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Best choice for my online shop
Rating: 5

Those who say that Jimdo is no match for online shops must’ve never tried this platform themselves. I retail sneakers of all types and it feels like Jimdo is designed specifically for selling purposes. Jimdo’s features are really well thought-out. Consider their online store, for example. Installing it is absolutely hassle-free process. I’ve managed to do it in a few minutes without any tutorials. Now I sell worldwide. I’ve got orders from Italy and Belgium which means that Jimdo is really useful for online shops. The language isn’t a hindrance on my way to clients. Jimdo is available in eight languages and they provide apps to interact with buyers who don’t speak English. I don’t know any other website builders which can boast about the same level of comfort for eCommerce. I do care about my shop being searchable because it inevitably leads to higher income. So SEO optimization is my bread so to say. Jimdo is the leader at this aspect. I’ve got the total control over SEO fields such as URL, description and others. I’ve checked my shop on Google results. This search engine does acknowledge my website. To be fair it’s still far away from the first pages but it’s not Jimdo’s fault. I travel a lot searching for the exotic sneakers so I can’t spend much time in front of the computer adding new items to the shop. Jimdo provides free app for my iPhone. So I can always monitor the website and update products when I’m on the move. I’m absolutely satisfied with the services Jimdo offers. They help me to develop my online shop making the process of monitoring my website really simple. Communication with buyers isn’t difficult either so I don’t see any reasons to say that Jimdo isn’t eCommerce oriented.

2019.11.19 at 12:28 written by:
Convenient service with design flexibility to be improved
Rating: 4

Well, JIMDO is often advertised as “ease of use in every way”. I agree with this slogan to some extent. JIMDO service is quite convenient with various templates for different types of businesses. I haven’t come across any serious problems on their platform. My website looks pretty good even though I’m not a designer. I also like their on-line store which is well-planned. Its activation took me a few minutes only. Once up and running, it gives you opportunities to sell worldwide. Perhaps it’s an individual case but having used WEEBLY for a period of time, I couldn’t get the hang of editing process on JIMDO. I needed some help to understand how elements are modified. As for me, templates offered could’ve been done in a way more professional. The caliber of their templates is average when benchmarked against competitors. Well-advertised drag & drop function isn’t always helpful. There're restrictions which make it impossible to move things around at times. So, if you're looking for a lot of design flexibility, you need to think about different website builders…

2019.10.14 at 14:49 written by:
One million thanks to Jimdo!!!
Rating: 5

One million thanks to Jimdo for their apps!!! Since I travel a lot I don’t always have access to my computer. So it was difficult for me to monitor my website when I worked with Weebly. Jimdo makes the whole process much easier! There’re free iOS/Android apps which can be installed on any device. You get all the functions the full version of Jimdo offers. For example, I can create, edit and monitor my website even if I’m miles away from my computer. Such functions as adding photos, text, galleries are all available. I gave Jimdo app a serious test and I’ve learnt that I can even add and edit blog posts directly from my smartphone as well as monitor my website statistics! Security is important for me too and Jimdo does well at this point! They host all of the websites taking care of security issues and upgrades. In addition, I can be sure that my site is always up and running because Jimdo takes care about backups and all the techie staff. There’re no reasons to worry about malicious hackers who hunt for my data. Jimdo definitely deserves 5 stars!

2019.10.09 at 04:24 written by:
good for simple websites
Rating: 5

I had tried about five different website builders before I came to jimdo. The main problem with them was an editor way too complicated! I could never get the hang of how to add elements. Editing content has always been a pain in the neck for me. Whenever I launched a site I couldn’t update it! I felt so upset before I found jimdo. This platform has literally helped me to deal with my Web depression. Jimdo is different in a number of ways. As soon as I registered on this platform all of my problems just faded away. There’re no complicated aspects at all! This is the website builder where you understand how to add elements and how to remove them when necessary. I’ve been using jimdo for 5 months and I fully understand how it functions. I know how to modify objects and how work with images. This platform is an amazingly simple decision! I add a lot of pictures to my website because I’m a photographer. As you understand I do need a lot of storage place. Unlike many of its competitors Jimdo offers around 500 mb of storage place. It’s quite enough for me. There’re also many opportunities to improvise with backgrounds on Jimdo. Even though their gallery of backgrounds is wide enough you can customize them manually. Generally speaking jimdo is all you need if you want a simple website to share information. This is the reason why I’ve chosen it. I don’t need all these parallax effects and sophisticated seo optimization. I just want to share my pictures, nothing more. Jimdo perfectly copes with its duties. I still see it as a potential platform for my future websites. I appreciate its policy which is focused on user-friendly opportunities without intricate features.

