IMCreator offers free hosting for those blogs or websites that has been experiencing hosting issues. We understand our work well at the same time will make sure that we help you improve the your business operations remarkably. Why choose us? We at IMcreator understand the importance of stylish and elegant blogs or websites when attracting visitors. We will ensure that your blogs and websites looks well branded and good. We will help you create templates that would make your website stand out. We offer excellent hosting options to help you make your publications pretty fast. In terms of our pricing, we have the best prices that will enable you improve the looks of your website and blogs without having to pay too much money. Our company has wealth of experience in blogs/website creation that you can trust whenever you need the best solution.
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Helpful for portfolios but lacks functionality
Rating: 4

Based on my own experience IMcreator is a stylish and elegant decision for portfolio types of websites. I’ve published my CV on IMcreator and it looks just the way I need it to be. If you’re searching for a job you don’t want to spend much time on making a website and IMcreator seems to know about it. My website was done in two hours. The learning curve isn’t steep either. There’re some things which I had to learn still such as how to add widgets and set them up. Perhaps IMcreator lacks functionality and features but it’s not an issue for me.

2019.12.22 at 11:35 written by:
IMcreator proves its ambitious promises to be true to life
Rating: 5

It was a leap of faith of me to have trusted myself to IMcreator. Back in 2012 it wasn’t the number one on web charts. Somehow intuitively I felt that IMcreator was the tool for me. They have made an unforgettable first impression with an astonishing homepage which had me glued to my screen. So I forced my doubts to die down and proceeded to registration. How clever I was because this was the first step on my way to falling in love with IMcreator. Building a website that made my musical project stand out was an exciting process. By the way IMcreator has an ambitious claim saying “better than WordPress” and it does stand up to scrutiny. IMcreator is a Polydom builder. It uses a modular approach which makes it possible to forget about HTML/CSS editing. All the elements are added via a click. IMcreator’s design is seriously beautiful. There’re stunning out-of-the-box templates which look competitive. IMcreator also combines click-to-add and drag-&-drop features which turn it into an intuitive platform. This is more than enough for me to say that IMcreator delivers on its promises. My website has proved itself to be attractive and simple for people.

2019.11.17 at 04:52 written by:
Right choice for offline business
Rating: 4

I’ve taken some time to compare different website builders and Imcreator is one of them. When benchmarked against its competitors Imcreator is somewhat limited in terms of SEO options. All you can do here is insert a single title, meta description and one set of keywords for the whole website. Other platforms include much more features. Perhaps Imcreator is focused on providing fast and beneficial launch and it means that their users don’t care about SEO issue a lot. Maybe it can be suitable for LPs. It’s not that bad because I don’t have a feeling that I’m caught up with complicated features when using Imcreator. The platforms itself functions well. There’re tools to build a stylish website, to publish posts and to maintain it all. If you use other sources to drive traffic to your website you won’t be in trouble here. The platform is friendly with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media. I don’t think that Imcreator is useless or it won’t help but its features are way too standard. This is why I would recommend it for people who want to do offline business.

2019.11.16 at 11:31 written by:
Terrible banner covers my website
Rating: 3

There’s one terrible thing about IMCreator which is irritating enough. They’ve placed a monstrous advertisement on my website. It is in the footer and it looks disgusting. It’s nothing less than an eyesore and I hate it! Yes, I understand that platforms like this do advertise their services but IMCreator banner is very noticeable, looks cheap and makes me feel ashamed of my website. Luckily IMCreator provides free hosting and I don’t need to bother about dealing with hosting issues and stuff like that. Sometimes it can too much time not to mention technical aspects. It's good to have someone taking care of this process. With that IMCreator has an advantage over others. It allows to export an entire website out of IMCreator and import it into another host. This is what I’m going to do because I don’t want my website to look cheap.

2019.10.16 at 11:23 written by:
All you need to go mobile
Rating: 5

What I appreciate most about my website is its mobile responsivity. It’s a compact website about interesting life hacks. Many people read me on the go mostly when they have some spare time to kill. IMcreator is the platform my website is based on and I’m absolutely satisfied with it. All of their themes are adapted for mobile use and look good on a desktop as well. People who use tablets and mobile phones say that my website loads fast, is easy to navigate through by the means of a touchscreen and has no bugs. IMcreator makes it simple to browse through their themes. When I was looking the one for me it was convenient that I could see a mobile preview of the templates. Try-before-you-choose approach is much better for me, it lets me understand how my website will be displayed on non-desktop screens. What’s more there’s an opportunity to preview my website on desktop and tablet. It’s really nice because I can see how my website looks like prior to publishing or updating it. A reliable approach I’d say. Having outlined so many strong points I can’t but rate IMcreator as a wonderful service.

2019.10.11 at 11:52 written by:
Good functionality, simple features
Rating: 4

Quite happy about Imcreator! Pretty standard builder with obvious advantages! These are: - Templates good for any idea - Strong options to make publishing fast - Sections offered in abundance Naturally there’re areas of frustration here. I’ve detected the following: - Advertisements are too large - A template change leads to content rebuilding - eCommerce features are underdeveloped Generally speaking Imcreator may be a wrong choice for advanced ideas which need intricate features. If searching for functionality and good looks Imcreator is a nice fit.

