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Not made for users’ convenience
Rating: 2

LightCMS isn’t convenient! The very core aspects are impossible to handle! I’m left in high dudgeon! The elements here behave in an overcrowded manner. Simply put when there’re a lot of different elements which are gathered at a small amount of space they look confusing! Confusing isn’t the right adjective, it’s impossible to understand what’s going on! Hardly will anyone stay on such a site. Deleting is a painful process! It’s unexpected but it’s so. I mean deleting certain pages. It isn’t as quick and easy as it must be! I wanted to delete a page and I had to navigate to it first, then click the gear icon, find Delete button after scrolling down and confirm it all. Such unreasonable complications don’t make me want to use LightCMS. I’d better find more user-friendly tool! Adding, moving or removing pages, elements and objects is the beginning of problems too. It isn’t impossible but it requires A LOT OF patience!! LightCMS promises a sophisticated grid system… in name only. It’s absolutely not sophisticated! The elements don’t get aligned in a correct way. I don’t see that the better tomorrow will come to LightCMS. I believe that they will have such issues forever which keeps me away from them!

2019.09.28 at 08:39 written by:
Too long-winded processes
Rating: 3

Hi! I’m 20, studying psychology at a local university, we often do surveys, start all types of projects, having a kind of blog or a simple website is essential for the studies. It’s somewhat 2 years that I’m on Lightcms, the thing which didn’t spark my interest was that the signing up process asks for the company name and tel. number, I don’t have a company and I don’t trust my number to the services I don’t know well, I felt kind of repelled because of that, don’t think that these fields are necessary at this stage. Because of that the overall process becomes long-winded, slow and not trustworthy, my personal preference though… Requirement of URL at such an early stage isn’t that necessary, it’s explainable but for a person like me who isn’t going to get live on the web right off the bat it’s not the issue, first of all I need to play around with settings, to test features and so on, URL is the last field I take care of, if I don’t like what’s offered I won’t even think about URL name, that’s that. The good news is that Lightcms directs right to the homepage of a brand new website straight after signing up, it starts you off with a default theme, looks tidy and clean. Because Lightcms works well I’m using it for studies so far…

2019.05.13 at 08:37 written by:
Mediocre blogging tool and statistics
Rating: 2

My list of demands is rather specific when choosing a website builder. For a user needing standard features and a good look Light CMS can be nice but not for me. I’m not going to reveal all the aspects I’m interested in but I’ll write something about the aspects I wasn’t satisfied with on Light CMS. First of all, it’s a blog. Blogging is a popular feature today but not many website builders provide it. Light CMS does which is good but the quality of the blog provided isn’t the best on the Internet. An important omission is categorizing posts beyond tags. There seems to be no way to do it by the means of Light CMS. Social buttons aren’t accessible here as well and this is another big disappointment. Well, categories matter while some may argue that absence of social options is a major issue. I don’t think so, at the very least even a simple social sharing buttons at the bottom of the blog posts would give an advantage to Light CMS. I also think that website builders are incomplete having no built-in reporting and thankfully there’s one which is to my sorrow not fairly nice. The worst thing is that Light CMS’ stats shows results from the last two weeks only. It includes statistics about visitors, bandwidth, viewed pages and more. I wouldn’t describe it as a reporting system blowing you away though. Light CMS has some features I’m interested in but they’re not really functional. Can’t praise it, sorry.

2019.03.04 at 08:35 written by:
A welcoming platform
Rating: 4

My opinion: building a website should be as easy as boiling an egg. Good God today’s builders have succeeded in it. LightCMS is one of them. Getting yourself online isn’t an issue with it and I’m online too now. HOWEVER! it would be unfair of me to write that LightCMS is just another website builder without anything interesting. It’s not. Especially now that the functionality has been improved. They’ve made better: · Blogging · eCommerce · Drag-and-Drop interface With such upgrades LightCMS has grown up. As an owner of a medium-sized business I appreciate it so much! If that’s not enough LightCMS is professional but simple at the same time. No sooner than I had landed on the homepage I was greeted with happy testimonials. It gives a homely feel. All in all though, LightCMS is inviting. Use it yourself. ;)

2017.01.04 at 08:43 written by:
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