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No tools to go unique
Rating: 2

May be it was my subjective experience only (which is not necessarily the same as you have) but I wouldn’t recommend Kafafa. I find it as a quite poor website builder but may be you’ll see something good about it though.
In my case Kafafa has shown downsides only one of which was a very low quality of services. I haven’t made any good website because there were not enough fonts. Perhaps my imagination isn’t well structured but I can’t apply any of the fonts offered to my website since they don’t match the whole style. I’m not a professional designer and I don’t dare judging them anyway. I’d like to add the same remark about colors. The color palettes can be changed on Kafafa but they aren’t quite various. Even though I did my best to match them and tried hard to achieve something untypical I resulted having a mediocre website. May be if I were a professional with a lot of experience I would’ve done much better. I’ve also added a blog to my website in hope to get comments and make my source live and interesting. Comments don’t work. When someone sends them they just disappear in an abstract web space. I’ll try to hire someone to set my website up, hope it will work.

2019.12.05 at 16:09 written by:
Boring, tasteless and stupid builder
Rating: 1

Awful! Lousy! Unacceptable! I hate Kafafa! I won’t stop hating it! Even the basic buttons don’t work right! How come! The fundamental button such as log in gets “stuck”. Pressing it I see a dark screen with strange symbols on it. If I don’t see the dark screen I don’t see anything because Kafafa doesn’t redirect me anywhere in this case. There’s a limited period of time when Kafafa gets so kind as to let me in. What stuff! Fix the basic aspects first then invite users blockheads!!! I don’t want to beat around the bush, I want to get to business!
What a stupid idea it is to offer an entire site all made for users. It’s true that after registration Kafafa gives a site which can be published. It’s so distracting! It doesn’t help beginners, neither does it inspire professionals! It’s just an unnecessary step which makes users spend time on editing the site which they don’t need!!! I’m furious!
Templates by Kafafa don’t deserve anything but criticism! It’s not templates at all! What I saw were backgrounds with endless lines of text. It looks like a lazy designer just chose a color and added hundreds of letters above! No individuality! Kafafa is ugly and terrible! Stay away from this builder!

2019.10.15 at 08:08 written by:
Easy to edit and has a lot of storage
Rating: 4

It’s a pleasure to see new services borning. Another promising website builder Kafafa is great! I love it and I wish it good luck. Including a lot of interesting features and tools Kafafa isn’t perfect but it’s a matter of time I hope.
This website builder severely freezes and this is the biggest pain! Other aspects are nothing less than outstanding and I’m thankful for them to Kafafa. One of them is storage which is as much as 5 GB! Personally for me this is an impressive amount. I know other competitors that have much less storage and make it impossible to store media files. Big amounts are what Kafafa boasts. The websites by them can have unlimited number of pages. It’s useful for online shops and for projects which need more than standard structure. It’s not the case with me frankly because my own website is rather modest but it’s good to know that you have a lot of pages to rely on if necessary. Elements by Kafafa have never made me feel stuck on them because they’re clickable for changes to be done. Anything from text to an image needs a simple click to be edited or moved. Kafafa is a young website builder which will come up soon! That’s what I think!

2019.10.03 at 08:08 written by:
Promises never to be fulfilled
Rating: 0

A look at Kafafa was enough! It was antipathy at first view! Since first impression matters I knew that Kafafa was hopeless. The platform is so unpresentable that it feels like Kafafa was developed by a person who has just opened Photoshop up and watched a few tutorials! Absolutely tasteless and depressive atmosphere.

Kafafa looks poor but it doesn’t function any better. There’s a header on the main page with a video which is supposed to guide people through Kafafa. I clicked Play button and… Nothing happened. It simply didn’t play. I’m disappointed. Kafafa comes with hundreds of promises, slogans and promotion stunts. I was 100% sure that all of them were groundless… My expectations lived up to life. Kafafa only gives empty promises to attract people but it doesn’t fulfill them. It’s obvious and even ridiculous. I don’t recommend it at all! Kafafa has no respect for promises. Dislike!

2019.07.13 at 08:07 written by:
Nice for sales, bad for musicians
Rating: 3

Kafafa isn’t the choice for a musician unfortunately. I compose my own music, interested in selling it and popularizing it. Using Kafafa I haven’t had anything helpful for my music.
Kafafa behaves strange when I upload audios, it doesn’t play them. Whether it’s WAVE or MP3 type Kafafa doesn’t recognize them, changing bit rate doesn’t make things much different.
Before I had discovered that I tried Kafafa’s contact form to help my customers with their inquires. I haven’t found what I expected. Yes, Kafafa has contact forms and adding them is a matter of few seconds but after such a form is on the website it can’t be customized. Some of you may find it acceptable but for me it’s not because I want to stand out. As a musician I’m not glad having used Kafafa.

There’s a bright side though. On Kafafa initial codes are never hidden. Going down to HTML or CSS code to improve header or other elements is easy. Got such skills, enjoy it then, not a prob. Kafafa is good for adding products as well. Customers can order using directly PayPal, it’s definitely nice. Individual items can include shipping weight and costs, even a shopping cart can be added to your page. A click is enough. As a seller I can praise Kafafa.
Still I need to sell my music, it doesn’t work on Kafafa and I have no choice but to find another platform.

2017.01.13 at 08:09 written by:
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