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N.Nu isn’t your bro man
Rating: 2

Attention! Whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever your job is be cautious! N.Nu isn’t your bro! It’s no one’s bro by any means! I tried to use parallax effects, got stuck. Tried to make a gallery to browse through vertically when on mobile, got stuck. Wanted to have beautiful floating title, you know, yes, got stuck. So what are you waiting for from me, I won’t give any good remarks. N.Nu is my worst enemy on the Web, I’m going to keep hating it! You can call me hater, I don’t care!

2019.12.14 at 09:26 written by:
Rating: 2

I was in rage to say the least after! They’re so inadequate! No one is going to trust them if they’ll keep this up! I get serious on things when I start them. My website wasn’t an exception. I made a project which was supposed to get funds from other people, I developed an entire advertising campaign and started promoting it on different websites. Got a SEO professional hired to set me all up. He has worked with my website and made it SEO friendly. I was imaging my project full of visitors in those days. There’s no harm in dreaming, that’s what I can say now. let me down and didn’t help to promote my project. I’ve reached the third page on Google only. This was due to a strong campaign; it’s not connected with’s services! As a result I’ve wasted my money on the person who made the SEO job with my website. I can’t blame that man now but I do blame They clearly state it on their homepage that is good for Google ranking… IT IS NOT, DO NOT BELIEVE IT!!!

2019.07.13 at 09:14 written by:
No particular reasons to use
Rating: 4

So, after a lot of time on I’ve got a formed opinion. isn’t something you’d normally dream about. It’s a decent type of software which can be helpful. Its strengths are: - Fast loading - Mobile adaptive templates - Unlimited storage - Unlimited traffic - Accessible HTML & CSS - No professional skills are needed This list proves again that has everything that modern software brings. Code editing, user friendliness and a lot of storage are typical characteristics now. does have them! It’s good to know. Sometimes it gets bugged but many mistakes are fixed fast, this is another characteristic which many builders of today have. The templates aren’t the best thing here. Just like the functions I’ve listed their templates are pretty standard. I’ve checked many of them, they look neatly and you can’t say they’re poorly structured. Still something is missing here, something that could make them hot. You can find similar templates on any other builder, so there’s no particular reason to use exactly. This software bears services of good quality but if you expect something to make your jaw dropped… You know what to do, yeah.

2019.06.12 at 09:03 written by:
Can be dangerous for your reputation
Rating: 2

I’m a professional tattooer with a reputation. I can’t afford being offline or leaving my models without support about the tattoos by me. I launched my portfolio on and… my reputation could’ve been ruined. Luckily I left in due time. Explaining how it happened. I added a feature for my models to send me letters but I’ve never received any. For some time I couldn’t even understand what was happening until one of them called me asking why I didn’t reply to the message… It turned out that people were still mailing me by the means of my website but I didn’t get their messages! Cripes! I like taking picture of tattoos by me to publish them and to show what I can. As always I uploaded some of the recent pictures and added them to the existing portfolio. Unexplainably used some strange filter and made the pictures sepia-looking. For what! I didn’t set it, neither did I click anything! The best decision which I made about was to leave it as soon as possible. So I did and I’m happy now!

2019.06.02 at 09:24 written by:
Faulty Newsletter tool
Rating: 2, this is the strange name of the website builder which has given me strange services… On the surface there was nothing evil. had a pleasant appearance and promised the widest opportunities on the Web. The reality turned out to be severe and ruthless. wasn’t as sweet as promised and I’ve finally closed my website having lost a lot of data… I regret about it really. I work as a songwriter and I send newsletters to the singers to inform them about new songs and seasonal discounts. Despite being equipped with Newsletter tool doesn’t take care of the way their letters are sent. Most of the letters which I’ve sent don’t get delivered, some of them have important information missing, others get marked as spam, sometimes their style (color, font and images) get out of my control. This is so unreliable and so inconsistent method that I can’t trust it! Needless to say that importing data from wasn’t possible when I decided to move to another website builder. I didn’t have much to be honest but I’ve spent a lot of time on making my website on and it’s clear that I didn’t want to lose it all that simply. But I had to!

2019.04.13 at 08:53 written by:
My advice concerning
Rating: 3

Someone may be interested in my opinion about editor… If you’re going to use it or if you’re in two minds my experience may help. I hope so at least… used to be the editor I chose for my notary's office in 2013. The site which I had was loading lightning fast. It was so much of a surprise for me because the site had quite a lot of pictures and text blocks combined together… It had the same loading speed on mobile phones, when people needed to find us or get our advice immediately they didn’t have to look for a PC or a laptop. Nevertheless, the site I had didn’t look the way I wanted on mobile screens. This is because doesn’t give a mobile editor. Now I’m based on Wix which makes it possible to move all the blocks freely to set them for mobile experience. doesn’t have anything like the function I’ve mentioned. It makes me sad. Even though’s templates are well-optimized for mobile mistakes do occur. Some of the blocks are not visible on mobile screens or cover one another. I can’t have them under control. I’ll be really happy if my pieces of advice were helpful to those who have set an eye on

2017.03.04 at 09:20 written by:
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