2019.10.05 at 04:58 written by:
Really fast launch
Rating: 5

I was looking for a decent website builder a few years ago. Couldn’t find anything appropriate because none of the platforms met my demands which were: - Beautiful templates - Image-rich gallery - Simple use Imcreator seemed to be a good candidate for me. I could build an extremely lean, professional and functional website FAST. I don’t dedicate a lot of time to getting the hang of how it all works. I don’t burn the midnight oil designing every element, no. I just want to launch a website without getting bogged down. Imcreator suits me great. I can focus on other aspects such as SEO and advertising campaign which is more important for me. In my view Imcreator will work great for business, photographers & musicians, fashion & design industry, hotels & restaurants. I’ve got a personal website. Something of a portfolio kind and it’s a strong one. Their team sticks to a good policy. They offer new themes every month informing users about it. It’s another advantage. I’m excited.

2019.09.20 at 11:44 written by:
Great platform! Love it!
Rating: 4

I love IM Creator so much! I’ve been on a number of platforms. Among them - Simplesite, Wix, WordPress, Jimdo and many others. To be honest I’ve never tried anything as attractive, organized, elegant and simple as IM Creator. Their designs are amazing and absolutely responsive. Unfortunately I’ve had a kind of security problems recently and had to repair my website. As a result it doesn’t load in a right way now. I hope this problem will be fixed soon. I would give IM Creator 4 points out of 5. This is my choice for today.

2019.09.14 at 11:26 written by:
Practical for modest website
Rating: 4

Speaking in general IM Creator may not be your best bet if you’re looking for sophisticated and intricate features. But as for me (the person interested in a functional and nice looking website) IM Creator is a good fit. They offer quite a lot of templates which can be modified in any way. If I were a shop owner I would feel disappointed because there’re no eCommerce tools. This platform isn’t ideal for those who want to sell digital downloads either. There’s integration with eCommerce widgets still. I’ve noticed Shopify, Ecwid and PayPal buttons. This website builder is a good choice for me because I just post some news but if you want something more commercially oriented you need to try a different service.

2019.09.05 at 11:19 written by:
I’m going to ask for a refund
Rating: 3

As a simple teacher of languages hardly can I write anything balanced on computer software… Well, I’ll try to describe my problems with IM Creator at least. Singing up was simple enough and I could start working with the objects after a few typical steps. A very good decision of IM Creator is to protect users from annoying hoops to jump through before getting started with the editing routine. I focused on a template and started my way towards virtual happiness. It was that simple! What caused my slight frustration was an undo button. It was nowhere to be found… suppose IM Creator hasn’t got one. What made me disappointed was a big problem with the published website. Placement of the objects, menus and links doesn’t look like they did in the editor… Once I went live colors and alignment changed. I suppose it was the point where my patience started running out on my end. So many glitches made it difficult to stick with. One of them was “running away header”… I designed it as far as I could but when I hovered over it was getting transparent. These mistakes are absolutely far from what I’m looking for. I’m on the verge of closing my account and asking for a refund...

2017.04.05 at 05:02 written by:
The source of pure Creation
Rating: 5

Sites with names like “ImCreator” make me suspicious, think such promises can be misleading. Not this time. Expected a lot of things for my creative origin from ImCreator, found them. For this reason I was especially strict about templates. They’ve passed my personal exam. Picking up one is simple, ImCreator presents designs in a grid format. Some of the other platforms have strange complications at this step, not ImCreator. Searching by a category is provided as well. The designs are largely impressive. Some of them are pretty standard, it’s fine, not every pearl is born to shine. Just a few hours of work was enough for me to adapt them to meet my creative origin. With ImCreator I can build anything, it has text boxes, pictures, videos and so on and so forth. Adding it all onto a page has been made as easy as possible. I use “+” button to start Creating. If I want to remove an element I can just click a red “X”. Even pre-formatted options can be customized, there’s a single pop-up control panel. Absence of coding knowledge isn’t a barrier. IMcreator stands up favorably against many competitors.

2017.03.18 at 04:55 written by:
Extremely functional Sections
Rating: 5

Sections. This is where Imcreator is strong at. No doubts, there’re other advantages but their Sections are perfect. To start with it’s easy to insert them to any page of my website with just a few clicks. They all are pre-designed which is a big help to those who don’t have much time to start it all from scratch. Most of all I like such Sections as Features, Team Chart, Pricing Chart and Active Projects. They’re one of the best. When it comes to menus Imcreator doesn’t sit idle. They offer menus of different designs. I just choose the one I like and on I go. I have everything what I need. This is incredible!

2017.02.15 at 11:56 written by:
Many thanks!
Rating: 5

So many thanks to you Imcreator! You really let me feel like I’m a Creator :D I’ve been using you off and on for almost 2 years and I’m all thankful. I had my website made by Google Sites and WordPress before. It was rubbish! There were tons of restrictions. Customization was awful. Nothing like IMcreator. I can build absolutely any type of a page which is on my mind sliding everything around exactly like I want it here. Whenever I come back to you it’s always a relief. There’s never too much hassle around simple actions. There’re hundreds of features that you got all competitors beat. So many good wishes to you IMcreator!

2017.01.09 at 11:47 written by:
Exciting templates and flexible customization
Rating: 5 is my favorite platform. Using it for my blog and I’m going to keep using it on and on. The thing which makes it so incredibly good is dozens of eye-catching templates. Think there’re around 70 of them overall. They all are flexible and customizable. I’m not keen on ready-made designs because I’m full of my own ideas. On I can choose a blank template and simply populate my own background, menu bar, content. In this way I create something truly outstanding. At least my friends say so. A key advantage of this platform is presence of sample content. Yes, when you choose a template it’s already filled with text and image patterns. I just replaced their images and text with mines and I was pretty ready to publish my website in a really short period of time. Amazing. is full of alike decisions. One of them lets me insert sections which already have something to base on. They’re fully customizable. I prefer to combine them with my ideas. Owing to my blog looks good and well-branded.

2017.01.02 at 11:39 written by:
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