Unlike many of the more prominent website building tools out there, lets its users preview its platform for free. This package includes 25 MB storage and a maximum of 5 pages on a single website. Three additional tiers are provided: Starter for small sites, Basic for bit larger ones and Premium for larger multi-site systems. The prices are quite low, but so is the storage: even the Premium package only provides 5 GB of storage, for an unlimited amount of websites. Jigsy lets its users piece websites together from many pre-built components. Most of these are freely useable for everyone, but some components such as social media buttons or audio players are only present in the Premium tier. There are lots of available templates, all of which are responsive and adapt to various screen sizes. Jigsy even lets you have your domain registered at them, thus you can have all web hosting and website-related costs reside at the same company.
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Functional but moderate tool
Rating: 3

Got a blog about movies. It’s fueled by Jigsy. Not that I’m really impressed with it but it has a few strength areas. Let's start with the beginning. The blogging tool itself. It’s not actually sophisticated but has a lot to post interesting content. I’ve build up a clean and modern-looking blog, it’s easy to manage as well. The basic functions of Jigsy’s blog include adding photos, videos, building content templates to arrange text and images. HTML code of the posts is opened. I don’t really edit it because I’m not a pro. I manage my entire blog without any assistance. Once I found it in the Manage Website section I got the hang of it. It opened in a new window. I can categorize my posts in this section or even establish them as RSS feed. Like any other builder Jigsy links me to Facebook. Twitter is also here. To the owners of WordPress blogs Jigsy makes it possible to import data. A serious problem with Jigsy: no mobile editor! Still the themes are well-adapted and feel comfortable on mobile. Sadly, the auto generated look of the blog is not for editing, loses points here. The templates. There’re many but they’re not as gorgeous as, say, Squarespace’s. They’re simply functional and highly editable. If you’re looking for a blogging tool there’re tools much worse than Jigsy. Give it a look!

2019.11.12 at 08:12 written by:
Constant mistakes and inconvenient editor
Rating: 2

Poor me! Wasted my precious time on Jigsy. I started using them in January. Since then I’ve been receiving negative comments only… During this time my site has been offline twice, it had pages missing, I couldn’t access my account… if it's not one thing it's another! To make things clear I post videos on how to build up muscles. People wait for my videos and ask me question, I need to be online all the time! Jigsy hasn’t proved to be good for that. From bad to worse… Jigsy can’t give me enough bandwidth. I have led a lot of viewers to my website from YouTube, Facebook and Google + and they all face difficulties because of extremely limited bandwidth. Pages load for ages! I lose my followers and this is a significant factor for me to click “log out” button forever! By the way about buttons… undo function isn’t included in the editor! Pretty sure I don’t need to explain how many sufferings it involves, huh… Far too much information is withheld, it’s not even intriguing, it’s irritating! If you think I’m going to use Jigsy, you’re on the wrong planet my friend!

2019.09.13 at 08:10 written by:
Never stays the same
Rating: 4

I got really addicted to that Jigsy builder recently. Really, it’s a nice decision folks. For example, you got ten items to sell if you don’t want to pay for a package. Not bad! Categorizing products is a piece of cake. List them or add search and shopping bags, it's possible at any time. Many of you will estimate it, I’m sure. For the small time-seller it’s really helpful, no doubts. Making my way through Jigsy I came across eBay and PayPal access. Connected them. Both are simple widgets that perform as necessary. Have nothing negative to say about them. Contact forms by Jigsy are comprehensive and thorough. I tried uploading attachments, it worked. Happy. The library of stock pictures is HUGE. Really really huge. Impressed. Can’t reproach Jigsy for being outdated. There’re a lot of innovations. Just recently Disqus has arrived. Can be used now. Jigsy team has brought lightbox image viewer as well. They’ve even made social buttons editable. Layout builder gives a lot of options to design your own themes. Wonderful. There’s one more new feature. It’s Film Roll tool. It adds some mobile relevance. You can scroll through the pics of the gallery horizontally now. Swiping through on devices made for hands is perfect owing to this component.

2019.08.16 at 08:19 written by:
No match for professional tools
Rating: 2

I strongly doubt that the community of professionals will ever treat Jigsy as a competent website builder. I don’t want to detract from this platform but as a designer with the experience in making websites I don’t see much positive about Jigsy. Overall professional criticism as well as my own dissatisfaction with Jigsy focuses on the following: - The platform lacks up-front clarity (you never know what you get until you pay) - The platform hasn’t got enough storage capacity (it’s around 50 MB if I remember correctly) - The platform loses the competition in terms of features Perhaps Jigsy could give advantages to a person interested in a simple website but it’s no match for professional software. I would give Jigsy one star honestly just due to the flaws which I’ve highlighted.

2019.07.10 at 08:06 written by:
Full of integrations for business
Rating: 4

I'm here ready to tell what is good about Jigsy from commercial point of view and what is not. I have a lot of experience in selling on Wix, WordPress and other site builders so I can give a balanced opinion on Jigsy. As for the good things, Jigsy has a lot of friends to be integrated which are Ecwid, PayPal and eBay. These services are irreplaceable for successful online business. The variety of social media buttons and plugins made me happy when I started selling on Jigsy. It gave me an opportunity to use such services as Reddit, and most popular social media. An interesting fact about Jigsy is that it is made bearing gamers in mind. Even though it has little relation to eCommerce but I cannot ignore the fact that with Jigsy you can even add an Xbox gamertag!! Unfortunately PlayStation types are tragically neglected here. More integrations are also to be discovered. YouTube users can embed freely just like those who prefer Flickr galleries. Jigsy is also good for connecting Google Maps and Google document reader. Since analytics is of crucial importance for business Google Analytics is at your disposal. 3rd party integrations are available too. What’s unfortunate is that no information about them is provided. Generally Jigsy is fine for eCommerce. Tested.

2017.01.14 at 08:16 written by:
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