Site: is a small business web builder that has encouraged and seen millions of businesses start. Onepager sites can be accessed on mobile phones, laptops, desktops and any other device out there. This incredible web builder has one powerful tool backing it, the three tech gurus behind it. Mathew Moore, Yin Yin Chun and Eric Tarn the inventors of onepager have been creating web applications since they were little.
The three tech wizards created onepager for the sole purpose of helping initiate start-ups. Here is why onepager is an excellent place to build your website.

Not complicated
Using is as simple as using a simple mobile phone. There are a few applications but generated very powerfully to implement a million things. One pager collects all your site visitors’ emails and automatically sends them information such as a newsletter or any other information without you having to type anything manually and for no extra cost. You can even assign administrative roles to people you work with, and they will have access to add and make any changes to the site.

Private labeling & SEO friendliness
The first thing a serious 21st-century customer does is to search up your business online. If you aren’t found, your competitor takes your customer. Onepager has SEO techniques that drive you up high in Google rankings. Also, there is the option of private labeling where you get your brand name to appear on the header and even log in from a different URL.

Pretty themes
This web builder has insanely beautiful templates to choose from. They have every color there is in the universe combined with creativity and philosophies. You can be sure that you will find a theme that will match your brand color without you having to redesign anything.
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Lacks themes. Flexible enough
Rating: 3

I was over the moon when found OnepagerApp website. It looked so promising. I’m still thankful to the developers of OnepagerApp. For compact websites they’re irreplaceable. I’m managing my own website on this platform.
Today I’m less enthusiastic though. Think OnepagerApp has work to do yet. I don’t like it that themes gallery comes with 16 variants. This not enough! Made for one-page websites they’re formatted differently than other builders. Had to take my time to get used to. Good to see that the themes are laid out nicely. Customizability, this is where OnepagerApp gains a lot of points.
Many elements are editable. Among them I’ve noticed font, background, column types and the order of the elements. Colors, size and styles aren’t fixed. I change them whenever I need to. Customization isn’t actually the point. Easy-to-access information, that’s the point. OnepagerApp is strong at this sphere. When the page is too long it takes time to show up on a screen. Sad to know it. To sum it all up somehow, I’m glad that OnepagerApp exists. It brings a lot to the table. It does have disadvantages, but it’s natural. I’ll use this website for my page. Hope the developers will read my review.

2017.02.10 at 09:38 written by:
Onepagerapp’s pros vs cons
Rating: 4

My user experience helped me to understand that Onepagerapp was a good choice. From the very first steps I liked its style, functions and navigation. It was interesting to explore Onepagerapp for me.
This is a simple and practical platform where I can publish any content. Onepagerapp is good for:
* This is so simple that even an unsophisticated user will make use of Onepagerapp
* This builder is provided with 16 template options which are focused on small projects
* Onepagerapp is perfectly mobile-optimized and I’ve never had problems with my site
* All their sites are SEO friendly and finding them on Google, Bing or Yahoo is possible
* Owners of paid plans can have a custom domain name
* There’s even basic eCommerce capability available which isn’t good for a large store but nice for a modest business
* Onepagerapp provides site analytics reports with all the info necessary
* Newsletters are also here
* Sites can be exported or imported to or from Onepagerapp
* This builder cooperates with all the major social media
Onepagerapp isn’t perfect however. It would be better if it had:
* Multiple site pages
* Integration with mainstream eStores
* Tools to do accounting
* Actual online storefront

2017.01.18 at 09:34 written by:
Going to get strong competitor one day
Rating: 4

You mark my words people. OnePagerApp is going to be a big fish one day. Here’s certainly a lot to be improved so far but they have a very big potential. I used it myself and I know what I’m talking about.
They’re focused on providing super simple, uncluttered, and extremely flexible options for those who deal with small business. They’ve already succeeded. I can’t even imagine how far they will go…
It’s obvious from the name of the builder that OnePagerApp is very easy to use. That’s true. You won’t spend boring nights getting into the idea of this editor. At the bottom of the page they’ve placed a bar. It’s responsible for the main actions here. It gives access to editing the overall theme, font or background style, or layout. Finding it all is a matter of few minutes.
I wasn’t lying when said that laying various elements on a page isn’t a trouble. OnePagerApp is a drag and drop editor and any element can take any place you want to.
Speaking fairly OnePagerApp feels a bit different from other editors when customizing it… Some of you may find it strange but I promise you get the whole idea of using it pretty soon. After playing around with the builder for around 40 minutes on my first launch I came up with a decent page. I’m happy.

