platforms such as Wix, WordPress and uKit. Recently we’ve discovered a new name in the industry which is Surprisingly this is a very well built platform. The team that created it has succeeded in services to build and animate responsive websites. They all can be viewed on every device existing today. Pre-designed and structured content blocks are at hand. Our agency is satisfied with them absolutely. is not as good as you might’ve thought from my description. It is adaptive for a wide variety of devices but it has no editor to modify websites from your mobile!!! This is awkward. We’ve tried to use the standard editor by the means of a smartphone. Oh God, never do it! You’ll waste your time and money. Just be sure you have a modern browser and be happy with this web-hosted platform. In terms of safety we don’t really like The platform doesn’t use HTTP Secure technologies and all communications aren’t encrypted. We can’t entrust our clients’ safety with such a platform. Our agency is really positive about nevertheless we aren’t ready to use it on a regular basis yet.

2019.09.07 at 09:58 written by:
Mystery unveiled
Rating: 5

Orson. Has a special place on my list of the best website builders. Used this product with caution when found it. I was unable to locate a single review of it. Wasn’t sure how reliable it was. Got interested. Luckily it wasn’t an artifact of my addled and bourgeois mind. Orson as I’ve figured out by now is a rather minimalist website builder. It’s not bad at all! It keeps everything organized. Helps to focus on designing website rather than flogging a dead horse. Orson looks pretty well itself. Its bluish style is rather relaxing. I don’t really like aggressive website builders with an army of windows, personal preferences. Flexibility is on the list of advantages too. Orson is equally good for blithe greenhorns and for lifewise programmers. Very good indeed!

2019.07.23 at 09:55 written by:
A budding star of website building
Rating: 4

This player is not very well known in the web circles and it is not definitely on top of your lists. I consider it as a bright French born fighter ready to show its strength on the web building ring. One of its advantages is themes of a professional approach looking sweet. They will be good for multi-page websites as well as for one-pagers. I wish there were more of them because the number of themes is where Orson looses. The freedom of customization is far beyond the average level and there are a lot of ways to break out of the offered design samples. The layouts you can operate with are geared at towards standard audience which is restaurants, photographers and startups of a creative class. I believe in Orson and I hope that this player will make its way to the premier league.

2019.07.17 at 10:05 written by:
Can’t support big business
Rating: 3

I tried to improve my sales last year. I didn’t choose to put all my eggs in the one basket. I made a bid for Wix, Squarespace and Orson. The latter one didn’t have anything that could improve my financial health. Any business owner interested in eCommerce knows that features rule the day. Convenience of users, clients or visitors is above all things. Orson doesn’t have much to offer. Its features are skimpy. I’d even say they’re much like Gerard Depardieu’s swimsuit when he slowly makes his way along the Cote d’Azur. To be serious I haven’t had much but typical and expected tools at use. The in-house eCommerce system is missing and I feel desperate because of this. Good to know that PayPal account is available and operates without any obvious mistakes. I haven’t had any fairly speaking. It’s a plus but this is the most basic type of eCommerce which can be found today, especially comparing Orson with other services. I’m pretty sure that Orson isn’t the platform for a business of global ideas.

2019.06.24 at 10:19 written by:
Adaptif et positif
Rating: 5

Incomparable! Magnifique! Superbe! The words I come up with when commenting on Orson. I have based my informationnel website on Orson 5 months ago. It has grown up serving as a big resource now. I respect Orson because it is a reliable product. I have seen no erreurs during the 5 months of use. This building platform supports multi-device websites. I have built my own website and saw that the content adapts to any device: computers, tablets and smartphones. Coding is the skill I have never needed on it. Instead dragging fonctions are given to work with content. Not only text and images but even videos are to be taken to the precise location. No HTML or CSS necessary. Génial! Orson includes Pimagic filters. They are parfait! Pictures which I upload can be cropped or boosted. No Photoshop needed to give the pictures a professional look. Très bien! Orson gives an unique magnetic grid. This is a system to have elements placed according to the proportions. No matter what I add or edit my website is not a mess. No design breaks here. It is just working. I should mention that Orson’s websites are bon for SEO.

2019.05.20 at 09:42 written by:
Cool for blogging
Rating: 5

My literature lecturer stressed me out last semester. He gave me a task and I was supposed to have a blog. An odd whim of a strange man… Alright, as for the blog. I made one on Orson. That’s crazy! It was a solid blog, for sure! I posted text, pics and some videos, basic staff actually… but it cost me about 30 minutes only, not more. Some builders ignore videos in a blog. It has everything the proper blog must have. Disqus is already there if you need comments. Apart from blogging has cool integrations. · Google Maps · YouTube · Disqus · Twitter · Facebook · PayPal

2017.02.17 at 09:52 written by:
Not so different from other builders
Rating: 3

Before I get to commenting I have to warn you. Please do not mistake for Orson Welles! Neither has it anything to do with those frozen peas or anything!!! I’m writing about a modest but pretty website builder that touts elegance and efficiency. Hardly can I say that Orson is the paragon on the market on this part of the Atlantique. This is understandable really. It can’t compete with the existing monsters. When I saw their homepage for the first time there was little that could make this website builder different from other modern platforms of mediocre kind. A standard set of functions, run of the mill designs, nothing helps it stand out. The free trial was available and I signed up. I seriously hoped to see some secret depth which could interest me. I thought that there was Gallic aesthetic sophistication... Thought that some je ne sais quoi would spark my interest. Orson isn’t of a glacier type. Its functions are all at the surface. All you see is all you get. Sadly enough. At the same time Orson doesn’t make things clear. It takes time to understand who this platform is purposed for. A bit more straightforward style is necessary!

2017.01.14 at 10:02 written by:
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