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The builder which needs modernization
Rating: 3

Hi guys! I’m a hairdresser, work with a lot of clients, used Moonfruit to sort things out. It helped a bit... The quality of Moonfruit was essentially alluring! Even though the visual side of Moonfruit may not look as the most appealing on Earth... the editor has ample helpful tools. Take notice of Moonfruit ready-made themes... they’re elegant! Wanted to branch out a bit... invited a coder to help, he appreciated Moonfruit’s solution to use custom HTML! Moonfruit has an admittedly old fashioned interface which gives a... familiar feeling... though it’s reliable and useful. As for me this platform is still stuck in an older style. What didn’t impress me: • Editing wasn't intuitive enough • Mobile responsivity was subpar • Editorial themes not made well enough It’s not a big deal cause my website proved that Moonfruit is capable of generating good-quality products. The qualities which I liked: • SEO was automatic • Presence of a blogging tool • Untypical drag-and-drop features • PayPal integration That said Moonfruit left me with a positive feeling! Don’t know much how far the builder has gone but I heard that it’s getting modernized... believe their products will become better. In general Moonfruit isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever tried...

2019.09.13 at 04:49 written by:
Unnecessarily challenging to use
Rating: 1

Moonfruit is unbearable. It all starts with an interface which is still the same as it was 15 years ago. The reason for this is because Moonfruit is one of those strange website builders which continue using Flash technologies. Oh God, someone tell them about HTML 5! No surprise, Flash technologies come with a lot of quirks which influence Moonfruit itself. It’s easy to notice them when you scroll, select text and enter inputs. There’s another big headache on Moonfruit. It’s alignment. Unlike Wix there’re no snap-to-grid functions and you’ll feel like floating in space when you add elements. I remember myself trying to add “Contacts” page to one of my websites. As a result the whole navigation overflowed into the left margin and my website looked completely ruined. Fixing it by myself was impossible and I had to use the Support section where I found that I had to turn “Page Master” on. I hoped that it could improve the situation so I did but in vain. It made things worse because “Page Master” hid my “Contacts” page and I no longer knew what to do. Gah! Overall everything that Moonfruit offers lacks thoughtfulness and looks old. Such approach makes Moonfruit challenging to use for no reason. At least I don't see any.

2019.09.06 at 12:49 written by:
Poor-made layouts
Rating: 2

Unfortunately the only word I can think of when commenting on Moonfruit is “terrible”. I tried to stay with this company but I can’t. Sweet looks attract and I definitely need a pretty-looking website but I can’t get it on Moonfruit. The themes which this company offers are inconvenient and poor-made. There’s only way to change a theme chosen which is to delete the whole website and start over. This is an irritating workflow… Just like other users I want to test different themes before I make my choice but Moonfruit locks this freedom. Speaking of the themes style they’re pretty standard. To make matters worse none of them are responsive. Instead the company offers mobile themes. They all look the same and have complicated navigation. It’s just bare-bones with 6-color options to choose from. This is the degree of customization which you can have and this is exactly not what I’m looking for.

2019.08.10 at 15:58 written by:
Proceed with caution!
Rating: 3

Moonfruit is something I’m torn on. My website has been online for almost six months now and I have a mixed experience. What I like: • The editor looks fantastic (something like Adobe product) • Pages are easy to create • Shop features are available • Post-checkout section is simple • Fast load time What I don’t like: • The editor hangs for a while • No access to the HTML code • During peak trading hours Moonfruit’s websites are down • Gift wrapping options are limited • Some buttons don’t work on mobile devices Even though I don’t think that Moonfruit is useless it does have things to work on. From my own experience I had five clients get stuck when they tried to use “Add to Cart” button (on a tablet and desktop versions of my website). Think it’s because of Moonfruit is based on Flash. I like it that there’re code snippets but I still can’t get into the header and add Pinterest code. Neither can I use gift messages, unique fields for newsletters and alternative shipping address. This is quite frustrating. I can recommend this platform but you still should use it with caution.

2019.07.26 at 20:29 written by:
Not-for-updates platform
Rating: 3

I’ve had my promo site by Moonfruit for 3 years. I was a complete novice back then but I found their drag & drop policy simple, flexible and smart. It suited me. Not that long ago I migrated my site from Moonfruit to another system which is based on HTML 5 and offers newer decisions. It gets me more exposure on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. The major annoyance for me is being stuck to one template only. After 3 years I feel like my site would be better with a fresher look. I can’t have it because it will destroy my site. This isn’t the whole story. My major gripe is that I can’t update my site from any iOS mobile device. As a result I’m tied to my ancient PC. Surely Moonfruit needs to move forward if they don’t want to lose clients.

2019.06.22 at 21:47 written by:
You’ll need time to get the hang of it
Rating: 4

Moonfruit isn’t my favorite tool but it has something to boast. They made me a website which was not bad. The platform brings a lot of wonderful features to the table. However the customization aspect could be better in my opinion. From time to time though the tools offered can seem a bit complicated. Moonfruit is certainly not the program you can get the hang of in 15 minutes. There’s a definite learning curve which requires a good deal of time investment from you. With that said I should mention that many of their features are quite intuitively designed and friendly enough for users. I’ve found a nice tutorial which explains a lot about Moonfruit but it’s far from being comprehensive. In general Moonfruit works but with difficulties. Here’s an example: you can use Undo and Redo buttons to edit your website but both of the buttons are buried so deep under the Edit tab that you’ll have to pretend you’re a detective to find them. So odd. Think Moonfruit needs time to adapt to modern technologies.

2017.03.01 at 20:36 written by:
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