2016.11.18 at 09:28 written by:
Perfect for landing pages and personal profiles
Rating: 4

Onepager is the ideal website builder for one-page websites, providing numerous content modules you can use on the page. The customization of the page is also a vital factor of the website builder - it comes with numerous font and background personalization features. However, it only allowed me to create one-page static websites. I think it’s a perfect choice for people who are in a quick need of a public profile on the internet or a landing page for one of their products. In my opinion, the standard templates don’t really have a modern look, which might be the only disadvantage of the service. The prices start from $10/month for one website and include many special features.

Onepager is the perfect website builder for any web project that requires only one page, but it’s definitely not a good choice for bigger projects. It’s simple and easy-to-use. It just does what its name says.

2016.11.12 at 09:29 written by:
Offers great mailing services
Rating: 5

Woooooow! I’m excited, enthusiastic and highly positive about OnepagerApp. This amazing tool has given me so MUCH freedom, opportunities and capabilities that I want to scream to the world “Loooooove it!”
One of its really astonishing features is email capture or newsletter subscription. In short OnepagerApp is made with a newsletter and email capture button integrated RIGHT INTO the platform itself! Looks simple but does the job. Not sure but I guess OnepagerApp is the only service on today’s market that includes newsletter capabilities within its offers. And it feels so good!!!
Applied one of the templates provided and started sending info to check this function. Thumb up! Exporting contacts to another email marketing service is pretty simple too. If you have let’s say Mailchimp go ahead and try it. OnepagerApp doesn’t stand still when dealing with blogs. I’ve synchronized my page with social media buttons and an RSS feed from my blog. Enjoying it now. OnepagerApp welcomes creativity. I’m happy to write that I can apply it for any goal. Since it doesn’t naturally have any native appointment booking options I’ve found a way out.
I’ve customized a form which allows people to book appointments. The problem is solved. It’s really good that OnepagerApp is full of tools which can be combined to achieve the desirable result.

2016.10.16 at 09:25 written by:
Fits my shop perfectly!
Rating: 5

I opened up a shop this summer. We sell different hardware and being without a website would be an excusable mistake for our business. As I couldn’t boast about rich budget I resorted to services of the website builder known as OnePagerApp. I was anxious because a builder for one pagers could be unsuitable for a shop... Everything turned out to be great! OnePagerApp makes it possible to conduct basic eCommerce sales. This is exactly what we need. We’ve simply added PayPal to our website and have forgotten about problems.
Our customers can always check the price of our hardware. It’s enough to click “Buy It Now” button and visit PayPal. It saves so much time because people don’t need to call us all the time just to ask about the price. Our customers are alerted on our website that they’re looking at products now. We’ve added “For Sale” textbox and made things simple and clear. As far as SEO aspects go, this website builder has all you need to rank high on search engines. Title of the pages, descriptions, and all the meta tags are editable. The thing I have a lot of love to is in-built crawl capabilities made for Google and similar services. Mobile-friendliness is really important for business and OnePagerApp does really well here. All the themes by them are responsive. Good God they all look exactly the same on mobile devices and on browsers! I checked my shop out on my iPhone and got impressed. The quality is excellent!

2016.09.05 at 05:36 written by:
Simple and functional approach
Rating: 3

I’m running a small but specific business, my website should be the same. My food truck travels all over the area, we change our location quite often, what we rely on is a simple website connected to Twitter. By doing this we inform people about where we are and what’s on the menu. Onepager powers my website but I’m somewhat disappointed. There’re several negatives. First our website isn’t very customizable. Well, content, font, object placement, themes and columns are available for customization… Still I’m quite limited by the very way my theme is set up. Not much can be deviated outside of the pre-existing informational sections.
I’m limited to one page as well. It’s pretty predictable but adding a few pages could be a good idea. I don’t think it’s a problem though. My website is meant to be a simple and fully functional page that serves as an informational face for my business. Onepager makes it possible. I appreciate it.

2016.08.15 at 09:31 written by:
Services of hosting and analytics are excellent
Rating: 5

When I registered on Onepager a few years ago I had certain requirements. I required powerful analytics along with qualified services to get a domain. Both of these were provided on Onepager. This is why I’m staying with this team.
I’ve bought the best plan to be armed with the top-notch services. Now that I open up my cozy website the statistics page is the first thing which pops up. As soon as I’m logged-in I see it.
Marvelous integration with Google analytics is also with me. I just need to access Onepager’s settings page and choose it. Both of the variants are convenient and simple for average users.
I’ve purchased a custom domain on Onepager. I was pleased with a free email set up for me by their team. They’ve even helped me to integrate it with my existing email provider. My big thanks to all the work they do!

2016.07.06 at 09:21 written by:
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