2019.10.08 at 13:37 written by:
Good for E-commerce.
Rating: 5

Jimdo is good, if you want to build an online shop without too much hassle. This website builder is easy and intuitive enough. I like that I can use some of drag & drop features when working with my online store. It’s simple to add paragraphs, pictures, galleries, etc. on to my pages. All the elements function properly. It takes only a few minutes to figure out how to add content blocks. So learning aspect is not steep here. The result is never unexpected. What I see when editing my website is exactly what I will get after publishing it. I haven’t had any bugs yet. Some users feel a lack of templates on Jimdo. I don’t. It’s true that they have “culled” many templates and now designs collection is much smaller but all of the templates are mobile responsive. In my opinion, such approach is more rewarding. No matter what device your visitor uses, your website will always look great. New templates are on the way though.

2019.10.08 at 11:43 written by:
True international website builder
Rating: 5

It was almost 3 years ago when I launched my first website on Jimdo. I’ve never had a reason to complain about this platform since then. Jimdo does offer services of international level. Most of its competitors are just pulling your leg when promising environment convenient for any user. This is not the case with Jimdo. For example, if you are not a native speaker of English, you don’t need to worry because Jimdo is multilingual. They’re also available in such languages as Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, and Japanese. I don’t think they’re going to stop. Most likely Jimdo will expand this aspect even more. I don’t bother about deep coding opportunities when working with a website builder but I think it’s an advantage. I feel like the whole process is in my hands when I can edit css code. It’s just more convenient rather than being glued to a standard template. Jimdo comes to rescue here. I can always customize templates through html or css access without any problems. In addition, it’s not obligatory to start code editing straight away. You can do it in the future. I guess freedom of choice and flexibility in website making is a sign of a well-planned service. Functionality is another aspect I can praise. There’re a lot of tools and it’s easy to use them. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner at building websites there’re customization tools good for you. All in all, I plan to continue using Jimdo as long as it retains its best features. I hope that this service will develop providing new tools and apps.

2019.10.05 at 06:38 written by:
High quality of services
Rating: 5

I’m a retired journalist so I was interested in making a website to publish local news. Not too large one but with proper functions to keep my readers interested and well-informed. The aspect of navigation was very important for me because I’m familiar with poorly organized sources which publish loads of texts and make it tiring to pick pieces of information. I heard words of praise about Jimdo so I decided to give it a chance. A smart decision indeed. I’ve browsed through their templates and found exactly what I was looking for. I can’t say that there’s a variety of designs but they do offer well-planned templates with clear and simple navigation. I wanted to modify that very template a little bit and there were no problems at all. Adding elements was very simple so I didn’t even ask my son to help me! The process of customization and setting everything up was crystal clear to me. I had the result I wanted to achieve. A good quality for a website builder. I’d like to add a few more words about the final result. Many website builders tend to move blocks of content or change their size after your site is published. I remember myself in situations like this. I couldn’t fix content blocks because my website builder used to move them away for no reason. Jimdo is much better. You can be sure that your visitors will see exactly what you’ve made. I’m not quite experienced in SEO technologies but I know how to add meta tags. In differ from other platforms Jimdo provides such opportunities. Plus, it automatically optimizes pages for search engines. All in all, Jimdo is a strong tool to achieve your web goals. It’s easy to use and extremely intuitive. I do appreciate all the work they do to help users.

2019.09.28 at 09:22 written by:
Rating: 5

I’m not one of those over-excited people who wear heart on their sleeves but in case with Jimdo I just can’t stay calm. This is the best site builder ever!!! My website isn’t large. Since I’m a landscape designer I need a site to advertise my services mostly. I’ve never had any problems at adding content or managing it but that’s not the issue. What makes my love to Jimdo even stronger is their user-friendly policy. When registering on Jimdo I already had a domain name. I can’t say that I’m a noob at this aspect but I’m not that experienced when it comes to technical questions. So I was anxious about how much time and efforts it would take to re-direct my domain name. You know how it goes. Many platforms don’t support such functions or make it overcomplicated. Nothing of the kind on Jimdo. The whole process took me less than an hour and I still enjoy how everything functions. What I also like is that Jimdo takes care of my website. I used to have a prejudice that website builders like Jimdo and others are unreliable and any homebred hacker can get an access to them. What a mistake it was! Jimdo always protects my data. I’ve been using it for a few years and I don’t remember myself being attacked by some hacker. I think it’s crucial for a website builder to take care of the technical issues because they’re responsible for the well-being of people who trust them. Anyway I can’t praise Jimdo more. They do protect their users offering highly professional templates which are a pleasure to customize. I’m forever in love with Jimdo! This is the best platform you can find!

2019.09.03 at 11:34 written by:
Simple but underworked
Rating: 4

I don’t know if Jimdo is good or bad. I can only share my experience and as for me Jimdo isn’t as fantastic as many users claim. I’ve got a small studio and I registered on Jimdo just to make a sort of a presentation for my visitors. Yes, this platform is really user-friendly. They do have something like drag and drop tools which are simple at use. Launching my website didn’t take a lot of time. Templates are made very flexible, I’d say even too flexible and I’ll explain why later on. That’s all Jimdo is good at. I think their platform is underworked to extent of being raw! Jimdo includes too many bugs and even tends to lose its sense sometimes. SEO optimization isn’t as convenient as often described. I could add meta tags to one page only! When I tried to do the same on other pages I saw a banner covering the whole screen. I tried to restart my computer. It didn’t help. I made another attempt which was to change SEO information from my laptop. It didn’t work either. I said that Jimdo is “highly flexible”. Here’s the explanation why. I added my contacts to the homepage. Then I opened another page which wasn’t purposed for contacts and deleted this block. As a result my contacts got deleted on the homepage as well! I didn’t mean it to be this way. Underworked editor. General opinion. I’m not happy at all! I’ve tried different ways to resolve these problems but in vain. I don’t mean that Jimdo is that bad. Perhaps it’s my personal experience only and other users will find this platform much better but I’m not going to use it. I hope they’ll fix some of the bugs and issues I’ve mentioned to make their service of higher quality. So far I can give this website builder three points only.

2019.08.23 at 19:28 written by:
Rating: 5

I’ve tried launching websites on weebly and jimdo comparing them both. I find that they’re really useful for quick and simple site building. however, I give preference to jimdo because this service offers better seo optimization. to begin with, whenever I create a new page on jimdo it gets optimized for search engine automatically. it’s rather useful for me. seo customization opportunities are quite deep. for example, I can easily adapt meta tags for each page I have. even if some step seems to be difficult I can always rely on video tutorials. there’s a plenty of them provided and they all are easy to follow. seo optimization is a big advantage of jimdo because weebly can’t boast about the same features. there’re negative comments saying that jimdo isn’t good for search machines because they simply ignore it. it’s not true. I’ve even seen a lot of websites by jimdo on first pages of search results which is a convincing factor for me. perhaps final result depends on your personal skills at seo optimization, not on your website builder!

2019.08.17 at 09:05 written by:
Lack of functions but good for beginners
Rating: 3

I used to be a big fan of Wix but when my website started to grow I needed another service. I was looking for more opportunities to manage a lot of content. Having chosen Jimdo as a target website builder I can’t say that I’m impressed. Since I need to promote my brand name it’s important for me to manage my logo and title in a number of ways. Unfortunately, Jimdo offers little choices to do it. I’ve heard that this service focuses on images and special effects. It truly does but they’re too overused now. What’s more, I can’t make my message clear and functional for my visitors. When I wanted to implement some of the blog features I ran into certain problems. I couldn’t understand how to edit and customize blog features. To be honest, I haven’t solved this issue yet and I still don’t know how to use blog tools by Jimdo in a correct way. Blogging is not that important for me but I’d like to have it anyway. Feel disappointed. I tried some of their video tutorials but didn’t find them useful. Given tips are all too general. They don’t consider specific problems. Perhaps Jimdo needs more time to understand which difficulties their visitors face. Waiting for tutorials which will give more detailed information. Most of Jimdo users complain that choice of templates is rather poor. I share this opinion. For example, Wix offers a wider variety of designs which are all mobile adaptive. In addition, Jimdo prominently displays its logo as an advertisement for their services which is not that good for overall design of any website. I think this element should be removed. In fact, such practice is pretty standard for many website builders which is hard to argue with. I can’t say that Jimdo is bad as a website builder but it lacks many functions. Nevertheless, their editor is relatively fine, especially when compared to competitors. Even though Jimdo is not a true drag and drop service, it’s a good choice for beginners.

2019.08.11 at 06:48 written by:
primitive blogging tools
Rating: 4

I blog about different subjects, so I’ve got around 5 blogs. 3 on wix and 2 on jimdo. The latter one isn’t that good as a matter of fact. It’s worlds different than wix! I still blog on jimdo because they’ve got some features I like. For example, they’re good when it comes to blogging for foreigners. They offer you decent tools to translate content and make it readable in other languages. This is unique and this is what I like. What jimdo lacks is a good and convenient forum tool. Yes, they boast about a kind of a guestbook which isn’t easy to customize. I don’t really understand how to modify it and I got no time to learn it… Jimdo is also helpless if you plan to spread news. They don’t have any type of newsletter tools which is a big disadvantage as for me. I do want my followers to know all the news by emailing them but I can’t do it on jimdo. They offer you using external tools which I don’t trust in fact. Wix is much better for me. Blogging itself is too complicated on jimdo. I can’t understand a thing. They say that jimdo does have such features as trackbacks and pings but I can’t even find them! There’re no categories either. I manage to maintain my blogs on jimdo by the means of Disqus only. If it wasn’t for them my blogs would’ve already died. I can’t recommend jimdo in case you want deep blogging features. They’re implemented somehow the wrong way out which is far from being convenient. As soon as you’ve got some time to waste you can try and puzzle it all out, it’s up to you but I prefer to get the same functions in a way much easier.

2019.08.07 at 22:19 written by:
Easy to use
Rating: 5

I like it when a website builder gives me a lot of tools and opportunities to customize every element on my webpage. The more, the better ;-) What I don’t like is when a website builder makes things complicated and I need to fight my way through labyrinths just to change background color. Somehow Jimdo manages to provide wide customization opportunities in a simple and clear way. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll easily understand how to drag content blocks and how to customize them. It all can be done with a few clicks. It’s a pleasure for me to play around with settings changing font color or grouping elements. Since everything is well-organized and straightforward I can save a lot of time and concentrate on other aspects of my website. Saving time is Jimdo’s strong point for sure. They provide mobile apps to fully edit your website when you’re on the go. As for templates offered, they’re fine looking stylish and modern. They all are extremely flexible because there’re no customization restrictions. You can always change HTML or CSS code, if you have such skills. In addition, all the templates are optimized for mobile devices. Managing uploaded pictures is also simple, just use Dropbox. I find Jimdo good when it comes to adding Widgets. For example, when I want to embed YouTube video I face no problems. Video added looks the way I need it without any code changes. SEO optimization is one of Jimdo’s big strengths. The backend gives you full control over page elements. You can edit page title, description as well as URL. Some website builders don’t have such features.

2019.08.07 at 13:44 written by:
one of the STRONGEST players on the market
Rating: 4

Owing to JIMDO I don’t need any professionals to maintain my website. Even though I’m a writer I’ve got basic knowledge of coding so JIMDO is all I need to have full control over my website. It’s awesome how they adapt embedded codes. I embed images from my social media and sometimes YouTube videos. JIMDO never changes the initial code and it’s so great! I’ve tried some other platforms which do change embedded codes and make their behavior really strange. JIMDO loves embedded images or videos and treats them pretty nice. I can scold JIMDO for their templates a bit. They do update them but the fact is that they’re not very flexible. If you want a standard template without too much editing it’s ok. However if you want deeper customization to make your website really unique you do need to code. It’s a good thing that I understand how to edit HTML and CSS code, I can even take some simple JavaScript to pieces while average users are helpless at this point. It won’t do. I don’t want to look snobby criticizing without a reason but I guess JIMDO could be more user-friendly. Nevertheless, this platform is still a powerful tool for a writer because there’s a whole lot of galleries to illustrate my narratives. It stimulates the imagination of my readers and makes the very process of reading more involving. Even if I want to edit some of the illustrations there’s an image editor which is brilliant. On second thoughts JIMDO is one of the strongest players on the market of website builders. It includes so many features which are vital for an average user! Even though it lacks some functions I don’t think it’s crucial.

2019.07.15 at 18:50 written by:
Love it
Rating: 4

I’ve got long termed relations with Jimdo. This platform is my mentor in web inquiries. I’ve never had serious problems here. Perhaps it’s not always easy to customize their templates. It’s not a tendency, their editor is flexible enough. However, it’s impossible to move some of the elements from time to time. I don’t know why. If I restart my browser everything works fine. Pretty strange. Designs offered are really exciting. I do like their professional appearance and use one of them for my own website. Their choice is rather limited though. If Jimdo introduced a little bit more templates, it would be much better. They’ve got features to make mobile-friendly templates with mobile oriented apps. I like them too because they’re really flexible and handy. Some of their templates are still not fully responsive. I guess they could’ve improved it to be more competitive on the market. Jimdo has a decent online store which functions well. I’ve tested it without any commercial purposes, just for fun. Their online store includes a lot of opportunities and is good for a small business. It’s unlikely to suit owners of large online shops with hundreds of pages but it’s great for people with modest plans. Payment is available through PayPal only in fact. I don’t think it’s very convenient though. To be honest Jimdo isn’t perfect. It definitely has points which could be done in a better way but still this is one of the best website builders I know. It doesn’t require deep coding skills or good knowledge of web design. You just launch a site and enjoy the process. Love it!

2019.07.02 at 14:26 written by:
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